Heath Got Robbed By His Bank - UNFILTERED #74 

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Examine your zipper and hop right in! It's as casual as it gets this week with just the 4 of us and some good old fashion conversation. What's in the box? We're not sure. But Heath's hoping it's the thousands of dollars he got stolen from him. It's a fun facts and games type of week! While we're brushing up on trivia, Zane is brushing up with tire residue. YIKES. Enjoy!
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Apr 6, 2021




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Vannie Lim
Vannie Lim 2 minutes ago
I can see totally why Devon match with the podcast energy
H a l c y o n
H a l c y o n Hour ago
The moment's where it cuts from mariah to heath where they just look at each other and ethier laugh at something no one else did or just being in love man i need a boyfriend. If yall know a guy thats down to earth hippy mf id love to know lmao
Emily McCabe
Emily McCabe 4 hours ago
As a doula and future midwife, listening to them talk about babies, pregnancy and surrogacy is so funny. I love them so much.
Nlovve 5 hours ago
I feel like zane gets bad anxiety when there’s a guest.
Letters & Numbers
Letters & Numbers 10 hours ago
To cut down on "loofah waste", just boil yours in a big pot of hot water with 2 drops of dish soap for 5-7 minutes uncovered (water must be at a rolling boil). This will kill all germs & bacteria, keeping your loofah fresh & clean! Do this every three months, and then swap out for a new loofah once a year.
Noor Melhem
Noor Melhem 13 hours ago
Where are Matt’s shoes from???
Psychonaut00 14 hours ago
How are they just ganna keep posting like if nothing happened
Laila Habboub
Laila Habboub 14 hours ago
MARSHMELLOWS Hi, as a muslim İ would like to explain the whole marshmellow gelatin deal. There are Halal marshmellows, gummy worms,etc. Theyre usually made with vegetable gelatin which is also vegan friendly. Hope this helps. Much love🥰
Kaylee Despard
Kaylee Despard 19 hours ago
the best thing to do if you're worried you're being scammed tell them you are going to hang up and call back. ALWAYS call the number for your bank directly off the back of your card or trusted website and if it's the same person/info you're good! Best (and really the only) way to know is if you are the person calling not getting a call!!! :)
Victoria Baker
Victoria Baker 20 hours ago
I love the new Kenny
Ash 22 hours ago
Jane Tatum
Jane Tatum 23 hours ago
Zane have your tooth there checked...infection? Pinched nerve in neck, jaw, face?
Zelazny Designs
High heels were made for butchers so they didn’t step in blood when cutting meat
chi21city Day ago
She said bless you 💙💙💙
Makayla Simmons
i'm literally eating eggs how dare you
Noel Sanchez
Noel Sanchez Day ago
So y’all not posting today
aalyyy c
aalyyy c Day ago
fun fact in california sellers only have to disclose a death or murder if it happened within the last 3 years so anything past that they don’t have to tell you! 😅😬 if you wanna find out if anything happened years prior you can go to your local police station and ask if anything happened on the property!
lulEdaP Day ago
Who’s waiting for the new 1 to drop 😂
Jo Liz
Jo Liz Day ago
Them just fully not comprehending the game💀😂
Carys Howell
Carys Howell Day ago
Why didn’t anyone say scrambled eggs on toast🥲
Kristenn Day ago
My aunt was renting a house with her boyfriend and he ended up shooting himself in the house. He was still alive when the ambulance came but did not make it to the hospital. The owner of the house decided to sell the house once my aunts lease was up and I don’t think her boyfriends death had to be mentioned.
LaUriE Day ago
Zane is looking like a snack 😍😍
Slumpziez TV
Slumpziez TV Day ago
We need another paranormal episode with mat
Fernando Bueno
Heath doesn’t know anything bout banking 😂💀
Becca Gagnon13
I worked in a hospital, only for a short period of time, but the amount of times I had to ask the nurses what the doctor was trying to write and sometimes they could not even figure it out. I would end up having to wait for the doctor to get back or be available on the phone to clarify. The reason is because they just jot down info so fast, and in the medical world, there are so many acronyms for certain things that it is so stressful, but its HORRIBLE.
Nevada Lunar
Nevada Lunar Day ago
Matt is giving me Pete Davidson vibes from this episode
Flying Orb33
Flying Orb33 2 days ago
Not in Canada ... 2 people have died in my house ... one man hung himself a few years ago and my friend had a heart attach upstairs in apart,ENT 4 above my head! BOTH DEATHS SAME APARTMENT!!! Our new landlords never knew!!!!
Flying Orb33
Flying Orb33 2 days ago
Oh and last summer the wood plank and noose was found in our carport as it was left to the couple in apartment #3 to "deal with it " as our previous landlord was a slumlord living in BC and I'm in ON in Canada. Anyone know how to clear the bad juju in this place?
hendrik schuurman
Remember kids, you have to call the bank, the bank never calls you!
Cammy Hammitt
Cammy Hammitt 2 days ago
Harambe was at my zoo.. 😞
sebastian barba
sebastian barba 2 days ago
Xyz ??? She said it twice and both of those time wasn’t funny
jdwg serrano
jdwg serrano Day ago
eXamine Your Zipper
Lametacó Paco
Lametacó Paco 2 days ago
In one of ur 2019 podcasts YALL said you hated gender reveal parties 😂😂
Megan Selvadurai
Megan Selvadurai 2 days ago
haha the Emperor's New Groove reference 😂
Leslie Cuellar
Leslie Cuellar 2 days ago
My phone number is one number off of my mothers and they sent me a message pretending to be her bank saying her account is blocked due to suspicious activity and before I even opened or texted back I asked my mom if she got anything and she said no she checked her messages, email and bank account and everything was fine
Gillian Ina
Gillian Ina 2 days ago
usually if they send a verification code, they'll only ask you to accept or verify it on your end, and never to read it out to them
NYCNess 2 days ago
The bank never goes after those people. I worked for the same bank. They eat the loss.
Stacie Burdick
Stacie Burdick 2 days ago
NEXT GUEST, please have Garrett Watts and Andrew Siwicki!!!!!!!!!!
Authentic Explorers
Oh.....I’ve used my boyfriend’s toothbrush 🪥 ooops
sophie rolla
sophie rolla 2 days ago
Im here waiting for a 2 part to the unsolved murders episode
Andrew Tong
Andrew Tong 2 days ago
Get a Silver Infused Loofah! Antibacterial and you'll have to replace it wayy less often!
Anna Yako
Anna Yako 2 days ago
When it's with a phone company then you need to give them the code because they can't see it but I don't think it's with credit cards
khaoula tube
khaoula tube 2 days ago
48:54 did you mean russian dolls? Lol
Lauren Katz
Lauren Katz 2 days ago
find the cornflake 2021
Veronica Padilla
Veronica Padilla 2 days ago
omg! The Google Street view, that happened to family too! My Grandfather passed in 2016 and shortly after that my grandmothers dog passed. We were searching the area for moving or something like that and searched our house and my grandfather and my grandmothers dog are in the yard sitting on the front lawn bench. I started ballin my eyes out!
połeć 2 days ago
kids literally hallucinate and that's why they see “ghosts”
I'm glad heath Is for adoption
Fafi Shal
Fafi Shal 3 days ago
36:35 yes Muslims are aware of that, that is why we made halal marshmellos that is made of cow gelatin only
Sarai Flores
Sarai Flores 3 days ago
They have to play charades again
Emily Blott
Emily Blott 3 days ago
The horrible bibliography likely sneeze because karen constitutively exercise behind a brash number. motionless, selective rock
Maria Ardon
Maria Ardon 3 days ago
Zaneeee 🖤🖤🖤
Mckenna Cannon
Mckenna Cannon 3 days ago
most waiters in pnw write the orders at the table and go back and input them into a computer and send it to the kitchen : )
Hunter Harkins
Hunter Harkins 3 days ago
The ac is like a inch an half up there
Nyah Edwards
Nyah Edwards 3 days ago
Richard OC
Richard OC 3 days ago
Remember the prank Heath did on Matt with the pool rack 😂😭😂
Morgan Bredmose
Morgan Bredmose 3 days ago
Hey Lufas are not very good for the earthxthere are better options that are also cleaner
Adria Marin
Adria Marin 3 days ago
Mariah doesn’t get the height thing bc she’s short I’m tall so height matters to me yk?
Madeline Reyes
Madeline Reyes 3 days ago
PLEASE get Elton Castee on the podcast!!!
C.A.C.T 3 days ago
When is the merch restocking!!!!!
Nicole Austin
Nicole Austin 3 days ago
Are comments being filtered or deleted?
Emilee Hernandez
Emilee Hernandez 3 days ago
Heath the same thing with your card at Chase literally happened to me last week and the exact same thing happened to me!! It was so crazy cause it was the first time it ever happened to me and it was like 8pm and I was PANICKED!
LJ Olivarez
LJ Olivarez 3 days ago
Don’t use sage unless it is gifted from a Native American, or are a Native American! Otherwise it only makes things worse! Blessing a house or cleansing with other incense works perfectly fine as well!
Sunset Flicks
Sunset Flicks 3 days ago
Get the jersey boys! Iconic boyz for miss queen mariah 😈 or jersey shore cast
cunt 3 days ago
for some reason i knew heath was lying bc of the way he was touching his face if that makes sense
Caitlyn Schulze
Caitlyn Schulze 3 days ago
Sydney Austin
Sydney Austin 3 days ago
do you sleep on the side that is burning? my fiance had that problem and he was allergic to the detergent i was using
daniah zidan
daniah zidan 3 days ago
i know i’m not on anything bc the title got changed right
Summer and Snow
Summer and Snow 3 days ago
We love you guys watching you from Dubai ❤️
Sumedha Lal
Sumedha Lal 3 days ago
We want Liza Koshy nexttttt 📣📣📣📣
Jennifer De Freitas
Whats up with the Rat Skeleton 🖐🏼💀😂
Morgan Harrison
Morgan Harrison 4 days ago
Men originally wore heels for horse riding!
Kenzie Nicole
Kenzie Nicole 4 days ago
Y’all I finally got to try my Kramoda coffee and bitchhhhhhhhhh this shit slaps hard! I got the cinnamon one and the vanilla one👌🏼😘🤌🏼 so good
Valentina 4 days ago
My doctor actually types the prescription, prints it and just signs it!!! so helpful!
Umutoni Ange Fiona
Devon looks like Nolan....Carly's boyfriend! Please tell I'm not the only one seeing this😀😀
Valentina 4 days ago
My grandma who passed away a year ago is in her patio at her house just taking care of her plants
KSI xGALAXxY 4 days ago
Matt be making this extra funny!
Nat Marie
Nat Marie 4 days ago
the wholesome group
Heart Of Acid
Heart Of Acid 4 days ago
Zane looks good, is he losing weight?
Andrew Ward
Andrew Ward 4 days ago
Petition to have Stassi on again.
Trevor Taylor
Trevor Taylor 4 days ago
I feel Matt
Nick Boynton
Nick Boynton 4 days ago
We found out they still won't talk about it
Bryson Taylor
Bryson Taylor 4 days ago
Say something stop sitting around acting clueless wtf is this
Bryson Taylor
Bryson Taylor 4 days ago
This shit is evil.
Mel Prinsep
Mel Prinsep 4 days ago
Me eating marshmallows while watching this 👁💧👄💧👁
dayva 4 days ago
I think you gotta ask if someone died or something in the house. When my parents bought their first house they saw that the backyard had a pool but it was covered up and filled with dirt and grass growing over it. When they asked, the realtor said that a kid had drowned in the pool and died so they covered it up. We ended up getting the house and the door to my room would always slam shut on it’s own.
SuckaDickBoo Xoxo
My cousin is a doctor and his hand wiring is HORRENDOUS I can never read it when he send post cards! Also when I read my prescriptions I can barely read when it says when I hand it over to the pharmacist
Tyler Escobar
Tyler Escobar 4 days ago
I remember in a video heath was on the phone cus someone tried to commit fraudulent transactions 😭 at the denny house
JOSE MORA 4 days ago
Sometimes it’s your pillow case zipper it scratches my face sometimes when I sleep.
Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor 4 days ago
What happened to that really annoying, overly gay acting guy with the curly hair, who was filling in for Matt when he was out.
Nigel Macklin
Nigel Macklin 4 days ago
how many times y’all gone change the title 🤣🤣🤣
tasha bandack
tasha bandack 4 days ago
hayley cornell
hayley cornell 4 days ago
one time my grandma called amazon because she was having a problem with setting up prime video on her smart tv, and the scammers somehow intercepted the call and she was on the phone with them for about three hours until they got her to download cash app and some other app that lets other people take control of your screen. Then they got my grandpa to download cash app and said that they were gonna transfer money from my grandma's account to you my grandpas to ''see if their payment method was working''. What they ended up doing was they had one person taking money out of my grandpa's account, one taking money out of my grandma's, and another that had control over her phone and was looking through her phone to find more cards to take money from. They ended up taking 32,000 and there's an investigation opened up to see if they can get the money back.
Zaira Sierra
Zaira Sierra 4 days ago
Hey Heath, same thing happened to my boyfriend.. but they actually took the money. And he still hasn’t gotten it back 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Sarah Munoz
Sarah Munoz 4 days ago
Just wanted to comment on the heels originally being made for men; they actually used them for war in their straddles to help support them and give more leverage
Yahaira Martinez
Yahaira Martinez 4 days ago
Always hang up and call the number in the back of your bank card
Alicia Jones
Alicia Jones 4 days ago
My heart dropped when he said atlanta Georgia like you have no business being in my state the most boring state yet someone still stole your info???
isabella magistro
My dads cousin and her husband went through my aunt and uncles medicine cabinet and stole my uncles pills that he had for when he almost went paralyzed n wasnt allowed to move his neck for a long ass time because of spine surgery. They took his pills and when someone caught them, they tried to say the teen guests took em n they took em away from the teens when it was really my dads cousins who were taking them to get fucked up. It was horrible
jp123 4 days ago
zane you might have trigeminal neuralgia on the right side of your face. get it checked by a neurologist
Alicia Jones
Alicia Jones 4 days ago
Mariah said it’s like when people buy licenses plates to change it to have some stupid, *me who just spent $90 to get a customized license plate* yeah it’s so stupid.....😳
Oriana Lops
Oriana Lops 4 days ago
I do that toooooo Matt
Jordon Shadey Cookies
In the UK there is a game show that has been on over a decade and its funny. It has comedians, 2 teams of 3 against each other. Your game You played is exactly 1 part of it. It is called "Would I Lie To You"
Mechagodzilla Roar