Cleaning the interior of a 240sx that sat for 10 years.. 

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Jimmy Oakes
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Feb 21, 2021




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Aidan Templin
Aidan Templin 15 days ago
Appreciate you heavy James!! Thanks for having me up, was a blast 🖤
Aidan Templin
Aidan Templin 2 days ago
@Carl Yebes good looks!!
Steven Ruiz
Steven Ruiz 2 days ago
“Gushing all over” lmfaooo
A-TRON 10 days ago
What's the steamer? Got a link?
Terrence 13 days ago
We need more Aidan content
Korbin Whitener
409 kitchen cleaner will eat straight through the adhesive. And it doesn’t smell too bad, I mean goo gone obviously will work too. But the cleaner just eats it up
Steven Ruiz
Steven Ruiz 2 days ago
Initial D “red suns” on the side? I saw that!! I see the previous owner was a man of culture 🧐
Steven Ruiz
Steven Ruiz 2 days ago
Brian all faded getting emotional over the car being left behind. I saw a Filipino flag 🇵🇭 early on the video so maybe the Bentley thing actually happen lol.
Steven Ruiz
Steven Ruiz 2 days ago
The e36 in the back that you worked on since corona took over
vince quast
vince quast 3 days ago
Bro I needs to know what b be smokin on my mans is higher than giraffe pussy every day
IdLikeAnEvo 3 days ago
love ittt !
kale k
kale k 5 days ago
Love the RedSuns decal. Didn't notice it at first
NATE 7 days ago
Car says red suns
Kevin Hughes
Kevin Hughes 8 days ago
19:39 my dud looks fadded as hell 😏 Eyes look out there 🥴
Patrick Mckee
Patrick Mckee 9 days ago
That man is just gushing good vibes
LIL Delgado
LIL Delgado 9 days ago
Hate that he puts the camera so close to their faces
Keon Chase
Keon Chase 9 days ago
Why u soooooo zoomed in to everyone's face all vid lol
Jimmy Ellison
Jimmy Ellison 10 days ago
How stoned are half you lads? Lol
TeddyWestside412 10 days ago
anyone know what type of brush Aidan was using on his drill?
David Goss
David Goss 10 days ago
stop talkin "bout gushing with that mustache lol
Dakota Shireman
Dakota Shireman 10 days ago
Instead of going crazy on ole girl just leave her stock... she deserves it
chris chris
chris chris 11 days ago
take the camera outta that dudes face holy shit
Danny Corliss
Danny Corliss 11 days ago
He said "y'know what I'm sayin" so many times, and zero of those times did I know what he was sayin
Josh Fenner
Josh Fenner 12 days ago
How on this earth do you only have 364k subs?! you deserve millions love the content keep it coming love from the uk🇬🇧
#HondaGang 12 days ago
At 19:52 my boy is higher than a kite lol 😂
Paul Wemhaner
Paul Wemhaner 12 days ago
I LITERALLY had to quit eating my food while watching the first part of this video. SOOOOOOOO glad you guys put in the work to restore this gem!!!
Michael Doyle
Michael Doyle 12 days ago
"its not in a junkyard yet"
charlie l-v
charlie l-v 12 days ago
This is the content we need. Aiden makes the vibes.
Trevor Joseph
Trevor Joseph 12 days ago
Satisfying to wastch🔥
Devin Creech
Devin Creech 12 days ago
You need to get an ozone machine, that'll really get that smell out. absolutely makes a huge difference.
Prakash Roy
Prakash Roy 12 days ago
You should restore this car to factory boring stock, and then hide some badboy power train under the hood... Then you can call it the "sleepvia".. As it will be a awsome sleeper
Blaise Howard
Blaise Howard 13 days ago
Bhall smokes blunt - "the story of this car just makes me so sad"
Jori Larson
Jori Larson 13 days ago
Som faces are not close up friendly.
Dayne Joseph
Dayne Joseph 13 days ago
Fam just taught me so much chit about auto detailing.
the nice guy
the nice guy 13 days ago
You know what im sayin
Aaron Peplinski
Aaron Peplinski 13 days ago
I realize that this is probably too late, but have him use that extraction vacuum on the seat belts. If you have time, hit all of your cars seat belts. At least get your dailies.
im Schwaggy
im Schwaggy 13 days ago
i've noticed every good detailer is like sexually aroused by a dirty car because they know what it can/will look like when they're done .
Ronin 13 days ago
Manual swap, subtle drop, new dashboard and that's it for me! It deserves to be an OEM plus car. You've got enough stance/drift cars! I wouldn't even change the wheels! It would be nice to see an all original, mint car, between all your builds!
Rutger Derksen
Rutger Derksen 13 days ago
Looks like Brain smoked a big one, if you see his eyes
Terrence 13 days ago
James, we need and want more Aidan content.
Bayu Mahardika
Bayu Mahardika 13 days ago
do a complete oem ++++ build like papa tommy
P51 Sleeper
P51 Sleeper 13 days ago
Pleeeaaase dont mod this one just leave it stock
Sinatra III
Sinatra III 13 days ago
Aidan needs to move in with you guys! This shawty iz a whole ass vibe
Domain Admin
Domain Admin 13 days ago
Old owner clearly parked it when the head gasket blew, bought the gasket but didn’t have the skills to change it, then got on with his life.
manny oomrow
manny oomrow 13 days ago
Jimmy, do a giveaway build on this car
justin casiere
justin casiere 13 days ago
Use the steamer on the tint
Bobby Schram
Bobby Schram 13 days ago
They look high as hell
Andy Amezcua
Andy Amezcua 13 days ago
Aidan is fucking hilarious, you know what im sayin? lol
firehawk956 13 days ago
5 speed swap it, respray it and do a give away!!!
Ralph Capriotti
Ralph Capriotti 13 days ago
I love how stoned brian is in every video
jaime rodriguez
jaime rodriguez 13 days ago
You should make this a giveaway car. I'd be on board with that.
Tis Dalt0n
Tis Dalt0n 13 days ago
One thing I love about this s14 is the old Redsuns sticker from initial D
Duhh Turtle
Duhh Turtle 13 days ago
bro Griots is the shitt. Speed shine all the way
Erik Wundermann
Erik Wundermann 13 days ago
Jimmy use that steamer on the tint and a razorblade
kataz 13 days ago
makes me happy to see u guys in the comments discover aidan hes a fkn legend
Nzgearheads 13 days ago
Restore it or stance it
Jesse san
Jesse san 13 days ago
Restore it and sell it to Tommyfyeah
Chris M
Chris M 13 days ago
They are absolutely blasted 😂 😚 💨
AYardley 13 days ago
is that a bit of dip in aidans lip? @ 14:55
Stuart Brophy
Stuart Brophy 13 days ago
That car is crazy clean for something that was sitting in the sun for 10 years! My daily is probably worse 😂
Matthew Heilman
Matthew Heilman 13 days ago
Wanna clean my car? I work in a fiberglass factory and have a tan interior. Theres not much that doesnt have black on it
4thgenfisherman 13 days ago
Can we just take a second to point out how obliterated b-hall looks🤣🤣
Nicholas RB
Nicholas RB 13 days ago
stance it out with an s14 sr20det and s15 6 speed swap
Brian Carroll
Brian Carroll 13 days ago
every single clip was waayyyy too close to that dudes mustache
junior gauthier
junior gauthier 13 days ago
Breal talking all I can hear is cypress hills -I wanna get high so high
H NUGGETS 13 days ago
Patrick Stephens
Patrick Stephens 13 days ago
I mean il buy it 🤷‍♂️
gabe williams
gabe williams 13 days ago
aiden is the great value rob dyrdek we all needed! the lingo and fire stash! more collabs! ship it bois!!!
Busted knuckle customs
The clean i could put on that car would look brand new lol
Rohan Aggarwal
Rohan Aggarwal 13 days ago
Please dont make this a stance build.
Seth Sawyer
Seth Sawyer 13 days ago
U should look into dry ice cleaning under it
John Basden
John Basden 13 days ago
So if yall paint it can we keep it factory color
03rioboy 13 days ago
Rjs new daily? Get him into a 240 instead of the g.
FEAR MEDIA 13 days ago
@JimmyOakes!!!!! Make it a giveaway car every 50$ spent at shopJimmyO is one entry for a chance at a factory clean 240sx
Sofía R.R.
Sofía R.R. 13 days ago
Include more ASMR vacuuming/extracting clips, please!
Dirté_Garage 13 days ago
Please stop getting so Fkn close to people’s faces. Stop. It’s dizzying and disgusting. It’s not artsy. It’s not creative. It’s tacky. Zoom on paint, seats, fabrics. Inanimate objects. I don’t want to know how many random hairs were missed in the attempts at a ginger trash stash. I don’t want to see tooth indents of chewing gum whilst still being chewed.
KingofBS 13 days ago
Wow! How many bowls did Brian smoke? LOL
IzAndy69 13 days ago
Brian was hella stocked
Koen Polstra
Koen Polstra 13 days ago
Finaly a real car again 👍🏻👍🏻
Ben Crosbie
Ben Crosbie 14 days ago
What it feels like to chew 5 gum
Jake Van Holten
Jake Van Holten 14 days ago
use @aidanMT's steamer to remove the tint thank me later
MarcAnthony Melendez
Brian is cooked
LateNight Rituals
LateNight Rituals 14 days ago
Jimmy oakes holding the camera n Aidan's face: "now kith" *Insert Mike Tyson's meme*
Chad Brooks
Chad Brooks 14 days ago
I want to see a new stance build
Shinigami x
Shinigami x 14 days ago
Jimmy looks like a Bigfoot beside Aidan
HiTmAnHaRrY90 14 days ago
I’m guessing the head gaskets gone
Dustys Garage
Dustys Garage 14 days ago
I swear it looks like they just get smacked and show off super sick hotboi cars 😂
Jeremy Radke
Jeremy Radke 14 days ago
See normal people like watching people eat with that mukbang crap, or doctors popping pimples, this is my kinda ASMR, I’ve watched the gt-r detailing videos numerous times. Awesome work guys! That coochi-goop was disgusting 🤣🤣🤣
psob1 14 days ago
What about the roof cloth???
J240RB60 14 days ago
Definitely hope Aidan is in more videos, he’s awesome. Subbed to him, as well 🤟🏼
francisco toscano
francisco toscano 14 days ago
Aidan looks like a knockoff Adam LZ
Orlando Mijares
Orlando Mijares 14 days ago
PRO TIP FOR TINT The McCulloch steamer you used to clean the gas and break peddle makes pealing tint off windows easy, Just steam and pull slowly and it will come off and leave little to no residue!
Bas schurgers
Bas schurgers 14 days ago
That guy high af duuuude😂😂🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼
The Barber Blogg
The Barber Blogg 14 days ago
Do a give away with it!
Robert Gasser
Robert Gasser 14 days ago
12:08 burger king pepsi, anyone?
SprungBOOGy MAN 14 days ago
lol says hasnt seen rat shit yet but there was rat shit by the roach lol next clip havent seen no rat shit at all.... blind or high either or lol
David Jumper
David Jumper 14 days ago
Surprise Brian with that s14 and get him into a s chassis.
migsov3 14 days ago
You tell they really knew about the car and what it meant.. redsuns what a gem.. excited to see the next vid
Corey Hojewski
Corey Hojewski 14 days ago
I think I've seen that dude on youtube maybe in a slammed e36???
brody 14 days ago
Brian lookin high AF
T Bruil
T Bruil 14 days ago
That's some forbidden carpet coffee
Zane Childress
Zane Childress 14 days ago
Bro I love Griots Garage products! Best stuff I've ever used!
Bryan 14 days ago
Blown head gasket could be why it sat? Considering it had one in the trunk.
stanced garage 306
stanced garage 306 14 days ago
i would like to see you find a 90s mazda mx3 precidia, it would be cool seeing what you could do with one of those.
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