Cristiano Ronaldo rescues Juventus again with 2 late goals vs. Udinese | ESPN FC Serie A Highlights 

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Juventus was headed for a stunning defeat vs. Udinese until Cristiano Ronaldo turned the tables with two late goals for the Bianconeri. Ronaldo's first came from the penalty spot and with the second being a header in the 90th minute. The win puts Andrea Pirlo's side in third place, clinging on to a top-four spot and level on puts with Atalanta and AC Milan.


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May 2, 2021




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Bharath Sharath
Bharath Sharath 7 days ago
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Servant Of Jesus Christ
This guy always makes me want to cry due to his brilliance.. We will never witness such greatness in football ever again.. I like to address him as a "one in eternity" footballer..
guess-who 8 days ago
He got paid $$$$$ to join the team. Nothing to cry about him carrying the team!
Carlos Alvarado
Carlos Alvarado 9 days ago
Aint ronaldo almost 40?? How ols is he ?? Hes always news
Angel Ortega
Angel Ortega 9 days ago
Xq no disen ni verga del penaldo su equipo se fue pa la verga sin copa sin liga sin champions pobre mejor del mundo
Parker's Paintings
Gave away the whole thing in the title, come on guys
Luz Diaz
Luz Diaz 9 days ago
Penaldo, no penaltie no party always 🤣🤣🤣
Nano Sterling
Nano Sterling 9 days ago
If cr7 were a defender, if cr7 were a midfield, cr7 were a winger, cr7 were a goalkeeper, cr7 the coach, that team would never lose because they are warriors and a setback becomes a victory there are many examples of games in which cr7 got back in the game
gabriel hernandez
2:45 "MIERDA!"
adam 9 days ago
Overrated player that FIFA loves so much for unknown reason
Ivan Romero
Ivan Romero 9 days ago
GOAT doing GOAT things.
Yahir Mendoza-Hoyos
Come back to United Ronaldo!!
E. Carter Uslabar
Udinese keeper was asleep on the pen
Max Miller
Max Miller 10 days ago
Kelize 10 days ago
Rescuing from what again?
Marcos Aguirre
Marcos Aguirre 10 days ago
Penaldo like always .
Dom Vel
Dom Vel 10 days ago
Of course there was a penalty involved!👏🏼
Alex Renteria
Alex Renteria 10 days ago
rabbiot ball sheesh baller goal
OM3GALUL 10 days ago
Jojo Pellegrini
Jojo Pellegrini 10 days ago
This dude is just ridiculous
Daniel 10 days ago
Udinese paid off for this game 100%.
Shawn Boettinger
Shawn Boettinger 10 days ago
Messi missed penalty makes free kick cr7 misses free kick and makes penalty it's like they switched there goals
Bruno Vazquez
Bruno Vazquez 10 days ago
Pirlo: *Yay I still have a job*
KG Rome
KG Rome 10 days ago
This video is trash. It won’t buffer correctly
FuccDissShit 10 days ago
Let me guess. Penalty.
Jason Allen
Jason Allen 10 days ago
Rabiot put that cross on a platter and Ronaldo just put it in the back of the net as easy as you like... what a goal!
millo torres
millo torres 10 days ago
So when they loose it’s because the team, and when they win its because of ronaldo?
Rey Arreguin
Rey Arreguin 10 days ago
And with his help Juventus are the Serie A Championssssss!!!!!! Oh wait...... What? They arent the champions because of Ronaldo???? Inter Milan are the Champions??? Should of told me earlier!!!!
楊Alex 10 days ago
OMG! Ronaldo is amazing
Jonathan 10 days ago
You can legit see his wiring in the thumbnail.. this dude def a humanoid.
Jaramirez 2
Jaramirez 2 10 days ago
Love him or hate him, Ronaldo delivers for every team he plays for.
john smith
john smith 10 days ago
that jersey is bad luck lmaoo
ginger 10 days ago
CR7 helping Juve to maybe get 2nd place in Serie A while Messi helping Barca to possibly win La Liga.
Lisandra Lamboy
Lisandra Lamboy 10 days ago
giovanni de petris
giovanni de petris 11 days ago
What rescue?? One penalty that he had to take no one else ( egoist ridiculous behavior tolerated stupidly) and the second goal a colossal gross error by the goalkeeper Stop pumping this
Cesar M
Cesar M 11 days ago
kulusevsky balon d'or lol. Without Ronaldo and Chiesa Juve are a Europa League team.
David Romero
David Romero 11 days ago
Rabiot, what a pass!
WIN GAMES YUGIOH 11 days ago
So no one realizes that the somg played for the goals is carnaval for the 1998 world cup lol
Clevaughn Smith
Clevaughn Smith 11 days ago
This man is just the goat
Joseangel Zapata
Joseangel Zapata 11 days ago
Love seeing Pirlo celebrating with the squad 💪
Hossein Ahmadivarji
Two lucky goals on bad defense he always scores against weak team and becomes Maradona 😂🤦🏻‍♂️..buddy you aren’t a goat .
Ni-k cast
Ni-k cast 11 days ago
First title for juven- win udinese
Jason Puru
Jason Puru 11 days ago
If some of his teammates didn’t dislike him and played the ball with him and not around him sure they would have been playing semifinal today
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia 11 days ago
Ronaldo in this jersey remind me of 13/14 season Ronaldo 🔥🔥
Pablo Rodriguez
Pablo Rodriguez 11 days ago
CR7 just scores mostly tap ins. He doesn’t conduct the team or make them play. Because of his selfish style Juve have lost many titles.
I Am L
I Am L 11 days ago
Soccerlegoblox Etc.
When Ronnie scores messi comes in too
Aliabshir Ali
Aliabshir Ali 11 days ago
Forestieri...... ring any bells?
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia 11 days ago
he is crazy 644 goals
U try it
U try it 11 days ago
The best player ever i never gonna see other players like CR7 🔥
Armando Gante
Armando Gante 12 days ago
they still lost the league title though
Gerardo Villalobos
Gerardo Villalobos 12 days ago
Farmers league
Mr Lomeli
Mr Lomeli 12 days ago
Such an inspiration, the haters are just fuckinh losers
Daniel Kintigh
Daniel Kintigh 12 days ago
Penaldo strikes again
Marcus Holloway
Marcus Holloway 12 days ago
People say the system was built around ronaldo, ronaldo is the system fam😂
Pedro R
Pedro R 12 days ago
Cr7 go back to Madrid or back to Manchester united
Oliver Nelson
Oliver Nelson 12 days ago
As soon as everybody starts saying Ronaldo is the problem he goes and does something like this. The mans a living legend. Let support him as much as possible because one day he is gonna leave soccer forever and we are gonna wish we followed his journey even to the end.
Hector Nieto
Hector Nieto 12 days ago
CR7 the goat ,the best
But Ronaldo is holding Juve back right lol. Pundits always talking the most nonsense
인생3회차 12 days ago
He gotta rescue himself from being a loner first
Sheldon Conk
Sheldon Conk 12 days ago
I love how Pirlo celebrated with the team.
Owen Mehr
Owen Mehr 12 days ago
Scoring =/= carrying
Justinho Alv
Justinho Alv 12 days ago
I don't really watch Juventus games but I hear everyone wants many players out including Rabiot and it seems to me whenever I watch highlights Rabiot is one of the best if not the best Juve midfielder
Matthew genyas
Matthew genyas 12 days ago
Nothing to prove but that hes better then messi...popcorn ready
cv_kevin 12 days ago
I’m Messi fan but ronaldo is the best scorer ever...he carrying juv
Master Larper
Master Larper 12 days ago
Ronaldo’s back must hurt so much from carrying his team this whole season
Gene Hann
Gene Hann 12 days ago
Abe C
Abe C 12 days ago
Of course Penaldo
noProbe 12 days ago
Might as well called UCL, RCL Ronaldo Champions League.
Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang 12 days ago
tough header amazing goal
lorgin yanez
lorgin yanez 12 days ago
Lol ESPN FC is a joke. Juve gave him everything. He underestimated how much of a huge club Madrid was.
Andre Getfield
Andre Getfield 12 days ago
Ronaldo almost made it to the European leauge.. omg
Joe Santana
Joe Santana 12 days ago
Get Ronaldo a back brace the way he’s been carrying Juve
Fresh Sodaa
Fresh Sodaa 12 days ago
Ronaldo ruined juve
Michael Escobar
Michael Escobar 12 days ago
I saw this game live and yeah i know everyone's saying Bernardeschi was the worst player on the pitch, believe me Bentancur was just as bad if not worst. I don't get how he starts over Arthur or Ramsey
john 12 days ago
Easiest league, La Liga right behind 🤮🤣🤡
Chris Zefic
Chris Zefic 12 days ago
The worlds greatest player ever just enjoy this man because it will be a long time before we ever see another Ronaldo
Milliardo Peacecraft
Both goats helped rescue their team today👏👏
tHe nAtuRaL fReE hUmaN bEinGs
viva cristiano.... better than jesus.
E 12 days ago
Ronaldo ❤❤❤❤❤
Lin Lin
Lin Lin 12 days ago
To Ronaldo this Juventus at this time is a liability, couldn’t support him to maximize his capability in competitions.
Zero 12 days ago
The 🐐. He needs to get out of Juve
Ioan Popa
Ioan Popa 12 days ago
Ronaldo respect respect respect respect x100 respect 🙏
Eh Loh
Eh Loh 12 days ago
I thought I was watching a 1980 game😂😂
XAV TL 12 days ago
That was a nutmeg header 👏
Wudase Gebrehiwot
Wudase Gebrehiwot 11 days ago
He did it once against SPAL in 2019 rmemeber
Devin Depina
Devin Depina 12 days ago
i wonder where the ronaldo haters are hiding now.
Not Me
Not Me 12 days ago
great play by Udinese. Unlucky at the end!
Pedro Pierre
Pedro Pierre 12 days ago
When Ronaldo don’t score “ he is the problem” when he scores “ silence”
City cøbra production
Benito Gutierrez
Benito Gutierrez 12 days ago
The GOAT !!!!!
cesar Jimenez
cesar Jimenez 12 days ago
They need someone better than scezney
MrDepono 12 days ago
they still should get rid of him and move on
joseph chavez
joseph chavez 12 days ago
As good as mbappe is he can never match the level of Ronaldo and messi. He arguably had the youngest and talented team out of all teams in the world cup. Everyone else was not the same as like 2014 which I believe France of today would not be able to compete if age wasn't a factor
Ez 12 days ago
Never question penaldo...
Coop 12 days ago
Jeez this Juventus team is not impressive. Their fans oughta thank god they have ronaldo.
Romeo Buruchagga
Romeo Buruchagga 12 days ago
Bad call from the ref to give a free kick. Which led to the penalty kick
Nadia B
Nadia B 12 days ago
No one else is held to such ridiculously high standards at 36 years of age. Only the 🐐 . He needs to go to a better team at his age, Juventus already wasted 3 seasons of Ronaldo. Any other top good team and he would have won Champions League already 😭
Kyle Boswell
Kyle Boswell 12 days ago
He's won 5. How many does he need to win?
g4meboy13 12 days ago
Juventus is such a shitty team
RLA 82
RLA 82 12 days ago
That’s why CR7 is A legend!
S N 12 days ago
The man again
webhead 223
webhead 223 12 days ago
its not ronaldos fault that serie a's defenders keep conceding penalties. But it is that he keeps scoring them...
Shooter meets Dunker