Collected Miscellany - "Rosaria: Purger of the Shadows" | Genshin Impact 

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The City of Freedom is old in years but young at heart, innocent in spirit despite a history mired in complexity.
While the pure sleep in safety, a sinner spills blood in the night, taking the act of redemption into her own hands.
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Apr 6, 2021




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Denis de Paula Alves
Denis de Paula Alves 28 minutes ago
Saiu o Tower of fantasy, está ótimo, ou genshin melhora ou o jogo morreu.
Kay 31 minute ago
Love that I got her and childe in the same 10 pull, now i can save for Zhongli
Binoy Mathew
Binoy Mathew Hour ago
So she's like Catwoman... 😏 I like this one.
Jason Crites
Jason Crites Hour ago
Pls make a system of trading characters for characters bc I want Klee so bad I wanna trade someone fore her😭✋🏼
Yasya Moba
Yasya Moba 2 hours ago
Di tunggu code primogem gratis nya min:)
Mimi_ 2 hours ago
I am the only one who just noticed that the guy who talks here have the same voice as dainsleif
Mimi_ Hour ago
@Loonation oh wow it's really cool
Loonation Hour ago
He is
Gui •-•
Gui •-• 2 hours ago
Xbox? ;-;
Hirajii Ishikawa
Hirajii Ishikawa 2 hours ago
Denis de Paula Alves
No live, já vazou tudo a muito tempo. Ainda vem que já vai sair Tower of Fantasy.
shondelB 5
shondelB 5 5 hours ago
When are we gonna get paimon as a character?
Khue Truong
Khue Truong 6 hours ago
Genshin is badddddd
moonocity 6 hours ago
please muhoyo for the love of god, make genshin impact less gb on android.
KoolRanch69 7 hours ago
Please just make Rosaria realdolls already
gacha_Shadow 7 hours ago
When can Genshin have skins?
Felicia Michelle Tohar
Felicia Michelle Tohar
Ozzy 9 hours ago
Where is the nontendo switch version!!!!
I dont know Lmao
I dont know Lmao 11 hours ago
I am simply here to say that i want endora to stay with me during battle plss, dont fix it, its not a bug, its a feature, plsss MIHOYO FCK
Руслан Керимов
Русское комьюнити, в бой!!!
Saiki’s Coffe jelly
Panos Gakos
Panos Gakos 11 hours ago
15th day of asking mihoyo to releash ayaka
Ashton Sanchez
Ashton Sanchez 12 hours ago
I’m still waiting for a new piece of the map
The TUSK 12 hours ago
;-;, ill trade C1 Childe for C0 Rozaria pls...
Héctor Ramírez
Héctor Ramírez 12 hours ago
Por qué tienen que poner como un examen al nivel 25 no puedo lo intente y lo intente pero no ayuda🥺🥺
Maco X
Maco X 12 hours ago
Yo please allow the players to change between aether and lumine
Fuj1wara 13 hours ago
Genshin Impact x Touhou Project when Mihoyo 😳😳
Should have been a 5-star tsk tsk*
Alien13xd 17
Alien13xd 17 15 hours ago
They should put the game on xbox
ALien 19 hours ago
Пришла сюда для того, чтобы зардиться энергию и наконец выбить себе Розарию, а то всё луки да луки 😶
Charms 20 hours ago
Pls add trading characters
Charms 20 hours ago
Pls add trading characters
Charms 20 hours ago
Pls add trading characters
Charms 20 hours ago
Pls add trading characters
Charms 20 hours ago
Pls add trading characters
Charms 20 hours ago
Pls add trading characters
Charms 20 hours ago
Pls add trading characters
Charms 20 hours ago
Pls add trading characters
Charms 20 hours ago
Pls add trading characters
Gopez, Xian Racel T.
If they add a feature that makes character trading possible, then they will significantly make less money. Making the whole gacha thing useless. That's why they're not going to add it.
Jamal Hardiansyah
Jamal Hardiansyah 11 hours ago
Wth, are u serious? That's business bro, nowhere on gacha games do things like that
Pietro Roberto
Pietro Roberto 22 hours ago
Sooo she is basically Monsadt's Batman.
MoonyLighty 23 hours ago
Just got her, absolutely stoked! She’s gorgeous. (now for Childe...)
Utkarsh Mishra
Utkarsh Mishra 23 hours ago
We know that well, shut that crap up and tell us.... give us some hints for the future plan of ending of the siblings journey.... how LONG are u going to stretch the STORY
Baljit Alatunjit
Mihoyo pls bro stop focusing on event and start to making permanent content for genshin we are to bored mannnn
Кiра Бiлоцеркiвська
Hello, I would really like to play genshin impact, but I get bug 9907, please tell me what to do
Genshin Mobile
Juan Selacome
Mmmmmmwinter voice. Perfect
Ikky Momo
Ikky Momo Day ago
Rosaria I Need U :( but i no get u, why
Mandu the dumpling
mi hoyo could create and anime/serie/movie, with genshin characters and that amazing animation if they wanted, but they just don’t xd
Lucky Lucky . WinndChester
Make a dendro caracther.
Tsunade senju
I'm waiting with varka's character
Jordan Camille dela Rama
Pls add some romance🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Blue na animator
I just want to say.. make a MOVIEEEE!!!
Cris Nonie Melchor
Is ayaka a real character?? If yes, when will she be released?
Thy Do Khanh Pho
probably after Inazuma
Gokage Day ago
@Cris Nonie Melchor no problem
Cris Nonie Melchor
@Gokage ty for the reply💖
Gokage Day ago
She is real but she wont be released for a while
Gucci lover 445
Who knew this guy was dansleif
Panos Gakos
Panos Gakos Day ago
14th day of asking mihoyo to releash ayaka
Eevee Girl
Eevee Girl Day ago
Is Klee ever coming back
Jaden Valeriano :P
Is Genshin already out on Nintendo Switch?
Rosaria e forte já testei ela
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Day ago
Turkish language support plss
Kagamine Day ago
I adore mihoyo now for giving me rosaria💗
Soso Gamer
Soso Gamer Day ago
IM TRYING TO DOWNLOAD THIS ON MY PC AND IT WILL NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER OPEN I PRESS LAUNCH IT JUST DISSPAERS IDK WHAT TO DO I HAVE BEEN TRYING FOR 2 DAYS IM GOING TO GIVE UP SOON / 私のPCにこれをダウンロードしようとすると、それは決して開かず、私は決して開かないことを意味します私はそれを起動するだけです / 当我尝试将其下载到我的电脑时,它永远不会打开,这意味着我永远不会打开,我只是启动它 / idk what langes you spea ;-;
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Day ago
B4 special
Neonguy146 is here
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best gameplay bad gacha 🔥
Antonio 2 days ago
X5 Andhika Radya Bagaskara
pls fix ps4 bug,its not even playable. Just give stable 30fps.
Kamilla Tregubova
Hello dear developers, I have problems. Not so long ago I stumbled upon the task "Footprints in the Tianqiu Valley" and I can not complete it, I really want to play with friends, but I cannot because of this task, I ask for help
Kamilla Tregubova
Please do not close the multiplayer on this quest "Traces in the Tianqiu Valley."
Kamilla Tregubova
And I also wanted to say that not only me, but also many Genshin Impact players complain about this task "Footprints in the Tianqiu Valley" because you cannot play with friends until you complete this task. I used to have fun with friends in your beautiful game Genshin Impact. now I can't
Mᴀsᴀᴋᴏ 2 days ago
Tryan Senpai
Tryan Senpai 2 days ago
Check my channel to find a build character * 4
Itz Yuki シ
Itz Yuki シ 2 days ago
assassin's creed com
ถึงเครื่องคุณจะแรงแค่ไหน เล่นลี่นจนหัวแตก ไม่ถึงนาที 40°c + ขนาดปรับต่ำสุด ปรับfps30 ร้อนตลอดเห้ออเศร้า
giờ ok rucung ;
In Vietnam, google milling does not have genshin inpact
Millie Bobby brown
Rosaria is durin: change my mind
Victoria Lyahovich
sorry, can someone tell me who the real protagonist is? Is it Lumin or Eter? Many people tell me that according to the canon the real protagonist is Eter and Lumin is the villainess. it's true or are they both real protagonists and villains? and in fact there is no canon protagonist and it all depends on which one you choose?
Victoria Lyahovich
@cats are cute thanks 😊🙏☺
cats are cute
cats are cute 2 days ago
well i'm pretty sure they use aether is protagonist more but i think there's no canon protagonist
Pelengkap Otomotif
B4 special
Bilgin Rodoplu
Bilgin Rodoplu 2 days ago
Turkish language support plss
Coastline 2 days ago
0:55 my *vision* tells me to look elsewhere
Jermaine 2 days ago
Make a passive like qiqi where in monstadt you can see the rare matierials
Jermaine Day ago
@Ratz Exile then I need to save up for her
Ratz Exile
Ratz Exile Day ago
That’s what klee does
Panos Gakos
Panos Gakos 2 days ago
13th day of asking mihoyo to releash ayaka
Arifa Ainaya Azlyani
Im sure dain likes her personality 😂
Ruben Ruiz
Ruben Ruiz 15 hours ago
Their personality is kinda the same. Both are non-believers and acts independently
vanila 2 days ago
Guys pls help I can't hear the audios of my characters and backgrounds sounds Does anyone know how to fix it?
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 2 days ago
Need pvp battle, for more primo 😬
James White
James White 2 days ago
Can you fix the scripts when the female character is picked because some wines are still for the male character please!
James White
James White 2 days ago
I meant to get the attention of the the available of the game not anyone else but thank you for the gift so where do I place the gift and if you do know one of the any of the available of the game can you mention this my original thing to them please and thank you
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 2 days ago
Big sister ROSARIA~~~~ ....what?.... You looking for something? Congratulations: Gift: 344461
hi guys
hi guys 2 days ago
Hello , i don't know if you can answer but is my team good? Bennett the 2nd Beidou Chongyun Ningguang You can answer if you're comfortable have a good day
Organized Entropy
Somehow managed to pick her up and keep my pity for ayaka, staying above 20k primos. I need more. I must have the insect hashira on my team.
fatmat leo
fatmat leo 2 days ago
Hiiiii thanks for giving me childe after 17 pity🐸🐸🐸🐸
Marako the Arakon of Sumero
Sad :( I won’t get Childe, oh Mihoyo, please bless me with a Zhongli or Xiao rerun. Also keep up the Amazing work!
Calebe Brito
Calebe Brito 2 days ago
Rosaria doesn't seem to be a nun at all, it seems to be ......
Davriner 2 days ago
Please create genshin impact lite version
kawaii _plays
The graphics are gonna we worse then mobile and I'm a mobile player
yurei요괴 2 days ago
welcome back to *genshin impact national geographic*
meguwumii 2 days ago
I randomly wished on the childe banner for the hell of it but I got her :P I’m tryna see if she’s good or not
Asma Farzanah
Asma Farzanah 2 days ago
Nice character! When is the switch release?
hastune miku drip
give me venti and qiqi now.
༄Cat ༆
༄Cat ༆ 3 days ago
You have to fix slow downloading
Alamin Hasan
Alamin Hasan 3 days ago
Babe what release a male character that doesn't look like a stick
JONSEN GAMING 3 days ago
Pengguna tombak emang paling OP 👍
رضا سعدون
We need Arabic even if only translation
Daily Dose of Offbrand
Big sister ROSARIA~~~~ ....what?.... You looking for something? Congratulations: Gift: 344461
Barusu 3 days ago
Need pvp battle, for more primo 😬
levi ackerman
levi ackerman 3 days ago
A moment of silence For the people who don't get to play genshin 🤧
Haruna -
Haruna - 3 days ago
she looks so sad :(
Ozoue Sakaki
Ozoue Sakaki 3 days ago
Imagine being a nun but does not pray to their own god
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 3 days ago
Rosaria: "Pray not for the gods or the betterment of others but for yourself" Also Rosaria: *protects her home from threats no light will touch* Rosaria is a tsundere for Mondsta