Chronicles of Reddit [Vol. 2] 

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Reddit holds a wide variety of oddities hidden within it's darkest corners. Tonight, we're going to explore three strange threads that I've recently discovered.
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Nov 27, 2020




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Nexpo 2 months ago
Just in - u/SootheBB has provided an update regarding their missing co-worker: www.reddit.com/r/RBI/comments/k338tm/update_on_missing_coworker/
Y k Y k
Y k Y k Day ago
@ragreenburg How many times are you idiots going to regurgitate this stupid point?
Robert Rudolph
I thought it was fake, who runs out of their job leaving all their belongings? No one lol dumb
abysmios 2 days ago
Your content is awesome!!! Thanks!
Jeeb Beej
Jeeb Beej 5 days ago
For those of you wondering the glitch part was the catastrophe crow arg and I heavily suggest you check it out
The Green Baby Podcast
@StormyAce Ford
Sky Dom
Sky Dom 13 hours ago
15:04 sus🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Among s(us) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kyryll T
Kyryll T 16 hours ago
What does dcs stand for? It's from the second case about dcs case worker
-Imperator Insomnia-
Losingmymind5 is obviously schizophrenic, my brother used to say the same thing about hearing people say things under their breath and having really good hearing until his diagnosis.
-Imperator Insomnia-
It embarrasses me that people actually believe that DCS story or any other creative writing session on reddit.
MeyoMix 23 hours ago
is it 1 am for anyone else?
Bodie Dutch
Bodie Dutch Day ago
The CPS Dilemma reminded me of the movie Inside (À l'intérieur) which is based on true events...
Selaphiel's House
Fuck you Nexpo all ive seen so far was your merch ad and im already spooked
Robert Rudolph
I thought the disappearing coworker was fake, who runs out of their job leaving all their belongings? No one lol so dumb great video tho
gamerboy 7667
gamerboy 7667 2 days ago
15:04 amogus refence
jme 2 days ago
December twenty-ninetain
Igneel Redfox
Igneel Redfox 2 days ago
Honestly in some parallel universe nexpo is an detective. I can really see him being a solid detective
Kristen Marie
Kristen Marie 3 days ago
I am someone who is going into a major that includes social work. I am from a different state, but what that lady was saying didn't make sense. The first thing is the fact that it was ten years ago. Next, In Washington, we are told that children are removed from the home only 10-15% of the time and because of how broken the system is, the goal is to keep families united. While pot may be legal in my state, it is treated like alcohol so obviously do not use it while pregnant. So if anyone is reading this, just know that you would need a bigger history than one arrest at 18 and a clean record since for CPS (or more likely DCFS- Department of children and family services) to get involved.
sunchild -
sunchild - 3 days ago
for the missing person... what’s the point in clicking the lock button 3 times and sending a photo to ppl when u can just click the home button 5 times and it’ll call 911?????
KelpieTheWelpie 3 days ago
I love you and your videos, Nexpo. Keep up the great work! I love feeling like I have no control over my own life with someone spying on me :)
anthony k
anthony k 3 days ago
My mother told me a while back of something similar to the fake Indiana DCS case happened to me when I was a small child. I don't remember any of it because I must've been around three years old at the time, and was at a private daycare at the time and the intruder was in our home (keep this in mind). Not sure if a police report was ever filed (even though it should have been?) but it was spooky as fuck. She told me that the person who came to our home was likely in her mid 40s. A little overweight, friendy, and fair-skinned. She was dressed in the same attire that NHS nurses usually are - she had the lanyard and everything. Nurses contacting us was a regular deal in my house. I wasn't the healthiest child in terms of my respiratory system and my eyes barely worked, so we were in constant communication with NHS staff regarding me. The lady at the door came in and assured my mum that this wasn't anything to be concerned about - just a check-up on how I was doing health wise. It struck my mum as odd considering how a nurse had never just showed up at the door unannounced before, but then again, our post had been going to the wrong addresses mistakenly around that time. At first she just assumed that maybe the letter had been sent elsewhere by accident, and politely told the lady that they'd have to reschedule because I was in nursery. The lady left politely enough and said to watch out for a letter containing the new date and time, and to contact the email provided if the date was not compatible with our schedule, yada yada. My mum phoned my nurse team after she left to reschedule rather than waiting for a letter that would likely have been sent to someone else by mistake anyways. This is when she found out all wasn't right. The nurses told her that nobody from their team had been to see us. No NHS staff should have contacted us at all. There was no woman by the woman's name who worked with them. Some random ass lady came to our house asking to see me and she knew our full legal names and addresses. Thank fuck I wasn't home.
Divyanjali 4 days ago
26:19 and again and again and again gave me a heart attack don't do that
BananaSpy 20
BananaSpy 20 4 days ago
Disatraced 4 days ago
The only question about the first one is won't those pictures have a GPS location attached to them?
Hayden Blake
Hayden Blake 4 days ago
Happy birthday u/babyblues17 9:45
fae 4 days ago
KuruSeed 4 days ago
the baby abduction thing is something i'd consider moving for
GibHacker 5 days ago
SootheBB is a complete hoax. Apparently their IP is from Australia, with no evidence of a VPN. They're not from "Northern Ohio".
Alfian Kurniawan
Alfian Kurniawan 5 days ago
Oh yea, the Baby abduction thing makes me remember new movie called RUN with Sarah Paulson on it.
koppy7 5 days ago
how fucked up can you be to abduct a new born baby.
the spying story had me until they mentioned that the guy whispered "that makes sense" right in front of them. why would someone who is spying on someone verbally make the connection that they made a mistake while spying on that person RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE PERSON THEY'RE SPYING ON? it was added to the story as an obvious attempt to lightly confirm that he was spying on them. and the whole "i have really good hearing" thing was such bullshit. these people are wonderful writers though. i see why they'd do it for the reactions. and these youtubers do amazing jobs at making it mysterious and convincing. but yeah, writer mistake. also, just leaving with no updates is such a classic for these kind of things. it isn't their real life, they can't give updates forever or try to write in real-life things because those are easily findable and would be able to prove that the story is true. but it isn't, and so they can't do any follow ups or ensure that they'll really do something in real life because it's a character.
Evan Brzostek
Evan Brzostek 5 days ago
Yeah, It does seem to "convenient" for lack of a better term.
i know these stories are probably just for fun and entertainment, but watching people believe it or pretend it's real / play along sort of bothers me.
Owen Wade
Owen Wade 5 days ago
The moaning editor multivariately fence because morning additionaly excuse unto a rare tadpole. staking, cuddly comb
Sky 5 days ago
Vol.3 soon
Raz G
Raz G 5 days ago
Why steal a new born. What source of income or simply anything would satisfy a baby kidnapper. Baby porn? Usage of demonic rituals? Selling the baby maybe? As extreme as it sounds I feel like it's possible.
Walker K
Walker K 6 days ago
Chances seem high that losingmymind5's husband is a redditor and saw her post, and then a confrontation happened, although who knows how it went. Probably not well, as if it went well she'd likely edit/follow up, and if it did go poorly, she'd want to shy away from reddit since it got her caught the first time, or since it reminded her of how the relationship went downhill.
Pannekaga 1000
Pannekaga 1000 6 days ago
Great video, can't wait for vol.3 if there's enough material for that that is
Zeel 6 days ago
That last story hits too close to home, literally. Growing up my mom’s boyfriend who me and my sister lived with installed cameras around the house, they were visible cameras and there was one in the living room, one in the kitchen, one in the den, and one in his bedroom. They claimed the cameras were for incase we get robbed. However they were used more to watch over me and my sister. These cameras always made me feel uncomfortable, he also had a nest doorbell but that’s outside of the house and he’s used it for several occasions so I didn’t mind it. However he would always watch these camera while he was at work, going to the store, or even when he is out with friends our family. Several times he would ask me to sit downstairs with the dog to watch him. Despite the dog being fine on his own and when ever he needs to go out he rings a bell that can be audible no matter where you are in the house, I found it stupid to be forced to sit down their with a dog who doesn’t really do or need anything. So often during these times I would sit upstairs in my room, either playing video games, doing homework, or just watching videos in bed. If the dog rung the bell of course I would let him out and let him back in. However this didn’t fly as he told me he wants me to sit on the couch and watch the dog, when I told him I always let him out when he needs to, and doesn’t have separation anxiety, I felt it was unnecessary, he’d just tell me he’s the boss and whatever he’s says is the rules, then insult my real father afterwards. We’ve got the cameras when I was around 8th grade and had to deal with them till 12th grade when my mother bought a condo to live on our own, he was still around but he didn’t run my life like he did anymore. He did buy my mother cameras similar to the ones he had to install in the condo but I don’t think she ever did, not atleast while I lived there. Not like the cameras in the condo would have bothered me much as my day to day schedule was pretty much, go to school, then go to work, then go home and sleep.
imFurbs 7 days ago
I seriously love the music in your intro, fits perfect.
9razzler9 7 days ago
abduction of a newborn is scary. they did their research knowing how to attack the husband's past...scary. it must be a well organized ring
DruidPC 7 days ago
That's an awful lot of catastrophe crow footage.
Anna Stevenson
Anna Stevenson 7 days ago
I've lived in Ohio my entire life. Those first three photos could be literally anywhere in rural Ohio.That's what the whole state looks like.
Gerry Mcs
Gerry Mcs 7 days ago
And the reste of missing child or in costoty of the dcs département lol
Gerry Mcs
Gerry Mcs 7 days ago
At first never lest som one cam in your home at all !!!
Gerry Mcs
Gerry Mcs 7 days ago
Dcs !!! Call a lawyer !
john kusz
john kusz 7 days ago
The co worker up and leaving then leaving all his belongings then the boss saying it’s up to the mother seems shady especially since the mother isn’t doing anything even if your not related to the coworker you should still file the report
a thing
a thing 8 days ago
Catastrophe Crow 64 Me: *shits self*
sean taylor
sean taylor 8 days ago
Honestly I love these reddit videos. I have reddit and going back and looking at the story for myself really shakes me. I feel like I think without seeing it for myself, I feel like it’s fake or fictional. But actually seeing it and seeing all the reactions and everyone’s theories just makes it so much more surreal. Anyways, keep up the amazing work nexpo!
Marzi 8 days ago
my cousin went through something similar to the husband and camera thing. she found out that her ex husband placed cameras in her house watching her and their child.
Gopher The Gopher
Gopher The Gopher 10 days ago
Well, given that it looks to be in a desolate wasteland, I'm going with East Cleveland.
NobodyWantsTha TWeak
My man really knows how to make me highly uncomfortable
Jennifer Van Osdel
Jennifer Van Osdel 10 days ago
The fact that the lady wasn’t even from DCS ! THATS FUCKING SCARYYYYYYYYYY
WorldsWorstBoy 11 days ago
I hate your new style of editing
jamie hollaway
jamie hollaway 11 days ago
I don't have kids (or plan to) but that fake DCS story made me so mad and sad at the same time. Thank Reddit OP&family are ok.
Z A 11 days ago
WeHateHarry 11 days ago
A final update has been provided regarding soothes co-worker, he was found.
Kayla D.
Kayla D. 11 days ago
Judith Harley
Judith Harley 11 days ago
That is Scary about the DCS case. Thank God the OP got advice and consulted a lawyer. I worked for Children Services in Ohio in the 80s and early 90s. We only got involved with newborns if they tested positive for illegal substances. But that was AFTER they were born.
Vrocks 12 days ago
My heart just stops every time the screen goes black and I scream internally "Don't say there was no follow up" only to be presented with "Unfortunately theres was no follow up from OP", Its sad to see so much build up of these stories only to be left with massive cliffhangers.
It’sValeee 12 days ago
The editing on the last story scared the shit outta me
Brian Pinto
Brian Pinto 12 days ago
Love nexpo but i miss mamamax🙃
Lance Cooper
Lance Cooper 12 days ago
My way of telling if a Reddit post is legitimate or not is to look at it like I’m the poster. If my friend or coworker went missing in that way I would file a police report regardless of what my boss said. It smells fishy, looks fishy, so (imo) it is fishy. If the OP keeps posting updates, or posts a resolution then it is probably legitimate. That’s just my opinion on it, and it may be flawed but it’s the best way to look at it with limited information.
Bar of Soap III
Bar of Soap III 13 days ago
Wow.... I'm going to start telling my friends that if they ever have suspicions that make them feel crazy, they're welcome to seek help unjudged for it from me.
Awesome MechYT
Awesome MechYT 13 days ago
Corey Preston
Corey Preston 13 days ago
Third story: bro just bring an IQ next round
ban hyaga
ban hyaga 13 days ago
I've never been to america but those photos In the first story seem from the Arizona I can't remember where I saw them exactly but it was when I was playing geo guesser and I went past a spot with striking resemblance
Japanese symbol for beginner
@Fellow Human I have no idea, I didn't comment on these videos. I even have no memories watching this vid
Japanese symbol for beginner
Is someone in my yt account?
Fellow Human
Fellow Human 10 days ago
Is this an arg? Cos it’s on multiple videos
Japanese symbol for beginner
An unknown error occurred
Connor Kilgour
Connor Kilgour 14 days ago
the fake DCS case sounds like a case that apparently happened in Northern Ontario. the person was caught red handed trying to take the baby and apparently the police got involved because some of the people wanted to beat the creep to death. at least that's the story. happened long before I lived there but I heard the story 100 times
zach bennett
zach bennett 14 days ago
gracious, your voice is just so soothing and euphoric. I could watch your videos for weeks.
Unhumanized 14 days ago
I hope loosing my mind is safe and didnt get her hurt with her husband
Yellerhead 15 days ago
With the r/legaladvice story, my theory is the impersonator wanted a look into their home so they would know where to break in and how to navigate the house to abduct their child.
iiro 15 days ago
LikeAboss 15 days ago
Mf it’s 4 in the morning . Why am I watching this 😂
Friendly Giant
Friendly Giant 16 days ago
24:20 mario 64 video o:
taylor aha
taylor aha 16 days ago
Her baby was going to be stolen!
Adi Satrio
Adi Satrio 16 days ago
Hi, I'm a new subscriber and have a question to all Nexpo veteran. Is there any video from Nexpo that has a jumpscare?
Evan McSweeney
Evan McSweeney 16 days ago
We need another one plz
William Parra
William Parra 16 days ago
I should be doing hw why am i here scaring myself tf is wrong with me
Ben Shrimpton
Ben Shrimpton 16 days ago
I wonder if maybe the fake CPS person wasn't trying to steal the child but instead scam the poster by giving her some fake costs for forms and legal fees
Nika Zaytseva
Nika Zaytseva 16 days ago
Wow, my ex bf also spied on me. There are a lot of them, hm
Evan McSweeney
Evan McSweeney 16 days ago
I live in northern Ohio, and those could be anywhere.
Aaron 16 days ago
You didn’t know abduction of children was a thing? Have you been to China/Africa/ANY developing country? It happens way more often and is a much bigger problem than in western countries Really isn’t that bizarre. You know the thing Dwight Schrute said about marking the baby after birth with a mark that only you can recognize? That actually happens.
Zak Thomas
Zak Thomas 17 days ago
They say northern ohio... I say those pictures look very reminiscent of the city I was born in; Elyria, ohio... or even lorain. Odd, I happen to be a recovered drug addict from there and have had a similar 'nomadic' lifestyle, as with many of my old friends.
Nazo 17 days ago
as someone who struggles just getting privacy from my mom that last one absolutely terrifies me
James Clouse
James Clouse 17 days ago
Last woman was obviously paranoid and/or lying. But we must believe all women all the time.
Alan Aguilera
Alan Aguilera 17 days ago
Catastrophe Crow references all in this video. Hmmmmm
OwnedRacoonTv 17 days ago
How can 1k people disliked this... thoses videos are too good keep up the good work Nexpo
Dove Grey
Dove Grey 17 days ago
Wow, another 25 minutes of dead air and 5 minutes of “”content””. Fuck you nexpo
Lemonlime Person
Lemonlime Person 17 days ago
Have a cookie. You are safe here. 🍪🥛 Also, this is Oreo 🐕
yiyi sometimes does art
im going to casually ignore the catastrophe crow footage in there
Rai 18 days ago
What the fuck 6666 comments
Demoman 18 days ago
Social Worker was an Imposter! Now that its said YOUR SUS
Joel Fitzgerald
Joel Fitzgerald 18 days ago
did anyone else hear ninetae
Niff2005 18 days ago
What would you even want a newborn for? Why would you want a child? What are you going to do with it?
Pots Greg
Pots Greg 18 days ago
Money on the black market, they were probably planning to sell its organs
Momo alo
Momo alo 18 days ago
Dykinator 20 days ago
Yep that "DC worker" was definitely going to take the baby from the hospital once it was born. Wonder if it's the same person who called it in
Captn Salty
Captn Salty 20 days ago
Am i the only one that thinks the last one is a little outrageous. It just seems too casual.
Reiwas 20 days ago
I hate when they just stop replying so selfish
Jamison Watkins
Jamison Watkins 21 day ago
So, I understand your point about him cheating or whatever, but you forgot about the brother thing and the fact that he knew she was home and about her friend's dog. Seems more like spying to me.
Iman Abid
Iman Abid 21 day ago
the music with AirPods not a good combo I’m scared😩
SPAM .03
SPAM .03 21 day ago
u/losingmymind5 shows she is still active on r/relationships.
ONeal 22 days ago
One of my old buddies used to do this trick to figure out if there were cameras around and it works idk about on all cameras but he had a radio or something like that and he could hear through the frequencies or some shit
JonasWasTaken 22 days ago
Nice catastrophe crow gameplay
Nelson Frota
Nelson Frota 22 days ago
i’ve found that the mostly odd, not much bizarre, is actually scarier than the actual horror stuff. idk, just feels more likely to happen to me 💀
Tony DeMatteo
Tony DeMatteo 22 days ago
Me before nexo video:Alright let’s watch AYE scary video of It3mz 'N r0bux 4nD tingz L1k3 dat!!! Me after nexo video:.......................oh god.................
ana_rchy 22 days ago
trollge bell
Chica De
Chica De 22 days ago
When I was about 10-11, my grandfather would hide in the attic a lot. My mom snooped and found out he'd hidden cameras in my bathroom and had been videotaping me showering and using the toilet, and photoshopping my face onto CP. That kind of violation of privacy sticks with you, man.