Complete Rebuild Of An AMC 304 Including Adding Port Fuel Injection - Engine Power S8, E5 

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NEW 2021 Episode! We take the original anemic 304 powerplant from an AMC Javelin, and turn it into a high-tech muscle car bullet with some bite! Including adding new cylinder heads and a new port fuel injection system. #engine #horsepower
AMC 258 Episode: Will There Be A Big Power Difference On A Mildly Modded AMC 258 Straight 6?
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Feb 21, 2021




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Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez 8 hours ago
Thanks for the update on the Pistons Rings Position
Aj Reny
Aj Reny Day ago
Spent all that money on heads, but didnt get the quench in an acceptable. 040-.044 inches. The pistons are .037 in the hole plus the felpro 8211 gasket for the 304 is .046 compressed so your quench is .083....welcome to inefficiency and detonating
Spudnick J Quesanar
the new guy is still wet behind the ears
Bad Donkey
Bad Donkey 2 days ago
Really should have added an oil line in the gally and drilled out the feed ports, this engines original bottom end was worn bad because AMCs oil system feeds the lifters first, by the time oil gets to the mains it's barely 20 psi, just normal operation wears those bottom ends out like that
Have Drone Will Travel
1,000,000 subscribers is a great goal. I mean, you already have a subscriber for every pen in Pat's pocket. You're almost there.
Fard Ali
Fard Ali 3 days ago
Thank you Thank you Thank you for building an AMC 304!!!
Gary Sheridan
Gary Sheridan 3 days ago
I am currently rebuilding my '74 AMC Jav. With a 304, this is a great vid. for me. Question - I have the opportunity to build a 360 for it...would I help or hurt the value to change the engine from the factory 304?
dan tinkes
dan tinkes 4 days ago
Why in the hell would you build an 8 to 1 motor? With aluminum heads? New low compression pistons when you could have easily gone 10 to 1? What a waste of effort. Not an amc fan but still why handicap the combo with no compression? Next up on engine power a 6 to 1 briggs and straton 5 horse making 4.5 horsepowers!! c'mon man
Kaleb VVV
Kaleb VVV 6 days ago
Can they build a 2v already lol
JERRY JOHNSON 7 days ago
Hey, where's Mike??
Brian Shanahan
Brian Shanahan 7 days ago
I'm new to the channel and wondering what, if any, break in period these engines go through. Also, won't these engines make more power once the rings and other things are broke in / mated? Thanks for any reply!!!
Ronnie Bray
Ronnie Bray 8 days ago
I like this channel but Hagerty is much better
RSB333 8 days ago
Looks like quaker state was used.....black, waxy sludge, heavy wear will be found on rockers, lifters....Main bearings may look like new with that oil, but top ring groove may be worn out. Parrafin based crude stock, not dewaxed...Amali was paraffin based crude stock too, but better motor oil.
Les 8 days ago
This video convinced me to save and rebuild my AMC 360 in my JEEP Wagoneer! We'll save that LS for another project.
AxeMastersINC 8 days ago
16:45 Powder coat next time and the block.
AxeMastersINC 8 days ago
2:52 That is paraffine from Quaker State or Valvoline the racers edge. Back in the day, they were heavy on the paraffine.
vidkid01 8 days ago
You guys should do a chev 305 or 307 just to see. Cool stuff👍.
Kevin Mobley
Kevin Mobley 8 days ago
Made 358 hp with one of these.stock stroke mild porting and a hyd roller cam set up.did some other upgrades ran great on a superflow dyno.
ATAV 8 days ago
This build proves beyond the shadow of any doubt, these guys really know the science behind engines. To make an AMC run "good" is a miracle in & of itself.
BEARD BUILDS 8 days ago
Yo! What happened to Mike ?! It’s been a while since I watched any power nation seen as how they just stopped with the red sled videos
Art Ayers
Art Ayers 9 days ago
Did we lose Mike Galley???
XA351GT 9 days ago
Funny he said it had as much as a 304 can. Well Traco had the Penske Javelin Trans-Am 304 running 400+ HP with a carb. 50 years ago.
Craig Daliessio
Craig Daliessio 9 days ago
I had a 1971 AMX with this engine. With some tweaking they could make decent numbers
evisin77 9 days ago
I'm fairly certain but don't quote me but The funny thing about AMC engines is there all mid blocks so the 304 360 390 and 401 are all the same block just different bore, stroke and heads
Hanky Bannist8r
Hanky Bannist8r 9 days ago
Pat Topolinski has forgotten more things than I know about engines. What a legend.
Ram_Diesel_Power 9 days ago
I’ve got the 304 in my 73 cj5. It’s only got 63k mikes on it. With a dui distributor and a 500 cfm carb it rips. It’s a good motor.
Anthony Grgas
Anthony Grgas 9 days ago
Nice peppy small displacement v8 reminds me of my 307. Flat top piston , gm 305 601 heads. ported. 1.94 intake valve. Almost 11:1 comp. 485/485 106lsa summit cam. Peppy little guy.
Nathan Orear
Nathan Orear 9 days ago
Its wounded
Eugene Enslow
Eugene Enslow 9 days ago
SO stoked you kept the 304!
Travis 692
Travis 692 9 days ago
Awesome just had the engine machine work done on our 390 for our ‘68 AMX going with the same heads can’t wait to see the performance on both our car and this one!!!
Chris Vaughan
Chris Vaughan 9 days ago
Anyone else notice he plugged in 314 for a 304 on the touch screen?
Wesley Cook
Wesley Cook 9 days ago
also the AMC V8 engine has a problem getting oil to the 2 rear crankshaft main bearings i didnt see any mods like the ones mike galley and john brouchard did on a 343 AMC engine 6 years ago i know pat is the man but where is galley anyone know
Karl Smith
Karl Smith 10 days ago
337 horsepower and 333 foot pounds of torque??? That's a vast Improvement over the 130 horsepower that this engine started out with
Jay Simons
Jay Simons 10 days ago
Now Turbocharge it for another 300hp
justin fischer
justin fischer 10 days ago
What happened to Mike galley
Arthur Cunningham
Arthur Cunningham 10 days ago
One year out of high school bought a 1974 Gremlin X with the 304. Tried to order the 401 but the dealer wouldn't let me. One thing I have to say though had the Jeep rear axle with positraction, also came with the Chrysler torqueflite transmission both of them bulletproof. All I did was put on a set of headers and Cherry Bomb mufflers, remember them? and wider tires, I went through more rear tires and you can imagine, lot of fun. All I will say is the brand new 74 Corvettes could not beat me in a race. Sadly put it into a telephone pole, drag racing of course. A lot of fun while I had it though.
TURBO TEMPEST 10 days ago
boost would be interesting.......small turbo?
Space Ghost
Space Ghost 10 days ago
Damn looks like you need 15 HP just to turn that giant AC compressor! lol
Brad H
Brad H 10 days ago
That's a healthy 304!
Brad Huff
Brad Huff 10 days ago
Bone stock 5.3 beats that and you can get one for less than what the valvetrain cost for that turd
jacob hawkins
jacob hawkins 11 days ago
Finally, I have of these in my garage in a cj5
Ken Henderson
Ken Henderson 11 days ago
needs boost
StudioZGames 11 days ago
Hello from Ukraine
Jeffrey Bamford
Jeffrey Bamford 11 days ago
Wow a stock build ...
Big6 Red3
Big6 Red3 11 days ago
That low compression sounds perfect for idk twin turbos
Flaming Hedgehog
Flaming Hedgehog 11 days ago
Australia and America have made some of most gutless factory V8's in history.
hugieflhr03 11 days ago
Sludge is the product of water in the oil from short rides and never letting it get to operating temperature. I’ve seen Ford 351M with 3 inches of sludge in the valley.
Michael Free
Michael Free 8 days ago
Old oil (I mean classic products, not literally old) with high wax content would do it.
Slade Mangrum
Slade Mangrum 12 days ago
What did y'all expect? AMC engines were tough as nails and made with a high nickel content. Glad you guys stuck with Rompin Rambler power!
Jeep Man
Jeep Man 12 days ago
Why the 304? Use a 360 or 401 and then you don't have the issue with the Edelbrock heads. 8.5 to 1 compression? If you are going to do that just use the factory heads. Also, I know Edelbrock sends you intake gaskets with the Pro-Flo 4 but it is the wrong gasket. You have to use the metal valley pan gasket otherwise you will be sucking up a lot of oil though the PCV valve. After listening to some of their comments I get the feeling these guys weren't really into this build, after all it's not the usual Chevy.
mark vanleeuwen
mark vanleeuwen 12 days ago
Green rat control bar.
yvanthe terrible
yvanthe terrible 12 days ago
nice job guys nice little engine right there
G Goett
G Goett 12 days ago
Seeing the breath ie.. how cold it is in the dyno room.. I really want to see a cold air intake vs engine bay heat shoot out. Driving around in 30 degree weather, with a huge engine bay F250.. my FITech showed me 80 degree air.. what would 100 degree intake air compare to that to the frosty dyno room air.
Mark Ostruszka
Mark Ostruszka 12 days ago
What Happened to the Torque Plate
guyforlogos 12 days ago
So you “spend” $4k on heads and fuel injection, another $1.5k+ on roller cam and valve train but won’t spend $1k on custom pistons to bring the compression up past a terrible 8.4:1? You called this vid “hidden potential” yet you leave 30-40hp on the table because of low compression and bad quench area. WTF? Who plans these builds?
Greg Wayne
Greg Wayne 12 days ago
I always find it funny when people imagine that rings stay in the same place they are clocked in after they are installed and the engine fires it's first rotation.
Bill Cat
Bill Cat 12 days ago
yep, that crosshatch rotates them
charcoalhobo 12 days ago
I'm working on a AMC 304 right now, great timing!
Jon Brockman
Jon Brockman 12 days ago
That sludge in the valley is from using penzoil.
Dreux Lescell
Dreux Lescell 12 days ago
Ensure the viewers that the cam needs to be broken in at around 2000 RPM for about 20 minutes. I love watching a show with all brand new parts, because you have many sponsors. Anytime you install new cam bushings with a new cam and new lifters, if this isn’t done, it’s a waste of healthy cash. It’s a valuable thing to know for many reasons. Thanks!
Mike McKeen
Mike McKeen 12 days ago
Cam bearing installation tool. Or as my father in law called it, a baseball bat.
Marjorie Kaminski
Marjorie Kaminski 12 days ago
Where’s Mike?
Aeroman66 12 days ago
Just love AMCs, unfortunately they are almost unheard of in my country That's an impressive amount of power from such a low compression build. Can't wait to see the Javelin finished
Brian Seeley
Brian Seeley 12 days ago
Another way to do it is bore the 304 out .125 (factory max overbore size). This brings the bore to 3.875 which is the same as stock Jeep 4.0L pistons. With the 4.0 piston's smaller dish and zero deck height, you get a hair under 325 cubic inches and right around 10:1 compression.
Tom P
Tom P 13 days ago
You guys kill me working on those grimy engines. Why not power wash them and stay clean(er).
James Knight
James Knight 13 days ago
I want to set a challenge for you guys to see how much power you can make out of a destrock / microstroke in line 6 using nitrous or using different forms of forced induction such as supercharger turbocharger or even combining supercharger and turbo
Paul Rymarquis
Paul Rymarquis 13 days ago
That brought back a lot of memories my first car was a Gremlin X with a 304 that I rebuilt thanks for the vid
worthprime 13 days ago
engine gods
piffiiiiiiit 13 days ago
2:20 are they teeth??
Ph3n1x 13 days ago
Nicest looking engine I've seen built from you guys so far, love the colors
Matt D
Matt D 13 days ago
Love it. Love it. Love it. Fantastic job on that engine!!
a2cryss 13 days ago
Did they use head gaskets from a 401? I would think the stock 304 head gasket would fail because of the clearencing they did.
Dustin Seiger
Dustin Seiger 13 days ago
Good luck on getting 1M.
SabreMetalPanzer 13 days ago
Isn't this the same Javelin that was supposedly having a 427LSX built up for it last year? Or did that LSX go into something else?
Cesar Magdaleno
Cesar Magdaleno 13 days ago
Thank you for rebuilding the AMC instead of putting a LS. I’m really enjoying this build.
soundtrollsq 13 days ago
So Pat why didn't you dyno that junk and tell us what "power train loss" was?
Chuck's Truck
Chuck's Truck 13 days ago
Pat said they were gonna run it on the engine dyno stock to see how much drive resin loss there was......
jw '46
jw '46 13 days ago
Good video!
xr8rick 13 days ago
Why did you decide to go with such low compression?
Eli Hensley
Eli Hensley 13 days ago
My first car was a 70 amc rebel sst with a 304. Absolutely love the 304. I still have the car
Robert Weitlauf
Robert Weitlauf 13 days ago
i see no one has taught Pat (the quote professional engine builder unquote) how to use a torque wrench.
Robert Weitlauf
Robert Weitlauf 13 days ago
@Steven Hoitz no he jerks on the torque wrench like he's starting a lawn mower. just pull on it nice and smooth without hesitation.
Steven Hoitz
Steven Hoitz 13 days ago
Did they miss something?
OpposingForces 13 days ago
to think that some amc gremlins had one of these motors in them. woo hoo, that'd be fun. scary though.
D Shepard
D Shepard 13 days ago
You want to take a shot at my 401? =D
Jason Gadd
Jason Gadd 13 days ago
I wish I had the money to pay these guys to rebuild my 2000 Durango 5.9 magnum motor
William Gregory
William Gregory 13 days ago
My mistake,i thought you said you were building stock.
William Gregory
William Gregory 13 days ago
How about put the ring in with the proper clearance the first time,even if you have to buy a new set!
William Gregory
William Gregory 13 days ago
It would be nice to see a 304 build with hi-po parts from its big brothers,343/360,390/401 with aftermarket parts so as you could compare with 302 Ford,302 Chevrolet
Alan Lapp
Alan Lapp 13 days ago
Interesting! I have a AMC 327, (factory fitment in a '67 Jeep J-3000 pickup) and boy, it's hard to get parts for. I haven't looked **real** hard, but I haven't been able to find cams or intakes for it.
Alan Lapp
Alan Lapp 10 days ago
@david glenn Yep, that's about what I've heard. And waterpumps are a real problem too.
david glenn
david glenn 10 days ago
For that motor, a stock cam needs to be reground, and other than a stock 4 barrel intake, the only aftermarket manifold I ever saw advertised for it, back in the day, was a 4 two barrel log manifold, made by a company called Man-A-Fre. Never saw one in real life! Had 2 Rambler Ambassadors with 327s, a '64 with a 2 barrel (250hp), and a '66, with a 4 barrel (270hp), both strong runners, but the nylon toothed timing gears, get brittle over time, and fail. (Pontiac V8s have this same issue) Replace with all metal timing set, to cure. To find parts, join the American Motors Owners association (AMO) or the AMC Rambler Club (AMCRC), Their newsletter classifieds have many parts sources, and Hemming's Motor News also have ads for companies who specialize in parts for unusual engines. Good luck! 👍
John Clark
John Clark 13 days ago
Guys , thank you ,thank you, thank gou. Just started a 77 CJ 5 Golden Eagle frame off resto with, you guessed it, a 304. Lots of great info.
Jeremy Spencer
Jeremy Spencer 13 days ago
quaker state oil from the 70's i bet
Eric McGinnis
Eric McGinnis 13 days ago
Woodring what the cost comparison verse the big three?
david glenn
david glenn 10 days ago
About the same as big block Ford or Mopar.
Phitown Hustler
Phitown Hustler 14 days ago
Could they find anyone more annoying than the host?
Jeff Overman
Jeff Overman 14 days ago
Since you didn’t paint it AMC Blue-Poly Metallic I hope that Red was the California-Red paint AMC used for California AMC engine’s. Why didn’t you paint it the original AMC color? Hp and torque are very impressive!!!
American ProPatriot
If you’re already putting pistons in, why not up the compression. I mean that is really low compression.
jonathan millington
That compression sounds turbo or supercharger ready
Jeff Speer
Jeff Speer 14 days ago
I am so happy you did not put that stupid LS in there I was so pissed when I saw that you were going to do that whoever made the call to rebuild the 304 saved your show for me
Lost Camo 65
Lost Camo 65 14 days ago
Why would you do orange should of did amc light blue
M C 14 days ago
No oiling passages updates and what's up with the red engine (AMC was a green biue color) ??
Dave Cooper
Dave Cooper 14 days ago
yes - you HIT the NAIL perfectly on the HEAD = they put BIG VALVE ALUMINUM Heads on a small Bore ENGINE They did NOT Need Aluminum Heads to acquire the Compression Ratio they ended up with They SHROUDED the crap out of their Head FLOW by notching the Block - when they could have simply adjusted the Valve SIZE to fit their FINISH Bore in OEM Heads & they certainly did NOT need Port Fuel Injection when a factory cast iron or After-Market 4-bbl INTAKE MANIFOLD could have supplied MORE than enough FUEL I'm pretty sure the BUILDERS here get SPONSORSHIP $$$$$ to use the AFTER-MARKET Parts they choose to use but - I am gratified to SEE any AMC get the INK & COVERAGE = so THANK YOU = POWERNATION :-)
Dave Cooper
Dave Cooper 14 days ago
Howdy PowerNation, several questions: 1) if you are BUYING Pistons - why Why WHY specify 8.3:1 Compression Ratio ? when 9.5:1 or even 10:1 CR would respond so WELL ??? 2) CAM - you did spec a bit MORE duration on your Exhaust - why not a smidgen MORE lift on the EXHAUST Lobe too ? AMC's like a bit more LIFT & Duration on the Exhaust side 3) I guess you could have made up for the "EVEN" Lift on the INT & EHX by specifying a half set of 1.7:1 Roller Rocker arms for the Exhaust Valves (but you didn't) 4) Aluminum Heads could have used any Any ANY Sized VALVES - why go so BIG that you had to "NOTCH" your 3.810" Block & SHROUD the bejesus out of the Head Flow ??? 5) I did NOT see the push-in THIMBLE / SPACER / BUTTON get placed in the 1/4" hole in the OIL PICK-UP Tube Base (that keeps the spacing between the OIL PAN & Pick-Up Tube 6) CORRECTION = ONE (1) of your Head Bolts does indeed enter the Water Jacket = FYI 7) Even with the AIR-GAP Intake Manifold - you probably should have installed a Valley Pan GASKET to control PVC Oil Control Thanks for WORKING on an AMC V-8 Engine = it is NICE to see AMERICAN MOTORS getting some "ink" COOP ...........................................
TheMonkdad 14 days ago
Did the manufacturers outright lie re. Their performance numbers?
TheMonkdad 14 days ago
These rebuilds always look like jewelry. Seem too pretty to use.