Cody and Noel Do: Horses 

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Cody and Noel Do: Drunk Baking (pt. 2)

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Mar 31, 2021




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Emily M
Emily M 7 hours ago
They look so small on the horses 😂😂
Phoebe 9 hours ago
I'm not a horse person- probably just about as terrified as Cody, but goddamn. When she said "kick them as hard as you can" and was jerking the horses head around like that...I instantly knew that was, in fact, not right. I'm sorry you guys had to have that experience of horseback riding with that "instructor" and I feel really awful for the horses.
iloveglyn 123
iloveglyn 123 10 hours ago
in glad it doesnt day cody and noel try: horses
Daisy Ghostpaw
Daisy Ghostpaw 12 hours ago
so many thing wronggg!
Daisy Ghostpaw
Daisy Ghostpaw 12 hours ago
there not tryna be bad and there not tryna hurt you. yeah cus you will hurt them!! with kicking the horse and pull there mouthe until they cant handle the pain you sick bastard i know horses are strong but b*tch just dont hurt them!!!! i may sound like a 6 year old girl that loves horses but no i care about horses and im not 6 im 13 and horses are like humans they have feeling they have bad days good days and its true they dont tryna hurt you or be bad but just be carefull what you doooooooo!!!!
Adapt To Stage
Adapt To Stage 13 hours ago
Absolutely no hate to the lads but she taught them all wrong, holding the reins wrong, how to direct the horse wrong you don't kick the shite out of them to get them to move, pulling the head of them to stop, wrong. She was so rough with them. There was not one vocal command like "stand, walk on, easy etc." The simplest way of riding for your energy and the horse is talking to the poor thing. You cant even refer it to western style because the reins were all wrong.
Addie Myers
Addie Myers 22 hours ago
I dont thinknthis girl has rode any more time than they have
emma Day ago
Based on these comments, it’s become pretty obvious why that girl has had so many brutal “crashes” on horses
Kay Day ago
She’s obviously not a good rider or has good horsemanship she should be in lessons
Dantras sauce
I got the westworld reference :)
for rs1
for rs1 Day ago
Larry Thompson
She is clearly a noob of ridding horses because she said " kick them as hard as you can"
Bunny Day ago
I don’t ride horses, but I don’t think you kick them as hard as you can.
Superdiva371 Day ago
i've had horses my whole life, this girl is so painful to watch
nathan johnson
this is one of the funnest things ive ever seen
nathan johnson
Trenton Wolford
I’m on the same level as Cody about horses
Björn Guldhag
Me: Awesome video, better check the comments Comments: A B U S E Me: 0 - 0
Danae Gregoric
Hugo Kent Movies
This is a misleading title.
Lauren Miller
Lauren Miller 2 days ago
Sorry y'all. I couldn't finish this video. Not your fault, you dunno what you're doing. But I hope you take everyone's advice and do this at a real facility and not with this dimwit.
Morgan Griffin
Morgan Griffin 2 days ago
She was pretty bold for letting them film her “riding” and “training”
Micaiah 2 days ago
I want Noel to call me good girl 🧎‍♀️
Lily McLaine
Lily McLaine 2 days ago
This was the worst episode of man tracker I’ve ever seen
Yale Werner
Yale Werner 2 days ago
That horse is gonna buck the fuck out of you.
marry marry
marry marry 2 days ago
Yeah, I believe this dumbass instructor was a barrel racer. 🙄 Even the boys, who know nothing about horses, were horrified by her treatment of those horses. Please, do not go to a nose to butt riding facility. You’ll learn nothing, and you’re contributing to abuse and over working of horses. If you want to learn how to ride, call and schedule a riding lesson from an *actual* lesson barn. It’s safer, and you’ll actually learn something.
Stella Willows
Stella Willows 3 days ago
No. just no. This is not okay This is not how you ride horses.
jcheesypuffs 3 days ago
when the lady asked if they were right or left handed and they both went "right" at the same time... funny shit
sliwka 3 days ago
Lord have mercy! Take those poor horses away!!!
Magdalena Rychetsky
This is torture
McKenna Dishongh
McKenna Dishongh 4 days ago
As a horse girl this makes me really happy. To see someone get over their fear and genuinely have a good time. Try it again and use the ball of your feet to put your weight in it takes the pressure off your balls when you move quicker and it’s a lot more fun! Noel learned to do it pretty well.
N!A 4 days ago
The lady yanked the god damm horses mouth and used the gurth tightly and so much more she should not be a instructor
María Morales
María Morales 4 days ago
I hate this girl
Bakugou Katsuki
Bakugou Katsuki 4 days ago
this physically hurt to watch
Whiscer 4 days ago
Hol up the titles sus af
Irie Stein
Irie Stein 4 days ago
saying they've turned into horse men has the same vibes as spongebob and patrick thinking they turned into men with seaweed mustaches
Amie Wolfgram
Amie Wolfgram 4 days ago
It's not cody and noel its the horrible trainer and in my opinion noel was more balanced then the "trainer"
ParmesanCheese 4 days ago
Cody and Noel: Horse Play
Dounia Hadri
Dounia Hadri 4 days ago
I love that the top comment is a non-horse rider who cannot see that they are mentally *killing* the horses. I do not blame them or Cody ko or Noels though.
Taylor McCrea
Taylor McCrea 4 days ago
it's the pelhams on the lowest ring for me :/
Liz Keslar
Liz Keslar 4 days ago
The girl dont know how to ride she kicked the horse in the flenk as hard as sje could like wtf. She is so hard handed like wtf you are holdeng bacl and kicking and that says go amd stop at the same time.
Autismsheep 4 days ago
guys pls. Next time, get a person who knows horses next time. you got totally tricked by that woman on how to handle horses. That is bad horsemanship. But ty for showing that to the rest of us :)
Anesu Muzenda
Anesu Muzenda 4 days ago
Horsin' Around.
daisyviv 4 days ago
so cody and noel decided to take up the thats cringe pony play thing-
Seylor Eldridge
Seylor Eldridge 5 days ago
I like how Cody is a third wheel in the beginning 😂
Allourina 5 days ago
I came from our lord and savior Raleigh
Violeta Reveles
Violeta Reveles 5 days ago
Cody looked like lord farquaad from shrek
RACOON!! 5 days ago
I’ve only ridden a horse like 3 times but to my knowledge I only had to tap them on the side with a bit of pressures? Please correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think you have to tap them that hard
Olivia Katz
Olivia Katz 6 days ago
wow she’s one of the worst instructors ever omg. she looks like she’s never taken a lesson at all
I feel so bad for those horses that “trainer” does not know how to ride and she I so abuseiv to the horses and has such a hard hand gosh
Anna Silver
Anna Silver 6 days ago
This was SO hard to watch. From them joking about people dying from riding to this terrible instructor and them being taught so improperly and airing it to millions of people like a “joke.” 😅
Saira Khanom
Saira Khanom 6 days ago
This is just not right
Kayden Johnson
Kayden Johnson 6 days ago
90% of the comments are about animal abuse
Soren W
Soren W 6 days ago
“I’m not gonna do that” ndhsja good
Irene. Zanin
Irene. Zanin 6 days ago
I thought you were going to dress up as horses and do those competitions where people galop and whinnie, the ones Cody reacted to 🤣
Kunal Adhikari
Kunal Adhikari 6 days ago
Juan premium
Vanessa Monsterfoot
Omg that bit is so harsh and she is yanking on the reins
Grullo 7 days ago
Can’t believe she’s a riding instructor.... what in the fuck did I just watch. This is literally how NOT to ride a horse. Not hating on Cody and Noel cause they don’t know any better but shit.
Viktoria Klein
Viktoria Klein 7 days ago
please stop that riding instructor
Lina King
Lina King 7 days ago
noel saying good girl i- I can't breathe
Boogs 7 days ago
Don't get me wrong, sometimes you may have to be tough with a horse, if they're oversized for you or something like that, but christ man you should never be this fucking rough with a horse.
holly hansen
holly hansen 7 days ago
Doesn’t look like hobby horsing to me..
Pepe Baiter
Pepe Baiter 7 days ago
Ive ridden horses 3 times, no training, and somehow im a better rider than her, fucken abuser
Anna Avertho
Anna Avertho 7 days ago
Just gonna add to the other comments this „Instructor“ is not doing anything right!!! The way she is „riding“ her horse is a nightmare for anyone who has undergone professional training. Where did you find this scammer? This is not how you ride or guide a horse :(.
FeeForDreams 7 days ago
that title kinda odd man lmao
Naty Stuchlíková
Really horrible, not the video (you guys are really fine) but the chicken instructor, im so sorry fot the horses.
yun hong
yun hong 7 days ago
Im absolutely do not know jackshit about horse riding and im not defending the girl but i just have a genuine question. Is it possible that the girl asked noel and cody to kick as hard as they could because she was used to teaching kids and kids dont usually have that much strength?
Natalie Bolduc
Natalie Bolduc 7 days ago
this is literally the worst trainer i have ever seen. she clearly was not taught good horsemanship and should not me passing her “methods” onto other people. completely not cody and noels fault this girl just doesn’t know what she’s doing
Natalie Bolduc
Natalie Bolduc 7 days ago
this is literally the worst trainer i have ever seen. she clearly was not taught good horsemanship and should not me passing her “methods” onto other people. completely not cody and noels fault this girl just doesn’t know what she’s doing
Helena Clark
Helena Clark 7 days ago
First. Dont ride with a halter and a bit if your gonna do that ride with a trail bridle. Second. Dont kick them as hard as you can just squeeze or lightly kick. Then dont pull your reins back to back up. Simply lean back a little squeeze and no pressure on your reins. Bad trainers these days💀
Jay 18
Jay 18 7 days ago
That saddle on Noels horse looked horrible it’s way to small for it that’s right tells me she has no idea what’s she’s doing
Casey_lee 7 days ago
Watching her on the horse is so uncomfortable. They could not have found a worse instructor. 😖
MadAdem 7 days ago
She actually made it drift
Hailey Leona
Hailey Leona 8 days ago
wait they're fucking horses?
Knuckles The Enchilada
Cody and Noel do Horses Might not be the best phrasing
Queen Bean
Queen Bean 8 days ago
I'm an equestrian, and that trainer is so stupid and knows nothing...... NEVER PULL A HORSES FACE LIKE THAT. Like bro your hands should be down by the saddle, and that's not even the worst thing she did. Like OH MY GOD DONT GET ME STARTED WITH HOW SMALL THAT TACK IS ON THE HORSE.😵
Courtney Boyd
Courtney Boyd 8 days ago
No hate to you guys because you don't know any better, but damn this is painful to watch. What an abusive "instructor". Those horses were saints for sure
Mendy Friedman
Mendy Friedman 8 days ago
"tarantino's foot farm is just down the way" completely floored me
Diana Nguyen
Diana Nguyen 8 days ago
It not your guy’s fault just want to inform that the lady that’s instructing you guys is pretty horrible. She seems to not know what she is doing and is abusing the horse right in front of y’all. It’s just her teaching methods were not good at all.
Hugo Blikman
Hugo Blikman 8 days ago
Country boyyyy I love youuuu w h e g h
Maxdragon924 8 days ago
Pony play
Courtney Macedo
Courtney Macedo 8 days ago
Poor horses.
Experiences Over Things
Southern bois everywhere are cringing hard. 😂 Look at how far back they're holding the reigns, lol.
Ava Gray
Ava Gray 8 days ago
Pony play
duende netten
duende netten 8 days ago
Lmao she cant even ride. Go watch a video and see how gently people do it. She's just hurting the horse. Horses are Wayyyyy more senstive that us so go to a proper trainer she legit sucks.
Lana Willis
Lana Willis 8 days ago
This instructor is literally the worst I’ve probably ever seen💀
Bean 8 days ago
Cody's hair looks majestic
Panayotis 9
Panayotis 9 8 days ago
now that was a legendary add read
donut_lover_27 !
donut_lover_27 ! 8 days ago
Aidan Little
Aidan Little 8 days ago
who else feels like her story of her falling down a ravine is cap
James Bauer
James Bauer 9 days ago
i don’t claim to know a bunch about training horses but i’ve actually been to riding lessons and my family owns a farm with horses so i’ve literally been riding horses my entire life and mostly bareback, and this girl is crazy. she does not know how to treat horses and is an awful teacher, so i hope no one actually tries to use what she “taught” in this video
doop du
doop du 9 days ago
Was "hot" the only requirement for teaching? Because she is WILDLY bad at this and maybe shouldn't even own horses if 'kicking them as as hard as you can' is a lesson. So bad.... so, so bad.
Sophia Wolthuis
Sophia Wolthuis 9 days ago
As a person who works with horses, this “trainer” it’s literally trash. Her riding skills are literally nothing, I feel so bad for these horses that they have to be treated like this. It is disgraceful.
HorseHeartsTV 9 days ago
Always wear a helmet when riding a horse. Just trust me. My mom almost forgot her helmet one time but was reminded and that same day her horse bolted and she tried to stop by doing a sharp turn but she was flung off and smacked into the electric fence. Also you NEVER kick your horse this lady is a bad instructor imagine being kicked in your stomach.
Victoria Rose
Victoria Rose 9 days ago
She’s trying to act cute and tough but she’s abusive and out of line.
Victoria Rose
Victoria Rose 9 days ago
Awful “trainer” all the stuff y’all “learned” is completely wrong and awfully executed. If that girl was in my facility she would be kicked out. It’s a shame because a real riding facility would actually properly teach y’all and it’s fun.
April Chan
April Chan 9 days ago
This girl really pisses me off
Lindz Chads
Lindz Chads 9 days ago
Cody looks like my mom
Alea Marie
Alea Marie 9 days ago
Did they seriously mount with the horses TIED to the trailer?!?! JFC! I mean, this whole “lesson” (I use that term very loosely) is a train wreck. But that is incredibly dangerous. And I’m sorry, there are horses out there that will kick you even if they know your there. I have a hard time believing she had show horses. The super I’ll fitting tack is a big clue. And I get that she is simplifying the commands for the guys. But safety here is a giant issue. Those helmets don’t fit probably either.
Emily Fuller
Emily Fuller 9 days ago
They really should redo this with a legit instructor :/