"Customer States" 2021 PART24" just swap my tires ONLY !!! 

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Apr 19, 2021




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Johnny Moto
Johnny Moto 3 days ago
I dont blame him. Otherwise you would try to sell him $40 dollar wiper blades and nitrofill. Don't get all butthurt when someone can get rotors put on somewhere cheaper.
John Calderon
John Calderon 4 days ago
Holy shit 😱
Greg B
Greg B 4 days ago
It's obviously photo shopped .
Jason Jaeger
Jason Jaeger 5 days ago
I am 100% with ya on the bullshit "crooked mechanics". Sure there are some, but the majority of mechanics aren't crooked. I recently put a new rear brake hose, new tires, changed the oil n filter, and wheel bearings n the rear tire. When the customer got picked it up I told him he NEEDED to adjust the carb before he rides because it was popping horribly and obviously VERY lean. He didn't care, he's always busy. After an hour he called me bitching and said I fucked it up (never touched the motor). He was my friend for 25 years and haven't spoken to him since. Also, I took the Air/Fuel mxture screw out and showed him the o-ring was shot and that was the problem. I paid for and ordered a better one. But it would be 3 days to get it. He didn't listen and did $2000+ damage. I must have not aired the fender fluid. And that's why I'm only doing machines for people I don't know. Damn idiots. Fu Tyler K! NEVER had a complaint before.
helen jeffers
helen jeffers 5 days ago
I don't want to replace nothing if you don't replace everything
lolus pololus
lolus pololus 5 days ago
Mechanic did this to make extra buck 🤣🤣
Richard Cranium
Richard Cranium 5 days ago
It's honestly the bad ones that ruin it for all of y'all because who doesn't have a shity mechanic story.
Turtle HEAD
Turtle HEAD 6 days ago
These fcking tiktok mechanics are idiotic. The classic line "customer says (insert bllsht)". I don't believe this story
richard lyd
richard lyd 7 days ago
In the UK we got a MOT test every year (ministry of transport) certificate..they check everything..if it don't pass then car illegal to drive on road..
Emmalyn 7 days ago
Is it even legal for him to leave the shop like that
Zack Campbell
Zack Campbell 7 days ago
We never get the respect we need. Well cheers to another 16 hr shop day
Rob Rob
Rob Rob 8 days ago
Or maybe he's going do do his own brakes when he feels like it.
Emmalyn 7 days ago
If that were the case he'd have done them by then lmao
Basik Vids
Basik Vids 8 days ago
All Mechanics should use video like this to show the customers and protect themselves from lawsuits
Warren Self
Warren Self 6 days ago
Yep, document everything. I’m willing to bet the vehicle owner had to sign a waiver saying they know the brakes are shot before leaving.
Rob Rob
Rob Rob 8 days ago
After someone is ripped off or robbed by their mechanic, it is near impossible to trust any other mechanic ever again. It is very sad
Rob Rob
Rob Rob 8 days ago
It is a shame that bad mechanics ruin it for the rest of mechanics that are good.
A R 8 days ago
It's almost as if bad mechanics take advantage of people who don't know anything about a mechanical system that costs thousands of dollars and the good ones make fun of you for not knowing.
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson 8 days ago
Don't do anything else. Hummm
Spencer7445 _
Spencer7445 _ 8 days ago
i’ve seen this before too when i worked at a dealership. on a transit
Dalton Collinson
Dalton Collinson 8 days ago
Own a mechanic shop, if a customer only wants you to do one thing only do that one thing. We charge a base fee that doesn't change, if I change your tires alone you are paying me $50. Even if it only takes 5 minutes, but you get a free report at the end of random things we saw while under your car.
Modern_arrow 669
Modern_arrow 669 9 days ago
Yeah, I know why! Cause he only have money for changing the tyre at that time. This usually happens to me also.
Riddell Wilson
Riddell Wilson 9 days ago
Take a picture and follow their instructions. They'll be back.
CrappieHook King
CrappieHook King 9 days ago
Sasqueltch 9 days ago
When I say "don't do anything else" it means "I cant afford anything else" if you want to fix my car for free be my guest.
John Wad
John Wad 9 days ago
That's about as bad as a rotor can get, unless it gone completely.
sierra 117
sierra 117 9 days ago
I've never seen rotor that bad before...
Craig Armstrong
Craig Armstrong 9 days ago
Speech less thats how people leeve me Lol
tyler hodge
tyler hodge 9 days ago
Mechanics all overcharge. WAAAY overcharge. I’m pretty big into the truck community so cosmetic lights, lift kits and everything else. They upsell everything.
Tony Chavez
Tony Chavez 9 days ago
Mechanics have no one to blame but themselves for being crooked forever. There's a reason there's a stereotype
Dan Diaz
Dan Diaz 9 days ago
If you have a guy can he not change tires?
James Shore
James Shore 9 days ago
You arent wrong but you're also an idiot if you don't recognize how many North american car techs intentionally overcharge and con people who don't know enough about their own cars to argue.
God Blessed America
Customer might want to pick up a few hefty anchors and some chains.
Bonny Pop
Bonny Pop 10 days ago
Don't even pop a.... Awwww too late
James saiz
James saiz 10 days ago
Thats why i only trust myself fixing my car, yeah sure its a pain in the ass at times but atleast i know if i fucked something up its on me
Nick R.
Nick R. 10 days ago
🤣 hey you joke but I won't let mechanics touch my car after one charged me $750 for a wrong diagnostic and another had me doing alignments every week for 6 weeks until I took it somewhere else. It happens!
Mad Man
Mad Man 10 days ago
Bring him in the shop grab a new rotor and show the dofference
Chase Chevy
Chase Chevy 10 days ago
Wow 😳 I've only seen one on that lever EVER
American Patriot
American Patriot 10 days ago
Airsoft injury lol
war32mec 10 days ago
Dude you might be the exception to crooked mechs?! But outside of ya you are seriously the exception! People know how most shops are and no offense your tossed into that lot unfortunately!!!
Don Pee
Don Pee 10 days ago
That is what I call a cheap skate.😳 I hope he doesn't drive that around with his children 😳
eroc1970 10 days ago
Pictures and phone the dot he can tow it to wherever he wants to do the brakes
brotherSkrill 3fuel rcs
Wow maybe he only has 3 working brake corners that side is plugged off lol!
That One Guy
That One Guy 10 days ago
Lmfaoooo how does he not notice that?!? I did that once because I was lazy and broke and once my rotor split that shit was insane sounded like the rear end falling out when I applied breaks oh and I ripped the piston out of the caliper too lol
Pilotic 10 days ago
I just realized Mechanics could just fuck up your car intentionally and be like yeah we found this problem with it. Lmao.
garrett smith
garrett smith 6 days ago
Well yeah, because there are a huge amount of them that do do that 😂
Captain Picard
Captain Picard 7 days ago
For every good mechanic there are several bad ones. There is a reason a lot of people don’t trust them.
Awesome Guy
Awesome Guy 7 days ago
Thats how they used to be... I'm sure there still a few left but it does happen..
Myles Gray
Myles Gray 7 days ago
Some mechanics will spray your shocks with oil and say they are leaking and you need new ones. Old trick. Manny others. That’s why I do my own work!
David Elliott
David Elliott 8 days ago
That brake disc has not got itself worn away and rust welded in a few minutes with the mechanic.
Back brakes are overrated
The Real GM
The Real GM 10 days ago
alex swenson
alex swenson 10 days ago
Customer asks for a tire swap just change the tires and move on
James B
James B 10 days ago
Mtn. Pimpoplis
Oprah's lost pik ,
Oprah's lost pik , 10 days ago
Just swap your own fucking tires Jesus your vehicle comes with a jack and a tire iron 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
B. Fett
B. Fett 10 days ago
Trusting a mechanic is like trusting your surgeon. Both have your life in his hands when they work. It's easy to find a mechanic you trust
Nels Blair
Nels Blair 5 days ago
My trusted mechanic 👨‍🔧 died. I then went to dealerships, until my car was out of warranty. Now I do all the work myself. Valve lash, transmission fluid, tires, or whatever.
Traveling Man
Traveling Man 10 days ago
Exactly some people don’t want you to do anything else. Unless it’s asked. No need to feel guilty lol
Elias Cortes Lopez
Elias Cortes Lopez 10 days ago
By the looks of it, scrooge mcduck has a deaf wish lol
infamouscoma886 10 days ago
That’s when you put a hand on their shoulder walk them into the bay and just say now listen here sonny. Back in my day cars actually had brakes.
Peter Gama
Peter Gama 10 days ago
To be honest iv been fucked by mechanics 2-3 times now and by one I trusted as well he istalled my brake pads wrong and it could have lead to my breakers seizing because he bent the brake pads he also pushed for replacing my transmission when there was some problems with gears after inspecting it,then I went to a different mechanic to get second opinion and he fixed the issue charging me 4X less
buzzard warrior
buzzard warrior 11 days ago
I dont know how people ignore there brakes like that it had to have made a hell of a racket but i see it all the time ppl be riding on half a rotor
Jay Gasoline
Jay Gasoline 11 days ago
When he leaves I’ll say don’t forget to tuck and roll 😂😭😵
Matt Horan
Matt Horan 11 days ago
You can blame the shifty mechanics. To be fair mechanics have been honest the past 10 years of my life. Before that I’d come to a crazy bill
Mark 11 days ago
You mean like shaming a customer who came to your shop is an example of being a reputable mechanic? Got it. You shady mechanic you.
U.S. Militia
U.S. Militia 11 days ago
Laugh if you want but I always take my vehicle to the dealership and it’s a 2014 Jeep Wrangler.
Trajanowski Rifleworks
Instead of filming, change his tyres and be done with it.
bindingcurve 11 days ago
Why are they even working on that truck? Liability. If I owned that shop, there is no way I would let any of my techs drive it.
Herbsewell 11 days ago
I mean obviously if you see something, say something. This is why Nobody touches my personal vehicles. Or those of my friend's and family without my consent. If you don't know who to trust I recommend looking for reputable dealer's and shop's. Don't be afraid to ask questions no matter how stupid you think they are. And most of the time I find that they had other people work on their vehicle's, Soo let us know where it's been and what they did to it. A lot of the time it was an inexperienced mechanic that messed something up and this would help us to look into what they did. I had one customer that paid over 3k$ TWICE to get the same work done and I found a small wire that only cost them 10$ and it was easy to find because they told me what they had done. However this customer had lost their job during this process and decided to start working for himself, and he is well off now because of that. Soo it is what it is.
Oh no, not today you dont
I hate that stigma. We aren't all thieves. We have family that drives on the road too and I don't want to come across your accident where you killed a family of four because you neglected your brakes. He'd be signing a waiver and I'd be bolting his old tires right back on.
James Shore
James Shore 9 days ago
It isnt a stigma at all, alot of automotive techs are essentially conmen
Randy Minervino
Randy Minervino 10 days ago
I was told to pay 8,000 by a mechanic shop who told me my Transmission went while i was on a road trip. Turns out it was a simple radiator problem that was only $70 to fix and they knew that.
Shannon Hunt
Shannon Hunt 11 days ago
I have never seen a rotor that bad. How in the world did the person get the pickup into your shop🤔?
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo 11 days ago
Ive seen the piston pop through because it was so thin, and it broke the ring right off the hat. She said, "oh no, my brakes are fine. A neighborhood mechanic just did them." 😳
Nathan Bopp
Nathan Bopp 11 days ago
It's 4 wheel drive, not 4 wheel stop 😂
Cap'N. C
Cap'N. C 11 days ago
I cant believe there are people like this, don't they know they get into an accident they are at fault and if they killed someone they are going to jail just off of neglect of regular maintenance of their vehicle alone
HuMaNN8tur 11 days ago
Trap set by customer to get free repairs or lawsuit, see it all the time
blkmgk16 12 days ago
OK so that's partly why I quit, I would hate to be the last person to have that in a shop and send it out like that, driving isn't a right it's a privilege you need to take care of your stuff
Rosco Pecouletrane
Rosco Pecouletrane 12 days ago
That’s my wife I have guy yea sure you do he’s also disabled n has diabetes . I don’t want dude dying trying to fix her brakes
Dewayne Earley
Dewayne Earley 12 days ago
Why would you put those ratchet calipers and worn out brakes on that poor dumb nitwit? *it's a joke
scott evangelista
scott evangelista 12 days ago
That dude's pedal must be at the floor, How does a man hand someone the keys to a vehicle with near zero brakes without warning them? I know with a dual reservoir master cylinder he had some front brakes but damn I know they weren't good.
RogueMFR0311 12 days ago
I’d Wash them pores out before I talk shit on any one .
Catbeat Brigade
Catbeat Brigade 12 days ago
Very simple take a pic and cal before doing the job? The crooked mechanic is smooth brained enough to think someone can shit out random funds
Space Cowboy
Space Cowboy 12 days ago
Im guilty...even blew up my caliper
Jacob Murphy
Jacob Murphy 12 days ago
Is it legal to let him drive like that?
Salty Tech
Salty Tech 12 days ago
In my state, my certification allows me to, condemn that vehicle. And, it has to leave my shop on a tow truck. Customer cannot drive it away after I've deemed it unsafe. And yes, I will call the police, especially, if I see a baby seat in that car.
M rivera
M rivera 12 days ago
Where your shop ..so I will never go there...lol
Paolo Deep
Paolo Deep 12 days ago
Ever since you swap my tires now my brakes are making noise
Naruto Drip
Naruto Drip 12 days ago
What brakes
Pat Watson
Pat Watson 12 days ago
I would have handed him a anchor ⚓ when I gave him the keys back,he's going to need it
Jay Gasoline
Jay Gasoline 11 days ago
I’m done 😭😵
Greg Tastad
Greg Tastad 12 days ago
I’d do what he asks and then laugh my ass off. 🤣🤣😖
2021 Audi RS6 Avant
They’d probably just say “iT wAsN’t lIkE tHaT bEfOrE I cAmE”
joe m
joe m 12 days ago
Know way this guy doesn’t know brakes are bad?
Mark Schaut
Mark Schaut 12 days ago
Stolen content
Jay Charland
Jay Charland 13 days ago
Christopher Wyller
Christopher Wyller 13 days ago
Ho about. "It wasn't like that when I brought it in".
Timmy gt84
Timmy gt84 13 days ago
It just started making noise this week lol
Angel Medina
Angel Medina 13 days ago
Maybe if service righters didn't exait people would trust mechanic recommendations. But it's funny we want to blame the customers because greedy ass companies want to charge 200 dollars to flush transmission fluid at 50k miles
Xavier Xavier
Xavier Xavier 13 days ago
If you a truck person and can't change your own brakes... ❗ you are not worthy of that Truck you driving..
zach long
zach long 13 days ago
Legally I don't think he can put them on without new brakes
Sir Maximus Hardwood
Legally, you dont think.
OG Girth
OG Girth 13 days ago
Dude’s brake pedal must feel like Michael J. Fox when he gets startled😭
Bill Flk
Bill Flk 14 hours ago
To soon
Matthew Mielke
Matthew Mielke 10 days ago
@Jr Hembree it is funny though. If you say "my grandad has cancer, HAHAHA", yeah, that isn't funny. But if you make it into a joke like, "those tires are balder than the children at St. Judes." It is funny (well maybe not funny, but it isnt "making fun of cancer"), because we aren't laughing at the fact that they have cancer. We are laughing at the context of the joke.
Riley Mannion
Riley Mannion 11 days ago
@Jr Hembree who the fuck cares g, there's bigger fish to fry than getting your panties all tied up over a joke, with the time it took you to write that you could've gotten some change together and donated it to Parkinsons research, that would be doing 1000x what you're doing here by getting angry at some internet random
Jr Hembree
Jr Hembree 11 days ago
That's bad humor Parkinson disease is nothing to be joking about!!
Jr Hembree
Jr Hembree 11 days ago
That bad humor, Parkinson disease is nothing to joke about!!!
all my friends are dead
6.0 poverty owners, typical
Indirect Gaming
Indirect Gaming 13 days ago
Everyone who has an issue with this practice - why? Tell the mechanic what you want done and nothing else. , if they find something that worries them, they will have to fucking tell you first. Your average car diagnoses shop is not looking out for you or your wallet - and labor is pre-determined, if he tells me my brakes are tucked, thank you , and I’ll go buy brakes and throw em in
Christopher Little
Christopher Little 13 days ago
Sorry sir. Your vehicle is unsafe to operate on public roads and highways and I cannot release it until I know repairs to the safety systems in place on the vehicle have been performed. Good day.
Colin Stace
Colin Stace 13 days ago
What's that thing growing outta your face man, ewww 🤢🤮
KekMan 13 days ago
Its really sad that People in the USA actually have to say stuff like that to mechanics. in Sweden, Crooked mechanics would never fix something the owner didnt say anything about and then Charge Them. If they did, we can actually not just Pay and then go away with a fixed car for free. (Not exactlly that simple but hey, dont be a pussy just go)
fuck yourfeelings
fuck yourfeelings 14 days ago
Cant you believe that alot of people are skeptical about mechanics simply because theres assholes out there who are actually doing shady shit and giving the good ones a bad reputation?
SlowazzES1 6 days ago
@Pat Watson respects homie, but your love for incarsiration confuses me.
Jaalan 6 days ago
Most mechanics are turbo shit. I work auto parts and see a lot of the short cuts that many of them take. Of course yhere are good ones that know what they are doing, but loads of them do not.
Pat Watson
Pat Watson 6 days ago
@Joe york neither,I work 13 hour days,Im a finish grader operator and superintendent for a road building company, and fyi you sound like a POS that's a burden to everyone around you 👍
Joe york
Joe york 7 days ago
@Pat Watson you sound like a true welfare boy. Or politician same burden on taxpayers.
C117LS 7 days ago
Could you imagine wrecking and dying because you weren't willing to believe the mechanic that told you your brakes were completely destroyed... be hard to blame the sloppy mechanics on that one
andy m
andy m 14 days ago
That's when you just put it back together and roll it out the shop and say "yeah we aren't touching that lawsuit on wheels ".
andy m
andy m 8 hours ago
@The_Dirty_ South unfortunately I don't give personal information on here.
The_Dirty_ South
The_Dirty_ South 8 hours ago
@andy m would u mind telling your state? I'm in VA and would be nice to have a good shop that can do all the annoying things I don't wanna deal with😂
Marys still learning
Thats exactly what I was thinking. Lol
JoeyTheFoxxo 6 days ago
@andy m That works for me lol.
andy m
andy m 11 days ago
@Dewayne Earley unfortunately I am on the east coast.
jim bob
jim bob 14 days ago
We all know you used your greasy mechanic powers!!! How dare you make me have breaks!! Lmao it's like squidbillies
Dave Iaucco
Dave Iaucco 13 days ago
Breaks ?
Danielson 24
Danielson 24 14 days ago
So you broke the part and filmed it? Mechanics cannot be trusted..lol
Josh JABLONICKY 14 days ago
You don't need brakes they're overrated lol
Jimi Jam
Jimi Jam 14 days ago
Holy Zits , sorry
I adopted a cat.
I adopted a cat.
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