Crazy Rescue Dog | Dog Attack 

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Mickey is a rescue mutt who isn't afraid to show the groomer who is boss.
Dogs must be completely dried when possible to avoid hot spots. Hot spots are infection of the skin, and often develop when a damp coat sits on skin for a prolonged period of time.
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Apr 5, 2021




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Anthony Svenforsic
Anthony Svenforsic 23 minutes ago
That picture at the end is so Charles manson
Sam Seed
Sam Seed 9 hours ago
love him , hes got character
Manucho Aguirre
Manucho Aguirre 12 hours ago
You have one of the best jobs and you are one of the best doing it XD
I'm Jinhwan's SEXY MOLE and P.O'S LIPS
Imagine all his traumas 😭
FT W 18 hours ago
Funny. I used to date some stage 5 clingers...
Phillip McGill
Phillip McGill 22 hours ago
Wow the first video I saw of yours was of a gentle pitbull...now I see this ..... NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER...
The Wanderer
The Wanderer 23 hours ago
"And then he remembers who he is" got me DYING XD
Bella Delfosse
My dog hates getting his nails trimmed and they haven’t been done in 4 and 1/2 years head a jackhuahua
Francisca Mendoza
Mickey got his name from Mickey mouse clubhouse
Asil Anom
Asil Anom Day ago
His ears!!! Oh my god his ears are massive!!!! He's so cute !!!!!!!
shotgungames uk
wow so satisfying
Blossoming Fairy
Omg!! That photo at the end. 🥰🥰🥰
Escape Day ago
"We touched gloves" I thought I was the only one who did this before I bathed my dog 😂😂
Westfield Racer
Very patient, great video
OK OK Day ago
"We tap gloves""😂🤣
savvy Wilson
savvy Wilson Day ago
“His grinch feet” 😂😭
DURR Day ago
Hi Day ago
her voice goes: “📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉” every other sentence
Ian Raffel
Ian Raffel Day ago
You are so professional with the troublesome dogs - fantastic work. You're very fast yourself in avoiding those teeth!
Da fruit
Da fruit 2 days ago
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Vienna Terpstra
Vienna Terpstra 2 days ago
He honestly looks like a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mixed with a Corgi! What a sassy darling!
Jordan Oakes
Jordan Oakes 2 days ago
I love her energy so much she's so positive and nice even when the dog wants to fight her and equipment. Amazing
Blobbert Mcblob
Blobbert Mcblob 2 days ago
This isn't "sass" this is behavior that *really* needs to be trained out. Dogs like this are why most groomers won't take dogs, well, like this.
Antonio 2 days ago
How positive can you be?
Just Prince
Just Prince 2 days ago
Do you mind putting the formula for the no tear wash
itdoesntmatter 3 days ago
You're very funny hahaha
· Cinnamoon ·
· Cinnamoon · 3 days ago
Moj Pub
Moj Pub 3 days ago
Awwwww he cute
Edis Musanovic
Edis Musanovic 3 days ago
Mickey: AWAWAWAWAWAW. Groomer: No, bad puppy. Mickey: Oh, I'm so sor... AWAWAWAWAWAW
BigZoks 3 days ago
Love you work girl. I would give my dog in to your hands any day
Abbie LeGrand
Abbie LeGrand 3 days ago
It looks like he's doing better though!! Well done to both of you & for working with him!
Smeif Chapman
Smeif Chapman 3 days ago
good boi gonna eventually get used to the process if he keeps good owners who bring him in regular. seems like he understands water is cool but that loud thing can piss right off
The_Angry_Angora 3 days ago
Great job in making it comfortable while prevention from chomps as possible for this doggo ❤
Synical Drakoq
Synical Drakoq 3 days ago
“Stage 5 clingers”
BoosterGoose 3 days ago
"Before every good fight, we tap gloves." LMAOOO. Your humor has been on point in your videos!
Angelina Marita
Angelina Marita 3 days ago
Great job and patience with Mickey! Beautiful boy!
sweetboo1022 3 days ago
Honestly how do these owners let their dogs get matted like this? Lazy farts
Erin C
Erin C 3 days ago
Sassy but you can tell hes a sweetie
Caryl Halfwassen
Caryl Halfwassen 4 days ago
Nice job!!!
DUMMY L2 4 days ago
Regeena Button
Regeena Button 4 days ago
Seems like he just doesn't like things aimed at his face
Sophy Wilson
Sophy Wilson 4 days ago
What a cute lil stinker lol
jd artistry
jd artistry 4 days ago
Hahaha such a funny one you handle them so perfectly 🥰💞😆🐶 beautiful work 👏👏
kath1193 4 days ago
Those ears!
Lasajnaè Nae
Lasajnaè Nae 4 days ago
Mickey -Mouse- Dog
misssammaa 4 days ago
LOL he’s so cute tho
Debbi Packer
Debbi Packer 4 days ago
Good job! He's cute!
Tomáš Greško
Tomáš Greško 4 days ago
Do you ever get english bulldogs?
Say What?
Say What? 4 days ago
Hooooooza gd boi? 🤭🙃❤️
Pooh Bear
Pooh Bear 5 days ago
Micky is a little Shit needs muzzle whole time to unpredictable with the biting
Hanx 5 days ago
You're great! It's not his fault...
B1gHagar 5 days ago
I use that same shampoo gun. It works great. Flip of the switch from poo to clean water.
Nolwazi Mhlongo
Nolwazi Mhlongo 5 days ago
What a cutie! I hope he can get help with his fear of the grooming equipment 😊
Brittany Quast
Brittany Quast 5 days ago
Bad boy
Andogany 5 days ago
"grinch feet"...why must you be so funny
RBNZ 2018
RBNZ 2018 5 days ago
Just asking for a friend but.... do you do humans aswell??😅😂
Joe Schlotthauer
Joe Schlotthauer 5 days ago
2:36, I was expecting two red horns to slowly come out of his head...
Bijit Basumatary
Bijit Basumatary 5 days ago
My dog's enemy no. 1 is water and enemy no. 2 is collar.
Lizzy Gilmore
Lizzy Gilmore 5 days ago
I love how you call them, “grinch feet” 😂💚💚 I love your videos ❤️
Lady Kennie Frog
Lady Kennie Frog 5 days ago
She is so understanding.
Opius321 5 days ago
Do you own a dog yourself?
Re: Choice!
Re: Choice! 5 days ago
You do such a great job
Frbrbr Grblgrr
Frbrbr Grblgrr 6 days ago
You are an amazing individual
shufflythedog 6 days ago
Love how you call it "sass" and that you even thank him for the behaviour!! I'm so happy whenever my groomer handles my dog well even if he misbehaves a bit while they trim his nails (he's a Shiba) and it encourages me to bring him back again. He's gotten so much better now, to the point where I can trim his nails at home too, and I give all the credit to my groomer. Bless you!!!!!
Liah games
Liah games 6 days ago
The is so cute but um got some serious SASSand like when I mean SASS wow but great doggo
Ernaldo 6 days ago
Your subtitles girl, "cannot resist, save yourself woman", I'm dead
Lock Stock
Lock Stock 6 days ago
Do a good job actually nice one.
Maria C
Maria C 6 days ago
Dogs are not crazy they are traumatised by mentally ill peoples is very big difference
hothotheat3000 6 days ago
Good lord he’s a little terror!
Revolutionary Roblox Videos
Aww he looks adorable. After the grooming it looks like he has some corgi in him.
überwachen 6 days ago
i know hes angry and dangerous when nipping at you, but i just cant take him seriously because he sounds like a squeaky toy
Repeater Odious
Repeater Odious 6 days ago
Love these videos, super funny. :D
What'sup_Trees 6 days ago
Mary me lol
Phillip Mele
Phillip Mele 7 days ago
He was so defensive during that whole thing, I think he genuinely likes you and is torn between that and the fear. The last thing he *wants* is to hurt you, but he’s learned to scare off threatening or frightening things. Poor sweet baby...
Guilherme Viero
Guilherme Viero 7 days ago
loving the channel!!
Firestarter 7 days ago
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BearvilleBear 14
BearvilleBear 14 7 days ago
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Godzilla -
Godzilla - 7 days ago
That was a full on attack wow.
Samual Johnson
Samual Johnson 7 days ago
This videos are to good. Not to long, she's cute and sweet, and perfectly nurturing.
Retsam Razwinkz
Retsam Razwinkz 7 days ago
Well everyone behave when they knew they are on camera... except for Karens
oldfrend 7 days ago
girl your deadpan jokes kill me XD
Nickus Christ
Nickus Christ 7 days ago
The great thing about mutts are the unique patterns and markings that you won't find in most purebreds.... would love to know what makes up this gorgeous dog
Natsineinan P.
Natsineinan P. 7 days ago
I am a groommer living in Thailand. Thank you for making a nice clip, let's share something that helped me a lot.
[Content Deleted]
any tips for a cat with mega dookie bum
Marcus Daloia
Marcus Daloia 8 days ago
It looks like it's air being blown at his nose that sets him off. Thinking about it that muzzle probably prevents that from being a problem as well.
Daehani Mpoyi
Daehani Mpoyi 8 days ago
What a cutie pie ❤️
Daisy Lancee
Daisy Lancee 8 days ago
Woof No Wof NO
Lara Clarke
Lara Clarke 8 days ago
What a cutie
Daisy Lancee
Daisy Lancee 8 days ago
Julia Clark
Julia Clark 8 days ago
Mickey Mouse?? Mickey Mouse:: WHO SUMMONED ME
Roberta Smith
Roberta Smith 8 days ago
He’s gorgeous but it looks like the more he goes to your the less he will be snapping and biting...great job he looks so different
B R 8 days ago
"without dogs like you, my job would be too easy."
B R 8 days ago
Lol enemy number one.
Michelle Painter
Michelle Painter 8 days ago
You are sooo awesome!
jyo vlogs
jyo vlogs 8 days ago
2:27 that face 🤣....what you did to me....🤣🤣🤣
Dee Bee
Dee Bee 8 days ago
Oh Mickey, you're so fine, You're so fine you blow my mind, Hey Mickey, Hey Mickey
Emily Liang
Emily Liang 8 days ago
The funny thing is that the smaller dogs are feisty and the big guard dogs are so calm and gentle!
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duckie 8 days ago
So cute
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