Cool Tech Under $50 - April! 

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Today we've got a fire episode of some cool tech gadgets under $50! Want to save some money?
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🔥 360° Face Tracking Mount: amzn.to/2PoTdn8
🔥 Anamorphic Lens: amzn.to/3meletS
🔥 Bass Shaker: amzn.to/3rH06gF
🔥 RGB Ring Light: amzn.to/3fqjnAz
🔥 Gorgon Mount: amzn.to/2PGdswG
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• Sigma 18-35 Lens: amzn.to/29vcOZD
• Sigma 50mm: amzn.to/2YAKsVT
• Manfrotto Tripod & Head: amzn.to/29vcRVi
• Sennheiser MKH416 Mic: amzn.to/2iOo9bV

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Apr 3, 2021




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Comments 100   
randomfrankp 19 days ago
Yup, as I predicted the RGBW ring light sold out in minutes. Just a heads up: the link below is correct. If you don’t live in the US it’ll obviously bring you to a different product, because it’s an Amazon US link lol. Keep an eye on it, save it to your Karma dashboard and it’ll let you know when it’s back in stock 👌🏻
Yung G
Yung G 3 days ago
Yeah that thing is sick gonna check it out rn
Preske 3 days ago
the cheapest in europe i was able to find so far was 75 dollars. We're getting ripped of so hard, lol.
crdnz 15 days ago
You can find the ring light on aliexpress. Search “ Nordic RGB Lamp Circle Led Table Lamp”
Maxime Schuckmann
Maxime Schuckmann 16 days ago
@Mopantsu aukey aura had something similar
pacasso and tamato
pacasso and tamato 17 days ago
Top order 100?+ Give a way?
COMBATR 6 hours ago
Ok the face tracking thing is a real banger. Not just because its first but because me and my mate are trying to start a tech channel and needed something exactly like this but all the ones we found were too overpriced.
ChannelForbus 7 hours ago
definately the 360 tracking mount, great idea for tracking videos especially rants lol
Janek Trzebinski
Janek Trzebinski 12 hours ago
The light
Dread_X 15 hours ago
Dude, that mood light is sick! Def my favorite for April!
pepijn slangen
pepijn slangen 17 hours ago
9:00 this headphone hanger is perfect for me, I game with a controller so with this hanger I finnaly have a place to store them
Nathan D
Nathan D 21 hour ago
i Really Really like yours vids my man. Im in it not just for the contest, but for the content!
Kadon Patel
Kadon Patel Day ago
Im totally gonna put that bass thing on a vest and make a cheap vr haptic suit
Max Lazaro
Max Lazaro Day ago
Need that RGB ring light for my room :>
Perel Zingorenko
I like the phone mount and the RGB lamp
LEGO Brick Core
my favourite Item was the rgb ring light becausee its so cool!, I could use this on my streams
FishyBoi72 Day ago
The Corsair Virtuoso SE looks pretty smexy to me not gonna cap
Basia Kost
Basia Kost Day ago
That RGB light! It would be beautiful in my soon to be completed white setup.
fnhoj95 Day ago
That bass shaker looks so good for gaming experince!
Liam Andersen
Liam Andersen 2 days ago
I recently moved to colorado to paint a church and I've been trying to build a good budget setup i really like the controller and headset mount. it would go with my gaming setup very well.
Mark Jolliff
Mark Jolliff 2 days ago
#~1 Love your channel ...#2~Thanks for the hard work... #3~That Bass Shaker is just epic and for a low price... I'm definitely getting a few !!!
Alex Ortega
Alex Ortega 2 days ago
Best tech channel
Mark 2 days ago
Hey Frank watch your back, lift with the knees. (Back surgery survivor here)
Wyktor 2 days ago
Giveaway: The bass shaker would be a huuuge improvement to my potato headset!
Superficial Stitch
Yooo i need that mount tho. My desk kinda messy
baby j vadakkan
baby j vadakkan 2 days ago
I liked the RGB ring because I really need it but I don't have any money
Killamikess 2 days ago
The RGB Ring Light look crazy! it would be great for my streaming that I just started
Kornelius Velle-Alsvik
The mf doom mask at 7:31, respect.
Alex Yao
Alex Yao 2 days ago
Bass shaker, wow! That should be something if placed underneath my seat 😆
Jeroen Harmen
Jeroen Harmen 2 days ago
I really could use the gorgon, my headphone and controller are just laying around on my desk.
Fran Angelo Dela Paz
The Tracking Mount works well with PE Classes tho
Victor Le
Victor Le 2 days ago
That 360 tracker is going to make content creation so much easier for me to do solo 👌🏼
ツStarzy 2 days ago
my favoite is the vibration wow
Questions Of Mark
that lens so my pictures are better
x4Vengeance 3 days ago
My Favorite was the Gorgon Mount, been looking for somewhere to hang the headset/controller for a while now
RaiderAnt 3 days ago
Holy Crap Frank!!!...are you taking over as the new and improved Thor?!?!?!
Piercejch 3 days ago
My fav thing on this list is the headset/controller mount, I bought this exact one about 2 months ago and it’s soo useful for space management on my desk, I would definitely recommend this!
Jonathan Vigil
Jonathan Vigil 3 days ago
Like the 360 face tracking phone mount because lately iv been using a pile of books to stand my phone 😭
Jack Mush
Jack Mush 3 days ago
That desk lamp is needed that would look crazy in my setup
Mr. Art
Mr. Art 3 days ago
Thoght the thumbnail was an aio
AJ 3 days ago
that rgb ring light is insane! I'd love it from the giveaway lol
darknessblade 3 days ago
You definitely overpaid for that last one. at most a roll tape of 5cm and 3m long wide is 10$ {the amount you need is at most 5x10cm} so it would cost less than 3$ total and the Filament cost even at 100% infill is at most 2$
Hellix_ 224
Hellix_ 224 3 days ago
i really like that RGB Ring Light bc rgb is life
LΞGGLΞSS 3 days ago
desk lamp is soo cool, light effects kinda looks like siri for some reason lmao
Håkan Lehtojärvi
I sincerley like the RGBW Ring moodlight since it's so easy and smart. I really need it to perfect my stream sessions. Please let me win!
Brian Gentry
Brian Gentry 3 days ago
Really eye’n that RGBW ring light for my desk. Could definitely use something like that when I’m cleaning my camera lenses and prepping my camera gear for the day. Literally dark in my office. 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️😇
andyTHPS 3 days ago
skateboarding games?
Adrian 3 days ago
dude the camera tracker looks sickkkk, i film alot and i think that'll be super useful for cinematics and things when i need a really steady visual. great video btw, keep up the good work!
David Giraldo
David Giraldo 3 days ago
Really would love the ring light. It looks like you have a race party going on around your face lol
Joshua M
Joshua M 3 days ago
the rgb ring light is simple yet superb!
WAWIT 4 days ago
Please do a rakk talan review
swivei production
1:09 damn that's a view
NewXerno 4 days ago
Anyone know what game he was playing?
John Robert
John Robert 4 days ago
@randomfrankp I want the rgb ring light
London Nolen
London Nolen 4 days ago
the rgb ring light is my favorite because of course ITS RGB, RGB = FASTER PC lmao
Roy McClelland
Roy McClelland 4 days ago
If the light is still available, It was my favorite
broken 4 days ago
360° Face Tracking Mount, This is great for me to get videos of my grandchildren.
Boba Rivers
Boba Rivers 4 days ago
Yoooo that rgb rink light is fucking AWESOME! I'd love to have one!
Checo43 4 days ago
I'd love that face tracker, specially since I've been recording some dynamic videos
Lilith Gray
Lilith Gray 4 days ago
Ive been looking for a buttkicker for ages as I mostly play games while others are sleeping in the nearby rooms so I cant have a loud speaker setup!
Dan Kennedy
Dan Kennedy 5 days ago
Can someone comment the link to the ring light becuase when I use the link it directs me to industrial tube lights
Connor Powell
Connor Powell 5 days ago
Camera mount is designed for people to walk around and yell at people over Zoom
DarkPyro 5 days ago
That base tech is super intriguing 👀
Ironfireman21 5 days ago
I really like the tracking mount you wouldn't need a cameraman to do like cooking episodes and things like that.
This channel is dead.
0:56 frank is jacked!
Jihan Kim
Jihan Kim 5 days ago
i really like the 360 camera 0:45 i think it would be a cool product to have
N.Chinkhuslen 7-4
nukeum 5 days ago
Rgb ring light, that thing is awesome, keep up the cool tech under. Can you do a cool tech under $100.00?
Liam McPhee
Liam McPhee 5 days ago
Yooooo that Ring Light tho.. Could say goodbye to my old incandescent lamp
When The Sun Sets
Oh this 360 mount is amazing. Maybe we shoot a live video with it 👀
Jeremy Juhlke
Jeremy Juhlke 5 days ago
That headset mount looks sweet
Salman Albinkhalil
I need the headset mount , dont have enough space on my desk for the headset and ps4 controller
Ward1 6 days ago
Gorgon mount looks soooooooooooo handy.
Dominic Biondo
Dominic Biondo 6 days ago
That bass shaker would be sick for my Sim racing setup!
David Berger
David Berger 6 days ago
That light is awesome
Tyler Lampel
Tyler Lampel 6 days ago
That light ring tho😍
Tal Porter
Tal Porter 6 days ago
Gotta love that light, but who doesn't?!
Dimitri Davids
Dimitri Davids 6 days ago
Gotta get my hands on that light!
Eduardo Cortez
Eduardo Cortez 6 days ago
That light looks pretty sick
Perach 6 days ago
My fav item is the rgb ring
RyzolTV 6 days ago
you, you're my favorite item
boomtox the boombox
That 360 camera is sick
Vince R
Vince R 6 days ago
I like the 360 face tracking phone mount, I think it would be useful for video calls and content creators. I probably use it for those group video chats while I'm cooking dinner.
Nimgamez 6 days ago
Controller/Headphone hanger I don't has headphone hanger plus I play a lot of fps games with a controller and I have 2 controllers so 1 out of the way is pog yes
S Robinson
S Robinson 7 days ago
Only rfp would drop $160 headphones and a controller 😒
Easton Kapelus
Easton Kapelus 7 days ago
This was a great episode
Mustafa Ahmed
Mustafa Ahmed 7 days ago
does anyone know what game was he playing??
It's Deadpool
It's Deadpool 7 days ago
I love that ring lamp ❤️
Septher 7 days ago
Why am I not being notified even if I ringed your bell
Dakota Edwards
Dakota Edwards 7 days ago
5:33 what game are you playing plss tell me
Eddie Navarro
Eddie Navarro 7 days ago
The tracking mount wasn't tracking his body movement, it was checking out how swole you are now
Life Of Jovial
Life Of Jovial 7 days ago
I like and maybe need the first one
DeadPuma 7 days ago
Your curl form was pretty dog man gotta keep it real with ya
Mcsqueeze 7 days ago
Dangit. Still sold out. I don't normally beg but,,,, hook me up buddy!!!!
cat cat
cat cat 7 days ago
bro that base thing looks cool as, imagine when Godzilla starts charging up with that puppy under the desk
John Lapham
John Lapham 7 days ago
That ring light would be awesome! I hate they sold out so fast...lol.
Tim Drake
Tim Drake 8 days ago
That RGB ring is pretty cool
Moki Kovacs
Moki Kovacs 8 days ago
I want the controller and headset holder that would be useful and clean in my set up
rohanveer singh
rohanveer singh 8 days ago
hi i like the rgb ring lite it can make my room look better
Ben's Fortnite
Ben's Fortnite 8 days ago
Can you do these for canada because I live in canada and I would like if I could see some cool tech under $50
joseph bustos
joseph bustos 8 days ago
Light ring is sweet and need one for my desk that's my pick
graviteygirl 8 days ago
The round light looks great, gonna have to look it up.
Kai Wang
Kai Wang 8 days ago
RGB Ringlight was my favorite
Kris watson
Kris watson 8 days ago
Man the ring light is by far the best in this video , starting to upgrade my desk with lights and this will just fit in perfectly with the look I’m going for. Thank you bro
G R 8 days ago
you are good at bf5