Cold War Zombies Review 

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Nov 23, 2020




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Tim Hansen
Tim Hansen Month ago
apologies for the frame rate in some of the gameplay, it’s from my elderly xbox one... what’re your thoughts on the game?
Ling Xiao
Ling Xiao 2 days ago
@WarLock60 stop being creepy
WarLock60 2 days ago
love u tim plz eat my pizza roles
Arno Robberechts
Arno Robberechts 9 days ago
I like CW zombies verry mutch. I think the zombie mode is better then ever!
Ling Xiao
Ling Xiao 27 days ago
@Xavier Baldwin no it’s not in Cold War not yet I think there is the D.I.E Shockwave
Xavier Baldwin
Xavier Baldwin 28 days ago
Is the DG-2 wunderwaffe in cold war?😓😢
Evie is a nonce
Evie is a nonce 4 hours ago
20:32 a zombie flies off into the void
Shaun Malone
Shaun Malone 4 hours ago
Whilst I dislike the principle of not being able to build points by injuring zombies, suddenly the strengths of the shotguns shine through the crowd of guns, rather than just being completely ignored like in older games.
Poggers S
Poggers S 17 hours ago
Bad game: no double tap
Gabe z32
Gabe z32 17 hours ago
I’m not a fan after trying it on the trail.
Mister Toad
Mister Toad 20 hours ago
I bought it for the PS5 thinking mine would come in november and it still hasn't :), finally tried zombies with the free trial and it's def better than BO4s. I would say I liked it the same as BO3 launch
henk jeoma
henk jeoma Day ago
I love how many upgrades there are before on solo you'd be set at round 12 with perks and pap'ed guns. Now you need to go to round 28 at least to upgrade everything and the higher pace really works well for me.
Sunny | Shine
dont like the point system, cant make points in later rounds due most weapons are getting pretty bad tbh and exfiltration is to short
Legiey Day ago
Im sure this game has had a lot of buffs and nurfs since this review but, I'm trying out the free zombies week and I am surprised this is really fun and it actually feels like a challenge, this is already better than b03 and b04 zombies to me. Only thing I don't like is the map.
MaxKingFury 2 days ago
Though the mechanics and everything other than the story and ee has been improved significantly for the better but for me the weakest part has Been the loosely connected story and weak ee
The Warrchitect
The Warrchitect 2 days ago
I agree with most points in the video. However, I highly HIGHLY disagree on your viewpoint on story. I believe a good story and likable characters are essential to the zombies experience for me. In this game, we have neither. Hopefully in the DLC that will change.
Josh Collins
Josh Collins 2 days ago
Live this, except I do disagree with the story aspect being important. The characters and overall aether story were the reason that so many people fell in love with zombies. And rn they have some potential for an awesome story but they def need to dive into more and let us see more of it, which I think they’ll do!
Brody Thomas
Brody Thomas 2 days ago
I'm expecting that virtual kiss
Condog 3 days ago
I don’t like the aesthetic In this map it’s just so dull
Dragonstars 50
Dragonstars 50 2 days ago
Like your life dull.
Joe Gotmehballs
Joe Gotmehballs 4 days ago
Treyarch needs to subscribe to Tim
Jake 4 days ago
It is Call of duty world at war zombies first make it is I see the stairs and plane plz read I am lying.and I have been playing WAW for years and I can see the similarities. They are the same maps
Jake 2 days ago
I can’t compare my hours but that is what I think that’s all
TheRadestShiba 2 days ago
@Jake as someone who has 20 hours on zombies. its not even close to being the same map, or nazi zombies
Jake 2 days ago
It mite not look like it’s b it or is I can tell also it’s nazi zombies which was that map zombies them
TheRadestShiba 2 days ago
dude its REALLY not the same map
Generik 6 days ago
My only issue with Zombies is that the lore connected to it is totally nonsensical. Whatever happen to Nazi experiments with a rare space element gone awry? Now it's some convoluted nonsense about knights and stuff...
Cole [REDACTED] 7 days ago
Only thing I can think of is upgrading your perks? I think its a great idea and adds even more replay-ability to the game
Jab 7 days ago
Did u just say free dlc
Jab 7 days ago
Idk man it’s good but I like the older call of Sufi zombies better
D H 7 days ago
Can you play Cold War Zombies perfectly fine with just 2 or 3 players, or does it require 4 players?
Ambrose Jeffery
Ambrose Jeffery 7 days ago
He looks nothing like I imagined
Sanatorium Nugget
Twain go boom
itsjonahlmao 9 days ago
game just needs actual characters and not operators then it’s 👌
Basic MUSIC 10 days ago
That zombie at 20:29 was epic
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 10 days ago
Also on round 51 zombies while start super sprint they will run faster then you i experienced it twice now pretty fun.
Taylorcoolomg 11 days ago
How do u run so fast!!
-Benny -
-Benny - 11 days ago
is no one going to mention that unlocking all camos on all guns give you dark aether camo?
Zesinu 11 days ago
Honestly not a big fan of cold war zombies, I prefer the simple Bo3 zombies
CODA 11 days ago
Imma be honest this map is the second worst map after tranzit.
Chronicall X
Chronicall X 9 days ago
I swear the map is the same map in the first zombies
irishvader219 11 days ago
The lightning mod for the DIE is god tier
Imbigbird _
Imbigbird _ 11 days ago
If they don’t add transit back I’m gonna need a meeting with someone at treyarch
Nash 12 days ago
this is cap the game is terrible zombies sucks there storms and shit and is it fortnite why is there rarities and it shouldnt be simple aswell ass you can get to round 200 so easily in cold war but not in the others
Malachi Macdonald
Malachi Macdonald 12 days ago
This zombies feels hollow and rushed to be colourful to attract the fortnite cretins
Wahee Wahee Wah-ho-ho-ho
Not even close but go off.
Idk what to Name my channel
The Big Shoe
The Big Shoe 13 days ago
Its not Treyarch zombies
Frxsty 13 days ago
i love this game
carsbro5419 13 days ago
Yo tim, I whatched the act man's vid and when talking about zombies and you were playing with him. My two fovorit youtubers, can you do a collab
Tyrel 14 days ago
The issue with the points is the old model highly favored trash weapons to get the most points out of a single zombie, Kino high round was just using a pm63 for points grinding to fund the traps and made shotguns and snipers far worse because you had far less points to work with. The current system removes that crippling factor from those high damage weapons, until like bo3 when we had real boss fights shotguns and rockets were jokes and meme weapons not to used seriously.
Aubrey Wilt
Aubrey Wilt 14 days ago
This game is mad easy
Ziggy Djoa
Ziggy Djoa 15 days ago
They should change the common colour to gray
FBI 15 days ago
bro pack level 3 spas at legendary outguns raygun maxed out any day hard fax
Jake The Cake
Jake The Cake 15 days ago
Also will the giant or der riese come back?
Jake The Cake
Jake The Cake 15 days ago
Why dont they bring back the map five with jfk
Big Brain B
Big Brain B 15 days ago
Why is it that everything is so expensive but also points are so hard to come by?
Samuel Knight
Samuel Knight 15 days ago
Hiya Tim, been over a year since I watched last but I'm here once more, glad to see you're still active! I wanted to give my input. I'm a big firearm enthusiast, my specialty (as being an "expert" in general firearms is more or less impossible due to the variety over time) is Cold War era weapons, especially Russian and Chinese copies of Russian guns from the era. I love that Cold War added the weapon progression (not unique but it was the first I owned that had it), but it has done something to me that Hunt: Showdown has also done... It got me addicted to progression. So I started with the M16A2, personal favorite of mine, grinded the Hell out of it from day one and gold viper on that sucker was done in like two-three weeks, maybe less. So I never had a reason to use my favorite gun, and to this day I am continuously just progressing, I've unlocked the 1911 gold viper and XM4 as well, I'm on the Type 63 and Krig 6 now, but this addiction to progression, despite Hunt making it worse, was linked back to MW 2019. Love the M4 and the AK, but almost never use them because I no longer progress with them. Now naturally I love progression because I love customizing my guns, but it has caused me to stop using what I normally at heart want to use, like an M16 with irons, so now I use a Krig 6 with a Silux Holo, despite not really liking the AK5 and preferring irons when practical. It is a curse and a blessing, because IRL I hold a few guns in my collection dear, like my Chinese SKSs (not Type 63s btw, Type 56 Semi carbines, T63 is actually a mix of the T56S and T56 Assault, which is the Chinese AK47. It failed gloriously.), and I'll hold those dear for my whole life, or I stand furiously by my Glock, but in game, that same permanence battles with my addiction to progress and the progression tends to win out. Maybe I'm the only one, but in a way I love it, but in others I feel saddened I can no longer use the M16 without feeling bothered that I'm not progressing it as a weapon.
cosmic nihilist
cosmic nihilist 17 days ago
Did they fix the split screen issue that's a issue for me me and my friends always hangout together and play
Effingincredible 18 days ago
Overall I’m pretty happy with Cold War so far, we’ll see how it holds up.
Andreyu 44
Andreyu 44 18 days ago
Just say you love treyarch. Seriously you said so many things that are objectively wrong,lmao. This cod zombie lacks personality, the map is bland, the UI is bland, and then you say other companies "tried to copy what Treyarch does"??? Are you kidding me? There are some players like me who are not competely blinded by nostalgia and aren't willing to swallow wathever Treyarch wants us to eat and reject anything that doesn't have the name TREYARCH on it.
CODA 11 days ago
Agreed. This is by far one of the worst starting maps ever. Its bland, boring and already not fun anymore after 2-3 times. Remember Shadows of Evil from BO3? THAT was an amazing map. Great characters, great eastereggs, great map. Not this blant generic ''nazi labarotory'' with bullet sponge bosses that eat 10 pack-a-punched magazines.
Ethan P
Ethan P 18 days ago
Even though Cold War is not my favorite zombies game, I would love if they released a Zombies Chronicles DLC with every zombies map that came before (I'm talking Nacht-Tag). Like you said, the mechanics of this game allow for greater replayability, and I would love to see certain features, such as the custom loadouts, the tiered damages, the rising prices, and the exfil, on every single map. I also just really want a game where they put every single map on the same engine so we can really compare and contrast the Zombies maps on their own without worrying about how the game they're in (*cough* Black Ops 4) muddies your impression of it.
Ethan P
Ethan P 16 days ago
@Jack If I had to bet on 8 maps like the last ZC, I'd actually guess TranZit, Die Rise, and Buried would all be there, along with Einsendrache, Zetsubou, and Gorod. The last two, I'd guess maybe Shadows and IX. I'd actually kind of prefer if they released a completely separate Call of Duty Zombies game with all the Treyarch maps included, but I think a map pack is more likely.
Edward Ballinger
Edward Ballinger 18 days ago
Bro how they gonna have you blacklisted for not being family-friendly?? It’s fucking Black Ops Zombies, literally the least family-friendly thing ever 😂
The Empowerer
The Empowerer 19 days ago
You forgot how you can upgrade the tiers of the guns using salvage
Jo Ann Castillo
Jo Ann Castillo 19 days ago
Honestly I love the game and I listens to this whilst playing zombies
Im So Ninja
Im So Ninja 19 days ago
i don't like that we start off with loadout weapons, using a pistol farming for points is much more fun, i hope in the new maps they don't push this loadout idea to future maps.
_ Cabbs _
_ Cabbs _ 20 days ago
It's an amazing game, but I'm going to suggest 2 changes Old point system Perks original prices
BatMan BandAid
BatMan BandAid 21 day ago
I played for once match and didn't like it. One i spawned in with a smg. Right. But then if I spawned in with a pistol. The pistol has 200 ammo. Who tf ever had 200 ammo for a pistol. It's retarded. Then if I get a different gun like a smg again from a wall it literally has less than 150. Second thing is health bars i don't care about it. It's just distracting. With the numbers. The big thing I didn't like. Was how they removed the bear. With a fucking rabbit. A blue fucking rabbit. Then there is the dumb skills i don't even know how to use any of it.
Try not to get angry
Shoutout actman yessir
Mememert 2
Mememert 2 21 day ago
Idk if it’s because it’s still pretty new but I’m usually a nostalgia freak over games but this zombies is so so good
Leo Mendez
Leo Mendez 21 day ago
I didn’t even know it was supposed to be nacht
KillerKitten753 22 days ago
So I’ve been binging it lately and I really do love it. I do like how the storyline is simpler now because I just had no clue what was happening before. The mechanics aren’t overly confusing and easy to learn. My only complaint is how they changed the points from damage based to kill based only. This makes later rounds extremely hard. Since zombie health is ever increasing you’ll slowly be consuming more ammo to get kills on zombies. Eventually you could get to a point where you’re out of points because you needed to refill your weapon’s ammo and you’re stuck not being able to get points since your gun isn’t powerful enough to get enough kills to make up for its ammo usage. Yeah I know there’s probably ways to get around this, but it’s not really clear. Basically to sum up the difficulty: early rounds it is by far the easiest zombies. In later rounds it becomes the hardest
KillerKitten753 10 days ago
@CODA I am being honest with myself. I honestly do love this map. Just did the Easter egg recently too. It’s honestly incredible how much hidden stuff this map has without feeling too complicated
CODA 11 days ago
Be honest with yourself the map sucks. I was torn at the beginning, but the more i play it, the more i realize how bad it is. Tranzit might actually be better. Atleast it had some funny lines and stupid characters, unlike the no-name characters in Cold War.
Michael Angelo
Michael Angelo 23 days ago
Nice video, good voice, nice energy., New sub from me =)
Bobby Nunez
Bobby Nunez 23 days ago
Who else got bored playing Die Maschine? It was fun for the first run but I learned the whole map quick and it’s too easy
Leoleonpd 23 days ago
How could he say that the hud was fixed? The new hud has way more junk on it
Prinsten zgames
Prinsten zgames 23 days ago
Tim Hansen. I been watching your channel for almost a year and I just want to say..I love you. I love your channel,I love your emotions and how funny you are. Even though you're channel is not kid friendly and I'm only 10 years old I still watch you. I love you and your channel. (Also Congrats on being a father!! I wanna be like you one day!😀)
JawaPunter 23 days ago
Sick shout out to Act Man
Sarge Mumar
Sarge Mumar 24 days ago
Atmosphere and characters are shit. It does not feel like you are trapped in a horrific nightmare, it feels like you are bunch of badass mofos that are out to hunt some zombies. If they wanted that I think they achieved it. Gameplay feels super fresh and satisfying do. I hope they work on that atmosphere a lot more on next maps and it could be really good.
Shakib Reeza
Shakib Reeza 25 days ago
When this game came out I was like nah it’s shit but I’ve got it and honestly I only play it for zombies and not multiplayer, the zombies is good but obviously compared to other past black ops zombies it’s shit but don’t get me wrong it’s still a good zombie game Cold War. I honestly like it now just would be better if the characters spoke and once they release new maps it’ll be good , hate how they took out slide cancel but ..
Leo 26 days ago
Wasn't there a about 50 minute video about cild wat zombies?
Kaylem 27 days ago
Review starts 1:47
dawgyv72 27 days ago
Remnant is still the best co-op shooter.
Lyric Ullman
Lyric Ullman 28 days ago
More Cold War!!
Romanian Boy
Romanian Boy 29 days ago
Sorry chief I don't agree I've waited for ages shortly after bo4 came out I stopped playing mainly because I didn't like the perk system and the zombies spread was terrible so I continued playing bo3 zombies at first I wasn't sure about the gobblegums now bo3 zombies is a masterpiece I loved it pretty quickly the maps everything. CW comes out I play abit of it and now I'm still playing bo3 zombies ....... Die machine is shit. Also i don't want to upgrade juggernog we didn't upgrade perks I want to get them thats it the zombies spread on cw you shoot a zombie once and it kind od falls to the side to make it more realistic but it makes it more difficult the megaton is a cunt and after you kill him you have to deal with the 2 alien things and the dogs are anoying.... Can we have a different experience but still OG if you know what I mean Oh and starting with a pistol was classic it's taken the good feel away. Also the mini map and characters in cw zombies can FUCK OFF!!! 😂😂😂
Kxis Month ago
In my opinion I think ww2 zombies is the best zombie game in the world
booph Month ago
Armor is very good especially when your going for high rounds becaus ewithout ut they can do up to 75 damage and if you down and lose jug gg gane over
Yaboi Chubsy
Yaboi Chubsy Month ago
Carpenter restors ur armor, its very noice
Yaboi Chubsy
Yaboi Chubsy Month ago
Exited to see the zombie community be active again
Peel The Deal YAY
One small complaint I have is that the pack-a-punch is a little too easy to get and I wish there was more of a interesting way of getting it cuz you can get the pack-a-punch at like wave 6 or something. But at the same time I still like it like that
AGW Month ago
I love the new point system because it lets shotguns and power weapons shine whereas before you needed a machine gun to make points
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer Month ago
it borrows so much from extinction not survival
Im So Ninja
Im So Ninja 19 days ago
so true
Rylynn Clinton
Rylynn Clinton Month ago
No one is realizing all the things treyarch had used from sledgehammers ww2, WW2 was the first zombie game to have classes to spawn in and create, WW2 first game to implement the armor system, zombies have a mix of treyarch and ww2 zombies. You also had special equipment like a throwing axe, and you can run around with a shovel😂, This generally feels like a sledgehammer zombies with a little bit of treyarch trademarks such as the perks and weapons. Sledgehammer also started making this game then treyarch put in the finishing touches.
Harry Simpson
Harry Simpson Month ago
I also like that the Easter egg is sooo much easier to do than previous Easter eggs. i am excited to see what the story will play out to be especially since we have a samantha maxis in the story atm
Richard Sullivan
This man got me through quarantine
Titania X
Titania X Month ago
i feel like this game spoils you, you can see your health, your armor, take risky routes, and when you go back to BO3 or Bo2 the zombies feel WAAAY more risky. You always needed to be aware of the zombies, 3 hits and you're down. Ive gotten stuck on this game in a corner, by at least 6 zombies, or more, constantly hitting me. Thanks to armor and jug, i somehow get away. Thats just my experience, after playing Cold War forever than you swap back, and its crazy by round 15
Im So Ninja
Im So Ninja 19 days ago
so true
KralF24 Month ago
You forgot to mention the specialist ability (the one where the Zombies ignore you) which makes it really easier aswell and you can stack the amount of it. Its not like bubblegum where you ran out of it or just dont get it - the ability bar gets full pretty fast. I agree with you and thats why imo this is just way easier than older Zombies - even as a casual I dont really have too much enjoyment because of it and dont want to get on it for weeks after playing it a couple times.
Cancer Sauce
Cancer Sauce Month ago
I think you may have forgotten that you can also level up the rarity of your weapons. So if you wanna really get your weapon lvl up on something you brought it, you can spend scrap to turn it from red to gold.
KralF24 Month ago
Am I the only one who founds Die Maschine too easy? I always play really casually since first time ever playing Zombies and never had real high rounds - hell never even reached 40 before Cold War, but Die Maschine feels way easier and I actually got nearly twice as high as I got on old maps.
that was very pog of you
What i love is you can actually see your teammates health bar without it you don't know when to use your healing ability if equiped
Catchablesky Online
SuddenShootOff Month ago
I like being able to play as multiplayer characters in Zombies, I never really cared for any zombies crew outside of the main og black ops group
Kyle2324 Month ago
Anyone else limit themselves to 4 perks in Cold War zombies because they had no idea you could get more than 4 😅
Arjun Sharma
Arjun Sharma Month ago
Cold War zombies also has the Armer that you can buy.
Arjun Sharma
Arjun Sharma Month ago
Cold War zombies has a lot of good features like: 1: HUD 2: health bar above the zombies 3: score streaks 4: stim shot 5: ammo crates 6: a very good health system 7: crafting table where you can buy stuff like the self-revive kit
Young Money
Young Money Month ago
Everything in the Aether storyline is canon and at the end the story when the characters sacrificed themselves to collapse the multiverse the black ops Cold War universe came up in its absence where none of the stuff that happened in the original timeline happened and the zombies only starting to appear now
Cristian D63
Cristian D63 Month ago
I feel like the new point system is a necessary evil. I think it allows for all weapons to be viable granted it makes things feel a bit less unique but allows them to be made unique in other aspects
Cristian D63
Cristian D63 Month ago
6:48 "and it's a shot gun it's not something we see very common in zombies" are the Olympia, Ksg, KRM/Haymaker, and oh holy POG-12 a joke to you?
General Sirc
General Sirc Month ago
I actually don’t like the new zombies. I don’t like the Arcadyness of the drops and weapon rarities. Also zombies aren’t scary anymore, they are just push overs that you can run circles around. And all you need is a Gallo, the Gallo turns the zombies into a joke. They had some good ideas but I just don’t think it worked for me.
TechEnthusiast Month ago
Where’s my kiss?
corn cob
corn cob Month ago
I want to think that Cold War zombies is good, but it’s not. It’s way too different from the original zombies, the point system, how the zombies move, the gun rarities, it’s just too different from me. The game doesn’t even really feel like zombies tbh, it feels like a wanna be mw3 survival. And the thing I hate most about zombies is the toxic guy. It’s the most annoying thing ever to play zombies and try to avoid getting hit by the thousands of toxic shots from half way across the map
Joseph Muscari
Joseph Muscari Month ago
@corn cob Personally, I like the changes, but I understand why people may need more time to get used to them or just not like them at all because this game mode is drastically different from regular, Bo1/Bo2/Bo3 Zombies.
Joseph Muscari
Joseph Muscari Month ago
@corn cob Yeah! I agree! Of course I respect your opinion. I just think that CW Zombies rivals Bo3 for the best Zombies. But, it's great tom know other people's opinions! I just think CW will get better as time goes on. That happens every time with a CoD.
corn cob
corn cob Month ago
@Joseph Muscari yeah I’ve still been playing Cold War and I think it’s gotten a little bit better for me. Honestly the only thing holding me back is the toxic guy😂
Joseph Muscari
Joseph Muscari Month ago
I can totally understand your opinion. I knew there would be some people that didn't like it, and it's nice to get your opinion on it. I totally respect and understand yours, but I love it, and yes, I am a zombies veteran. I like the changes they made, but you should give it some time. Just like turned and grief, Cold War Zombies may age well.
IgnoreSleep Month ago
I don't know if people feel the same but I feel like this is what they wanted bo4 zombies to be
Baltic Dude
Baltic Dude Month ago
Every single positive point you've made about Cold War Zombies is actually a negative. This is unironically one of the, if not the worst Zombies game ever made. I prefer Exo-suit zombies to this.
Joseph Muscari
Joseph Muscari Month ago
@Baltic Dude Eh. Personally, I hate eco zombies, but I like CW Zombies. It's nice though that people have different opinions.
Baltic Dude
Baltic Dude Month ago
@Joseph Muscari I don't like Eco Zombies. I just think Cold War Zombies is way worse than even Exo.
Joseph Muscari
Joseph Muscari Month ago
Why do you prefer the Exo Zombies?
BLVNK_ Month ago
I purposefully waited until I could form my own opinions on COld War zombies before watchign ANY YT content on it. Glad I did it, and glad to see I'm not the only person who enjoys the fuck out of it. I also am not huge on the new "Essence" system, but I love the scrap system. Super useful, but sometimes I wish you got moer High Grade Salvage from picking some up. FINALLY SOMETHING SUPER FUCKING NEWWWWW, I love being able to upgrade perks, and everything feels fresh. I feel this game is what BO4 SHOULD have been, and this game wasn't even supposed to be a Teryarch game. FUCK THE FOG THOUGH
Joseph Muscari
Joseph Muscari Month ago
@STOP PLEASE I like it too!
Glad someone likes it to
Addicted to TORTILLAS
Addicted to TORTILLAS