Cutting Ties W/ EDP445 

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Apr 18, 2021




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Philippe B.
Philippe B. 29 days ago
Had to re-upload cause the video was upside down.
YungRichKid Gaming
YungRichKid Gaming 16 hours ago
Philippe B is a fraud he actually showed this video to EDP himself he knew bout this video it’s all a cover up so he doesn’t get harassed both him and Erica are disgusting monsters in sheep clothing smh
@sad edits thanks for defending me my nigga
@ron3rbns it's cuz he knows I'm innocent
GettingReported 9 days ago
@ron3rbns Because they’re friends
ron3rbns 9 days ago
Phillipe… u were seen with EDP this past week 🤔
Brian Estrada
Brian Estrada 5 hours ago
Ravens forever
Ravens forever 13 hours ago
shob 16 hours ago
80 hour weeks????
denniedollreborn 18 hours ago
Master at work just exposed this was all staged! Philippe lied people, I’m shocked
GoingToPrison445 18 hours ago
this didn't age well! WE GOT YOU PHILIPPE
Markel Smith
Markel Smith 18 hours ago
Relinquished 18 hours ago
Well this aged poorly
Lansing JP
Lansing JP 19 hours ago
This dude is literally LYING in this whole video!!!! 😂 😂 to “HiS FaNs” Annnddd watch the subscriber number drop 😂
Victor Ruvalcaba
Victor Ruvalcaba 19 hours ago
Man what a manipulative liar.
Richard Cranium
Richard Cranium 19 hours ago
You ain't a good liar.
InQuickWeTrust 19 hours ago
Horrible acting LMAO! I’m glad daddy Bryant approved this video before you uploaded it
Lansing JP
Lansing JP 19 hours ago
LIES !!!!
I Camp
I Camp 19 hours ago
Just came off of Master at Work
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes 18 hours ago
Me too
Gully 20 hours ago
Dalton Schwartz
Dalton Schwartz 5 days ago
"Hope you guys watch me hope you guys are still fans of me"
David B
David B 7 days ago
Dude kept his videos with EDP up for 2 weeks before he deleted them. Dude was still milking the situation
Glen Johnson
Glen Johnson 7 days ago
Free EDP
vSliver 7 days ago
Cap I seen you clapping his cheeks the other day bro
AllAroundPlug 6 days ago
Boy stop cappin
Anthony Gainer
Anthony Gainer 8 days ago
You haven’t cut ties! You enable this sick pedi! You ride with him still so you can go down with him too. Phillpedo
gb 9 hours ago
@Black Noir bud i never saw the video
Black Noir
Black Noir 10 hours ago
@gb I bet you feel stupid now after that Master at Work video dropped 🤡
gb 7 days ago
stfu 🤡 he's not even his friend
C Mack
C Mack 8 days ago
Theron Mays
Theron Mays 8 days ago
Whoever is saying he called Phillip is dumb. He was calling Candice.
Weapon X
Weapon X 8 days ago
y’all gotta stop lying about Phillipe going to EDP’s home. There’e no evidence of him being there so how can y’all say it’s true?
Black Metalhead
Black Metalhead 8 days ago
Why are people calling him a liar?
Cleann SZN
Cleann SZN 7 days ago
i dont know look at the comments...
Obi Wan Kenobi1977
Justin Cohen
Justin Cohen 9 days ago
You fuckin lied ! You got caught lackin my guy.
Sherif Hamed
Sherif Hamed 9 days ago
You liar. You didn’t cut ties with him.
Shawn White
Shawn White 9 days ago
Yo Lo
Yo Lo 9 days ago
Yo still with that child lover
Sir Floyd
Sir Floyd 9 days ago
So that was a fucking lie
Johnathan Cano
Johnathan Cano 9 days ago
Who is here now after Master At Work's video?
The Amazon
The Amazon 6 days ago
@Johnathan Cano let's just hope phillipe didn't know what was going on with edp
Johnathan Cano
Johnathan Cano 6 days ago
@Daniel Lopez It isn't true. Phillipe just put a new video of let me set the record straight and he says he hasn't seen EDP since he got exposed because Phillipe has been working 75-80 hours a week.
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez 6 days ago
Yup just saw it today Idk if it’s true what he said or not but we’ll see
Boceefus 9 days ago
Fake he still has ties to edp.
☆Quartz Universe☆
Bubba Gump
Bubba Gump 10 days ago
LIES!!! You’ve been spotted at his apartment just recently fuck stick!!!!!!!!!!
Yo Lo
Yo Lo 7 days ago
@Weapon X let's see if he post it tonight
Weapon X
Weapon X 7 days ago
@Yo Lo he didn’t show any evidence tho. I think Master At Work is lying tbh.
Yo Lo
Yo Lo 9 days ago
@Anonymous Andy master at work
Anonymous Andy
Anonymous Andy 9 days ago
I must of have missed a new update. Can you give link or source for this? Please and thanks.
Ca Life
Ca Life 10 days ago
He has not cut ties he still goes to his house on the daily your just as sick
dude why the hell would you let that end such a good friendship?? smh
AllAroundPlug 7 days ago
@NOJesusNoGodKnowJesusKnowGod 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Yo Lo
Yo Lo 9 days ago
@Sage Mode I did so
Sage Mode
Sage Mode 9 days ago
@Yo Lo you should watch master at work's latest video
Nateblast90 10 days ago
@NOJesusNoGodKnowJesusKnowGod you are a fool.
Yo Lo
Yo Lo 10 days ago
@NOJesusNoGodKnowJesusKnowGod it's funny how your trying to change the subject
Jake McDonald
Jake McDonald 10 days ago
J.V Karthikeyan
J.V Karthikeyan 11 days ago
Wow man, instead of helping him out get reformed, you just cut ties with him and let him rot, shows how good of a friend you really were. Btw I don't even support EDP here, just how you gave up on a loved one because he did bad shows people like you wouldn't even think before betraying others.
Yo Lo
Yo Lo 10 days ago
@Marky Brickenmort huh are you supporting a child lover
J.V Karthikeyan
J.V Karthikeyan 10 days ago
@Autonomous Sinner lol what dat mean
Autonomous Sinner
Autonomous Sinner 10 days ago
Just say you're a victim
Marky Brickenmort
Marky Brickenmort 10 days ago
look at edp now, he cleary doesn't give a fuck and shows no remorse. leave that negative person out of your life and move on
GettingReported 14 days ago
gimme the birthday video
Spxm ExposeTeam
Spxm ExposeTeam 14 days ago
Yu lame asf goofy
Yo Lo
Yo Lo 9 days ago
@wes this didn't age we'll
Autonomous Sinner
Autonomous Sinner 10 days ago
@Spxm ExposeTeam bro you got ratio'd by two people
wes 13 days ago
@Spxm ExposeTeam imagine being dumb asf
Spxm ExposeTeam
Spxm ExposeTeam 14 days ago
@wes imagine responding to my comment when no1 asked🤡
wes 14 days ago
Imagine defending a predator
Dxme ‘
Dxme ‘ 15 days ago
tbh I don’t think cutting ties is what a good friend would do. Well I wouldn’t do it at least. try getting him help Maybe or talk to him . But cutting ties is making life harder on him . it was more selfish doing that .
The Squid
The Squid 12 days ago
Even the ending bit where he said I hope you guys still like me and will watch me is sus. I don't think he was a true friend to begin with...
Nobody Beating Mui Goku He solos most verses easily
@☆Quartz Universe☆ Racist
Dxme ‘
Dxme ‘ 14 days ago
@☆Quartz Universe☆ cool 😎
Mr. Catholic
Mr. Catholic 14 days ago
@☆Quartz Universe☆ WE WILL WIN IN THE COURT OF LAW!!!
☆Quartz Universe☆
fart butt
fart butt 15 days ago
Honestly edp doesn't deserve a friend like philippe
Yo Lo
Yo Lo 10 days ago
@Mr. Catholic you know what they about your beliefs
Mr. Catholic
Mr. Catholic 14 days ago
Ahmed Chaibi
Ahmed Chaibi 15 days ago
Edp 445 means PED 4+4+5=13
Ahmed Chaibi
Ahmed Chaibi 14 days ago
@Mr. Catholic lol
Mr. Catholic
Mr. Catholic 14 days ago
23BitChris 15 days ago
Who's here after philippe himself got exposed?
RIUSINS 12 days ago
Mr. Catholic
Mr. Catholic 14 days ago
@Bootysensei English: Counter sue. 🤑
Bootysensei 15 days ago
Francisco Bravo
Francisco Bravo 15 days ago
WalterM529 16 days ago
He should've thought about his most important friendships before doing what he did. You did the right thing.
Harry Stafford
Harry Stafford 16 days ago
Mr. Catholic
Mr. Catholic 14 days ago
Remo 16 days ago
Why did it take THIS recent incident for you to cut ties? If anyone knew about him beforehand it was YOU.....
Gary Host
Gary Host 16 days ago
28 is old bro. Stop making excuses for child molestation.
123doomdoom 17 days ago
You are SUS, wouldn't be surprised if you knew.
Kieran 14 days ago
@23BitChris Redditor
23BitChris 15 days ago
Oh, he knew alright www.reddit.com/r/EDP445/comments/n046zc/edp_last_recorded_words/
Mr. Azzbuster
Mr. Azzbuster 17 days ago
Respect 👍🏻🤝
Native Texan
Native Texan 17 days ago
Got $100 that you knew everything that was going on...now you're just saving face.
Ezio Auditore da Firenze
Mayo Notarapper
Mayo Notarapper 17 days ago
0:27 is it just me or does that look like edp? In the video when he got caught he was wearing that big ass black shirt and was pacing back and fourth because he was nervous, look in the tiny window to the left side of Philippes car
Nayr Adejo
Nayr Adejo 16 days ago
Now u just reaching bro lmao
javerious24 16 days ago
that nigga white as day lmfao that aint edp
william 17 days ago
Respect is high for philly, he even removed the videos he did with EDP, many people would keep their vids with him up since it had high views.
Vercity The Goat
Vercity The Goat 18 days ago
Smart decision
BoozeRevooze 18 days ago
This is damage control. Why did he call you?
Shawn White
Shawn White 9 days ago
He's been caught still hanging out with him...can't wait to see the next Damage Control.
Jeepman89 18 days ago
You're telling us that you didn't know about the other times when he was accused of talking to minors? Nice try.
Jeepman89 18 days ago
Nobody works 80 hours a week.
Fluffy Bunny
Fluffy Bunny 16 days ago
@Jeepman89 oh I have no idea.
Jeepman89 17 days ago
@Fluffy Bunny What does Philippe do for a living?
Fluffy Bunny
Fluffy Bunny 17 days ago
@Jeepman89 Not in North Dakota. Especially when the oil boom was big.
Jeepman89 17 days ago
@Fluffy Bunny Hard to believe. 40 is what most people work.
Fluffy Bunny
Fluffy Bunny 17 days ago
Where I live most people work more than that dude.
Rohan Sharma
Rohan Sharma 18 days ago
Bro you sus af
Just Ah Trucker
Just Ah Trucker 18 days ago
Yeah bro j cats are the scum of the earth
RebelTV r
RebelTV r 18 days ago
I can't believe you're breaking up with EDP445. This is a truly sad day.
ComeAtMeBro 18 days ago
Star Fire
Star Fire 19 days ago
Man what is this???!! No one even knows who you are and you are just probably some random friend of his wanting some clout announcing to everyone that you’re no longer his friend... I mean no one knows who you are in the first place so it’s just bizarre that you feel the need to announce this to the entire world. Clout chaser
Kieran 14 days ago
Wdym idiot, he was in alot of edp's videos.
ActiveGummy 17 days ago
notice how your comment has 0 likes and the reply has 5? yeah that means your wrong kid
Alex Reyes Obs
Alex Reyes Obs 18 days ago
He was his bestfriend that EDP always mentioned literally in all his videos and made videos with him which he deleted sadly
Tazsku 19 days ago
Why didn't you cut ties with him earlier? He was accused a few months ago with proof.
Gabe Dinnell
Gabe Dinnell 10 days ago
he was edp’s best friend, probably gave him the benefit of the doubt and chose to believe him but u can only take a friends word for something until this much evidence makes that believability come crashing down
MelloGoldN 19 days ago
No body even watches you without him. Just compare the views of the videos with him in them then when hes not. It's a HUGE difference. Just admit like the rest of his so called friends, you rode his coat tails while he was popular, then when stuff hits the fan you save face and abandon him. Hes was vulgar and nasty the whole time and you(and others) said NOTHING ABOUT IT while you were cool. This seems so fake
123doomdoom 16 days ago
@ꜱᴘɪʀɪᴛᴜᴀʟ Hater
123doomdoom 17 days ago
God knows what he did with Aurora
Ev Evans
Ev Evans 19 days ago
Your channel sucks without edp
123doomdoom 18 days ago
Then don't watch it dipsht
90's Baby
90's Baby 19 days ago
Philli Cheese Steak
90's Baby
90's Baby 16 days ago
@123doomdoom I see you got zero brain cells putting Joey doin the Nutella challenge as your profile FOH
123doomdoom 17 days ago
Did that take that one entire brain cell you got?
Hanzo Main
Hanzo Main 19 days ago
has there been an update on edp? Is he in jail yet?
123doomdoom 17 days ago
Yea man, he is giving a mean head to his peers in there
Autonomous Sinner
Autonomous Sinner 19 days ago
I think it's still under investigation
Otako animations
Otako animations 19 days ago
So we not going to act like he didn't call you and say Phil they got me HMMMMMMMM I must be tripping it seems you just cut tires so you wouldn't get caught too somebody investigate this man I don't know something sus investigate all of EDP friends
123doomdoom 17 days ago
Exactly....this dude sus af
Zack 19 days ago
When your best friend disown you or cut ties with you that means you're a worst person in the world
Cuffed_Zephyr 19 days ago
its tragic how it had to end this way, you were the only one there for him now look where we are
Patricks son
Patricks son 19 days ago
All the people that were only here for edp445 😔
Ariel M
Ariel M 19 days ago
Leaching off the scandal, cut ties in private, nobody is talking about you.
123doomdoom 17 days ago
Toxic beach
CypherVenom 19 days ago
Turns out it was a decoy
Noah H.
Noah H. 20 days ago
He called you on instant and didn’t hesitate to say he was going to jail...weird....
Bryan Echeverry
Bryan Echeverry 20 days ago
Should have cut ties long ago, not when it’s out in the open. You’re just as bad.
flapafloupas42 20 days ago
Can you look at the lens instead of looking at yourself on the miniscreen next to the camera?
Gabriel Adams
Gabriel Adams 20 days ago
You did the right thing car is dope btw I’m gonna sub 🙂
123doomdoom 17 days ago
jesus saves cars s
jesus saves cars s 20 days ago
Your going down too you were in on it also and mess with under age chicks also I have prof and video will be dropping soon this will crank up my subs better turn your self in now
DeathW!sh 20 days ago
He even told edp to go home when edp called him during the catch and why would edp call him out of everyone?? Cause he was in on it
Navi Blue
Navi Blue 20 days ago
Stfu lmao u just want clout
S3D0M 20 days ago
love how the quality said 4k
Ayman B
Ayman B 20 days ago
no phillipe can you tell him to get help so that he can come back as a better person but i will watch you
lilahdog 568
lilahdog 568 20 days ago
We don't blame you philippe. Sometimes you can never totally know a person and u learn some fucked shit later on.
Sage Mode
Sage Mode 9 days ago
You should watch master at work's latest video
bluey jacobo
bluey jacobo 20 days ago
this sucks bro.
Project Psychosis
Project Psychosis 20 days ago
bro youre mad fake why you switching up on the homie like damn bruh mad phony
Reda amrat
Reda amrat 14 days ago
Reda amrat
Reda amrat 20 days ago
EDP4+4+5=13 cupcake 🎂🍰🎂🍰🎂🍮🍮🍮🍮😋😋😋😋😋😋😋
Unnecessary Comment
wizcocain 20 days ago
Philippe is fkn 🐍🐍🐍 he knew all the shit EDP was doing, EDP called him right after he was exposed and it sounded like Philippe knew all that
wizcocain 19 days ago
@Brian somehow US-first has deleted my comment, just type "EDP last recorded words" on Reddit
Brian 19 days ago
@wizcocain do you have a link?
wizcocain 19 days ago
@Brian there is a Video on Reddit where you can hear everything EDP was saying on his phone
Brian 20 days ago
How do you know he called phillippe?
Suckafree Media
Suckafree Media 20 days ago
Can i interview you ?
Insert_text_here 18 days ago
His business email is in the about section of his channel, so I'd ask him there.
The Savage Patch Kid
Who's to say you're not covering your own ass
123doomdoom 17 days ago
He is....dude is 100% SUS
Rashaun Weimer
Rashaun Weimer 20 days ago
You wouldn’t be anything without edp
Curtis D
Curtis D 20 days ago
Much respect to you for cutting ties it was to raw and real
Señor Why Me
Señor Why Me 20 days ago
he knew watch the video again ,edp calls him telling him about that girl and sting operation
PLAYBOI COREY 20 days ago
dang man
Hot n Spicy
Hot n Spicy 20 days ago
You either die a hero , or live long enough to see yourself become a villain 😔😞
LookAt Trees
LookAt Trees 16 days ago
@Mystify yea yt is filled with these type of disgusting people
Mystify 17 days ago
Stolen from a comment on EDP 2.0 but no one cares it’s just a comment
Ogsalame 20 days ago
congrats on the car bro, respect to you
Rgk_ Reppeks
Rgk_ Reppeks 20 days ago
Why does it have to be edp
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 20 days ago
This dude looks like the next guy about to get exposed. The ONLY reason this fool made this video was to get cheap easy views.
AllAroundPlug 10 days ago
@Dan Smith u stfu bitch Phillp cant be friends with a bad influence
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 16 days ago
@ꜱᴘɪʀɪᴛᴜᴀʟ Good job putting something logical as a reply. Clearly you're upset about the truth, but the truth hurts sometimes. My initial post is 100% accurate.
Why Tho
Why Tho 20 days ago
@Dan Smith True🤣
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 20 days ago
@Why Tho He's chasing clout sadly. Talking about how he "loves that people still like him" aint no one wanna watch his shiddy videos LOL
Why Tho
Why Tho 20 days ago
Ong and he hasn’t deleted the videos he has with edp on his channel.
Matt G
Matt G 20 days ago
This guy was in a relationship with edp
Mini Luffy
Mini Luffy 20 days ago
Good decision
Sorry For The Delay