Commercials That Still Haunt My Dreams 

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May 8, 2020




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Eddy Burback
Eddy Burback 9 months ago
if you want that hoodie that I'm wearing at the end go to www.shopburback.com/
Wow your 23 I thought you were 16
party face
party face 5 days ago
Wow you are 23 I thought you were like 25!!!
Drew looks like that American dad's son not gonna lir
Jerico Wells
Jerico Wells Month ago
Sry I thot u were 45 lol
Southern Fried Ginger
How dare you diss jg wentworth
Red Rose
Red Rose 7 minutes ago
Pleas sub to my Chantal red rose I’m Trina to get that US-first monny
The Triggered Gamer
How dare you remind me of my childhood
Maximillian Brinker
The chef boyardee one left me shook... it was like being transported back to my childhood lol
Dio 11 hours ago
Shamwow guy is the inspiration for scout tf2
Paul Powell
Paul Powell 13 hours ago
"How did you guys get so funny?" Well according to comments made by 12 year old kids on almost every video I beg to differ we aren't funny at all
fatcowAnimation 14 hours ago
orbital.candy_yt 14 hours ago
The shamwow guy is the knock off of linus Sebastian
Jake Jones Havran
Jake Jones Havran 16 hours ago
When the Wendy’s ad started I genuinely looked for the skip button but there wasn’t one
Sierra 17 hours ago
I fckn love the jg wentworth opera ad. I still sing it. Often
Dawson Cannon
Dawson Cannon 18 hours ago
*little child gets relentlessly beat for shoplifting*
pigeonlegs 19 hours ago
"Billy Mays, if you're too young to know" ...please don't make me feel old at 20
Alex Lokanin
Alex Lokanin 20 hours ago
remember that tofu ad with the panda?
Ryansky Day ago
hello, i'm trying to grow my youtube channel. so if ur reading this, plz consider checking out my page, it will really help alot. thnx.
Sec Day ago
Wow! You're 23?! I thought you were 35!!
potato master
#18:00 oof you dont know
Just some manatee with internet access
I want to kill myself after seeing the Wendy’s ad
me casually watching this February 2021: HeY i'M eArLy
Jasper Hilliker
Coming back to say: shamwows fucking suck, we had one and it was like a piece of felt
Ghost Day ago
i bought a sham wow it was pretty good better than a normal sponge/towel but not as good as in the video
Black Sheep
Black Sheep Day ago
Wow you're 23, I thought you were 84
Wow you are 23 I thought you were 35 !
Jackson Slie
Jackson Slie Day ago
I have root BEER, does that count
Josiah Orm
Josiah Orm Day ago
i fuckin love a shamwow
Imani D
Imani D Day ago
the tnmt banned pickle commercial is by far one of my favorite commercials
Alf Day ago
Wow you’re 23 I thought you were 35
LOLLY POP 2 days ago
"NOTHING WILL GO WRONG THIS YEAR" him 3 months later: ;(
Trash Pandaa
Trash Pandaa 2 days ago
Post irony absurdist memes 😎😎 I just realised that I went through the entirety of meme history when I started to use the internet for memes and youtube etc. Etc. Like from top text bottom text, rage comics to mlg to ugandan knuckles etc. Now rage comics are semi ironically back and random objects with a random caption will get thousands of updoots
Cole Brewer
Cole Brewer 2 days ago
Call (317-299-9911) call Mr.Plumber night or day.
Comrade Weeble
Comrade Weeble 2 days ago
the credit report ads were the shit, i always remember singing along with them and i just sang along with the fucking video
Just Another Gamer
God I remember the Chef Boyardee commercial. Shit brings me back.
Liam Barzensky
Liam Barzensky 2 days ago
My parents bought a sham wow and it’s FUCKING awesome
Calvin Wilkins
Calvin Wilkins 2 days ago
I genuinely thought Eddy was 35...
Yeoubi 2 days ago
WOW you're 23?? I thought you were 35!
cat with an orange hat
wait till he sees the grub hub ad
Flamberturnip 2 days ago
its 8 in the morning, i cant drink that early
steel eel
steel eel 2 days ago
Sorry but I think your face looks like a fake disguise
Mars Potatoes
Mars Potatoes 2 days ago
we used shamwows at swimming and diving on the teams and damn they worked great to soak up water but a slightly wet one was formidable like a whip when we'd duel.
I thought the thumbnail was a bar of chocolate
Someboi 657
Someboi 657 2 days ago
He looks like you bought Crash Rowsell off of Wish
Alex Coal
Alex Coal 2 days ago
I'd have happily watched a much longer video to see your drunk commentary. It was fun
Alex Coal
Alex Coal 2 days ago
I'm pretty sure we had a shamwow and it sucked
Alex Coal
Alex Coal 2 days ago
I looked up the EZ Crunch Bowl and it's great.
Alex Coal
Alex Coal 2 days ago
I would absolutely sub to Billy's onlyfans
benadryl smoke
benadryl smoke 2 days ago
That chef boyardee ad, seeing it in this video lowkey brought me to tears
Kabourophobia 2 days ago
2:25 this meme was already dead by the time this video came out lol
Thetalentless Cult
Shamwow actually works I verify it
Captin Phaze_Toast
I regret watching this I don't no why I still did but hey I can't sleep so let's a +
SHR_3d 3 days ago
what about the grubhub ad?
A_Roll_N_Bread 3 days ago
i cant believe he didnt mention GO COMPAAAAAAAARE
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 3 days ago
Mr. Ed here looks like the most young 40 year old.
Christoff Bandele
Mighty Putty and the Chef Boyardee commercials are memories I did not know I had that was hidden deep in the recesses of my mind
dood ?
dood ? 3 days ago
bruh sick
Thepinksheep018 3 days ago
18:00 this didnt age well
Someboi 657
Someboi 657 2 days ago
That’s the joke
Colbee 3 days ago
I think the biggest problem with the shamwow commercials is that there’s no background music
Lucien Simmons
Lucien Simmons 3 days ago
CJP 3 days ago
God I just hate it when my public transport becomes an impromptu old style opera about jg wentworth
Johnny Gilmore
Johnny Gilmore 3 days ago
"Little baby's Ice Cream Commercial"
Branch the Bat
Branch the Bat 3 days ago
Newer old spice commercials are terrible. They're all just about how wives/girlfriends are using their soap and how they're not allowed to because they're MeN'S pROducTS!!! like seriously in 2020 you're making commercials about gendered soap??
Someboi 657
Someboi 657 2 days ago
The Straights are not okay
Human Being you see sometimes
18:00 boy was he wrong
Reaper Gaming
Reaper Gaming 4 days ago
ray cons are trash, dont buy
KarTheDeamon 4 days ago
You know that germans always do a good stuff. LOOOOL The bankrupt factories in their neighboring countries, throu politics (made easier by corrupting the EU). Buy them the factories and their know how for a dime. Rehire the workers for less money, than they made originally (if they are lucky and skilled, they earn 1/3 of the wage, that german person with the same skill would earn). Rehire technologs, and resign contracts with companies, that delivered the resources needed for production. Basically the only thing they excell in is putting the sticker made by the german hands on final product. And i have seen this model since 90's in over thirty companies myself. Either i worked here, or my family members (i myself already have 17 jobs under my belt and i am 33 this march - i am working since 13 yrs old) Can you imagine how frustrating it is to watch your mother, when she realizes that the thing she assembled herself from scratch and was payed 1.80 crowns, sells for 25 000 crowns at the store. And it takes like 20 minutes to assemble that damn think. I do.
Emily Deichert
Emily Deichert 4 days ago
omg i got 2 back to back 30 second unskippable ads then it finished the wendys meme ad and i thought i was gonna get a wendys ad and i almost cried LOL
Emily Deichert
Emily Deichert 4 days ago
now its february 2021.. everything changed...
HachiKitsune Ch. はちきつね
I don't know who this funny man in my recommended videos is but I like him
Ghostandemon Hunter
Wow you're 23? I tought you were 15
Tony Zaferiou
Tony Zaferiou 4 days ago
I thought you where 40
Zoie Martinez
Zoie Martinez 4 days ago
My writing teacher once showed the class that shamwow commercial to make us do convinceing poems.I didn't think that helped us at all. I'm never getting that shamwow thing.
Someboi 657
Someboi 657 2 days ago
Billy Mays would be a better choice
john chad john
john chad john 4 days ago
Buddy. You’re hot okay, it’s gonna be difficult for me to pay attention to the words coming out of your mouth lmao
1REN1 4 days ago
This is _WEIRD_
Can'O Whoopass
Can'O Whoopass 4 days ago
Education Connection Commercials
Duck Fridge
Duck Fridge 4 days ago
You know Ithink the reason you you look old to others, is because you look like a stereotypical perv.
Lychee Turtle
Lychee Turtle 4 days ago
companies handling memes you say? *looks at Grubhub*
Omg you're right, that wendy's commercial is just atrocious. A pity Dave Thomas died, the commercials he was in himself were quite good and nice to watch.
When you showed that Old Spice commercial at 3:00, I only just realized after all these years that the teamfourstar DBZA scene where Vegeta first encounters the Ginyu force and says look at me now look at the dragonballs, now back to me, etc., was a reference to that.
ʀɪᴠᴇʀ 5 days ago
Big Ackman
Big Ackman 5 days ago
Dang Eddy is 23, I thought he was at least 74
Mr Crab
Mr Crab 5 days ago
Clovertoe 3352
Clovertoe 3352 5 days ago
15:08 I thought he meant they actually had the song in a real opera somehow
Clovertoe 3352
Clovertoe 3352 5 days ago
I thought that was a giant talking shit on the thumbnail
Colleen Wileman
Colleen Wileman 5 days ago
Lalala i can't hear you
gamingraven 11
gamingraven 11 5 days ago
I was here to hear someone talk about Flex-Tape but I was dissapointed.
Phryxil 5 days ago
I know the number for Empire Carpet. I didn't want to know it, I don't need to remember it, but it will be with me till I fucking die.
Xamazing 5 days ago
mic be lookin' like a playstation move controller
Blitzgrieg909 5 days ago
Have you been ricked rolled by a frito lay commercial.
Barb McCafferty
Barb McCafferty 5 days ago
Eliana Johnson
Eliana Johnson 5 days ago
I feel like I know 11 Eddy Burback's from my liberal arts college
party face
party face 5 days ago
Wow you are 23 I thought you were like 25!!!
Vegan meatballs
Vegan meatballs 5 days ago
Wow 23? I thought you where -837482838384893
Arin Marchand
Arin Marchand 6 days ago
Needz duh Bleach
Needz duh Bleach 6 days ago
Grub hub add that’s all I have to say
Human Yes
Human Yes 6 days ago
I thought u where 39 but kewl
cat mc'cat the cat
0:15 Achievement unlocked: isn't it iron pick
Manoj Hakki
Manoj Hakki 6 days ago
The sham wow is the worst
Emmett Bates
Emmett Bates 6 days ago
For infomercials, Someone forgot Phil Swift.
Macca 6 days ago
He looks like a low budget Harry Potter
Norbert The Bearded Dragon
18:00 How ignorant we all were...
Chloe Cain
Chloe Cain 6 days ago
Vince from slap chop! *remembers he was arrested for beating up a prostitute
ben dover
ben dover 6 days ago
before i end everthing-eddy voice over WTF-me
James Bond
James Bond 6 days ago
7:06 is this Phil swift before he did flex seel its like the same ad