CRAZY $25 Per Kill Challenge! #Shorts 

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Mar 28, 2021




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Comments 100   
Klerify 22 days ago
If you would like to see the full gameplay, here is the link: us-first.info/player/video/eqiafJmFZ3ZraWA.html Want to see more of this? Tune into my streams live! Twitch.tv/klerify Edit: If you’re mad I’m using meta weapons for a challenge this big, you’re just an idiot. I’m obviously going to use the best weapons in a 1 game only challenge when 90% of the lobby is as well. If you want to see weapon variation, I have a bunch of videos using off meta weapons and dropping high kill games.
azouzi gaming
azouzi gaming 13 days ago
@Bid dull and nagging is for sissies 😴
Bid dull
Bid dull 14 days ago
Twitch is for little boys
ImFayd 15 days ago
Hey I was the 39,000 like idk I thought that was cool and your cracked at mw
Cringe Police
Cringe Police 17 days ago
@Delaney 12 I feel bad for you
Delaney 12
Delaney 12 18 days ago
I challenge you to go outside and have somewhat of a life. This is a challenge.
Big Blue Sans
I like this game I U cut g
Paper_ Mations
U r cracked
Andere Wisp
Andere Wisp 3 days ago
You just made my entire paycheck for two weeks in thirty minutes...
Doxxi Day ago
Bud, don't take this as me being shitty. You should find a better job.
Oscar Cortez
Oscar Cortez 4 days ago
There were dog
Fenderpower Gaming
Kler what’s your ffar loadout
Jayden Montague
Jayden Montague 5 days ago
And this is the reason i have cross play on
Canela. 5 days ago
next time do it with a gun that takes skill
Lixzn 8 days ago
I knew I was gonna see the 2 most overpowered guns in the game...
Michael Morrison
Michael Morrison 8 days ago
Shit he just paid for your hacks for another year!
Shawn Szymczak
Shawn Szymczak 8 days ago
Cool but screw yall for using the aug
WAR7ONE KIN6 8 days ago
I got 15 kills today I wo Der the I would I would had had
Logan 9 days ago
That was cool to watch
YoYoMacaro 9 days ago
Cool guns...
RickyIsSmelly 10 days ago
Yeah ffar and aug
Bob Bobby
Bob Bobby 10 days ago
I mean thats not really that impressive especially if your a decent player on rebirth now I wanna see many deaths u took trying to reach that number
vicerine22 10 days ago
Why people waste money on people already earning thousands. When they can help other people who are REALLY in need.
Khydo 10 days ago
Diamond lobbies aren’t hard
Dijean Carti
Dijean Carti 10 days ago
The ffar just shreds gah damn that’s my go to gun now for sure
Mexican Blunt Roller
Gleam 10 days ago
was about to call out the 20 to 21 but he won the gulag or somethin idk
Batman 11 days ago
I would get all my kills from the pre game lobby
Cm07 11 days ago
takes no skill to use the aug?? why you actin like being in “diamond lobby” matters lol
Tim J
Tim J 11 days ago
Yeah real believable. Happened to me & I was able to quit my job. Now I'm making 40k a month. So if u to wanna find out how to go from a dead-end job to making 40k a month just follow my no life plan!!
lolislayer823 11 days ago
what cold war guns do to a mf
Frankie Rosado
Frankie Rosado 11 days ago
Is this challenge still available?
Galaxy Nine Tailed Fox
Man broke now
Gamezilla 56
Gamezilla 56 11 days ago
Me: cool Him: diamond lobby btw Me:STOP FLEXING ON ME
Me who gets 68 out of 100 kills in team deathmatch *STONKS*
Yerriel Young
Yerriel Young 11 days ago
Sweating bro
# the_pink_p90
# the_pink_p90 11 days ago
25$ per good kill your total 0$
Cedric Kluge
Cedric Kluge 11 days ago
Cheater lol
Obama mama slama
Obama mama slama 11 days ago
Little baby lol
NolaN XD
NolaN XD 12 days ago
U jus got a good gameplay and made up the story line
NolaN XD
NolaN XD 12 days ago
That’s cap lmao
Vickzy _
Vickzy _ 12 days ago
Should’ve played king slayer my guy!!
Roland Thompson
Roland Thompson 12 days ago
Bro he went bankrupt after that
Rood 12 days ago
“Diamond lobby btw” bruh it’s fucking respawn no one gives a fuck. If you are on Pc and don’t drop 20 kills while streaming at least why the fuck are you even playing it😂
Johnny Do3
Johnny Do3 12 days ago
U lame
Alfie 12 days ago
Bruh what gun is that man using ?
Proud of my crackhead pedo Son- Biden
Wait this games great no recoil whatsoever... 🤣
Bbvbbjbb Ju nbjvv
Bbvbbjbb Ju nbjvv 12 days ago
WHO cares
Connor Hein
Connor Hein 12 days ago
Rebirth island tho... not that impressive
GeroneJr Lewis
GeroneJr Lewis 12 days ago
Good job I can see the skill in ur load out
M C 12 days ago
So your telling me this guy took out 31 of 40 player on rebirth resurgence!? He's gotta be cheating. He's gotta at least be aimbotting.
Leonardo Wunta
Leonardo Wunta 12 days ago
Omg I have never seen a man sweat so hard before
Leonardo Wunta
Leonardo Wunta 10 days ago
@Obama mama slama ahh gotcha...nice name btw
Obama mama slama
Obama mama slama 11 days ago
@Leonardo Wunta yeh its more of a comm not like a hypocritical thing. when the person is sweating but calls another a sweat
Leonardo Wunta
Leonardo Wunta 11 days ago
@Obama mama slama I mean tbh I'd also sweat so hard also and also why do people other people call other players sweats do you sweat when you play
Obama mama slama
Obama mama slama 11 days ago
Money is on the line. I would have puddles of sweat around me
thomas the dank engine
Botbosses bank: goodbye life savings
HoodedLion 13 days ago
Nothing less impressive then a FFAR and AUG gameplay
Obama mama slama
Obama mama slama 11 days ago
Money is money kid
Gidah Aborshin
Gidah Aborshin 13 days ago
This should be illegal...
TaiKage 13 days ago
Really not that crazy though
The drummer
The drummer 13 days ago
I love these short videos
Chippy 13 days ago
I don’t respect you for using aug/ffar
GoDummii 13 days ago
I guessed his load out before the vid started 🤦🏽‍♂️
Obama mama slama
Obama mama slama 11 days ago
Billey Boy Gaming
Billey Boy Gaming 13 days ago
Random person: Hey what’s your kill counter at? This guy: ... yes
Gaming destiny
Gaming destiny 13 days ago
Ik this is fake but still
Jack Doff
Jack Doff 13 days ago
ofc the aug and ffar loadout, haven’t seen this one before
i_DuB 11 days ago
@Obama mama slama yeah, his FOLLOWERS money who are probably kids using their lunch money on this weird montage that does show shit. I'm gonna watch the full game but it's def walls and chest shots only on his hacks
Obama mama slama
Obama mama slama 11 days ago
Bruh money is on the line dumbass
Akai Akuma
Akai Akuma 13 days ago
Class info??? 😂
Fetch 13 days ago
I am convinced this guy has no idea he's in Warzone and thinks it's free for all
Dane Smith
Dane Smith 13 days ago
Yt_ King
Yt_ King 13 days ago
It’s rebirth bruh play the actual map
高橋研二 13 days ago
Aught this man knows not to challenge his aim, that was thoust demise
1Petal 13 days ago
Imagine He killed the whole lobby????!!!!
Mdbjays 13 days ago
It wasn’t a diamond lobby cuz Sbmm doesn’t track rebirth
Jay Cole
Jay Cole 13 days ago
“Diamond lobby btw” 😂🧢🧢🧢🧢
Moh Madness
Moh Madness 13 days ago
I would like to know the name of the app he used at the end to see what lobby he was in please
CRACKED GAMING 13 days ago
Why did you say chal for short and not just say the full fucking word challenge is that a challenge for you lol
Mihailo Stanojevic
Mihailo Stanojevic 13 days ago
Justvplay modern warfare and get 🥰rich😍
Exotic-Leyton YT
Exotic-Leyton YT 13 days ago
What loadout is that ??
Joshua Bedding
Joshua Bedding 13 days ago
Plot twist: he was arrested for being a hitman
Kryptic Cyborg
Kryptic Cyborg 13 days ago
Use guns that require skill
Eggybread 13 days ago
He literally was given 25 bucks for each kill of course you're gonna use the meta
The-9ID-Reaper 13 days ago
I'd be impressed if you wasn't using the ffar and aug
Evan Beining
Evan Beining 13 days ago
This guy is a hacker
casper andtaz
casper andtaz 13 days ago
I suppose your hacks did help though
Erica Guadarrama
Erica Guadarrama 13 days ago
Fucking cracked my guy
Eclipse 13 days ago
If i tell him to do this i would say “ No AUG no FFAR”
R4NGO 13 days ago
This game has no recoil wtf
Tommy BRO
Tommy BRO 13 days ago
How do people play Warzone with less recoil?
Bizlow 13 days ago
This makes me want to redownload war zone only to get blasted in the face as soon as I open a door in the middle of nowhere.Good times.
Culmination 13 days ago
I would make a new account for sbmm lmao
Al Capone373
Al Capone373 13 days ago
What's his load out cuz god damn
yo yo Nuttin mom
yo yo Nuttin mom 13 days ago
Dudes face only changed once lol
NerdyNinja 13 days ago
Why is everyone else so lucky ...
Delirium bruv
Delirium bruv 13 days ago
You dont deserve that use somthing other than the meta
John Lee
John Lee 13 days ago
This is the problem with playing popular games. You literally cant win because this mans whole job is to stay home and play video games everyday. Well we work 9 to 5s or go to school.
Nas 14 days ago
Why did the pistol turn fully auto tho and then the ffar has zero recoil. 🤔
Shrigga 14 days ago
This is why we can’t have fun
Scrimitive 14 days ago
Nigga its rebirth nowone cares its rank
JustIkonix 14 days ago
Ah yes "31 kills" when the kill counter at the bottom says 24, makes sense
Klerify 14 days ago
Kill count resets when you die. 100% accuracy is for the lobby’s KD stats. Nice try though 🤠👍
JustIkonix 14 days ago
Also 100 percent accuracy even though he missed a few shots, fake af
Hi im Remy
Hi im Remy 14 days ago
Imagine using the aug
2 14 days ago
He basically killed the whole lobby
Johnathan Romayor
Johnathan Romayor 14 days ago
How do you do that bro I'm tryna get me sum money
Keshav Cinu
Keshav Cinu 14 days ago
The kills are so satisfying
N3onCoryx 14 days ago
*uses op weapons* I’m sooooo good
ragnorock cookie
ragnorock cookie 14 days ago
They do say that Hired guns do better
Doug 14 days ago
Aug and ffar. Your mother would be so proud.
Obama mama slama
Obama mama slama 11 days ago
@Doug there was no joke tho. Just negativity. Dumbass
Doug 11 days ago
@Obama mama slama did you just explain my joke to yourself?
Obama mama slama
Obama mama slama 11 days ago
Bruh just a game lmao, mothers dont give a shit
CrazyNachos 42
CrazyNachos 42 14 days ago
Dude who actually payed out is a legend
FadedsTop10 14 days ago
ejenup 14 days ago
Caveman 14 days ago
This is Basically an ASMR
Thomas Verschoor
Thomas Verschoor 14 days ago
Ffar and aug...
NotSynder 14 days ago
Ok ngl some of this looks low key fake bc in one of them he kills 2 of someone’s teammates and the teammates just sitting there looking outside 😑
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