Crazy Driver FLIPS Rental Car Upside Down *High Speed Crash* 

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Insane Rollover Crash on Las Vegas Strip
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Feb 20, 2021




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Royalty Exotic Cars
Guys let’s blow this video up, drop a like and a comment. If we hit 10k likes we’ll giveaway some hoodies to a couple of ya
You could have very easily flipped it over with a four foot 4x4 piece of wood. Think "FULCRUM."
XNightX 7 days ago
Great Content! , Envy the job family that’ you all have, something I’d dream of finding in the coming time, hopefully can have a fun life while getting jobs done with great people.
Tpndgo 20
Tpndgo 20 7 days ago
No hoodies , Want moneey , need to eat ,living hard times.
Tristan Trevino
Tristan Trevino 10 days ago
I need a job any way I can work with you I dnt mind doing maintenance anything you have I’ll do just need to get away from my Florida there’s nothing here an need a reliable job
Rob Landis
Rob Landis 10 days ago
Crazy accident
Joanne Valentin
Joanne Valentin 15 hours ago
Do u rent out cars like a g wagon came here from cj soo cool
Bronxtaskforce1 21 hour ago
Why don't you open a warehouse of parts in Orlando Florida? Plenty of exotic car here..
Jagaholic 21 hour ago
Tommy Chism
Tommy Chism 23 hours ago
Anyone else want to buy the crashed slingshot or is that just me? Lol Be a fun rebuild!
Hazard Day ago
One word TOTALD
star Day ago
thay ok
las aventuras de johniel
Wow 🤯🤯🤯
Anthony Valdez
Anthony Valdez 2 days ago
First video ever watched so far loving da vids🔥
Azuka Gaming
Azuka Gaming 2 days ago
Thumbs 👍 from me. Can't wait to go back to Vegas.
AshburnM3 2 days ago
Tony, please wear your bodycam next time. 😂. We want pov footage. Btw, whose insurance is paying for the damages??
Turde Motors
Turde Motors 3 days ago
TURDE MOTORS us-first.info/more/LmYZsva6CMDoSvYtMZSgvQ
Turde Motors
Turde Motors 3 days ago
TURDE MOTORS us-first.info/more/LmYZsva6CMDoSvYtMZSgvQ
Turde Motors
Turde Motors 3 days ago
TURDE MOTORS us-first.info/more/LmYZsva6CMDoSvYtMZSgvQ
TnT Zimmerman
TnT Zimmerman 3 days ago
Your recovery skills are lacking. You should hit up a tow company for a class.
Cody Von Elm
Cody Von Elm 3 days ago
Dam that back tire was bald as hell
NOVA THE GAMER 3 days ago
That was insane
TheRedWhiner 3 days ago
who drove the Royce back?
Demaris Bryant
Demaris Bryant 4 days ago
Omg ...
El Gingero
El Gingero 4 days ago
Damn your slingshots are nothing but trouble lol
Bronxtaskforce1 4 days ago
Question! Did the renter have experience driving a slingshot? Did you guys give her a brief overview how to maneuver a Slingshot through Las Vegas? Maybe install tamper resistant dash cams. Food for thought. Glad no one got seriously hurt. Slingshot can be replaced but not human life. Great work guys👍👍👍
Mohammed Javed Bharucha
You now cce
David Sheppard
David Sheppard 4 days ago
We're gonna winch it and flip it over.... dude must've never went to school because you're gonna drag it, not flip it over, unless you have 1 side anchored lol
kolby howell
kolby howell 4 days ago
I only thing I got from this video is a Foxbody at 7:25
Aaron Stevens
Aaron Stevens 4 days ago
I would have really liked to see how you removed it from the tow truck and maybe what you did with it??
J.Chan 4 days ago
How do you flip a Slingshot?
SleepyceReaLz 5 days ago
No mask?
Mateo Hill
Mateo Hill 5 days ago
on my birthday ?
Rawand Nazar
Rawand Nazar 5 days ago
What kinda car was that?
billy brown
billy brown 5 days ago
Well you now kno why its called a slingshot.
samuel cortes
samuel cortes 5 days ago
I thought it was down the street😅😅
sam wilson
sam wilson 6 days ago
Free hoodie please from uk tho aha
Jeffrey Lee
Jeffrey Lee 6 days ago
Houston you’re a BOSS.
Franklin Pauley
Franklin Pauley 6 days ago
Stupid is as stupid does. good job getting in on truck.
Monjola 6 days ago
🎶Cars rolling on the Las Vegas street tonight🎶 ~ Brent Faiyaz All jokes aside I hope the injured person is alright🙏🏾
Bit of gorilla glue and your good to go bro 💯👍
Tyler Wright
Tyler Wright 6 days ago
"I'm good at accident dissection. They were going plus or minus the speed limit 20-30mph." Oh great so somewhere between 35mph and 95mph 😂expert deductions 🕵️‍♂️
Mahmoud 6 days ago
yep thats the car that sent a chunk of metal into mine
Alan Valdez
Alan Valdez 6 days ago
Put a fucking facemask on your face
German Guzman
German Guzman 6 days ago
I was there when it happened early feb
zzz immune
zzz immune 6 days ago
400/hr damn
German Garcia
German Garcia 7 days ago
sheeeesh that green lambo was unexpected haha, tony with the dub 💪🏽💯
Keith Mackey
Keith Mackey 7 days ago
Insane accident, and y'all for a twofer... Good job guys!
Love how there’s just has an audience on the side of the strip. Entertainment usually isn’t free in Vegas 😂
im hear to make a change mr steal your ting
Respect content is good 💯
That will buff out
Hutox 7 days ago
They are lucky 🙏
Justin F
Justin F 7 days ago
4:24 really, what’s with the gloves. You know you don’t need latex gloves. Didn’t want to get your hands dirty pssy?
Derek Everett
Derek Everett 7 days ago
Alex Pasillas
Alex Pasillas 8 days ago
Damn that’s shits crazy
jcm3911 8 days ago
The road : hippty hoppity your car is my proporty
zak mirza
zak mirza 8 days ago
There MUST be CCTV footage of this - someone must be able to call in a favour - we all want to see it!
Malachi Freiburger
He said it’s hard ass work to get it on the tow truck. Houston that isn’t hard work at all. It was work but not hard😂 love the content but don’t sound so blonde
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi 8 days ago
Tbh I thought it was a chiron cuz I saw the rims but I remembered that the chirons are bigger than the slingshot and when I saw the slingshot flipped over, I thought the chiron got wrecked really bad
confirm clutch
confirm clutch 8 days ago
Bro thank god the guy in the car didn't die but still his a dumbass to be honest
BROCKTON 508 8 days ago
Butt pirate
Carrie Atencio
Carrie Atencio 8 days ago
I don’t know how you put up with those retards....Kudos to you & your Crew
Steven Davis
Steven Davis 8 days ago
Snatch block from the end of the bed so it’s pulling from a lower point and it normally will roll it right over
Wasif Kabir
Wasif Kabir 8 days ago
Almost every episode this happens but its interesting
Vagnerstein Industries
Wonder if you can get a video from the street cams. That would be a great video to see exactly what happened
Robin Welch
Robin Welch 8 days ago
😭😭😭 rude inconsiderate people!!! Do that in your own car!!! And wtg Tony on the repo at the same time!
Lucid_Aura 8 days ago
could I get a hoodie? It would mean alot :)
logan garcia
logan garcia 9 days ago
Those tires are bald affff
lisandro luna
lisandro luna 9 days ago
Plot twist all he did was tell them them the cops were right over there & if he didn’t give up the car he was going to report it stolen
Jesus coronado lugo
That weird palm tree looking tree
CalzoneOP 9 days ago
Just needs an oil change, quick job
De La Reese
De La Reese 9 days ago
By grace the renters are ok lol but gotdamn
Jeremiah Clark
Jeremiah Clark 10 days ago
I'm praying for you
El Tank701 Valenzuela
It really sucks to see alll there cars get fucked up but this shit good ass content FRFR
Vikas Swaminathan
Vikas Swaminathan 10 days ago
I thought it was a bugatti for a second looking at the rims
24 QianSheng
24 QianSheng 10 days ago
Zach Wilson
Zach Wilson 10 days ago
8:30 Oh boohoo you have to work. Deal with it. but I do give you props, you work hard and you have built something impressive.
Ubiquitous 10 days ago
0:21 ironic isn't it? Not wearing a seat belt driving towards an accident lol
Vinh Tran
Vinh Tran 10 days ago
Another show off bites the dust. I like how those people across the street is staring as though a miracle is going to happen.
Jay jay caps U
Jay jay caps U 10 days ago
Well tic tok. Told me that girls can’t. Drive I did not think that was true
richcity89 10 days ago
if they did not wear a seatbelt. Then they are asking for it. Wear your god dam seatbelt people!
AlfA DSN 10 days ago
Wait weren’t you just doing a bunch of renovations? Moving?
Matthew T
Matthew T 10 days ago
If they are paying $400 an hour for late fees wouldn't you expect to be tarted with more respect then being ripped out the car?
SUPERBEE392 10 days ago
F I remember when my dad rented a slingshot from you guys, it was fun but definitely didn't feel like a car you could drive lead footed, the rear wheel loses traction even with traction control on.
RealAmerican 11 days ago
What car was that
james white
james white 11 days ago
I live in Las Vegas and actually drove by this accident the other day and didn’t stop because cops were there and suddenly came across this video it’s nice to know they are walking away from this situation
Logan Rhodes
Logan Rhodes 11 days ago
That fucking rear wheel is bald!!!
EL POLLO 11 days ago
love how hands on you are with your business houston, could easily be hands off but you choose not to and thats why you're business is where it's at today, love the vids keep it up
Dan The Man
Dan The Man 11 days ago
Luckily an expensive car wasn’t jacked.
Wesley Burk
Wesley Burk 11 days ago
Bro that was a rough day... sorry man
Flex Bandz
Flex Bandz 11 days ago
The 360 suicide door entry is Boss Status
Nexa 11 days ago
0:06 Yo that's a clean looking C30.
VorticoseComb1 11 days ago
Crazy ass day, huh?
Abhinand Nathala
Abhinand Nathala 11 days ago
3:39 there was a shooting there
Josh Geoffrion
Josh Geoffrion 11 days ago
1:17 Casual Aventador
Leopold Schneider
Leopold Schneider 11 days ago
4:50 , this moment when you need money
SaanVidz 11 days ago
BEST CAR RENTAL OWNER IN THE WORLD. IM ACTUALLY MOVING TO VEGUS THIS YEAR so hopefully we can do some buissness together 💯💯🙏🏽🙏🏽
SaanVidz 11 days ago
GilbertDeGoatfried 11 days ago
The fucking slingshot is not a car
Kamy’s World
Kamy’s World 11 days ago
No one died which is nuts good for them.!!! He’s such a g no seat belt does what he wants and his sidekick punks people out of there car. Lol 😂
Luke Slater
Luke Slater 11 days ago
Bigbear889 11 days ago
Hahaha this video makes me want to rent a car in Vegas
Migoz Gaming
Migoz Gaming 11 days ago
Is there anyway I can work for you guys Lol
Catboithepotatoboi 11 days ago
Slingshot more like flingshot.... idk dude
Ozzy- Tee
Ozzy- Tee 11 days ago
I feel bad for Houston having to deal with so much drama/accidents I’d lose my sh*t if a car wasn’t back in time
MVP Joey
MVP Joey 11 days ago
What a crazy video
We Broke Up
Views 727K
We Broke Up
Views 727K