Class 1B react to class 1A // BNHA// 

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Feb 20, 2021




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angel_demon 54 minutes ago
Al fin sacan a Kendo yo estoy en un grupo de bhna donde soy Kendo
Bri Land
Bri Land 2 hours ago
Can I have a shout-out Pls I luv your vids
no thing
no thing 2 hours ago
Make them react to deku vs overhaul
K E!
K E! 3 hours ago
Was like a whole movie trailer-
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom 3 hours ago
I’m mad
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom 3 hours ago
lyle clark
lyle clark 3 hours ago
Bakugou cute
Bakugou cute 3 hours ago
5:35 😵😵😵 Hot
Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari 4 hours ago
Oh my god this vid was beautiful
Cassidy 4 hours ago
i got too much spoiler next time please warn me
gummybearsღ 3 hours ago
I put a spoiler warning maybe you didn't see it
am a Bad artist
am a Bad artist 4 hours ago
I totally love how this gives spoilers✌️😌👍
Evelyn _ Cloudy
Evelyn _ Cloudy 4 hours ago
1-B: **reacts to a dramatic video** **video ends** Gummy: “K bye”
Royale High UwU
Royale High UwU 5 hours ago
The last one literally took my heart- it's like a flippin movie trailer like- I'm just obsessed with the last one-
Jelly fish
Jelly fish 5 hours ago
5:42 bakugou says cheese stake 😂
Kamryn Benjamin
Kamryn Benjamin 5 hours ago
what have we learned today? THAT DEKU IS A BAD BLEEP YUHHHHHHHHHHHH
Múne_ Playz
Múne_ Playz 6 hours ago
The reason they will become amazing hero's is because all they've been through together, they have learned life lessons at an exponentially quickened rate, compared to everyone else in the school; That is also why and how they have bonded so much that they seem like a family.
ur local dead meme
ur local dead meme 6 hours ago
I guess monoma is not crazy abt class a :P
Andrei Potato
Andrei Potato 6 hours ago
i like this i will treasure this moment always
Xx AngelyxX
Xx AngelyxX 7 hours ago
Can you tell me the name of the seventh memes name? Cuz I like that one
sparkle.blossom 7 hours ago
can somebody give me the link to the video at 3:26?
Rodel Ganalon
Rodel Ganalon 8 hours ago
me: *is bi* me seeing Ibara and Kosei: **SIMP MODE: ACTIVATE**
Leah spink
Leah spink 8 hours ago
i got shivers watching the last tiktok
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima 8 hours ago
I think i feel weird after them reacting to ours-
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 10 hours ago
Midorya's dad is i villain .^.
stavhasbobuc •́ ‿ ,•̀
The end made my ears bleed cause i was wearing head phones XD
Chuck_Lloyd Lloyd
Chuck_Lloyd Lloyd 12 hours ago
Class 1-A:Telling hero names Me:My quirk is Depression and my hero name is Depression 🤗
Windyvxxbes 12 hours ago
XxGacha AlphaxX
XxGacha AlphaxX 12 hours ago
I'm crying at the Trailer for some reason...because of the song and the edit...
Alex and Daniel The Gacha GumDrops
Mom: You have online classes Me: *being 2 mins late cuse watching this amazing vid UwU*
Kayla Woods
Kayla Woods 12 hours ago
I wanted to see endvares funeral
Paxton Margolies
Paxton Margolies 13 hours ago
Yup doesn’t show virtually any emotion
username not found
username not found 14 hours ago
the last viedeo hit me hard tho.....
Fireglitchgacha 14 hours ago
Black hair girl: not In love like her girl classmates
Fireglitchgacha 14 hours ago
Does anyone also think that the black haired girl looks like jiro🤣
Todoroki 轟焦凍
Todoroki 轟焦凍 15 hours ago
VȺłᵾꝁȺ シ
VȺłᵾꝁȺ シ 15 hours ago
3:56 im literay simping for kirishima right now..
Raquel M
Raquel M 16 hours ago
What’s your intro music?
Raquel M
Raquel M 15 hours ago
@gummybearsღ thank you シ
gummybearsღ 15 hours ago
By:TULE I think
Raquel M
Raquel M 15 hours ago
@gummybearsღ oh thx by who?
gummybearsღ 15 hours ago
Shawn Gumban
Shawn Gumban 16 hours ago
shout out please i love all of your vids i watch them all
lisbeth pacheco
lisbeth pacheco 16 hours ago
Everyone:*crys* Me being dumb and dose not unstand: 🙁
Lol in a bit Means lolbit
Let's be real nobody understands shirtless deku, I mean is baby face on a jacked body, HOW!?
Depressed. _.mushroom
I- wow the last part was ....amazing
zinat hossain
zinat hossain 18 hours ago
Can u make them react to why monoma hates Class 1-A?
AquariiLinh 18 hours ago
Yay! 1B
GachaFruitPlayz 19 hours ago
I SUBSCRIBE to everyone I see. So, here lots of love!❤❤❤
sean richjeard rapera
Ogenkidesuka? : D
Gãčhâ Øutėrspãcè
Class 1A has been through hell and back
Elóy Alves
Elóy Alves 20 hours ago
Whats the name of the music in the intro
gummybearsღ 19 hours ago
Pat Linde
Pat Linde 20 hours ago
Please make part 2
Annika Oksanen
Annika Oksanen 20 hours ago
The last one 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Icy Sun
Icy Sun 21 hour ago
5:07 AHAHAH INSEE WHAT U DID THERE (See who is in the pic and listen to the background.)
Ckrea 21 hour ago
whats the last video called?
Ckrea 22 hours ago
DAMN!! that last video!!
Kaisa Pajusalu
Kaisa Pajusalu 22 hours ago
Ty because there was a spoiler warning⚠️
TheRat 22 hours ago
Me watching 5 videos like that and can't find anyone with Shinsou:
TheRat 11 hours ago
@gummybearsღ I didn't mean to class 1B i just wanted video like that with our violet kitty :'>
gummybearsღ 19 hours ago
Shinsou is in class 1C
Jana Scholtes
Jana Scholtes 22 hours ago
I have a quetion well...wich class is the baddest 1 b or c i know that 1-a is the vest right?
Caroline Bruhn
Caroline Bruhn 22 hours ago
Shout out 😅
Aimer-chan channel
Aimer-chan channel 22 hours ago
eyyy can you do:"1B react to villain deku AU"??? PLSSS I BEG YOU
J P 22 hours ago
Ur missing a student ✨ Manga ✨🤣❤️
Rylie Brown
Rylie Brown 23 hours ago
Can I pls have a shot out 🥺
Midiori Midoriya
Midiori Midoriya 23 hours ago
Ya Monoma is the Class 1-B idiot
Totally not an anime simp.
#RIPdadmight 😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ImReal 23 hours ago
The last was so epic tho-
annaalex17 23 hours ago
i wanna adopt more kids now
Boba CUBE ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
I’m a little late sry
Family life
Family life 23 hours ago
Whats the song for 3:59??
Janice Chen
Janice Chen Day ago
“Me always mad” “Never happy” Me:this video made me happy
GamerEli games
So uh I’m going back to IRL school But there is 2 groups Class 1-A and class 1-B I’M GOING TO BE IN CLASS 1-A CYA MONOMA I HEADING TO SEE BAKUGOU AND DEKU AND TODOROKI AND ALL OF CLASS 1-A
wyślij sms pod numer 777
5:43 where's OI OI OI
peanut star
peanut star Day ago
I love this
ღAme-Ero-Senpai ღ
3:36 " Arigato Naru "??? wait... this Voice... IS OBITO UCHIHA
Glint Day ago
Did you know that the vine girl in class 1b was supposed to be in class 1a but the creators didn’t want to have to draw all thos vines over and over
xX Cloudy Dreams Xx
Number one hero’s be getting dominated OwO
Monoma thinks he can beat class 1 A but he can't
Ifeoma OwO Duck
1B exists?! [Im not in the fandom, so I thought there was only 1A 👀]
iYoungFox Day ago
This doesn’t sound like much but I love the effort and time you can see we’re put into the OC’s. Most people wouldn’t put so much effort into 1b characters
Sweet _milk
Sweet _milk Day ago
I wanna cry...
Vivian Does Gacha
Could I have a link to the AMV at the end please?
CookooHead Day ago
*intensity and pain in the video finally ends* You: “kayyyy byeeee” 😂 ✋🏻
Mila Todoroki
Can we all agree that 1-A has a hard Life?
AnimeCrybaby_36 Walley
You should do this class again and add the one with Bakugou and Deku with AOT
Smallest child ono
2:45 deku simps where r u 😩🖐
Shiku Family
Shiku Family Day ago
What is the name of the song on 4:21 please ?
Angelica The Weirdo
Sad mood alert 🚨 ⚠️
Angelica The Weirdo
Simp Alert 🚨 ⚠️
Briar Frye
Briar Frye Day ago
me: skips spoilers* also me: realisies i already watch the full mha series* me again:...why was I born a idiot?
alpha vlogs
alpha vlogs Day ago
shout plese
An Trần Tâm Phan
I cried at the last edit ;-;
Ray Fire
Ray Fire Day ago
That last meme tho-
•izuku Midoria•
Um I mean where are the credits? 🙄😒
•Coøkie Délûxe•
Can someone send me the first Tik tok it’s so cool
idioticle Day ago
CAN I GET A SHOUT OUT PLZ :333 I can bet that damaged your ears
*-Ella W-*
*-Ella W-* Day ago
Characters: Perfect-
Milky Toast
Milky Toast Day ago
When you have to shower but the videos interesting
Gracie-mai Norton
I’m up to episode 7 and this is crazy knowing how far Deku will come- also there so different in the anime...
Ysabella Cruz
Credit to the last video?? I wanna see it in video ÔwÔ
SilverHeartYT Gatcha
Toga- so kawaiii🥺👉👈
Maia Nizharadze
Are you georgian?
lione le peep
Question: Whats your intro music I kinda like it-
lione le peep
lione le peep 21 hour ago
omixify Day ago
Monoma better shut up after this.
The Cookie Twins
Jay Sleep Insomnia
*sees shinsou appear* :0
my valentine :)
Views 346K
my valentine :)
Views 346K