Chris Broussard reacts to Nets are now the team to beat in the East after beating Bucks last night 

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Chris Broussard reacts to Nets are now the team to beat in the East after beating Bucks last night


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Jan 19, 2021




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COLLIN SEXTON : who the f. is kyrie?
mo money
mo money Month ago
This sounds exactly like how they was praising the clippers all last season
MacCheese Pooka
MacCheese Pooka Month ago
It’s funny how Analyst project defense ...there defense Was like that because of chemistry
Temuera Epos
Temuera Epos Month ago
Brooklyn nets are full of bitches. You really need a super team lol
whiteblue 357
whiteblue 357 Month ago
They had prime Shaq only! These dude Nick really dislikes Kobe. Never gives him credit.
big legacy
big legacy Month ago
This win ain't that serious the Knicks blew the bucks out a little over a week ago, let me know when they play the Lakers and stop flip flopping chris
G OC Month ago
he just clings to his resume these days. never says anything insighful anymore
BigGates Month ago
He go Chris jumping ship, now he’s a Nets Stan 🤦🏾‍♂️ kawhi was ya guy bruh smh clown analyst
Nick Sandz
Nick Sandz Month ago
Harden played great with Durant in okc coming off the bench and made it to the finals and all these analyst thought they wouldn't play good together with Harden being a Starter? Lol hilarious
Ja’Corian Pruitt
Nick don’t even realize his hypocrisy. He said the 01 Lakers “they didn’t need to be” above average. When that’s what everybody with a hooping brain KNOWS not assumes about kd and harden. This should even be more obvious than a post beast, and a (rip Kob) less efficient alpha scorer than Durant in Kobe. And this team is surrounded by shooters. The difference between these guys and other guys you see that say “oh he can shoot” is that kd don’t have off games lol he’s always finding points some way, James ain’t as efficient but he’s gone eventually find the net. Ion even gotta mention too much that kyrie is the best finisher the league sees. And last component that nobody prob thinks about. KD has been an improved defender for a while yeah and we know that but more importantly he was apart of a franchise that won doing exactly what everybody’s doubting they’ll do. Play lock down defense and be potent on offense. STEPH CURRY was the PG of the #1 defensive team in the league when kd was there and they had championship pedigree. They used to hide Steph and everything on D. Those who don’t ball just think sports is sports. Sports is an art and there’s a way to become great at anything with the right pieces. And these will not be stopped in Brooklyn. - The celtics fan
juanio Month ago
Joe Harris gonna get wide open 3s(defending 3 point shooting champ)
ken pope
ken pope Month ago
This panel... anyone know if they get to wing it, or is it scripted for each of them?
domenico tortelli
Aaah!they all are tripping with the nets!Who can defend AD,who gonna stop the bench of the lakers!so lakers in 5!
Leo Dunson
Leo Dunson Month ago
The Lakers will run through them, they can't defend. Who defends Lebron, who defends AD?
Adrian T
Adrian T Month ago
Long story short Nets will be extremely hard to beat in finals
mo money
mo money Month ago
Remember what yall said about the clippers
Adrian T
Adrian T Month ago
Nick was wrong This more than once
Media Moves
Media Moves Month ago
When Kyrie comes back the game will change. What lineup is going to be on the court in the 4th Quarter? Irving, Harden, Harris, Durant and DJ? When the game slows down, like the Lakers did in the playoffs, pick on the weak defensive players, pick on Herro n DRobinson. So Nicks got a point, you need a decent defense at least... So who's Irving n Harris guarding?
Ahmed Month ago
Harden is not in shape, kyrie is not on the floor and KD is not even warned up yet.
BR AVO Month ago
Nets in 5 Deandre da only nigga holdin us bac Kanye / Kryie waitin on u
J C Month ago
Calm down Chris, it’s only 2 games, once the playoffs starts when the nets go deep harden will mess up like usual
petteri tauriainen
everybody is laughing to chris broussard even though he is the only one who knows basketball
JP Gordon
JP Gordon Month ago
They not even using Jrue Holiday it's crazy to me
Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson Month ago
Durant is a top 15 player nick should be fired damn he hate durant Durant is a top 3 best skill level ever and jordan being the other and I'll let you fill in the 3rd how could durant be top 15 when you can't name 15 players that can score from anywhere on anybody at anytime consistently
Lakis Manavis
Lakis Manavis Month ago
I rarely agree with Nick Wright and the few times i do i hate myself cause i definitely despise him... But dude, i have to give it to him this time, Wright is right! You don't just wake up one day and decide : ''We will become a good defensive team'' without having good defenders. Seriously, he got a point asking "why are the Nets going to improve defensively?" Because they have to? Because they want it? That's not how it works. U want a good offensive team? U got to have ballers - scorers, same with D, u got to have good defenders. That's that, no way around it...
Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson Month ago
Chris Broussard changed his song huh he know what it's going to be
Sidney Atkins
Sidney Atkins Month ago
Joe Harris Was BEASTIN
Tyrin Venning
Tyrin Venning Month ago
Nick is Blind lol
Shawn D
Shawn D Month ago
Nets gonna be a good regular season team but flop in the playoffs.
Quan Boy
Quan Boy Month ago
Jeff green was shooting lights out last night
Billy Cole
Billy Cole Month ago
I'm beginning to appreciate what it is that nick does
hoeft Squad
hoeft Squad Month ago
albertmolina36 matthew36matthew36
KD and HARDEN need to play 40min each game just to win during reg. season, hope thet will last untill playoffs when it matters most...
albertmolina36 matthew36matthew36
KD and HARDEN need to play 40min each game just to win during reg. season, hope thet will last untill playoffs when it matters most...
joel martinez
joel martinez Month ago
😢😢I’m a Lebron fan, lol. The nets can outscore the Lakers more times than non, but the Lakers can beat them any given night. The Lakers just have to be hot that night. The Lakers no longer have tall strong defensive guards.
M.A. Fion
M.A. Fion Month ago
Broussard nags like a wife.
RawStatus TV
RawStatus TV Month ago
The Nets won by 2 points.
ctnative203 Month ago
cant wait to hear the excuses once the playoffs roll around this is the same hype they gave the clippers lmao .
Rocket Boy
Rocket Boy Month ago
Ad not like Greek freak. Ad will slow kd down then bust his ass on offense. Ad can hit from three, med range and low post. Harden can’t stop bron, but bron can stop harden. We seen that in last years semifinals. The nets is not a threat. Plus lakers got Dennis and Harrell on the bench? Lmaoooo lakers in 5
I see why kyrie don't talk to the media
Saturius Robertson
KD Never Had Shooters In OKC! Now He Does Which Gives Him Space To Operate! Quite Hatting. Joe Harris Won A Three A Three Point Awards! Does Not Have To Be A Big Name.
G Pma
G Pma Month ago
Nick has no clue. Guy looks like he's never played a sport in his life and yes that does matter.
Uncle Russ
Uncle Russ Month ago
Look here, LeBron is my favorite player and the Lakers are my favorite team. That being said, Brooklyn is DANGEROUS and if they can stay healthy, they win the Championship THIS YEAR! No joke KD and Harden are a problem and Kyrie hasn't even played with them both yet.
Jay Swish
Jay Swish Month ago
Brandon be lying.... no one I mean no one questioned how joe Harris will fit In.. he’s going to be open 90% of the time.. hit your shots Harris.. that’s all he has to do.. not rocket science Brandon.. he’s so corny
Cumar Mohamed
Cumar Mohamed Month ago
What kind of last name is Broussard?
Kerry Joseph
Kerry Joseph Month ago
Did he jus say nets have no chemistry?
Marvin Johnson
Marvin Johnson Month ago
Lebron didnt want to see harden and kd together
Said Mefire
Said Mefire Month ago
What Nick has to understand is that these Nets have 2 proven playoffs players in KD and Kyrie unlike the Clippers with only Kawahi
ZEROKOOL-20 Month ago
Also is Nick saying this from the Lakers side as well? Because they didn’t play defense on last night game. So which one is it Nick ?
ZEROKOOL-20 Month ago
Nobody in their right is asking how would Joe Harris will fit...! 😂 Also just because you’re not the best defensive team in the world don’t mean you can’t play good team defense when it counts.. if you play good defense in the last 5 minutes and win. That’s what count. Not if you get a stop in the first quarter. Come on Nick.
dylan jones
dylan jones Month ago
I think it’s funny that everyone is jumping on the clippers, if this is a 7 game series and all the games are going to come down to 1 score, I don’t see the nets winning 4 rounds 🤷🏻‍♂️
Jackson Steele
Jackson Steele Month ago
Are the warriors the team to beat in the west now since they beat the lakers?????
AJ Jamaal
AJ Jamaal Month ago
Nick is flagrantly disingenuous.
that guy
that guy Month ago
Nick is using a game in which the nets won to say the nets defense isn't good enough to win lol so dumb
Alex Molina
Alex Molina Month ago
Nick was right last year about the clips not doubting him agin nets look super good but they need better D and a better bench
Hollywood Boogie
When the Nets lose in the playoffs Chris Broussard needs to seriously be called out badly. Hes doing the samething he did when the Clippers were a good story 😂😂😂😂
Duane Lumpkin
Duane Lumpkin Month ago
Chris, Chris, Chris . . . uh, the Nets have something else the other teams in the East don't have and that's three guys with egos that forces everyone else off the court. Somewhere around April those 3 egos will fill the court and get in the way of the Nets journey to the NBA Finals. The only way the Nets will get to the Finals is you "talking heads" STOP talking about how invincible they are now! Secondly, the role players will get their fill of these prima donnas by seasons' end and will stop doing the dirty work. Remember this post in June.
Kendell Jones
Kendell Jones Month ago
Why nuggas gotta get disrespected so bad, " Khris Middleton ain't even 2nd tier" like gotdamn I mean he ain't top tier but bruh definitely 2nd tier that's crazy lmfaoo they love saying wateva on TV
Jorge Morales
Jorge Morales Month ago
I I can’t stand nick 😂
RASHTG Month ago
Nets need a big. I don’t want another GSW wannabe.
Banksy Month ago
Listen to these guys 😂😂😂 the entire nba media predicted failure for the nets and they're praying that Kyrie fails
iam_mycall Month ago
All roads lead to Lebron vs KD
Flyydeon Month ago
nick got his nose so far up lakers ass he cant even be fair when it comes to watching basketball 😂😂
Smoov Smoov
Smoov Smoov Month ago
dumb dumb Nick Wright is scared for his king. thats why he's talking non sense.
Eric Carvelli
Eric Carvelli Month ago
Nick is having nightmares, believe that....
Anthony Ellison
Anthony Ellison Month ago
Do the nets still have those roster slots to fill
Starboy with a big ploy416
Nets have put the bucks,sixers and other potential top teams on notice... If I'm the celtics I'd trade Kemba for Lavine.... Walker will only flame out in the playoffs again or some barring injury will hold him back... Heck I'd trade Kemba for Cole Anthony,Aaron Gordon,Bamba & Ross! Then trade Theis... Pacers (without Levert) won't be top level either... On a side note... Nick's point is from the basis that he is secretly afraid of the nets facing his lakers in the finals....🤷🏾‍♂️
Eric Carvelli
Eric Carvelli Month ago
No one on the Lakers is guarding KD or Harden.... LeBron won't come near KD, there are US-first videos of KD absolutely embarrassing LeBron trying to guard him, at over 7 feet tall, when he pulls up no one can guard him. I'm telling you right now the Lakers better get their crap together, because right now the Lakers can't even hold a fourth-quarter lead against Golden State... I don't think anyone thought that Kevin Durant would come back and look this good this fast, I mean he's playing like he was never even injured
Rene Month ago
There’s a big difference between Clippers and Nets Clippers got Kawhi and Nets got KD. There’s a difference
pdpmcon Month ago
why is chris broussard yelling at me
mostmost1 Month ago
The Lakers defense looks sloppy with Harrell out there and Bron lost in transition. That nets team will give them fits!
Jevon Goodwyn
Jevon Goodwyn Month ago
Boy this reminds me of the Clippers all over again.
Para RezKo
Para RezKo Month ago
How in the hell is this even possible in the league? It breaks my heart
Colter Bennett
Colter Bennett Month ago
Brandon, STOP screaming at the camera, interjecting good takes. This guy has made the show almost unwatchable. Cringeworthy!
Dominique Dixon
Dominique Dixon Month ago
Didn't he just say the other day that they won't work
Jolly Rancher
Jolly Rancher Month ago
Philadelphia maybe has one??? GTFOH Chris.
King Moro
King Moro Month ago
Chris is really unwatchable now he just said the nets not making the finals tf he’s so annoying
C Hayden
C Hayden Month ago
Here we go again 🙄 no one wants to listen to nick!! He's only been right damb near everytime they talk about basketball
Eddie Parks
Eddie Parks Month ago
Truth be told people hate nick cause he keeps receipts and brings them back up and shows facts. When Chris said that the nets beating top teams in the first two games is great and never happens and nick brought up last year. Chris was stumped lol
Ejiro Month ago
After two games Chris on the nets nuts now lmao. My guy they can't rebound or play d, iso game here they got it but it takes more than iso ball to win
shaun T
shaun T Month ago
Nick is right!
Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor Month ago
The game's changed, son! --- Lol I love it.
Nets should trade Kyrie for Andre Drummond, from Brooklyn New York back to Cleveland baby! 😂😂😂
shaun T
shaun T Month ago
D rider talking y'all! They played 2 games n now they the best? Gtfoh! Bucks not even the 1 seed! Plus they almost lost this game! They've only played 1 good team so far!
Blaze Mike
Blaze Mike Month ago
Everybody: They said the same about the Clippers last year Nets: We ain't the Clippers
Julian Month ago
They're 2 games in. They better prove they're not the Clippers first.
Jazz Travis
Jazz Travis Month ago
Whis going to take the backseat. KYRIE. Or. Harden.....!!!!!%
Carlito Brigante
Dude. Ive never agreed with nick...but hes on point here. BK now is the team to beat cause they hately beat the bucks? How about GS now being the team to beat cause they beat the Lakers last night? Defense matters in the playoffs cause the game slows down. Although it never slows down for Superstars like Harden and Durant when the game becomes a half-court offense that's when you need people to be able to defend back-to-the-basket players like Marc gasol, Lebron James and Anthony davis. Just sayin
Nail Jones
Nail Jones Month ago
The false narrative of "offense wins championships these days" is blasphemous because no matter how good you are offensively to win championships you have to get consistent stops I dont remember the last time a team who wasnt an at least top 5 or 10 defense won a championship the Nets dont even have a defensive system and they are a poor rebounding team we literally have no reason to believe the Nets will win the East
shaun T
shaun T Month ago
Chris is a band hopper like no other! Can't respect what he says at all!
Uchikito Moto
Uchikito Moto Month ago
Annoying people who thinks they know sports like genius 😂😂😂
J Eazz
J Eazz Month ago
Nick make my ass hurt. Lakers can’t even beat the warriors 💀💀💀
Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor Month ago
The dude's aloud to change his opinion based on new evidence.
Tomonz Lucas
Tomonz Lucas Month ago
Green Harris and Jordan.... all 3 had damn near perfect games.....that's not gonna keep happening. It took that for them to win by 2🤷‍♂️......they wont come out the East.
Troy Elam
Troy Elam Month ago
As a Warriors fan, it would be wise for them to simply tank this season, get another high pic and start the process over, hopefully unloading Oubre and Wiggins in the process. No one, not the Lakers, not even a fully assembled Warriors team is beating the nets presently assembled.
Kaizer Sozay
Kaizer Sozay Month ago
But didn’t the Nets win last night’s game on a stop?? Nick wrong is an idiot
B Month ago
Broussard needs to be BANNED as an NBA analyst. Damn.
I knew buddy would flip
old Detroit89
old Detroit89 Month ago
I literally haven't heard anything about the Clippers in a while not sure if that's a good thing or bad
James Corsey
James Corsey Month ago
Brooklyn needs one more big man solid pf
j317 Month ago
@Jared Coates idk if they could of but I'm saying they should of found a way to keep him
Jared Coates
Jared Coates Month ago
@j317 What makes you think they could have done that? The Nets would have def keep Allen if they could have but he needed to be traded in order for it to work.
j317 Month ago
should of kept allen and gave up shamet
juanio Month ago
They need a defensive athletic big and another perimeter defenser
Addison Maeve
Addison Maeve Month ago
@M uhhh
Imma keep it ahunnid
They literally got the stop on Middleton to win the game tf they talkn bout
Imma keep it ahunnid
@Tahajjud Vance we played defense he missed.. that would be called a stop. Wtf are you talking about sir
Tahajjud Vance
Tahajjud Vance Month ago
No they didn't
Sara Ilustre
Sara Ilustre Month ago
Nick reasoning is idiot with his arguments