Cute Pet TikToks that Will Brighten Up Your Day ❤️️🥰 

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Here are more cute pets:
00:00 finlee.theshepsky
00:09 ferretdaddy
00:23 joeyandgoose
00:35 ninachristine15
00:44 artemvonfrost
00:51 thilluminatin1
01:03 franilunix
01:13 horncats
01:23 real.iggy
01:38 zodiac...signs428
01:47 talordinh
02:02 theparrotlady
02:10 josh1bragg
02:23 austin.siamese.rescue
03:22 lifeofbluandbella
03:41 coalsephandbeanie
03:47 janlovesgod
04:02 nuckfoodle
04:17 nickcalo6
04:26 ollythefrenchpug
04:41 shaedyt.v
05:19 abrameng
05:27 calebturner123
05:36 walshdelaney
06:16 anarulestheworld
06:24 thepigletandmonstershow
06:34 melanyxo
06:46 pawsomepets
07:25 ferret_mamma
08:22 eric_knoblauch
08:36 houseofsixcats
09:35 nessiemcnubbins
09:52 sealrescueireland
10:03 sundaeandmochi
10:16 corginamedpeach
10:24 my.catsnakes
11:01 emmaseidman
11:26 rio.amari
11:33 ferretdaddy
11:48 lilzeebra
11:57 one_eared_uno
12:18 andreysmaaaa
13:03 shandorlarenty
13:18 callofthewyld
13:32 esperborzoi
13:43 mariovan_sthralen
14:12 professor_pouncey
14:23 profko
14:32 ostrichplug
14:45 the.weasel.business
14:59 ellieopdycke
15:14 datgirlchels
15:23 birdtails
15:36 sapphic0re
15:44 brendanxa
16:01 Comment "Day brightened" If you read this ;)
Thank you guys so, so much for checking out the new addition to
PinkRamen and YellowRamen, you truly are the best!! I really hope I can
brighten your mood with these cute Tiktoks and make you smile with some
of the cutest animal Tiktoks I could find! We have cute cat tiktoks,
cute dog tiktoks and all of many, many more cute animal Tiktoks!!
Love you guys!!
#Cute #Tiktok #Ferrets

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Apr 1, 2021




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GreenRamen 21 day ago
Omg thank you guys sooo much for making the last video blow up by
Hj Hu
Hj Hu 5 days ago
Lillianna Duff
Lillianna Duff 7 days ago
God loves you
dark wolf132
dark wolf132 10 days ago
day brightend
Ady Perez
Ady Perez 10 days ago
Carla Teixeira
Carla Teixeira 12 days ago
Shannan 3 minutes ago
Day brightened
Tae hyung Kim
Tae hyung Kim 3 hours ago
1:33 Me in my head : why is it spicy! The video : why is it spicy Me : * dying of laughing*
Mary Echo
Mary Echo 20 hours ago
8:22 that's no cat, thats a fox!!
Quinn McDevitt
Quinn McDevitt 20 hours ago
Most of this was super adorable but I feel bad for the turtle. Given the fact that she bought it on impulse I am assuming she does not have an appropriate tank for it and I really hope she isn't going to leave it in the tiny plastic thing it shows.
katrina owers
katrina owers 20 hours ago
Kennedy Johnson
The oof
Kennedy Johnson
Dog:WhY iS iT sPiCe
rwar rwar
rwar rwar 2 days ago
Munchkin cats are cute on the outside but they have a lot of health problems and in my opinion shouldn't be bred because of those health issues
famous I am the
Malwina Walentynowicz
famous I am the
Denzil Bordessa
Denzil Bordessa 2 days ago
1:40, you should never buy an animal out of impulse with no knowledge and I can %100 guarantee that she doesn’t know how to take care of a turtle nor would she know how long it will live and I would bet money that she doesn’t have a set up ready for which includes gravel that they can’t swallow, a UVB lamp, a good filter (preferably a canister filter), a basking ramp, a halogen bulb for basking, an aquarium/turtle tank, and a hiding spot (preferably drift wood that it can’t get stuck in), a complete diet, a pH,Dh and acidity testing kit + you need to complete the nitrogen cycle which may take a couple of weeks and finally you also need water conditioner to get all the chemicals and nastiest out of the water.
Denzil Bordessa
It’s enough to make a grown man cry
famous I am the
Ludovica Martinez
omg so cute 😃🤣😻😹😻
famous I am the
Pets Town
Pets Town 3 days ago
Don't try hold laughter with Best Funny Cats and Dogs Videos
famous I am the
Schleich horse Vibe
famous I am the
Timothy Shirley
Timothy Shirley 4 days ago
From now on I shall be a burrito if you need me I will be in my fluffy Tortilla
famous I am the
Jaiden Burley
Jaiden Burley 4 days ago
3:22 It’s a peaceful video of them finding a abounded kitten then it cuts to a pug screening
Jaiden Burley
Jaiden Burley 4 days ago
Why is here a song from the little rascals in here
famous I am the
Travis Evans
Travis Evans 4 days ago
0:19 ⚠️you have alerted the horde
famous I am the
Smooth Angel
Smooth Angel 4 days ago
Day brightened
famous I am the
Girlie Gamers
Girlie Gamers 4 days ago
5:00 Haha, i liked that the bot spelled oh my god as omg together. They didn't know though xD.
famous I am the
Krystana Cadorna
Krystana Cadorna 4 days ago
13:42 I'm dying laughing. I watch it over and over again.
Badria عبدالله Noman
14:29 Me at 2 AM😑😂
Warren Rodgers
Warren Rodgers 4 days ago
Jesus is the only way to heaven humble your selves and ask Jesus he will answer
Toby McGowan
Toby McGowan 4 days ago
The first dog omg my dream pet
Asu Mi
Asu Mi 5 days ago
Niggas really out here naming their pets Onion und Broccoli
bbubbles015 5 days ago
The cheetah purring! 😍😍😍
Alexander Jimenez
14:28 : mom: what ya watching Me: RUN
Kimberly Juman
Kimberly Juman 5 days ago
This is makeing me want a puppy
Eryn Parrish
Eryn Parrish 5 days ago
1:32 *WhY iS iT sPiCy?!* 😂😂
kim jong unnie
kim jong unnie 5 days ago
The little pitter patter of duck feet on the floor 😭
kim jong unnie
kim jong unnie 5 days ago
Separation anxiety isn’t cute, the poor thing was crying and shaking. If your dog has separation anxiety you need to get help and work on the problem.
awe ninety
awe ninety 5 days ago
12:30 fuck outta here theyre RODENTS
mcuzoo 5 days ago
1:35 is NOT ok Animals CANT have sparkling water
Bacons_ Rule
Bacons_ Rule 5 days ago
Liveing in arustirla be like 14:33
Mich Privat
Mich Privat 5 days ago
What is this song from the 2. Tik tok
Alice Fox-Russell
Day brightened
Emma Copus
Emma Copus 5 days ago
Day brightened!
amber sophia
amber sophia 6 days ago
at like 4:44 or smth--literally never get a cage for your bunny! that is downright abuse for the poor animal. dwarf bunnies have some of the largest amounts of energy, and they need to be able to run about everywhere. get an exercise pen at the very least if you have to cage them and you have to let them free roam for at least 4 hours a day. it's animal abuse to not know how to properly care for an animal before getting it, so please, do your research before trying to get any of these animals that are shown in this video. sincerely, a pet bunny owner who is tired of seeing so many rabbits abused by ill-informed or utterly ignorant people who just want bunnies for easter and don't do their very needed research.
Elliott Mumby
Elliott Mumby 6 days ago
8:31 na my dog does that to lol he chases it and slips onto his back
meowthchu 6 days ago
9:12 how did i know one of the cats was going to be named onion. xD
You were right, this did brighten my day!
The baby pug that was reacting to the squeaky toy sounds was adorable
¿Ãftòñ? 6 days ago
I’m glad that I own a ADORABLE noodle! (Ferret)
Jess C. 13
Jess C. 13 6 days ago
Need to be rich enough to get a ton of dogs and duckies!!! 🙏🏽❤️
Luna Star
Luna Star 6 days ago
honestly you really did brighten my day☺️
Lillianna Duff
Lillianna Duff 7 days ago
1:51 when a plumber comes over
Lillianna Duff
Lillianna Duff 7 days ago
God loves everyone in this comment section
Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon 7 days ago
When i watched this i litterary started calling my doggo a sausage. If you wanna see her watch the video woth her in it^^
ᖇᑌᗯᗴYᗪᗩ !
Devroop Saha
Devroop Saha 7 days ago
0:40 Aaaaaaah..... That run... I am dying.... I am dying because of cuteness..
annika stadler
annika stadler 7 days ago
Day brightened!!!
Salvi-Raised Weirdo
Michael Tobias
Michael Tobias 7 days ago
My sister bought a ducking when she was younger. She put a lil mirror on the floor so it would think it had a friend. Unfortunately the lil dude was fighting with the mirror & it fell on the baby duck & killed it. It was pretty sad 😢 😢. Sorry about the sad story.
Adam Mckee
Adam Mckee 7 days ago
All vids are cute
dipperpines theproxy
ink sans
ink sans 7 days ago
All dogs chase lazers
denisa Tole
denisa Tole 7 days ago
9:36 all pc pepole🙃
Tucker Jr
Tucker Jr 7 days ago
Tucker Jr
Tucker Jr 7 days ago
Dude it is 4:41 in my country
Heart Sayin Rivera
*im a scorpio and i DEFINETLEY relate to the girl that bought the turtle*
Madison Irving
Madison Irving 7 days ago
I feel bad for the cat in the cone
・bxlke ・
・bxlke ・ 7 days ago
Ratty plays
Ratty plays 7 days ago
3:44 makes me miss my doggy:(
Kairon999 Dinn
Kairon999 Dinn 7 days ago
We love you Soup
Rolbox 7 days ago
Your efforts are worth it sir/maam you made my day thank you. -Random US-firstr
Lucy dosent make you laugh Lol
Just Levi
Just Levi 8 days ago
Now this.. this is what the internet was truly meant for lmao.
I really Don’t know
Day brightened. :) sometimes you need to play attention people
Galaxa Star Vlogs
One eared uno... I have a message for u... My cat drinks water out of a bowl like normal cats but... He uses his paw to scoop up the water into his paw and drink it that way
Lyra Whitemore
Lyra Whitemore 8 days ago
No matter what I do i can't get my cats eyes in a photo, they are just black. My cat is black, so she looks like an eyeless demon on cam
Tanya Gupta
Tanya Gupta 8 days ago
2:12 Can I have you two? LIKE RIGHT NOW? HELOOOOOO!
Plump Potato Rump
SOMEONE PLEASE! what's the song for the second clip?
John Manard
John Manard 8 days ago
The first video where the owner kissed his dog you could just tell from his expression that the pooch was thinking "how dare you pull away before I could kiss you back"!
ALEX 8 days ago
4:06 what song is this
Shae Kat
Shae Kat 8 days ago
Day brightened!
Aubrey D.
Aubrey D. 8 days ago
kaylie 8 days ago
my dog has the worst separation anxiety ever and he cry’s every time my dad is gone.
Gacha_cookies 8 days ago
day brightened queen
Mercedes_14 8 days ago
sara kate
sara kate 8 days ago
I tell people my dog has separation anxiety and they laugh at me like that’s not a thing. It’s TOTALLY a thing.. and some breeds just have it instinctively I guess cause my Maltese starts SHAKING whenever I park the car or put my shoes on to leave the house. If he gets out of the house he’ll run straight to the car too like “IDC where we’re going you’re taking me with you!”
theres just to many to choose from
4:00 my dog does that too. it’s so sad 😞
Lukas Sjögren
Lukas Sjögren 8 days ago
4:47 that tiny pink cage better nit be where theyre supposed to live. Because thats abuse, and animal abuse isnt very ”cute” :)
maysilla owen
maysilla owen 8 days ago
I'm down right now,but happy again because of your video,thank you very much
Yu Chen Liu
Yu Chen Liu 8 days ago
Guy: *kisses dog * Dog: *BABABOEY*
Anton game 48
Anton game 48 8 days ago
2:34 i read morshu
April Dominguez
April Dominguez 8 days ago
14:25 by far the best one
-Pops off in recomandations- Well this is goid for me bc i had a breakdown bc my Homework doesnt have a explanation for the lesson😤😭
Leonardo Torres
Leonardo Torres 8 days ago
Cute: yes Funny: yes Sweet: yes Hotel trivago
Lisa Ramirez
Lisa Ramirez 8 days ago
6:17 is my favorite one 😂 😂
Emerald 9 days ago
I wish people would stop impulse buying pets and would actually do research into what the best way to care for them would be :^( some of these were pretty clearly made by people not prepared to care for their animals
Varela Victoria
Varela Victoria 9 days ago
Aww 🥺 so cute
heart emojis
heart emojis 9 days ago
2:10 don’t mean to be that bitch but IDK WHICH ONE IS CUTER- 🌚🌝🌚🌝
Music freak
Music freak 9 days ago
Let's all agree that huskies are the best dog ever they are SO DAMN CUTE
Lucas F
Lucas F 9 days ago
14:25 song plz
Skylar TheBlazingFire
This video was so cute us-first.info/player/video/mrasZ65rh5yKl4E.html
Duncan Trice
Duncan Trice 9 days ago
I'm at soup!
Vanesa amo Darko
Vanesa amo Darko 9 days ago
i love the first video like a puppy is saying hi
Avocado Queen
Avocado Queen 9 days ago
My DAY has been BRIGHTENED! (See what I did there? 🤗)
madzpiee 9 days ago
Day brightened!
Shanaia Camilleri
2:10 is soooo cute 🥺❤️