Clippers Choke Game 7 vs Nuggets After 3-1 Lead! Clippers vs Nuggets Game 7 2020 NBA Playoffs 

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Clippers Choke Game 7 vs Nuggets After 3-1 Lead! Clippers vs Nuggets Game 7 2020 NBA Playoffs! Clippers vs Nuggets Game 7 August 15, 2019-20 NBA Playoffs
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Sep 15, 2020




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kayden harvey
kayden harvey Month ago
paul george is my favorite player but he should of just never played the playoffs
Vyronn Jay Bonghanoy
Denver Nuggets 12th & 13th Teams in NBA History Comeback from the 3-1 Deficit
Gaming Dominator21
Gaming Dominator21 3 months ago
Nuggets were just the better team the clippers were just pretenders
AJ Castillo
AJ Castillo 3 months ago
Murray when he comes home His girl: come here lets have some fun babby
Carlo 1995
Carlo 1995 3 months ago
0:34 Poor George
Young Forever
Young Forever 3 months ago
Wasn’t you the same guy making fun of lebron when he didn’t get Kawhi last summer ?😂😂🤣 energy shift .
Christian Ramos
Christian Ramos 3 months ago
Oh I know you! You made that video where KD kept saying oh my gosh.
Zeke Master 1
Zeke Master 1 3 months ago
Clippers are trash bro they are never gonna win a title and this is their 50th season without a conference finals apperance, pg13 should be traded.
MADZEVEN 07 4 months ago
Lakers gonna choke too
BIGBAM SOULEY 4 months ago
Imagine if lebron scored 0 points in the 4 quarter game seven people would killed him
Fox Mulder
Fox Mulder 4 months ago
Clippers blew it cuz with warriors coming back and lakers still being lakers theyre done and cant sleep on the nuggets
The Black Manba
The Black Manba 4 months ago
Terrence John
Terrence John 4 months ago
I feel sleepy hearing his voice. zzZ
presha only
presha only 4 months ago
what race is dis nigga ? homies english is wild .
Jellobandito 4 months ago
What is this track?
TEEMER 4 months ago
I was never disappointed because I knew Clippers wasn't gonna live up to the hype. LA will always be Lakers, ...
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 4 months ago
Pandemic P 🤣
A Wet Towel
A Wet Towel 4 months ago
Goodbye Kawhyped Leonard
Chris xO
Chris xO 4 months ago
Blown 3-1 lead, 6-22 14pts in elimination game, 0 points 4th quarter. I bet not see Kawhi any where near a top 10 list from this moment on.
VSAT RAT 4 months ago
Tbh clippers were pretty bad from the start
DJROMAXTION S 4 months ago
this is good stuff the playoffs unexpected stuff
kingZ Buckets
kingZ Buckets 4 months ago
Lebron is probably the happiest person after the clippers lost 😂
Alfredo doe
Alfredo doe 4 months ago
Lac stands for los Angeles chockers 😂 "the next 5 years are mine"
xdTecsz 4 months ago
Gotta give credit to Jamal Murray for that pass 1:24
Osas 4 months ago
Joker 🃏 always gets the last laugh
krishh jame
krishh jame 4 months ago
I think Lakers vs clippers would have looked like shit ..... nuggets vs Lakers are legit
Lazarus 4 months ago
Murray dropped 40 while playing slightly injured
Argus Eyed
Argus Eyed 4 months ago
Open your eyes people. 50 possible bad calls/no calls vs the clippers, 4 vs the Nuggets. Jokic had 25 possible fouls in game7, or 13 at a bear minimum. This wasnt choking, this was strangulation.
vmurda415 4 months ago
Kawhi choked away a legacy game. If Lebron choked like this that game 6 against the Celtics no one would ever give him a pass and dudes would be bring it up to this day, but when its Kawhi all I'm hearing is "it's not his fault," "the nuggets were just better," "doc rivers a bad coach," "its pandemic p's fault." Get tf out of here with all that bs. Kawhi was trash last night and couldn't deliver when his team needed him most if anything it shows how great the Raptors and the Spurs organizations are for being able to cover for this bum's weaknesses. Don't yall ever mention this man in the same sentence as Lebron James again. Apologize for the rant yall, and this not a shot at the video btw, I'm just heated from all the bs excuses I've been hearing smdh
JJ Eggers
JJ Eggers 4 months ago
Not one US-first video is actually giving props to Denver, only saying LAC didn’t do it. Credit where it’s due...and I’m a Jazz fan!
Ace Cherian
Ace Cherian 4 months ago
I'm glad you feel disappointed. xD
Daniel Kurian
Daniel Kurian 4 months ago
Guess the Lakers gonna win.
Yvng Vanilla
Yvng Vanilla 4 months ago
Cicero Almeida
Cicero Almeida 4 months ago
I just can't stand this guy's accent. Horrible.
Nissim Brown
Nissim Brown 4 months ago
Yeah I’m so happy the Clippers lost I wanted the Rockets to go to the Westin conference finals
Harrison Waddell
Harrison Waddell 4 months ago
“Greatest playoff run the NBA has ever seen”? You must’ve missed the 80’s and 90’s.
George R
George R 4 months ago
Your channel was a lot better when u didn’t talk
James Madan
James Madan 4 months ago
I hate this mans voice
Will 4 months ago
They lost due to the spack Beverly was talking which gave them pressure.
UCEcRUSHaLOT 4 months ago
I hate these reports saying Clippers choked, why not just say Denver from games 5-7 were more hungrier and outsmart the apparently untouchable Clippers.
Niki m
Niki m 4 months ago
PG shouldn’t be even playing anymore. That player’s broken yo. Feel bad for leonard
Yooo It’s me
Yooo It’s me 4 months ago
What your mean!!!! They just played like the Clippers. Get out of LA AND GO TO SEATTLE OR LAS VEGAS!!!!
Jamal Cole
Jamal Cole 4 months ago
It's just a game. Bigger problems in life ya know
rizdraver 4 months ago
Kawhi NEEDS a HOF facilitator like Tony Parker or Kyle Lowry. The fact that he thought he could be Michael Jordan and had ZERO self-awareness of his own game is his downfall. He should have just stayed in Toronto. Kyle Lowry could have played like his big booty self and they'd be walking into the Finals.
RAMON RENDON 4 months ago
this whole thing is rigged for the lakers to win it...no bucks no clippers smells fishy.
braeig 4 months ago
love an underdog story
BugattiDreams 4 months ago
...this did not just happen 😣😔
KCJbomberFTW 4 months ago
Imagine if Kawhi had come to the Lakers... can you say 5 rings in a row
Sometimes Blue
Sometimes Blue 4 months ago
Clive you sound sick. Do you have covid?
Zippitty22 4 months ago
The Clippers lost because they f*ckin SUCK!! Hahahahaha. Finally, Clippers d*ck riders will shut the f*ck up, and sit down like they've been told to do for a decade running. F*ckin losers hahaha.
Trump supporter
Trump supporter 4 months ago
Kawii is exposed. He was never a leader
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Bai Qi
Bai Qi 4 months ago
Clippers didn't choke.. Nuggets outplayed them.
Slight Design ツ
Slight Design ツ 4 months ago
But they did choke 💀
TURBO 4 months ago
Sounds about right. Clippers = Clunkers.
No Flex Zone
No Flex Zone 4 months ago
how about those 8 mins into the 4th qtr and the clippers put up 0 pts total lol
Majestic Company
Majestic Company 4 months ago
I don’t believe for a sec these 2 players went zero points in 4th unless they purposely did this. Yeah I said it...... rigged
Ryan 316
Ryan 316 4 months ago
Yeah, well if the Clippers had won, it would have been LA vs LA and you wanna know who wins kids, LA! (Yeah I know they’re in different parts of California technically but you get my point) Yeah, the NBA knew no one would want to see two LA teams go at it again, let alone in the playoffs. Don’t think that would be too great for ratings. It might be cool for California but it’d be pretty boring for everyone outside of California. Gotta keep farming off the Lebron Finals winning train.
Orlando Productions
Orlando Productions 4 months ago
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geloy deiparine
geloy deiparine 4 months ago
The Lakers will always own Los Angeles!! It will never change!!😁
No Merced
No Merced 4 months ago
Maybe they win if they allow williams to play long time.williams is goodshooter
YukioRzkI 4 months ago
Wayoffs P
Bluez 4 months ago
Kawhi and PG at half: Woah calm down Jamal don't pull out the nine hahaha Jamal: u mind me dropping a 40 bomb on ur ass
Yaj Romalliv
Yaj Romalliv 4 months ago
Rivers couldn't coach a fucking team as stack as clippers all he can coach is if he has 3 or 4 superstars like the Celtics KG season.
p0613v 4 months ago
I can hear the infamous Kawhi laugh in my head
Dillon Alexander
Dillon Alexander 4 months ago
I know it's your opinion feeling like a great matchup was missed. However, isn't this going to be a greater matchup seeing that Denver beat a team that everyone expects to go all the way? It's not like their star players were injured. I'm hoping that Denver can bring it to the Lakers, let's see what will happens.
Eddie Tucker
Eddie Tucker 4 months ago
Nuggets advanced just to loose to the Lakers lol #Upset
zigy Parker
zigy Parker 4 months ago
Clippers clip themselves curse
KingCrispy 4 months ago
Nuggets on top💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Chris Pereira
Chris Pereira 4 months ago
Nuggets vs Lakers is better match up based on performance, no way is it a robbery.
Marvin Menendez
Marvin Menendez 4 months ago
You forgot to say pulling up!!
Carl Fernandes
Carl Fernandes 4 months ago
To say they robbed he NBA of the greatest playoff series is quite disrespectful to the Nuggets achievement. Yes it would've been fun to see the LA matchups but if this year has taught us anything, it is that life is unexpected. No one picked Miami to be where they are now. That's what we should be happy about. Maybe we should thank Sir Charles for his sweeping predictions.
Pato Games
Pato Games 4 months ago
Don't worry Clips, Warriors did it in a finals series... Go Cavs!!! 😁
Trel 2x Kix
Trel 2x Kix 4 months ago
I just watched the video where u said they was going make the finals 😂
Angel Aguirre
Angel Aguirre 4 months ago
Dont diminish the greatness and the grit of the nuggets, man. The clippers didnt rob us for a potentially rare battle of LA wcf. It’s just that the nuggets were better prepared for the clips.
hood femboy
hood femboy 4 months ago
Kawhi tried to do the Kawhi face and come back and played even worse.
smoked buns
smoked buns 4 months ago
How to choke 101.
Amish HACKER lul
Amish HACKER lul 4 months ago
They didnt give up its rigged the whole league rigged
Fit Star88
Fit Star88 4 months ago
The Lazio of Los Angeles lol hahahahahahaha
Fit Star88
Fit Star88 4 months ago
Chokeeee baby
Fit Star88
Fit Star88 4 months ago
Fuck clippers lol
jaime schuler
jaime schuler 4 months ago
lakers v celtics
jaime schuler
jaime schuler 4 months ago
i’m fine wit it celtics all the way
Aye Jay
Aye Jay 4 months ago
The ultimate flex is shooting a shot running full speed to get the rebound but the shot goes in with no rim
Derek Keyes
Derek Keyes 4 months ago
Anthony Jimenez
Anthony Jimenez 4 months ago
It’s the coaching and players, how you gonna have PG13 be incompetent for the playoffs, and Kawhi used his energy last year. How.
Mikie Lee
Mikie Lee 4 months ago
Lakers take the Finals, Clippers choke playoffs
Danilo Protić
Danilo Protić 4 months ago
You are just a crazy men who only wants to see one series in the whole season, and talks like the Nuggets are big garbage.
Vincefrom PH
Vincefrom PH 4 months ago
Kawhi should have stayed in raps
CORY MARTINEZ 4 months ago
kawhi and paul george only combined for 24 points in game 7 were the clippers blew so many chances to close out the nuggets but let them hang around causing them to blow a 3-1 lead and clippers became a 2nd round exit. clippers were overhyped this season and as a okc fan we won the paul george trade big time
Saint Drew
Saint Drew 4 months ago
Clippers couldn't stand the idea of losing to the Lakers in WCF so they just bowed out to the nuggets lol
Coach King Rod
Coach King Rod 4 months ago
Way Off P 😆 🤣
Coach King Rod
Coach King Rod 4 months ago
😅😅😅 at the beginning and the music!
Bill Arnold
Bill Arnold 4 months ago
Doc Rivers will have more time now to talk about the socialist liberal issues
J-Zee 4 months ago
Clippers just clipped themselves in the neck and choked.
Alieu Camara
Alieu Camara 4 months ago
“Pandemic P is a real thing” 😂😂😂
S1LVAW0LF 4 months ago
Clippers need an actual pg. That 4th quarter had terrible ball movement and iso ball all over. The nuggets just played beautiful tean ball and came back from 3 1.
Perez_Editz13 4 months ago
Theses espn guys predicted 11 months ago that the nuggets would win watch us-first.info/player/video/n96JmayJipydiZ8.html
YullyDully 4 months ago
Kawhi and Paul choked harder than a Pornstar
Giona Strazzacappa
Giona Strazzacappa 4 months ago
D rose 1 power man
Chris Leontsinidis
Chris Leontsinidis 4 months ago
Why won’t we see it next year?
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