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Feb 18, 2021




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Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams 2 hours ago
Speak on it.
Jerome Bob
Jerome Bob Day ago
Dont get in a gang..then start having fellings..lol..emotional gangstaz lol
Jerome Bob
Jerome Bob Day ago
Nawww..cuz..if ya in tha streets..thats wat comes with it..cause if i cant get to ya..if ya hiding..thats one way of bringing him out to the front line..so homie..i wouldve done the same thing..im gonna kik in ya doh..and start popping at ERRYTHANG with a heart beat..even the goldfish
Jimmy Harper
Jimmy Harper Day ago
Bruh don't come down here you'll get hurt or worse
Letarvis Johnson
Life and death is in the power of the tongue
Lee Hunt
Lee Hunt Day ago
Thank you for speaking out, God bless you and stay safe. 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Lee Hunt
Lee Hunt Day ago
These guy’s are the low of the low. I wish they will be captured ASAP, this was horrible to kill someone grand parents. 🙏🏽😔😔🙏🏽
T HS Day ago
Maybe stupid question but who talked about digging up little girls grave ?
Sonny boy
Sonny boy 2 days ago
This nigga got the biggest face I've ever seen on 60 😂
MaryAnne Kenner
MaryAnne Kenner 2 days ago
I pray that too!! Coward ass fools!! Breaks my heart my granfolks are off limits! Folks not involved off LIMITS!! Always keepin it 💯CeddyNash
HumbleBeast TV
HumbleBeast TV 2 days ago
I thought I was the only one who felt like that 💯 family
Jay nunya
Jay nunya 2 days ago
I don't get why ppl record they self or homies doing crimes, robbing, shooting opps etc..... Real gangstas move in silence...
Derrick Davis
Derrick Davis 2 days ago
Somebody needs to get step on..FRFR.. IT WANT BRING THEM BACK BUT A PIECE OF MIND IS A MOTHER....
Todd King
Todd King 2 days ago
That shit should be handled in the community the police should never get to them jail would be way too good for them their own people should police that s*** it's going to come back to haunt them
Todd King
Todd King 2 days ago
What's next the local hospital to kill babies or just born I've never seen anything so disturbing in my life
Todd King
Todd King 2 days ago
They looked scared as they were shooting unarmed elderly at home sick
Todd King
Todd King 2 days ago
Take a real GANGSTER to kill unarmed grandparents that are sick at their home . Not for money not for profit not to protect yourself not because they did anything to anyone . THAT IS THE MOST COWARDLY THING THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY 52 YEARS OF LIFE .
Cookie Smith
Cookie Smith 2 days ago
This story broke my heart 😢
illusive1 2 days ago
For all we know he robbed the cartels or sumthin, who knows, what I do know is if they are willing to assassinate homeboys grandparents, I'm not gonna force my self into that drama, at all. 🙈🙉🙊
Daniel D
Daniel D 2 days ago
I don’t know what he did but the streets say he got 500k on his head, but it don’t make since to go after his grandparents.
i'am immordecai
i'am immordecai 3 days ago
What about his actions though..? In his song with tec he says "ain't no sense in snatching no kid, if he dead[referring to the guy he killed] we go shoot at his grandma, knock off her wig, after that we go step on his grandpa.." and that song was released a few months ago before his grandparents whom got killed a week ago... People were angry and offended, dissing a dead man, and threatening his grandparents after they already murked dude, really upset the wrong one..That's like knocking a dude out, and still punching on him[unless you're ben askrin when he got knocked out by John masvidal, that was necessary] They beat him to the punch.. sucks, but we are held accountable for everything we say and don't say.. and reap what we sow, and life and death are in the power of the tongue.. those three things are biblical and universal laws..anyways.. With that being said.. My condolences and pray go out to his family effected nonetheless .. And I pray for the grandparents and the family of his enemies too..
Ceddy Nash
Ceddy Nash 2 days ago
I spoke on that
sajj brown
sajj brown 3 days ago
I feel you to the fullest bro. Our community is birthing some real demons and we don't seem to wanna talk about this. But lines gotta be drawn in the sand bro.
Sean Atkins
Sean Atkins 3 days ago
No harming kids women no snitching get the clapping hell yeah na they got die slow
Bertha Powell
Bertha Powell 3 days ago
How they get number and showed wht they was doing to these Godly innocent people they will get their Hell I hope it’s Now
Danny Azsoloe
Danny Azsoloe 3 days ago
That shit they did to his grandparents is not acceptable that killed my soul watching that i couldn't understand these devil's doing that i wish them slow painful death
Kenny Cedric
Kenny Cedric 3 days ago
Cuz, as soon as I heard about this shit, I said the exact same thing. We don't Rocc like that in L.A...Niggas that was really banging in the 70s, 80s and 90s know they got caught slippin but, was with moms or your kids and got a pass. I don't know who is grooming these yng dudez!! Surely y'all are being mislead what Crippin & being a Blood is all about. Honestly, I respect a man who can stand on his own and take care of his family. I am thankful the Creator allowed me to live, learn and change my way of thinking. A lot of my homiez didn't make it that far. So, are they really Rip??
Mr Dertyo91
Mr Dertyo91 3 days ago
4:10 the EXACT thing I been asking since I heard about this situation. #GodBlessThaDead
R T 3 days ago
Felicia Stewart
Felicia Stewart 3 days ago
GOD BLESS Those Beautiful Grandparents. ♥️. GOD Bless you for speaking on this!!🙏. Thanks..
Janice Griffin
Janice Griffin 3 days ago
Cowards and bullies 😥😭💔🙏
Antonio Hayz
Antonio Hayz 3 days ago
Those who burn down the house,2 thumbs up, I bet he learn his lesson, ain't no rules out here.
twan crawl
twan crawl 3 days ago
A few yrs ago bra killed and burnt another dude grandparents so tbh it was get back
Robert Tolley
Robert Tolley 3 days ago
Much respect big man! How crazy, crazy!
Margaret Green
Margaret Green 4 days ago
It's not ok senseless violence needs to stop.The grandparents or inocent.
Wilson Bettis
Wilson Bettis 4 days ago
Respect for speaking out.. I hate a nuthin ass coward!
Arneisha Parks
Arneisha Parks 4 days ago
I feel you it’s 5 years in 2 months that my grandma past she was 89 natural causes and I still feel like I’m quicker to go off on someone
FA!NT FLEXXX 4 days ago
Best believe they killers getting caught brazy ain't letting shit slide
Ronald Charles
Ronald Charles 4 days ago
These youngstas be on 3 4 5 6 7 8 Highs I'll shh
trujillo71921 4 days ago
They got the idea from brazy himself imo. He was talking about past shit that happened when they couldn't get the opp they went after family including grandparents. Short time after that, same happened to his grandparents. It's a fucked up revolving door..
chico woe sports talk
Respect big homie !!
Drip God
Drip God 5 days ago
He killed a nigga nephew in self defense, made music bout it and now they want him dead
Sandra Diamond
Sandra Diamond 5 days ago
Real Gangsters dont kill Innoncent Grandparents,Parent's,Children ..You lose that Title... Your new Title is a Coward Azz Pussy.... Point Blank Period..
Road Runna Bread Winner
But the cartel killed people whole family
Road Runna Bread Winner
@Ceddy Nash 48 law of power say crush your enemies totally
Road Runna Bread Winner
@Ceddy Nash shouldn’t did what you did 🤷🏾‍♂️
Ceddy Nash
Ceddy Nash 5 days ago
They're lame AF too, but they're not Americans
Beautiful Soul
Beautiful Soul 5 days ago
God will get the assailants. Karma is real and it's going to get very ugly for them.
grissom3310 5 days ago
We need to fucking get it together as a people BLACK FOLKS 🤬
Baltimore BigMan
Baltimore BigMan 5 days ago
Respect OG 🙏🏾you made a Lotta good damn point
Gmail089 Gmail089
I think his grandparents where blood 🩸 correct me if im wrong
wanberto Kanoa
wanberto Kanoa 5 days ago
1- strike -when some friend of mine kill some body for a petty rob or a cripy thing like a discussion and i dont stop him to or do something to change the course of this to happen thats a foul ball. second strike-, a REAL Gangster its a money making, but when I get trap in a kind of situation, like a young guy get kill for $20 gambling shit , by a friend of mine and I dont stop him , i will pay for it and i am no GANGSTER im a Psichiatric patient something wrong its with my head, cause i have to know that its my second strike at street . third strike they snd red flags and try to kill me , then its when most of the people that belive in the movie and live the movie get the massege wrong and try to stay on place hanging at the hood doing pushups . Well he get the advises and move from the area but. The street said eye for eye , and he was in the place when the friend kill the family of somebody else, and thats its not entertaiment , game is over... its out by default......
Wild Indian 1🏹
Mann that shit ain’t real 😂😂😂😂
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 5 days ago
Cuzz I am with u find whoever did this feet first in a wood chipper.
Larry Stephen's
Larry Stephen's 5 days ago
Speak the truth brother...man the real og type are dead and gon,locked up or jus got old and living they life happy they made it to get to that age.. BEING A FATHER TO YOUR KIDS,TAKE CARE OF FAMILY AND INSTALLING VALUES N THE YOUNGER GENERATION IS SUM REAL G SHIT...I pray those are punished who did that to that brothers family ..let's think more about making it and raising our kids not to be the monsters we hearing about..y'all b blessed 👍💯
Donna Scott
Donna Scott 5 days ago
Tht was some straight cowardly shizzle tht they did u are absolutely right & they need to be got at on everything & if his peeps don't they're some suckas I'm sorry those ppl.did not deserve tht
JoJo Freelancer
JoJo Freelancer 5 days ago
They own fuck around n do that job
Tali Freeman
Tali Freeman 5 days ago
Bro! U gotta new sub! You a real one meaning your mindset 💯. Showing love from the #BAYAREA #Calilove
Ceddy Nash
Ceddy Nash 5 days ago
Which city??
Ladon Turner
Ladon Turner 5 days ago
That's right
Ladon Turner
Ladon Turner 5 days ago
Travis Miller
Travis Miller 5 days ago
Pray 4 my city 🙏
JmansFragments 5 days ago
This crazy man everything outta line fr
kay loc
kay loc 5 days ago
Dats FUCCED UP to grandparents I don't wish death on anyone but them who did it they need to go ASAP may his grandparents R.I.P 👼🙏🌹💙✊💯
Ken chomp
Ken chomp 5 days ago
Brazy told his opps to kill someone.....
Craig Martin
Craig Martin 6 days ago
Salute Cuz u a real one♿️💙♿️
JC Guerra
JC Guerra 6 days ago
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JC Guerra
JC Guerra 6 days ago
Keisha LouAllen
Keisha LouAllen 6 days ago
Gary Hardy
Gary Hardy 6 days ago
You corny
PSYC LINEZ 6 days ago
Got a new sub here. Karma is a bitch and when she comes to collect ...well muthafuc'ers ain't gonna have the bank too cover thee cost that they owe.
PSYC LINEZ 6 days ago
I lost my gramma and little brother both in 2020 pretty much in the same month. Homie I feel ya.
Frederick banks
Frederick banks 6 days ago
Some shit is just inexcusable
Brandish Mad
Brandish Mad 6 days ago
Nigga i lost my grandma and I didn't think like u Because it wasn't nobody took her if it was somebody did that would be different
The Internal Spirit
Love that OU jaccet. My favorite school
Clint Rogers
Clint Rogers 6 days ago
LoL much love ... People need to love the truth ... I love hearing the truth. You are real and that's what this world needs.
Eric Upchurch
Eric Upchurch 6 days ago
Sad shit but the whole family gang banged. Watch his uncle in prison talk.
Burd Turglar
Burd Turglar 6 days ago
if somebody take 1 of mine I'm taking 3 of theirs. That mentality will never change in the youth.
Ceddy Nash
Ceddy Nash 6 days ago
I used to be like that
Steven Jarvis
Steven Jarvis 6 days ago
1 foreal,they all cowards bro.Sorry for yall loss😪😭😥No reason for this.😭
Ceddy Nash
Ceddy Nash 6 days ago
Jay Scott
Jay Scott 6 days ago
All is fair in love and war M8v3nk
Lawrence Mac
Lawrence Mac 6 days ago
Real nigga activity
Randall Maultsby
Randall Maultsby 6 days ago
Real gangsters dont shoot house with kids in the house these guys break all codes
Lion Heart
Lion Heart 6 days ago
I'm my opinion honeykomb brought this drama upon his self and it's unfortunate that he lost his grandparents. This is the type of stuff that happens when your living that type a life.. people are so selfish they don't realize your putting others in jeapordy because of your life style and actions/decision making. So there are reactions.. You reap what you sow and karma will come back to you. Honestly other people can tap in and state how they feel but it's not up to us. It's up to the most HI. Be safe out here people and ask for forgiveness. God bless you all
Ceddy Nash
Ceddy Nash 6 days ago
I can see your point
A True Earthling
A True Earthling 6 days ago
This some Illuminati Ritual shit I mean damn!
Area 86
Area 86 6 days ago
Yo C you a real one for ya perspective
rickey morrow
rickey morrow 6 days ago
Talk yo shit cuh!!!
rickey morrow
rickey morrow 6 days ago
I prey they find God because for sure they GOT IT COMING FOR THAT
DeMarcus Jones
DeMarcus Jones 6 days ago
Family is off limits. Period. No honor
Drip Jordan
Drip Jordan 6 days ago
Bro you gotta respond to call outs... You gotta handle your man business bro💯
Don .D
Don .D 6 days ago
Don .D
Don .D 6 days ago
Ase Revolution
Astral Activist
Astral Activist 6 days ago
Aye they didnt set fire to the house his grandparents had covid 19 they was on oxygen tanks. The bullets hit em and boom. Blew up. They not that gangsta they shot from the car and left. Just like when they missed him not too long ago.
Astral Activist
Astral Activist 6 days ago
They on some straight savage shit they playing the streets streets. Some people dont give no fuck. I dont condone but this is an Avenue of what comes with the streets. This sound like some soulja slim shit
Robert Judd
Robert Judd 6 days ago
Have we ALL heard his songs...? Do we know of who's family he might have murdered...? Do we know the blood stains that might leak from his hands...? Do we know how many grandparents maybe his family...or affiliates have killed...? I DON'T AGREE with none of this BULLSHIT but let's be realistic...."When there is war, there is no rules. Why DO WE endorse the violence in his music that HE speaks of and promote, but mourn when it happens to him. Many people knew about this man's troubles.....but no one tried to intervene to make things better to stop this known ongoing issue ...WE HAVE TO DO BETTER!!!"
Raz Insua
Raz Insua 7 days ago
Y'all got to hear Yellow by honeykomb this man saying he gon knock off ur grandma wig and step on his grandpa...i heard this about 3 days before this incident...gave me chills
T Mac
T Mac 7 days ago
Good words big bro!!
Ernest Stewart
Ernest Stewart 7 days ago
Hate it happened to his people but sad as it is ain't no rules in the streets. We need to be very careful at the energy we speak to the Universe especially these rappers
Chris Luppy
Chris Luppy 7 days ago
Im witcha cuzzo
NickHou82 7 days ago
Hey big homie. I commented in a recent video of yours. I gotta say it again, our culture is sick bro.
Palao 999
Palao 999 7 days ago
STOP KILLING ! Time to heal from ALL of this insanity !! 😭 Please STOP ! Be still and connect with who you truly are. We are destroying ourselves. We are responsible for allowing this. Can’t blame this on anyone else. We make choices and we have to own our own bs. Our children need us to stand up for US. This was NOT who we used to be. This is wrong. ALL of it is wrong. IT IS TIME TO CHANGE OURSELVES. IT IS TIME TO END THE HYPOCRISY AND INSANITY aid this so called way of life. Nobody has to wipe us out. We are doing it for them! HOW LONG IS IT GOING TO TAKE BEFORE WE SEE ! ? Our families friends neighbors and neighborhoods are being completely wiped off the face of this earth. PLEASE, I beg of you to stop, look, listen to your heart, hear what it’s saying ! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE !
Ceaser Silva
Ceaser Silva 7 days ago
Men get talked to and reasoned with, cowards like these don’t deserve any type of respect or mercy. Time for the OG’s to check back in and come off the bench and get a handle on their youngstas. Every one of our organizations began to protect and uplift the community from the cops and politicians who terrorized our neighborhoods, then they gave us dope to make money and shit went left. Let’s get back to being what we started off as, the protectors and providers of our neighborhoods. The Brothers will follow, IF we are willing to lead. We have to show them the way as was done for us. Amor de Rey 👑🤟🏽🖤💛👑
Herb Gotti
Herb Gotti 7 days ago
No morals and principles no more 🙏🙏🙏