Corey Ward and Ryleigh Modig Leave Kelly with a Tough Decision to Make - The Voice Knockouts 2021 

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Corey Ward performs Kelly Clarkson's "Already Gone" against Ryleigh Modig singing Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody" during The Knockouts on The Voice.
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The four-time Emmy Award-winning musical competition series “The Voice” returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete in the show’s newest season. Pop music sensation Nick Jonas reclaims his red chair alongside superstar returning coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Blake Shelton for Season 20. Carson Daly returns as host. The show’s innovative format features four stages of competition: the Blind Auditions, the Battle Rounds, Knockouts, and the Live Performance Shows. During the Blind Auditions, the decisions from the musician coaches are based solely on voice and not looks. If a coach is impressed by the artist’s voice, he/she pushes a button to select the artist for his/her team. The singers with the lowest number of votes will be sent home each week. In the end, one will be named “The Voice” and will receive the grand prize of a recording contract. Stream Now on the NBC App!
Corey Ward and Ryleigh Modig Leave Kelly with a Tough Decision to Make - The Voice Knockouts 2021
The Voice


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Apr 19, 2021




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Akshat Aggarwal
Akshat Aggarwal 2 hours ago
The only love is 9:41 😂❤️
Brian Arsuaga
Brian Arsuaga 3 hours ago
Nick has absolutely no poker face does he
Brian Arsuaga
Brian Arsuaga 4 hours ago
I've been a Corey stan since the LAST season, but even so this was such an amazing performance that I thought the choice would be obvious. Then my heartbreak when she sang SO WELL, like, damn, Kelly, what were you thinking with this pair? She was thinking: they're in an early round. Everyone will have their saves. Neither of them is going home.
jayson robles
jayson robles 5 hours ago
Kim Claro
Kim Claro 6 hours ago
It wasn't just the song and lyrics. It was his eyes. There was so much in his eyes.
Jazz 7 hours ago
Nevermind john just won😂😂😂
Jazz 7 hours ago
Kelly won the show just nowwww
Adrole Lucero
Adrole Lucero 18 hours ago
the emotions in Corey's eyes say it all. beautiful version. keep it up.man.
Diego Cutipa
Diego Cutipa 21 hour ago
They both were enjoying the performances of the other person .... that makes them even better!
Lance Apatan
Lance Apatan 23 hours ago
2nd best to kelly 😍❤️❤️
ktl ipromiseyou
My favorite part is 3mins and 22 seconds in You got this Ryleigh
Brian Arsuaga
Brian Arsuaga 3 hours ago
In US-first comments you can actually type the time like 3:22 and it'll automatically link so people can click it and jump right to that time. It doesn't show anything special until you submit, but it'll turn into a link, like in this comment.
ktl ipromiseyou
Pulling for Ryleigh to go all the way and win this everytime she gets on stage she pours her heart and soul into the song she sings you can see the emotions behind every lyric she connects with the song on a deeper level and I can't wait for her to start making her own music she's going to be amazing
Phyllis Brooks
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Zhijie Lim
Zhijie Lim Day ago
We have not got a triple steal ever since SandyRedd's triple steal in season 15 in the battle rounds. Ryleigh absolutely deserved that
Zhijie Lim
Zhijie Lim Day ago
One of the best knockouts I have ever seen on The Voice. I would love to see the both of them in the finale.
Francis Nguyo
This is the most viewed knockout 😂, plus ryleigh got the most viewed battle again 😂
Prisha Sonkar
I cannot be the only one who thinks he looks like James Arthur
apple X
apple X Day ago
no matter what yall said, ryleigh is the best singer on the voice 2021
Josh Ujere
Josh Ujere Day ago
These two are sooooo good. Wished Ryleigh picked nick though
Selina Mello
Selina Mello Day ago
Corey Ward OH. MY. GOSH. incredible
Brenda Rose
Brenda Rose Day ago
Corey so far is the best
Zachary Collins
NOBODY................ Wins with a Kelly’s song 🎤♥️
By Millie B Photography
Love Kelly, but Corey sang the heck out of that song. heart breaking but so beautiful... the message and emotion are clearer. Wish he could re-release that song, in his version.
Kembali bersatu Channel
I agree with kelly, this song should be sang like this version.. i can feel his emotions 😢😢 and im totally broke right now...
Adam Phantom
Adam Phantom 2 days ago
What is life if Cam and Ryleigh dont make it to the final
Aditya Phukan
Aditya Phukan 2 days ago
Elaine Subramaniam
kelly's gonna win with one of them
JIN HYUNG 2 days ago
i wish this song doesn’t have ending. it just keep going and going so that i can listen to this all the time😭
brandy eaddy
brandy eaddy 2 days ago
Squall Leonheart
Squall Leonheart 2 days ago
ahahaha nick was pissed
Nicole Asche
Nicole Asche 2 days ago
Corey is amazing he blows me away he is my favorite.When he sung this it made me cry it was beautiful.
teresa palacio
teresa palacio 2 days ago
I keep on listening to this again and again..loveya
Nokuphila Ronnel Magagula
Corey,,man!that's phenomenal
Vinh Thai
Vinh Thai 3 days ago
Corey's song is not on iTunes?
Ahmad Lisan
Ahmad Lisan 3 days ago
Corey & Kelly Should make a duet version of this song
Asyla Snow
Asyla Snow 4 days ago
1:02 is so freaking perfect
Asyla Snow
Asyla Snow 4 days ago
Rey-Ar Yangson
Rey-Ar Yangson 4 days ago
I wish RyLeigh win this show
Joyce Torres
Joyce Torres 4 days ago
On repeat❤
TRACEWORLD2 4 days ago
This was not Ryleigh’s best performance but I still preferred it.
d t
d t 4 days ago
corey is overrated
cussewago 4 days ago
This is how you USE SOMEBODY. Ben Saunders - Use Somebody (The Blind Auditions | The voice of Holland 2010)
mister icad
mister icad 4 days ago
I am crying when Corey performed already gone, somehow he makes me feels the lyrics and the story
Matthew Putnam
Matthew Putnam 4 days ago
When he switches to his falsetto for the first time on the verse “I didn’t want us to burn out” has been replayed an unhealthy amount of times.
Cavin Kallely
Cavin Kallely 4 days ago
What problem does she have with Nick At blinds also she chosed Kelly N now when she got stolen still she hasn't chosen Nick But here is legendary moment in the history that getting 3 steal together wow that's crazy for real
Espino Singer
Espino Singer 4 days ago
Corey have so much talent. Great performance 😍
Robot P.
Robot P. 4 days ago
Ryleigh Modig I support you.
Lucas Arrua
Lucas Arrua 4 days ago
Corey singh with soul, that is the great reason he wins!
Norma Barbour
Norma Barbour 4 days ago
I love how Corey did it! Maybe cuz I like those words from a man That's it!--try a song instead of the usual BS at breakup
V Persaud
V Persaud 4 days ago
Not nick looking like he’s having a stroke 💀
dwisari ph
dwisari ph 4 days ago
One of the best knockouts! They are so so great 🥺
Neshjude Petalino
I'd watched this more than 50x already and this is the best performance for me💯
Aarya Sohal
Aarya Sohal 5 days ago
people DO know Corey just sang Sleeping At Last's version of the song right? I think it's even more popular than Kelly's version. He sang amazingly but it definitely wasn't original effort
Esar Pramudityo
Esar Pramudityo 5 days ago
I got the same feeling when in last season Carter Rubin sang You Say. Corey can win it all.
Sharon Puentes
Sharon Puentes 5 days ago
Corey doing Sleeping At Last cover not giving credit cries *
Mg Shizzle
Mg Shizzle 5 days ago
Ryleigh is a no go for me decent by super pitchy srry not srry lol
Ziia Zoozoo
Ziia Zoozoo 5 days ago
By now, I have listened to Corey singing this song the 100th time❤️❤️❤️❤️.
Neshjude Petalino
Ryleigh's voice was so amazing💯💕
Naomi Betti
Naomi Betti 5 days ago
I'm sorry. I cried when they hit their buttons for her
evaoslik 5 days ago
I love and admire and respect Kelly... That being said I have to say that I like Corey's version more.....it's unbelievable....
Cynthia Redalen
Cynthia Redalen 5 days ago
Its a hard pick between corey and cam
Cynthia Redalen
Cynthia Redalen 5 days ago
"Killed my song" lol
Victorea3 Victorea3
Shy, nice,,,Soung
Garam dan Pijar
Garam dan Pijar 6 days ago
I think Kelly make a wrong decission, Ryleigh has very very unique voice.
Kelvin Ryan Atienza
Bruh I don't know how many time I've already watched Corey's performance lmao
Lorenjay Laguidan
I back here again and again because of Cory.
Patryk Pan
Patryk Pan 6 days ago
Why are people acting as if Corey did something crazy? the arrangement is almost exactly the same as the version Sleeping At Last did 🤨 like yeah he sang it well, but to say that he made it his own... a stretch.
Andy Ward
Andy Ward 5 days ago
Probably because not many people have heard of Sleeping at Last nor their version. But I'm sure Corey has brought attention to them now.
Leisure grace Rallos
❤️❤️❤️❤️wow love it 😍
C smith
C smith 6 days ago
Cory is amazing 👏🔥 I'm so happy he did Kelly's song. He KILLED IT!! Can you sing a song by 'The Script' or 'The Frey' next?!
Yasmim Lima Pereira
konstantinus rino
She must pick nick jonas,
Lerrika 6 days ago
Ryleigh...Oh God, I can listen to this version forever. Very special...Corey was awesome as well. SHE might win this whole thing
winiey chebet
winiey chebet 6 days ago
Corey❤️❤️had to repeat🔥💥made my teary
Victorea3 Victorea3
Shy nice Soung
royganang 6 days ago
really sound like that is his song
Jess Hartmayer
Jess Hartmayer 6 days ago
She reminds so much of Allegra Miles! Love both of their voices!
Zimber ManVir
Zimber ManVir 6 days ago
My Finalist so far: Tean Kelly - Kenzie & Corey Team John - Rayleigh Team Nick - Kelly Team Blake - Pete
Ahmad Lisan
Ahmad Lisan 3 days ago
For me its Corey & Zoe from Team Kelly
Zimber ManVir
Zimber ManVir 6 days ago
The amount of times I've been listening to their performance is very unhealthy and I feel like we will see them both again up until the finale and I'm manifesting it.
thousandyard gavri278
Corey, Pia, Dana, Cam
Zimber ManVir
Zimber ManVir 6 days ago
My Finalist so far: Tean Kelly - Kenzie & Corey Team John - Rayleigh Team Nick - Kelly Team Blake - Pete
Lester Edrian Filipino
John DO NOT screw this up for Ryleigh, Im rooting for her.
Sony Irawan
Sony Irawan 6 days ago
Corey sounds amazing... 👍👍👍👍👍
thandani eric
thandani eric 7 days ago
Am I the only one who keeps coming back here now and then because of Corey😭😭
Sherri Greene
Kaelen Magruder
Kaelen Magruder 4 days ago
I keep coming back mostly bc of Ryleigh😂 I skip to 2:00 everytime
Dexx Draws
Dexx Draws 4 days ago
@guyluvsbeauty me too :)
guyluvsbeauty 4 days ago
I actually keep coming back to hear Ryleigh. She’s phenomenal!
Kierra Williamson
I’m back because of her😭
Martin Rima-Samuels
they ALL voted Corey cos THEY ALL wanted Ryleigh. I'd have done the same
silvita escobar
silvita escobar 7 days ago
Great Corey, I am watching this performance a thousand times!!!!
Dylan Hudspeth
Dylan Hudspeth 7 days ago
In my opinion gray's performance was the best for this song. Eaven better that original.
christine rabago
christine rabago 7 days ago
Been listening to Corey’s song like a thousand times❤️
Erin Hall
Erin Hall 7 days ago
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Jeremiah Bonner
Jeremiah Bonner 7 days ago
Ryleigh definitely should have chosen nick
J M 7 days ago
We need a studio version of Corey’s performance 😭😭
Jenny Heaton
Jenny Heaton 7 days ago
Corey.... just WOW!
iblaughn 7 days ago
As someone who’s sitting in grief, Corey’s version of Kelly’s song hit my heart a different way than the original meaning. Loved it especially tied with his emotion. Ryleigh’s version of King of Leon’s song was really pretty, as well. So glad they’re both going to the live shows! Good job, coach Kelly Clarkson!
Botho Kgosi Karabo
Damn! ❣
little cat
little cat 7 days ago
I felt bad for Nick though
Lalaine Polina
Lalaine Polina 8 days ago
What a great rendition of Ryleigh. Literally re-watching this over and over again because of her performance.
Dija Brown
Dija Brown 8 days ago
Corey is so so good🥰🥰🥰😍
Herald Jay Rom Vlogs
Ryleigh just gave me goosebumps.
Mazel KERRY 8 days ago
The best cover of already gone..... best performance
Rafid Shidqi
Rafid Shidqi 8 days ago
I’m here for the 10000000x times. They’re amazing. Plus Ryleigh is so cute 🥺
M B 8 days ago
having goosebumps with corey's voice..a winner's voice
Titov Dela Cruz
Titov Dela Cruz 8 days ago
I LOVE Ryleigh!! Your music penetrates within my soul. It is like your having conversation with my soul. I wish you the best in your career because definitely people and I wanna buy your record if they had the chance.
Arlette Kapinga
Arlette Kapinga 8 days ago
Please I need the single of Corey’s version of “Already Gone” to be available on iTunes now!!!! This song speaks about me my life now and that is the version that talks to my heart and represent well my feelings.
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Botella Tras Botella
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