Chris Confronts Tammy's Boyfriend Jerry | 1000-lb Sisters 

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Feb 15, 2021




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Comments 100   
See its me :D creatively
He can still eat junk food he just shouldn't do it in front of her.
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams 53 minutes ago
Mans was just eating his cheetos
Loi 55 minutes ago
Ngl though, her eyebrows on fleek
Alright Looking Guy
I hope when Tammy's channel hits 1 million subs, she will do a neck reveal!
chewface 2 hours ago
Could a 600 pound man get a thin Jamaican woman?
Video Game God
Video Game God 3 hours ago
"I'm not that bad" She is probably one of the most repulsive looking people I've ever seen.
J Hoeh
J Hoeh 3 hours ago
I'm shocked a skinny black guy would want a fat white girl... Shocked I tell ya
Set Burhed
Set Burhed 3 hours ago
Tall skinny black guys love those huge white women lol
FacePunchSammich 5 hours ago
Poor Jerry...he’s the only one with self control and dude wants to beat his ass for eating chips😂😭
Jellybean YT
Jellybean YT 6 hours ago
0:31 put in 0.25 speed and look at Jerrys face 🤣🤣🤣😂😂
schec1015 6 hours ago
The real joke is that this woman has a partner and the rest of us don't. Now I'm sad
player tomek
player tomek 7 hours ago
Yo...leave my man Jerry alone...This man has a heart of gold
Oakland Raiders
Oakland Raiders 8 hours ago
I thought I would never say this but my respects to the dad he has manners respect and love and fearless
DRAMA L!VE 8 hours ago
He has a wife secretly
Ghosts Monster
Ghosts Monster 9 hours ago
Lmaoo that's her boyfriend, lmaoo, I didn't know people like fat people like that... that's nasty
SJ 10 hours ago
When he looked at him and sat the bag of chips on the couch I laughed so hard
Jamilah Toenailkilla
Yall peep Jerry's weak ass handshake?
Keiran 10 hours ago
Today I learned that forehead fat is a thing
Aiden vogeli
Aiden vogeli 11 hours ago
Dis poor dude bein dragged into this lady's love life bruh😂😂
McMoyes04 11 hours ago
Bro why th is Jerry with her. Sorry but I’m not the only one who KNOWS he is there for something else.
Karmen Vega
Karmen Vega 13 hours ago
Jerry has a feeder fetish.... he will quite literally kill Tammy
GoochPanooch 13 hours ago
I know it's messed up but SERIOUSLY what is the deal with Black men and Obese white women
Erica Levingston
Erica Levingston 14 hours ago
What is Chris's channel?
JaMya Nicole
JaMya Nicole 15 hours ago
jerry is lying
Wantout CO
Wantout CO 15 hours ago
yeah cant eat junk food around tammy. he needs a less fatter person if he thinks he wants to eat his love for junk food with another fat person. tammy needs diet.
papermachevolcano 15 hours ago
So many people here have actual real profile pics.
anonymous 81
anonymous 81 16 hours ago
It’s not Jerry’s fault that Tammy doesn’t have the self control to not eat the junk food.. it’s not fair to jerry to not be able to eat because Tammy can’t control herself..
Josiah Worsley
Josiah Worsley 16 hours ago
Wow. Suddenly everyone on US-first has become Dr. Phil
Cameron Malchow
Cameron Malchow 17 hours ago
You know, she really needs to have a think about what his motives are. Maybe they are emotionally connected and all that jazz, but I don't think so. I think Jerry is either there for his 15 minutes of fame or has a fetish that involves extremely overweight individuals.
Sean RB
Sean RB 18 hours ago
Jerry’s just thinking “ mayne these white ppls so damn weird”
GET RICH WIZ 1999 19 hours ago
Jerry look like he just need some where to live
Cass 22 hours ago
I feel bad :(
Mason G
Mason G 23 hours ago
I didn’t know I live in the same state as them
David 23 hours ago
Chris seems like a genuine guy but every time he speaks I can’t help but have the urge to gasp for air or clear my throat
Tania 23 hours ago
I think this whole jerry is overfeeding her is a tlc made plot
joshua lee
joshua lee 23 hours ago
Chris is the type of brother that everyone needs
Jesus. Tammy is in a relationship and I can’t even get in one. There is no god. I’m doomed.
Admiral Tuskis
this has to be staged... i refuse to believe that its real
MRBunnyOG Day ago
Man jerry want the ps5 bad
Brandon Tackett
Oh Jerry......what the hell man
jekhia johns
jekhia johns Day ago
They'll do anything for clout - offset
Jennifer Gibson
So for everybody that doesn’t know, this is what a crackhead looks like
Dave Masters
Dave Masters Day ago
He's a good guy
Jim Trocki
Jim Trocki Day ago
How can someone get that damn big.
CircusRunaway 1377
I’m not even there and the instant tension I felt as soon Chris sat down, I’m glad he’s looking out for Tammy though.
Shae P
Shae P Day ago
She not hard headed she is immobile, he is enabling her omfg
suto Day ago
what an awesome LARGE brother
BigMerkGee Day ago
Anna Claire
Anna Claire Day ago
Chris is a good brother. Jerry? Does he really care?
Gabbie M
Gabbie M Day ago
Katie Guskie
Katie Guskie Day ago
It’s toxic how everyone is acting like it’s her that is out of Jerry’s league just for her weight. Aren’t you with your partner for more than just weight? You have a weight preference roughly, don’t you? Stop acting like Jerry is a 10 just because he isn’t big.
Devansh Shah
Devansh Shah Day ago
Bruh tammy could brake tht guy in half. Like jesus christ.
Alice Wolfson
So laughable to call him her boyfriend.
Levi Mabaet
Levi Mabaet Day ago
That bottle of raid
Jennifer Gibson
“Cocaine is a hell of a drug”
Fat people shouldn’t be allowed to vote.
Christa’s Creations
Tammy and Jerry are the perfect 10 couple 😉
Foodwith Fashion
First of all you should be thankful someone is even looking in her direction
Grime Kitty
Grime Kitty Day ago
How does she afford such a nice house? Does she work from home?
AJ Celtic Heroes
Jerey looks like a skinny Kanye
Black men love those big white woman
Jose Veras
Jose Veras Day ago
Gostaria de assistir em portugues
Kayla Kusman
Kayla Kusman Day ago
i dont know why but the look jerry gave tammy after she burped is SENDING ME LOLOLOL. 0:31
Connie Rodgers
You go Chris!! Tammy is so amazing so protect her! Love y’all!!
Jordan sloan
Jordan sloan Day ago
It’s like a train wreck, I can’t stop watching.
jannis.michalke jtmusic
That Jerry looks like he kind of regrets it
Gloria Holland
Tammy has a boyfried? Ewww
Izzat Danial
Izzat Danial Day ago
Sad that they just revealed that Tammy’s bf isn’t her actual bf. She probably doesn’t even have one.. He is just her “bf” for the sake of the show...
Codey Husted
Codey Husted Day ago
The fact that me and Jerry are eating cheese puffs at the same time
Devon Faulks
Devon Faulks 2 days ago
He’s not the reason she’s that big so don’t blame him
King Jam
King Jam 2 days ago
fk off is this 4real
Jeremiah Alexander
She will never lose that weight the same way things will never change in America She's to Comfortable and so are we
Creamy Frost
Creamy Frost 2 days ago
Hey dude just tell her the truth. You don't love her man. Now he has to keep on this act if tammy wants to be alive. I'm serious. If he's found out to be a fraud then its doom. She starts stress eating and a whole lost. Please find out before tammy gets hurt
Concrete Jungle
Concrete Jungle 2 days ago
Let's face it Jerry has 5 kids he is only in it for the Puss.
Dood The Doodle
Dood The Doodle 2 days ago
somebody forgot to tell him "the tough big brother" routine only works if you're actually tough
Cristian G.
Cristian G. 2 days ago
Jerry looks like he does a line of crack on Tammy's belly
Linda Lakota
Linda Lakota 2 days ago
Boy friend is nice guy hope her brother dosent drive him away then she falls depressed
Amir Murray
Amir Murray 2 days ago
Its the jamaica tshirt for me.😂😎..gwan rudebwoy
Mikayel Hovhannés
0:16 lmao am I the only one that heard “don’t hurt mommy”
Delovely 1
Delovely 1 2 days ago
Ive met jerrys before. Hes looking for that disability check
Swagifier 2 days ago
wait serious question, when tammy does her makeup does she also put it on her second chin?
Coriolis 3 days ago
Glad they're cool about the whole interracial thing.
Khy'Leigh Giles
Khy'Leigh Giles 3 days ago
i saw tammy is like yah get in to it she is a really pretty girl and they should see that from: khyleigh\ god belsses u tammy🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘
subterranean sync
I like Chris fine, but wtf he gon' do lol he more in shape than all the others but he ain't finna throw no punches lol, if he tried to follow through he'd just flop face first on to the pavement. I really love how supportive he is tho and find his voice comforting
Jonathan Ryan
Jonathan Ryan 3 days ago
If she can have a relationship then anyone can😂
Boss Bitches Never Bitter
“You might need a refund” LMAOOOO
Ricky Nguyen
Ricky Nguyen 3 days ago
Idk if it’s the edits or that is the most awkward shit ever
I’m Fat
I’m Fat 3 days ago
Guys watch out, he has the black forces
Patrick101 Ducoing
1:24 no Tammy you’re worse 😂
Angel Taylor
Angel Taylor 3 days ago
Making sure Jerry is right for Tammy? Wtf? He acts like Tammy is beating men away with a stick. 🤦🏽‍♀️ People are not lined up to date Tammy.
Nathan Grant
Nathan Grant 3 days ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😃 Cheetos... Get him straight big brother. 🤦‍♂️
No soul
No soul 3 days ago
I can’t even get a text back and she’s got a bf ?!?!?! Fair play to her but come on life deal me some decent cards !!!!?
Tamir Byrd
Tamir Byrd 3 days ago
This is just unbelievable to me
thelastDAN 3 days ago
So this is where disability payments go, pay for the lifestyle for people like this.
HkyBA 3 days ago
i don’t think he even like tammy what’s he doing
Kyle B
Kyle B 3 days ago
That is a power couple... Absolute power couple.
Linda Musser
Linda Musser 3 days ago
Is Jerry really scared now?
Yazmier Blakley
Yazmier Blakley 3 days ago
Jerry is cancelled from the community all I gotta say
Evan Hubbs
Evan Hubbs 3 days ago
Chris is a good man
86Smally 3 days ago
She looks like a foot