COLOR PHASE BIRD?! - Kentucky Public Land! 

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We shot a color phase bird on Kentucky Public Land!
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May 2, 2021




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Comments 100   
Curtis J. Pace Jr.
Congrats on an awesome color phased tom.
Garrett Hamrick
Garrett Hamrick 2 days ago
I’m 12 and I killed my fourth turkey the other day in North Carolina
Ridge Raised Outdoors
You guys are awesome. Thanks for doing what you guys do! Can't wait to see the research ya'll get
Heath Eckert
Heath Eckert 3 days ago
What owl call is Aaron using? Not the barred owl, the other one.
adrewery87 4 days ago
Great video and happy to donate. Only trouble is I'm having issues with it throwing a 404 error, but I will keep checking back on it.
Robert Forrest
Robert Forrest 5 days ago
The only one I've shot in another state was kentucky. We moved there for a while. It was a around mammoth cave area it was huge and color phased. Double 14 3/4 in. Beard and almost 2 inch spurs. The biggest and best to date. I'll probably never beat him.
Andy Yost
Andy Yost 6 days ago
Awesome episode fellas!
Papa Romes Outdoors
well done man, great work not moving too fast in on that bird, one kick ass time guys, awesome footage and shot. love the double team tactic pulling your other caller back works like a charm every time.
Kevin Stephens
Kevin Stephens 6 days ago
That Colter Wall rendition though!
Aaron Tankersley
Aaron Tankersley 6 days ago
Do you feel it would be beneficial to have local agencies create a reporting spot online (or in the DNR app) to assist in tracking the gobbling. It would just add to the data collection without investing a whole lot of time on the agencies end by installing the sound meters. Just like reporting a harvest you could go in and report the day, time and location of birds you heard while out in the field. Just a thought. Thank you guys for the content and support of conservation across the board.
Paul Fischer
Paul Fischer 6 days ago
I think you guys have the best video content on the channel , real raw emotion and non commercialized videos make you the best. I am happy to donate to this project, doing something is always better than doing nothing! Turkeys are declining all over the country. The biggest problem I see out of the research video was the 1.4 poults per hen being produced. At that rate turkeys will be extinct if we can't figure out why this number is so low. More money for research should be spent in this area instead of gobbling data in my opinion. Is the problem predation on hens and their nests with fur prices so low? or is it the loss of nesting cover like what has happened to pheasant populations with the loss of CRP in many states. Is it West Nile Virus? or could it be due to some changes in farming practices? Could you please ask Dr Chamberlain about this in your next video with him. I applaud you for putting this research donation together, if we all work together we may all be able to hunt this magnificent bird for many years to come.
Trapper B
Trapper B 7 days ago
Is that the mossberg SA 20ga turkey gun? Fixing to buy one for next yr.
luke yagos
luke yagos 7 days ago
I live in Arkansas and it super hard hear
Old Goat
Old Goat 7 days ago
Here is some research for you from Pennsylvania. I bought my license on line so I get emails from the PA Game Commission. I just got an email saying spring turkey was about to start and their turkey biologists said there were loads of turkeys to hunt. The same week the Pa Game Commission released to the news outlets that there would be no fall rifle hunting this year and reduced hunting days because of low turkey populations. This kind of "Research" is why I don't donate to research projects. Sorry.
Turkeys here in SE Louisiana are few and far between. People hunt them like crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy turkey hunting but everyone within one parish knows exactly where all the birds are. It’s nothing for people to stop near my driveway and watch and call to birds in a neighbors field. It’s crazy here. Season is only 20 days in my area.
Turkeys here in SE Louisiana are few and far between. People hunt them like crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy turkey hunting but everyone within one parish knows exactly where all the birds are. It’s nothing for people to stop near my driveway and watch and call to birds in a neighbors field. It’s crazy here. Season is only 20 days in my area.
Captain Coleslaw Outdoors
I love the research project idea... it may be some work on ya’ll’s end, but would you guys be willing to release some sort of “fundraiser march” where a % of your customers’ costs go toward this fundraiser? I’ll throw dollars at you instantaneously especially if there is unique THP garb involved... plus it’ll help you guys!
William Crowder
William Crowder 8 days ago
This is probably why y’all have so many problems with your guns laying them down in the dirt so much , prop them up on a tree and keep the dirt out of them
Ben Thomas
Ben Thomas 8 days ago
I live vicariously through you guys
Sam Bricker
Sam Bricker 8 days ago
Man who’s breathing at the end filming The music lol
Gary Miller
Gary Miller 8 days ago
Need to do research in Arkansas all the turkeys have disappeared here
Adam Willoughby
Adam Willoughby 8 days ago
You guys are so awesome! I’m so thankful and great-full for what you’re doing for Turkey research. Keep it up. You will reap rewards for your this I’m certain.
Taco Rios
Taco Rios 8 days ago
Great teamwork Gents! Good to see Ted connect on one! #TeamNikeTed
R Mills
R Mills 8 days ago
Really disappointed you reduced yourselves to using a decoy. Shame on you, yall have been doing so well. Why stoop to that level now.
KJS Properties LLC
Shot a color phase bird myself in Indiana this year. Beautiful creatures...
Mark Marshall
Mark Marshall 8 days ago
No gun misfire that time. Great job and video. 👍
Zach White
Zach White 8 days ago
Donated... glad you putting a fundraiser together for turkeys! No reason why people shouldn’t help out and donate! Nice work fellas!
Jacoby Russell
Jacoby Russell 8 days ago
I’m new to turkey hunting but I think a breeding program will help a lot breed and hatch them turn the young out when they are old enough to fend for themselves
Uncle Moe
Uncle Moe 8 days ago
Hoping you reach your goal. We all need to do our share. Great vedio as usual!
Andrew Blythe
Andrew Blythe 8 days ago
Man, how much of my donation goes to Ted's Colter Wall cover album?
Dennis Gann
Dennis Gann 8 days ago
Great hunting. Ted
J Nieveen
J Nieveen 8 days ago
How you guys dealing with the ticks this year? Seems they are horrible this year.
Blueline Outdoors
Great job boys. Nothing is more distracting than watching a video that isnt color matched between camera angles.... something I wouldnt expect from editors at your tenure...
Keifer McIntyre
Keifer McIntyre 8 days ago
Big Jim Slade
Big Jim Slade 8 days ago
Much higher success rate when you get a bang instead of a click. Tedinator strikes again!
Bill&Ashlyn Lander
Yes!! Awesome hunt and congrats Ted!!!
This video had 52k views. We get a fraction of that to kick in $25 each and we can blow the research goal away. Spread the love.
Taylor Hall
Taylor Hall 8 days ago
I wish southeastern ohio had more turkey
Justin Hogan / KY Hardwood Hunters
Rooster2628 9 days ago
No hesitation in donating. I believe in you guys and in the work being done, plus, I was born in Alabama!
Woken Woodsman
Woken Woodsman 9 days ago
The face paint blended near perfect, never hunted a controlled burn y’all adapted great, awesome hunt.
Mark Alleman
Mark Alleman 9 days ago
I like y’all’s music. Colter Wall, and I believe I heard Tyler Childers on the radio in the truck a couple seasons ago, is great!
Peyton Woods
Peyton Woods 9 days ago
I think Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge would be an excellent study site for Chamberlain and his students. It is a somewhat sterile environment as the only hunting pressure is quota based. I have participated in the spring turkey quota hunt for the past 4 years and in just those 4 years the turkey population seems to have diminished greatly. That’s not just my perspective. Harvest numbers are down, and hunter experiences indicated fewer turkeys. I’m not sure if it is habitat related or some other factor, but harvest is lower as well as hunter participation, and that is not good for funding management activities.
Preston Bilotta
Preston Bilotta 9 days ago
We need to hear more of Ted’s singing and music in the videos👍
Jason DeLancey
Jason DeLancey 9 days ago
You want a real challenge come to Arkansas. 😕
The Hunting Public
Been there. Twice
Rob Cahill
Rob Cahill 9 days ago
I love Alabama my first out of state hunt was there on public land in 1 week I got my friend his first buck and I was able to shoot a pig and my biggest buck a nice 9 point. Great state lots of game to hunt
Kevin G
Kevin G 9 days ago
How is gobbling data gonna change anything ? ,,,Need more info
snapcrack55 9 days ago
Would have like some BETTER pictures/ video of the birds color! All dark images. ..!
Alex Holdsworth
Alex Holdsworth 9 days ago
Trky Hntr
Trky Hntr 9 days ago
Awesome for y'all to step up and raise funds for the research!! I will put in on it! Please make it shareable on all of your social media outlets so it can be shared. Anyone else wondering where is the nwtf in all of this???
Michael FryeII
Michael FryeII 9 days ago
Another thing you can do is have some of your merchandise sale money go for that and have some of you sponsors like your turkey calls that you guys go through for every order take some money. To donate to turkey research. Just to give some ideas to help .you guys are true steward of the land .God bless and congrats Aaron on your marriage
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 9 days ago
Got my first public land bird today! It was in Maine which is out of state for me... I still can’t believe it all worked. I spent a ton of time on the homework and it paid off. I probably called him in from 400 yards and just mouth called him in 50 yards at a time. Wouldn’t have worked out had I not seen the many situations you guys get into. I was listening to the Dave Owens episode on the way up and he got me fired up to hunt my butt off today. Good luck up there boys - don’t forget the tick spray holy crap!
Jeffrey Conway
Jeffrey Conway 9 days ago
Love the way that video ended with a classic man circle. Just a buncha hunters hangin around tellin stories.
David Fleer
David Fleer 9 days ago
My donation is done anything to help👍 I remember back in the mid 80’s all the birds we had in Missouri it was amazing, today I hunted a farm I heard 1 tom and seen 3 coyotes and 2 raccoons hum I have an idea what the problem is and I walked 2.5 miles. Cool bird Ted and patience is always good 👍✌🏻🇺🇸
Ethan Hartman
Ethan Hartman 9 days ago
Can you guys do more videos where you got the turkey, and then cook it up??
Aiden Perdue
Aiden Perdue 9 days ago
I got a tethrd add of you guys while watching this 😂
gary thomas
gary thomas 9 days ago
Congratulations Ted, that was one gorgeous bird.
J Chris
J Chris 9 days ago
Nice work Jim Ryser
J Chris
J Chris 9 days ago
Mossberg SA-20?
The Hunting Public
John K
John K 9 days ago
Donated. Yall need a progress bar to see how much was donated.
Markus Watson
Markus Watson 9 days ago
Good job Ted!
The Tim
The Tim 9 days ago
You were standing in a state that has had a massive population decline when you shot this video. It has been in steady decline for 10 years now.
Team Wing Bone
Team Wing Bone 9 days ago
Louisiana is doing some of the same research...it is a good thing to learn more about turkey reproduction using the newest technology glad to see you all doing your part to help out!!! Awesome!!
Big Bucks NC
Big Bucks NC 9 days ago
take a trip to nc
brandon corley
brandon corley 9 days ago
FREAKIN AWESOME!!! Gotta have Jake filmin to be able to get it DONE!!!
Timothy Knutsen
Timothy Knutsen 9 days ago
Great Idea THP for helping fund turkey research and gobbler activity. 35k should be attainable. Good luck to you and your students Doc. Just curious about predation, predator numbers and predator diversity.
Kenneth Hosmer
Kenneth Hosmer 9 days ago
Mossberg works good
Wyatt Shellenberger
Can you do a video on how to pur and put like that it sounds awesome
Andrew Holmes
Andrew Holmes 9 days ago
That headcam looks stunning, great filming and shots you simply cannot beat. And ted, that really makes the whole video great with that song. Love the sound, keep up the work fellas
Matt Ott
Matt Ott 9 days ago
Make sure you guys add a pop-up in your merch store when shoppers are completing their orders, asking if they want to donate.
Lucas Reinsch
Lucas Reinsch 9 days ago
You guys worked for that one! Great bird Ted!
Can’t get enough Outdoors
Super cool idea!
Ethan Hartman
Ethan Hartman 9 days ago
Your Tethrd commercial was AWESOME! 😂😂🤣🤣👍👍
jason Meadows
jason Meadows 9 days ago
What was the reason for the gun misfiring?
Mike Jessup
Mike Jessup 8 days ago
I'm gonna guess that saddle mount. Heard that they can cause issues. Works for my 870 but had to trim material off because forestock on my Shurshot stock wouldn't come full stroke without hitting the saddle mount. Little file work and touch of paint...works and looks great.
Brady B.
Brady B. 9 days ago
You guys are awesome man. I don’t even know what to say.
Eddie Palmer
Eddie Palmer 9 days ago
What 20ga shells are y'all using
The Hunting Public
Longbeard xr
Alan Renner
Alan Renner 9 days ago
If you want to have more turkey eggs you have to start trapping fox, skunk,possum, coyote, coons, too many predators. no fur price anymore.
Pat Kennedy
Pat Kennedy 9 days ago
Bill Madd
Bill Madd 9 days ago
Hopefully the burn was hot enough to kill back that hardwood understory!
Bill Madd
Bill Madd 9 days ago
I’m not a fan of blanket generic donations to the colleges I’ve attended. But specific projects like this, I can really get behind!
Scott Harrington
Scott Harrington 9 days ago
Way to smash'm Ted!! Redemption feels good! Good work guys, nice calling.
Richard Woodworth
Surprised they didn't talk a bit more about the new gun from Mossberg, worked good today
Reid Brock
Reid Brock 9 days ago
I will be sure to donate as much as I can! I'll try to donate as much as up to 200+ cuz here in arkansas its tuff lol
Rodney Harouff
Rodney Harouff 9 days ago
Ryan Windham
Ryan Windham 9 days ago
Glad to see Teddy redeem himself. Congrats ol buddy!
tucker neal
tucker neal 9 days ago
In Missouri
tucker neal
tucker neal 9 days ago
I got one killed yesterday
Rob Greer
Rob Greer 9 days ago
Good to see Ted having action after the bad luck of the previous videos. He was some excited to see that tom fall and was great to see.
Joseph Gauck
Joseph Gauck 9 days ago
Someone needs to get Ted a record deal ASAP "13 Silver Dollars" would be an instant hit
Jake Schmidt
Jake Schmidt 9 days ago
The means don't seem to justify the ends dosent it seem an unfair advantage will be given here to the hunter by "tracking gobbling activty"? and another drawback, having all the extra people and pressure on birds by everyone hunting the "peak gobbling activity."...i mean Turkeys gobble in the spring... when I can hunt them...if they don't gobble, they don't gobble, fair game, you can still hunt them..Hunting is 99% failure, If your not having fun just being out your missing the point We all know turkeys are most vulnerable when being vocal, meaning they die more. I called in more coyote during my week hunt period this year than I did turkey..... If hunters have unfair advantages(peak gobbling activity) information over hunting turkeys, doesn't that contradict protecting the populations? The turkey was extictint from my state, due to the number one problem, HUMAN PREDATION untill reintroduced in the 1970s. Thru Hunting regulations we now have a sustainable huntable population. Estimated 85,000 not as many as Georgia's 400,000. But ive got a bird every year since i started turkey hunting 2 years ago, 2 turkeys, i wonder how many a coyote takes out every year. I shot my first Turkey on the land they reintroduced those birds to, on the second to last day of the season and almost didn't go...on public land that gets hit hard every spring..I'm proud of that bird, taught me to never quit. Why should i donate money to "research" when it's already established what the problems are?.. loss of habitat and predation including human.( liberal bag limits) What we as conservationist should and can be doing right now is.. 1.predator management,(check local regulations) coyote,raccon, possom, feral cats,etc 2.restoring and procuring land with optimal habitat. Thats what we really should be donating are hard earned money to...
John J
John J 9 days ago
Hey do you guys still sell them milkweed bags?
John J
John J 9 days ago
@The Hunting Public I have all the milkweed I need. I just wanted another bag.
The Hunting Public
@John J oh okay we must be out of stock. Our friend Kurt is growing more of it this summer though so we should have a bunch more by fall! Sorry about that
John J
John J 9 days ago
I couldn't find it on your site
The Hunting Public
yep 👍
Zac Sells
Zac Sells 9 days ago
Drop the link and I'll donate. I've consumed so many hours of free content from you guys over the years its the least we could do as a community.
Shaun Smith
Shaun Smith 3 days ago
@The Hunting Public the url does not work... Can't donate
The Hunting Public
The Truth
The Truth 9 days ago
@ The Hunting Public what type of sites are you looking for? public or private? I can put you in contact with lots of people who can help with this in south Alabama
zachyvengence6 9 days ago
Hey the gun fired this time lol
Jared Heinz
Jared Heinz 9 days ago
It would be interesting to see the gobbling data on a solid population area like MO or WI vs The SE states to give a good idea on the difference in population one vs the other.
Chase Guerrette
Chase Guerrette 9 days ago
Mossberg > Remington
brancher 147
brancher 147 9 days ago
Good to see THP supporting research and science within our state agencies
Chase Guerrette
Chase Guerrette 9 days ago
Let’s go Ted!!!
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams 9 days ago
11 years since I got my first bird, got it done this morning off the roost. Thanks guys for all the tips guys🤘🏻
Nathan Hicks
Nathan Hicks 9 days ago
I love Teds rendition of 13 silver dollars at the end. Colter would be proud. Awesome hunt way to stay persistent.