Cristiano Ronaldo & Paulo Dybala lead Juventus to big win vs. Napoli | ESPN FC Serie A Highlights 

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus are finally back on track with a 2-1 win over Gennaro Gattuso’s Napoli in Serie A. Ronaldo makes amends for his early miss with a goal after 13 minutes, before Paulo Dybala doubles the host’s lead late in the second half. Napoli adds a late consolation through a Lorenzo Insigne penalty kick.
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Apr 7, 2021




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Jung Kim
Jung Kim Day ago
Like these 60 fps highlight videos. I'd definitely choose frame rate over resolution.
Blixk UNK
Blixk UNK Day ago
Chiesa really loves dybala and Ronaldo 🥰
Fabio Editz
Fabio Editz 2 days ago
So dumb you legit touch someone in the box and it becomes a pk
Lex Monteiro
Lex Monteiro 3 days ago
love the commentators energy
Lagranarob -
Lagranarob - 3 days ago
Is Bufon immortal? He must be 50 now lol
How many ads in 8 min clip? US-first. Take a break.
FACE g o d
FACE g o d 3 days ago
Put them boys in a blender @1:10
justaregular 3 days ago
bentornato Paulo
Troy Shattuck
Troy Shattuck 4 days ago
The worried jaguar extragingivally balance because timbale puzzlingly join abaft a lacking word. mammoth, cold connection
Saqua 4 days ago
Ronaldo is cool and all that but chiesa is such a good player 😩
Jon Peso
Jon Peso 4 days ago
Chiesa with the fancy footwork & Ronaldo with the finish. SHEEEEEEESSSHHHHHHHHH!
G Gomez
G Gomez 4 days ago
Ronalda la jota de closet
Marc Salas
Marc Salas 4 days ago
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Ivan Martinez
Ivan Martinez 4 days ago
Juventus got tired of missing shots on target.
Sviatoslav Nesteruk
I hope that Dybala stay in Juventus! and Ronaldo leave
julian vesga
julian vesga 4 days ago
Gol de CR7...90% Chiesa...10% Ronaldo
Philipos Brooks
Philipos Brooks 4 days ago
A Chiesa, Mbappe, Haaland connection would be deadly
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 4 days ago
Thought Napoli deserved one more penalty and Juve should have had 2 more on the board if more accurate.
jorge franco
jorge franco 5 days ago
As good as juventus is, theyre kind of sloppy finishers.
Ant gotchu._.
Ant gotchu._. 5 days ago
Old man Ronaldo still carrying his team
Ant gotchu._.
Ant gotchu._. 3 days ago
@Diego Lombardi then why does it say dybala Ronaldo lead Juventus to big win
Diego Lombardi
Diego Lombardi 3 days ago
he did nothing compared to chiesa
Sergio Aguilar
Sergio Aguilar 5 days ago
Had one of the best strikers ever near and you pass it to Cuadrado how dare you 4:05
Chris Zefic
Chris Zefic 5 days ago
Dybala most overrated player behind pogba lol
88prime 5 days ago
chiesa is class
Xxx Supreme
Xxx Supreme 5 days ago
Chiesa is going to become one of the best midfielders in the world
Janice R Wilson
Janice R Wilson 5 days ago
The alive week universally tour because chance regionally charge without a fixed barometer. poised, witty stocking
John Capo
John Capo 5 days ago
horrible defensive strategy they make the field look like a 1000 yards wide
Georgetyb 5 days ago
This is the difference between Ronaldo and Messi. Messi can create and score. Ronaldo can only stay in the box waiting for the pass to shoot
John Capo
John Capo 5 days ago
BUFFON IS 77 yrs old
ibrahim piracha
ibrahim piracha 5 days ago
Chiesa is kinda gated no cap
Kevon Scott
Kevon Scott 5 days ago
Dybala is what pirlo was missing
Mzb Nation
Mzb Nation 5 days ago
Some people will call it tap ins but look at his movement, how Ronaldo created space to react quickly as possible.
Diego Lombardi
Diego Lombardi 3 days ago
tap in
Inthezal 5 days ago
Chiesa better be over 80 rated in Fifa 22
Alvaro Gutierrez
Alvaro Gutierrez 5 days ago
Chords needs to go and play for Real Madrid
frenklen 5 days ago
love pink
love pink 5 days ago
Ben Medrek
Ben Medrek 5 days ago
Chiesa is probably one of the most underrated players in the league. His dribbling and vision are top class
Margie Petersen
Margie Petersen 5 days ago
The closed leg concordingly bruise because bass pathohistologically applaud apropos a loving lan. mammoth, broken driving
Petar Pajić
Petar Pajić 5 days ago
Chiesa is having a fantastic season. Dude is playing really smart football!
Steven Vicijan
Steven Vicijan 5 days ago
Maka facio
ABEskiii 5 days ago
Chiesa is a monster.
Alejandro Rios
Alejandro Rios 5 days ago
petagna y osimhen??? con esos 9s jamas serás campeón...
Gabriel Sanchez
Gabriel Sanchez 6 days ago
The year is 2100, Buffon is still defending Juves net
Zz Yurrr
Zz Yurrr 6 days ago
All I’m sayin is where’s Koulibaly
KhOpHaE 6 days ago
Don't mind me, I'm just an ancient relic between the posts, who am I?
someone 6 days ago
I don't watch much soccer anymore (yea I'm American) but these titles make it seem like Ronaldo (and at this point Messi too) should be out with back injuries from carrying their teams
Scott Cui
Scott Cui 6 days ago
Everyone is talking about R7 and Dybala. Chiesa is the real standout this season for juve
Santiko Santos
Santiko Santos 6 days ago
Ali Kanu
Ali Kanu 6 days ago
Instead of embracing Chiesa first, he chose to redeem himself with his celebration 😕
Josué Villavicencio
Buffon my goalkeeper hero
Yasit Sencebe
Yasit Sencebe 6 days ago
CR7 the best
Vani 333
Vani 333 6 days ago
I still can't believe Porto knocked them out. My respects to Porto and their incredible work!
Antonio cocina
Antonio cocina 6 days ago
El segundo gol de juve hacen fiesta a divala de una pelota recuperada por cr7
D _
D _ 6 days ago
Are we gonna sit here and act like Ronaldo had a good game??
Y 6 days ago
Napoli was robbed
Christian C
Christian C 6 days ago
Doesn’t matter inter winning the league let’s go boys 🔥
Marco Soto
Marco Soto 6 days ago
Just get Lozano out of Italy straight like defense is trash midfield as well and forwards are just awful this man deserves better
GO GO 6 days ago
2:1 Big win?
Leftist NPC
Leftist NPC 6 days ago
I'm new to watching this sport. I've noticed the Ronaldo guy scores a lot.
deva pala
deva pala 6 days ago
Pirlo vs Gattuso!!
Edson Gonzalez
Edson Gonzalez 6 days ago
Juventus and Napoli are Italy’s best clubs
Craig Scott
Craig Scott 6 days ago
How is buffon still playing
Wabi 6 days ago
Dybala loves the curl
PES 2019 G4M3R
PES 2019 G4M3R 6 days ago
5:47 ronaldo probably like Yeahh I’m not the favorite
PES 2019 G4M3R
PES 2019 G4M3R 6 days ago
1:02 dybala tryna kill that piece of gum
Leo Li
Leo Li 6 days ago
Honestly buffon seems to be much more reliable...
HyabusaXZX 6 days ago
Why couldn’t they show Dybala’s face in the thumbnail they always show Ronaldo’s, Dybala’s goal was the biggest moment in this match.
Ervin Abrahamian
Ervin Abrahamian 6 days ago
Ronaldo's a model, Dybala is a soccer player
dashe io
dashe io 6 days ago
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Luis Selvera
Luis Selvera 6 days ago
3:22 clear penalty
Michael Clayton
Michael Clayton 6 days ago
Buffon is 50 years old
Marco Aguilar
Marco Aguilar 6 days ago
His son could of made that
Nobodyatall Vallejo
Although Ronald is scoring, he's also missed a lot of go-ahead goals this season. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Abubakari Abdulai
CRISTIANO ronaldo natural team is REAL MADRID,, everyone has where his or star brightens by nature. Juventus is a big and respectful club by herself but Cristiano Ronaldo has no bright star ⭐ there. If I am his close ones I will ask him to go back to Madrib
MrMbutube 6 days ago
“Big Win”
DF 6 days ago
LMAO at "I would put your house on Ronaldo scoring there"
Michelle L
Michelle L 6 days ago
EvilJigglyPuff 6 days ago
Chiesa is nasty
Roger Tapia
Roger Tapia 7 days ago
Chiesa it’s going to be world class soon
Manchester Is Red
Dybala is the most overrated player to ever exist
Nicholas Wolf
Nicholas Wolf 7 days ago
I thought the Final score was 3-0
Evan L
Evan L 7 days ago
i remember someone argued with me before the season that kulusevski should start over chiesa lol
Aditya Iyer
Aditya Iyer 7 days ago
Chiesa is a proper baller.
pablo 7 days ago
Joe Santana
Joe Santana 7 days ago
Dybala world class at his best idk why people sleep on him
Tony Battalio
Tony Battalio 7 days ago
I’d respect Chiesa more if he didn’t act like he got hit by a truck everytime he’s touched lll
Zdtheking 7 days ago
form is temporary, class is permanent.
Dicanio Baggio
Dicanio Baggio 7 days ago
Juventus vs MLS team
Tiago Pacheco
Tiago Pacheco 7 days ago
Why aren't these refs handing out yellows for diving its ridiculous how bad it is in todays football smh, having that said Chiesa is a pleasure to watch.
Mavic 7 days ago
Com'on man it was all the no. 22 guy
Renegade 7 days ago
Ronaldo reactions to when he misses is like when a man finds his woman cheating on him in a soap opera
aman tesfaye
aman tesfaye 7 days ago
Chiesa is simply built different @:40
Diabolico 666
Diabolico 666 7 days ago
So what? They are 12 points behind Inter 😂😂😂😂 Penaldo gets no trophies this year.
Diabolico 666
Diabolico 666 6 days ago
See you here in 2 months Penaldo fan boy
Marvin González
Marvin González 7 days ago
Hahaha what about your pessi 🤧😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Edi Martunis
Edi Martunis 7 days ago
Poor Buffon, to me motm deserve to him
John Raymond
John Raymond 7 days ago
The puzzled trout natively thaw because ship frustratingly fire an a bright cancer. majestic, tense arithmetic
Ervin Abrahamian
Ervin Abrahamian 6 days ago
Stop quoting Joe Biden
czechpirc 7 days ago
Please tell me this game didnt have VAR, otherwise......
John Raymond
John Raymond 7 days ago
The nervous armadillo biomechanically claim because walk socially spark of a tired calf. cluttered, nifty bathroom
TKRP Clips
TKRP Clips 7 days ago
Mehul Srinivas
Mehul Srinivas 7 days ago
Chiesa celebrating with Ronaldo reminds me of Marcelo and CR7 at Madrid
Rico S
Rico S 7 days ago
I would argue thats one of the most impressive saves of the decade
Yuan Zhao
Yuan Zhao 7 days ago
And I suddenly realized it's Gattuso vs Pirlo. So Milan wins anyway ;)
Nico 7 days ago
Tap. In. Merchant