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FightHype.com is on hand at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California where former heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz faces off with long-time contender Chris Arreola. You don't want to miss what went down immediately after all the fights. Check it out!


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May 1, 2021




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Jose Zamora
Jose Zamora 2 hours ago
honestly there's no losers here they are both Mexican fighters that made it to tv they sure both winners in my eyes. much love to the two winners
Pedro Munoz
Pedro Munoz 6 hours ago
Chris won the fight,judges got paid
Gerry Zelles
Gerry Zelles 13 hours ago
Man have some respect u have a child with you what is wrong with you? 😡😡
VincentM 20 hours ago
I had him winning 4 rounds + knock down
JR 9mm
JR 9mm Day ago
Miguel Rendon
The prove is in his face
El Gumbo
El Gumbo Day ago
Thats def not COMMON CORE conversation. Human being talk 101. Bless em both. Tired of guys getn LUV BCUZ OF REMATCH POTENTIAL & STAR POWERaka CONOR Mcnuggy treatment.
javier rodriguez
Respect to Chris
Mr Monk
Mr Monk Day ago
Was unlucky
Mr5 Litt5
Mr5 Litt5 Day ago
U look beat up..
no more judges ...str8 knock outs
Lay Low
Lay Low Day ago
My man came out and went to war. All love.
David T silva
😂😂😂 cry baby
DoseLover Star
There's an old saying in Boxing "Don't Leave it in the judges hands"!!! Work Work Work Harder harder harder Areola. Alls not Lost.
VVS Diamonds
VVS Diamonds Day ago
As a black man watching this I don't really tend to the Hispanics in boxing because a lot of them are nothing but a racist never fought in they life before fans my opinion on this fight was he won I don't see how the judges put that man above him....once again a Mexican has cheated another real Mexican fighter
Juan Velazquez
Estoy con arreola para mi el gano conecto los golpes mas solidos lo tumbo lo puso mal varias veses tambien andy lo conecto pero nunca lo lastimo pinches juezes vendidos los deverian de suspender de por vida
Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz Day ago
Mexicans have my respect as fighters. For whatever reason they don’t like us Spaniards but I love their boxing. Now they’re getting bigger and have a presence at the heavyweight division.
Chales Vato
Chales Vato Day ago
It was a good fight i seriously thout chris won this fight this guy is the winner
Henry Willis
Henry Willis 2 days ago
They need new ringside judges anyway
Tom Pozsonyi
Tom Pozsonyi 2 days ago
Why would you go in front of the world with you kid on your lap and curse like a loser?
MrYoungHegelian 2 days ago
He totally won, WTF. This is some BS, he won all the rounds easy.
Ponycarlo 15
Ponycarlo 15 2 days ago
David Vasquez
David Vasquez 2 days ago
Are you sure you're nose ain't busted
Remember the Sabbath
Maybe you don't seem to get 'respect' becaue you talk like that in front of your kid and God is judging you accordingly.
Noe Arroyo
Noe Arroyo 2 days ago
Es TU edad TU Ombro Andy es el payasito que llebaron a Arabia a quele pegaran una chinga El noba a ganar El ba por El Dinero es UN pobre pero pobre Vato claro Trae dinero pero no Respeto asi El sela navega sin Nada De Respeto
Iram Hernandez
Iram Hernandez 2 days ago
That was a very close fight
Edna Loftin
Edna Loftin 2 days ago
That little boy don’t even want to be there he looks afraid of his father
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown 2 days ago
U came to win but unfortunately u didn’t.man up you lost.Andy did win
tow mater
tow mater 2 days ago
I felt like he won atleast a split .
gordo076 2 days ago
he wasnt hitting ur gloves bro check the replays on all the fight bro u got hit. Save your crying to ur momma bro u lost. look at te replays bro u get hit.
Armando Garcia Jr
I agree with Arreola, I thought that he won the first 4 rounds and and some of the others were really tight.
David Spice
David Spice 2 days ago
Great roll model!
HOLD DIS L 2 days ago
If it ever goes to the judges you cant be mad at the DECISION..point blank.
Jose Loza
Jose Loza 2 days ago
Dude let it go man up bro it wasn’t your day
William Muñoz
William Muñoz 2 days ago
Eligio Valdez
Eligio Valdez 2 days ago
Revancha pidala
Eligio Valdez
Eligio Valdez 2 days ago
CHris Arreola tiene razón échele ganas mijo
Jorge Pavon
Jorge Pavon 2 days ago
Keep your head up bro you did great
jesse quintanar
jesse quintanar 2 days ago
Its a set up chris u kick his ass he was sloppy in street fight u win.
Harvey Horwitz
Harvey Horwitz 2 days ago
Demeaning the judges is not the best way to handle things. Saying you were disappointed in the decision is acceptable. Ripping the judges will probably get you more unfavorable decisions in the future.
Troy Mcshane
Troy Mcshane 2 days ago
Literally rape me don’t even kiss me 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
itzel montserrat
itzel montserrat 2 days ago
Ganó Arreola
Raymond Frederick
Arreola deserves so much respect
Yeti Mattsch
Yeti Mattsch 2 days ago
You've Lost 1000 time.... because you'd cover your faces and waited... then you hit him but you didn't kill him... Anthony knocked Ruiz down too but he didn't kill Ruiz... than Ruiz knocked Anthony for good 🤣🤣
Manuel Borunda
Manuel Borunda 2 days ago
The left Shoulder was injured 🦅during the fight 🦅he wasn’t throwing the punches that he was supposed to throw just my thought 💭 100%🦁
Angel Angel
Angel Angel 2 days ago
Un fuerte abrazo para Ruiz y Arreola los admiro a los dos. Arreola es un gran Guerrero no cualquiera sube al ring a pelear no solo contra el contrincante sino también con los pinch.. jueces. Ya lo hemos visto antes con otros grandes boxeadores Mexicanos.
Adan Castaneda
Adan Castaneda 2 days ago
Is the way it's ! Marquez and Pacquiao fight and fight until something drastically happened, for sure he going to get one more chance.
Justin Bolanos
Justin Bolanos 3 days ago
“Don’t rape me”! - Chris Arreola
Brad Vander s
Brad Vander s 3 days ago
Best performance 🎭 of his life that’s why it’s dejective for him
Iffi 3 days ago
How can you speak like that in front of your kid you’ve taken too many punches to your head pathetic
sergio sanchez
sergio sanchez 2 days ago
Give him a Break. YES He Should NOT talk like that with his Little KID on his Lap. But the Man Was BOXING a Ho Fight just 15min Ago.
Caleb Garcia
Caleb Garcia 3 days ago
Judge’s are looser’s
Enos Moaning
Enos Moaning 3 days ago
Older guys get cheated . Canelo them some bitches.
Nick Rolando
Nick Rolando 3 days ago
I thought ruiz got rocked several times
genesis1 3 days ago
Chris Arreola, please tell us how you really feel about the judges decision ! 😆
sergio sanchez
sergio sanchez 2 days ago
Without Prejudice UCC1-308
Arreola won more than one round. The first fighter that I have seen that has gone toe to toe with Ruiz. Judges' in this fight are full of shit. Investigate this shit.
just around the corner
Its a shame some people are devoid of emotional intelligence. Blaspheme if you must but not in front of your child.
sergio sanchez
sergio sanchez 2 days ago
The Dude was FIIIIIGHTING 15min ago. Give him a Break bro. And Yes I do agree with u Too Many Bad Words With his Lit Kid on his Lap.
The Wedge
The Wedge 3 days ago
ear muffs !!!
sergio sanchez
sergio sanchez 2 days ago
E,MUFFs LOL Classic .
Izy 3 days ago
DC 3 days ago
Fat Andy is better than diet Andy
Eduardo Sanchez
Eduardo Sanchez 3 days ago
Arreola win
Indir Omerovič
Indir Omerovič 3 days ago
You shouldn't talk like that infront of your son.
Salvador Mendez
Salvador Mendez 3 days ago
This white boys afraid of bad words stfu
S Dogg
S Dogg 3 days ago
I don't agree with him cursing with his son sitting on his lap but he is absolutely right. that Fight was not scored right. He should of won at least 7 rounds.
Jose M Garciaalba
Arreola all my family is with you man!!! God bless you and you know in your heart that you kicked his ass...... Good luck Arreola
Stay True
Stay True 3 days ago
They only gave him 1 round? DAMN??? I Didn’t know that. I know Shawn Porter disagree with that. The later rounds Andy was putting them hands on them
SHADI AWAD 3 days ago
Definitely felt Chris won at least 5 rounds, he’s a journeyman and a dangerous opponent for any heavyweight out there, he should try to cash in on a couple more fights for some up and comers and call it a day
Cristian Sanchez
Cristian Sanchez 3 days ago
“Come on wedo”
bossjorge86 3 days ago
Judges should be eliminated and bots should be put in place lol.
Hector Alcantara
Hector Alcantara 3 days ago
What a great role model this child has.
Angie Hernandez
Angie Hernandez 3 days ago
SIX EIGHT 3 days ago
Just take the L. Chris u didn't win. no matter if u won 5 rounds u still didn't win so just take the L and walk away
Internacional Boxing
Dude always crying, you put in work chief but against your own and still lost bad, Should've fought like that when you faced the Polish Punching Bag Kownacki
toby f
toby f 3 days ago
This dude almost crying, bad look for a man and in front of yo son. Not saying men don't cry but men don't cry when they lose. He lost either way and it was a blowout, I maybe give him 2 rounds
Mikey 137
Mikey 137 3 days ago
Stop voting democrat
K P 3 days ago
Man boxing has been robing people since the beginning of time 😒
Johnny Dah
Johnny Dah 3 days ago
Ur son is with u
buddhabman 3 days ago
OG is tough. Head up 🔥🙏🏿👊🏿👊🏿🤞🏿
Jonathan Dough
Jonathan Dough 3 days ago
What an idiot with that little boy on his knee. What a great example, huh? Ridiculous...
Edward Ll.
Edward Ll. 3 days ago
Andy ruiz disappointed me
Jac K
Jac K 3 days ago
Arreola won 3 rounds . He did nothing past round 3
Herbert Gonzalez
Herbert Gonzalez 3 days ago
Put them in separate booths.
Tony Medina
Tony Medina 3 days ago
He said he gave Andy maybe 7 rounds. There is maybe 12 rounds??? Soooo he admitted to losing the fight while teaching his son how to be a sore loser while crying and cussing up a fucking storm. What a loser!
OIL FIELD TEXAS 3 days ago
I think he won another opportunity to fight w Ruiz
bigheadrhino 3 days ago
Get rid of traditional judging for big televised events. Everything’s on high def camera. Rounds should be awarded on significant strikes landed and knockdowns using compubox data, with maybe an additional input of how damaging the strike looked. Judges should only weigh in when the numbers are close. But then again, that would probably just get corrupted as well.
BEASTMAN 3 days ago
Chris had to knock Andy out to win, they want a big money fight coming up and no way he would lose a decision. I think Andy won the fight but only by a few points. Chris dominated the fight early on, it’s a shame he hurt his shoulder and couldn’t compete with Andy late !
Victor Portillo
Victor Portillo 3 days ago
DEE MANBOYYY 3 days ago
He got down but Andy won bro idc what anybody says u can see it again
Handymanny90s Rozotto
It’s insane that they never interview or question the judges. Bonus checks for the marketable.
K Sanchez
K Sanchez 3 days ago
Never hurt you and look at your face haaaa like Chávez jr haaaa thee crowd was cheering for an other fight better then that night
Antonio Arechiga
Antonio Arechiga 3 days ago
Arreola tiene razon,ya es hora que se castigue a esos jueces ineptos y corruptos,,pero de verdad que los lleven a corte,es una tonteria que boxeadores como arreola,que se preparo bien y merecia mejores calificaciones de losjueces,y que por culpa de las cuenta tan malas,de los estupidos jueces pierda la oportunidad de ganar dinero$$en las proximas peleas, es injusto,,,eso tambien le paso al gallo estrada en la 1er pelea con el tailandes,un robo descarado,,,,yo creo que en casos asi,se deverian de juntar boxeadores y sus representantes y exijir se vuelva a ver el video de la pelea,con jueces diferentes,y analizar la pelea nuevamente,y cambiar el resultado,,asi seria mas seria la participacion de los jueces,y si los jueces dieron fallos tan terribles,como cuando Trinidad le gan a de la olla, los jueces sean suspendidos,y llevados a corte,,son estupideces lo que hacen. ,,y los boxeadores partiendose la madre,,para nada, ( pero nunca va a pasar eso)y nada se puede hacer,👎!!ya saben porque!!
Guillermo Basaldua
I agree mr arreola!! U won the respect of the millions. 👏
alfredo gonzalez
alfredo gonzalez 3 days ago
Que reconozca solo es bueno para Sparring, porque aguanta mucho castigo . y nada más! Nunca le va a ganar a nadie! No tiene ataque, ni plan, ni método viable para ganarle a nadie! Se pasa 7/8 de cada round con las 2 guantes en la cara porque con 3 no puede!😜
Hey Man
Hey Man 3 days ago
I am not an expert scoring boxing 🥊 maybe Arreola defeat is a small portion of points vs Ruiz. To remove doubts rematch would be better... soon
Jay Muing
Jay Muing 3 days ago
My brother everyone nose it who's a really close fight you have a new fan here keep your head up
Diego Diego
Diego Diego 3 days ago
6-5 that's what happened champ.
TacoManchanic 3 days ago
respect to Chris but he did get outboxed
Rafa G
Rafa G 3 days ago
Was a good fight Andy is the same way and is saying a rematch he feels the same
Jonathan R
Jonathan R 3 days ago
That’s why you never leave it in the hands of the judges plain and simple
Bozo Kade
Bozo Kade 3 days ago
What diddd he sayyyy?!??
Lawancki Byers
Lawancki Byers 3 days ago
He won the first 5 rounds
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