Cinco De Amigos | Ep 63 | Bad Friends 

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0:00 Happy 5 de Mayo
6:40 Three Amigos and Fred Asparagus and Justin Bieber's Brother-in-Law
9:36 Finis Henderson and the Comedy Store Legends
26:00 Bobby and the Other Jules
31:02 Bobby and Andrew's Awkward Moments
46:29 Why Mexico is Better than Spain
50:00 The Nun Who Dated Elvis
1:09:24 Fans Submissions for The Bottoms of Turtle Island
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May 3, 2021




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Comments 99   
Kris 3 hours ago
Why does every asian accent, devolve into his Toki Fong accent. "gimme de gun"
kronosx7 3 hours ago
Bethlehem is not in egypt.
Don The Editor
Don The Editor 4 hours ago
watching adreas dance at the end ruined my day
4martch 5 hours ago
way faster googling than Nadav.......
WanderA 5 hours ago
that bald guy in the suit was the best
Mai Vang
Mai Vang 8 hours ago
Papa Bobo has so many stories I could listen to him all day!
andrew harwell
andrew harwell 9 hours ago
Love u guys. Great pod keep it up
Jed Moser
Jed Moser 9 hours ago
Wtf did they say Jesus was Egyptian? He was 100% Jewish
Chap Pagettie
Chap Pagettie 9 hours ago
Wow Andrew knows Hmong?!?
Andruucspr 9 hours ago
Andres def won that dance off
Joseph Muscara
Joseph Muscara 9 hours ago
Fancy B was getting it!
PeepDiamonds 10 hours ago
the way bobby treats people in his life seems so poor. like he just has the lowest standards and everyone has to lower there standards with him. why would someone lower there standards for how they get treated to chill or work with anyone
Panuloo P
Panuloo P 10 hours ago
Bro I think Mexico is Better 😭 sorry
Brandini The Genie
Brandini The Genie 10 hours ago
I love this podcast so much! I’ve watched every episode! 🔥🤙🏽
Tania Jones
Tania Jones 10 hours ago
Boycotting due to Good Friends having to forcefully change their name.
Maxx Riot
Maxx Riot 12 hours ago
Andrew still sucks.. Hey Andrew you're a Pound Puppy.. I'm right here
BILLY GOAT 12 hours ago
Gilbert’s sister is smoking, sorry.
Major Wolf
Major Wolf 14 hours ago
I feel like the youngest bad friends listener here
Alphabyte Music
Alphabyte Music 16 hours ago
Matthew Findlay
Matthew Findlay 17 hours ago
Let's face it, Jesus was the first white. Everyone on earth was tanned and he was the very first albino. He was just really nice, helped people feel better, and loved to drink wine. He had a band of cronies up the river who poured all types of wine in the creek. Once everyone was drunk, he spread his #siswhitemale seed. Of course he started a cult. You would too if you were the first albino.
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 17 hours ago
Gio Aguilar
Gio Aguilar 17 hours ago
Haha sewn never realized he was on the office
themza912 17 hours ago
New to this podcast, but love Bobby and Andrew. Who is Jules?
Nick Silver
Nick Silver 17 hours ago
Rudy's last episode 😢😪 F college stay in Podcastville forever 🥺
jacobbowitz 18 hours ago
LordMarkie 88
LordMarkie 88 19 hours ago
Im disappointed that know one said "chinko de mayo".
Synchronicity 21 hour ago
They left the ‘r’ word in this time. I like it! We need take it back!
Christopher Wallace
Christopher Wallace 22 hours ago
The one guy mentioned the Mexican cartel like it was a positive for Mexico lmao.
Qwerty Sauce
Qwerty Sauce 23 hours ago
More views than subs :/
Qwerty Sauce
Qwerty Sauce 23 hours ago
eric whatley
eric whatley Day ago
😂😂😂 Great show, gO_Odsh💩t Bad Friends.
James Young
James Young Day ago
Slept King was raw here, beaut
Byron Cazares
Love Bobby, Andrew isn’t funny, hate his sound effects
Charlie Conneely
I'm so glad I discovered this pod through 2 bears, it's so much better
a Archer_13
a Archer_13 Day ago
There should be a meme of Jules shaking her head yes with the sombrero shaking up and down when Santino says to her "You need to watch Three Amigos" hahaha
PIFF50 Day ago
Bobby Lee is the Alpha 🇺🇸
PIFF50 Day ago
Bobby Lee is the alpha
Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez Day ago
Andrew - "Egyptians where fair skinned like me" Rudy - *Doubt*
jeanie anne
jeanie anne Day ago
17:21 you’re welcome
Neko Day ago
make these 1hr 30 mins please!! 😞
Simon W
Simon W Day ago
only 2 types of people go looking for Spanish food.... serial killers and Andres, I lived in Spain for 2 years but I’m still going Mexico all day! Tacos 4 life
Cristopher Alan Salas Negrete
I have a crush on mexican sombrero rudy
Siege Life
Siege Life Day ago
I am Bobby Lee and here are half of the stories I know. No, my stories... but only half of them are told. Wait, half of my stories, told. But only half of them. Right? Yea, each story but only half of each story. Told.
Sereena Day ago
I love this podcast
411laxplaya Day ago
Anyone else go watch bane say he was born in the darkness after they mentioned
Johnny C
Johnny C Day ago
Fancy B need to do that dance at the end AND the beginning of all podcasts moving forward
Isaac Ayala
Isaac Ayala Day ago
Selena is Tejana! Im giving you the same look as 2pac behind you..
Koooda850 Day ago
Andres at the end was the best
Barbarian King
Andreas far superior dancer
Teemo Kardell
👎 Not enough Jules. Other than that, good job!
Tim F
Tim F Day ago
Barbaduke lol
TheJulez14 Day ago
If Bobby wasn't a comedian we would see a Netflix documentary about a Ninja Murderer from San Diego.
OMG you are a bunch of gays
Cody Bloom
Cody Bloom Day ago
All Mexicans have Spanish blood lmao
ZKnmemo Day ago
This is so much better than TIgerbelly.
Anyone else have Spanish ads?
CanAm479 CanAm479
Jules’s hat
michael gambill
I threw up in my mouth so bad when Andres danced at the end
Plainy J
Plainy J Day ago
17:21 OMG Bobby 😂😂😂😂
M G Day ago
41:35 I'm surprised that they didn't censor that😂
that Mexico has mexicans and spain has andres bit was funny af xD Im mexican and would like to visit Spain one day aha 😃👍
Mike D. EBay
Mike D. EBay Day ago
"Kinda like Bane did... in that prison."
Event Horizon
Those mic cords are racist!
Thomas Rainbow
1:09:40 Man if you are a graphic designer this is the pain we have to go through! (Even though they may be right) but... "I don't like the font, needs to be bolder.." "is that an animated gif of Rudy?"!??? LOL - And then "Thank you for who did that?" lol! How about give some credit to the artists! #nostorocincodemayo #artgang
Ryan K
Ryan K Day ago
What is the thing attacking Bobby's chin?
END TIMES PraiseJesus
just seeing Andrew in a bad comedy series almost makes me want to watch it.
Andre Combs
Andre Combs Day ago
This is so garbage I stopped watching after 2 ep and I came back it’s still horrible the talk shit ok the people that could end them they both losers for not letting Bobby’s brother name his pod Good Friends
Yasmin Candy
Yasmin Candy Day ago
Lmfao !!!!!!!!!!this is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard the college sex story omfg lol the Jesus talk is funny to lol like what would Jesus look like? Omg the ending hahaha
It’s been a long three weeks since finding this podcast and I’m finally caught up :)
Richard Moore
I fucking love Fancy B.
MrAditya Day ago
still no Mexican Martial Arts grand master jessie, so much disrespect
iiz Miinx
iiz Miinx Day ago
This podcast just keep getting better and better!! Great job boys!
david cuchens
Antonnio Banderas is from Spain, nuff said
thatfitdad IG
Fancy won that dance off. Impressed
germ Day ago
the dancing at the end is so perfect 👌🏽 😂
Tim DeGraw
Tim DeGraw Day ago
SO YOU ARE SAYING: Bobby Lee, during the pandemic, called Better Help to get home through his father's death? ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT.
Another McBastard
Buy Dode Coin..
Kamala Harassment
Andrew santino mocks Indian people
Cecilia McAlear
A: "What? No! Barbaduke isn't fat!" B: "What does Barbaduke mean?" A "It means fat. It means fat queen."
Derly Calza
Derly Calza Day ago
I waited until Cinco de mayo to watch this!!! It's my birthday putos🍾🍾🍾 viva mexico!!!🇲🇽 and fuck Spain.
Brada Bear
Brada Bear Day ago
Happy Cinco!!!! Cabrones!!!!!
Geoffrey Amburgy
I love the “five of friends” podcast
SCYTHERkill Day ago
Andrew I'm a Jr. in highschool and the same thing happened to me w this girl. Issok shit works itself out
Craig Sloan
Craig Sloan Day ago
Did anyone else notice that the "is Andrew Santino" google search results were lame af? I think as a collective we could do something about that if ya know what I mean ;-)
Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks Day ago
Alan Quintero
Watching this at work has made me more friends... making some bad friends lmao
T0myTune Day ago
Exactly what they critisized "i want to be ninja" lady for THEY do in this episode. The hipocrasy is big with theese two. They definitley think they are better than her, but will obviousley will never admit it... I definitley lost most of my respect for them thanks to that.
Jean-Daniel Potié
Rudy's off the cuff humour keeps getting better
Kyle Mcgill
Kyle Mcgill Day ago
Владимир Бадалян
Andreas in the end, is the only good thing about Spain.:) (JK I love Spain)
Tyler VeVea
Tyler VeVea Day ago
Fancy dancing in the end had me DYYINNNGGG! 🤣 Bless that man's heart.
Erick Castillo
Andrés with the movees
Brian Holidae
... stalking someone saying "I do nothing" is wild. Bobby, it was creepy dude. Driving by their houses just to see if they're home... creepy. Watching a sleeping friends feet... creepy. Lol
78bcat link
78bcat link 2 days ago
To give an outsider's view to Santi's outsider view of Beaumont Bacon. So she was punished out of insecurity, that she was too hard to follow...talent today are punished if they don't kiss Rogan's ass and pretend his crew of sycophants are "funny"...
Hendolph 2 days ago
that fancy b dance scene in the end had me in stitches. didn't see it coming xD
SluggieFresh 2 days ago
Top tier episode 👏
Daniel Penrod II
Daniel Penrod II 2 days ago
“Can I just park outside this girl’s house” Classic Bobby.
Jeremy Barbeau
Jeremy Barbeau 2 days ago
Rudy's improv skills have increased ×10. Just slingin shit whenever she's asked something 😅🤣🤣
KarloEvan Garcia
KarloEvan Garcia 2 days ago
Happy Cinco De Mayo.
Rip Van Winkle
Rip Van Winkle 2 days ago
Mexicans: Mexico > Spain Also Mexicans: get half their defining culture from Spain.