Chinese speaking Black man catches Asian nail salon workers gossiping about him, He responds 

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Mar 21, 2021




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Kingston Wade
Kingston Wade Hour ago
brown male speaking Chinese in asia and listen to nail salon workers gossip about me and i respond* always respect yourself by words is what i am saying
TREJ 2AM 2 hours ago
Continue Laoshus legacy
Hunt Bones
Hunt Bones 4 hours ago
I was gonna watch this vid but saw the hashtags for blm and Asian hate ✌
Matthew Cwele
Matthew Cwele 5 hours ago
Poor girlfriend😂
Jay Diaz
Jay Diaz 6 hours ago
How long have you spoken mandarin, and how can I learn? Any recommendations?
Jay Diaz
Jay Diaz 6 hours ago
@Frankie Light awesome, just subscribed I'm looking forward to learn at least a few words..
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 6 hours ago
Stay tuned more coming! you can learn from just my channel as i will begin incorporating educational clips in the videos
Chef and Steward
Chef and Steward 6 hours ago
As a black expat who has lived in 5 countries, I am making it a priority to learn other languages
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 6 hours ago
makes me happy to hear that!
Tiff Troser
Tiff Troser 6 hours ago
I can tell who real women are in this world. No matter the race. My mother taught me this. These group of women speaking to him arent classy nor have good home training, but yet one of them was flirting with the black dude like they didnt just disrespect him.....and he was polite back smh ugh
Dwayne Simmons
Dwayne Simmons 9 hours ago
Our Talents are astronomical...just thought I'd say the truth...
Woodruffwife 10 hours ago
Wow! Here in California, I’ve learned a little Vietnamese to talk to the ladies in the nail salon. They do light up when they see someone learning their language. But you, young man, are very impressive. I heard you say that you learned on the computer. You’ve learned A LOT!! It’s hard to believe because you speak the language as if it’s your native tongue. You’re awesome.
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 8 hours ago
Thanks for sharing!!
Tony H. Anderson
Tony H. Anderson 10 hours ago
Good bro... I speak Spanish and to me was not easy... you just a genius.
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 10 hours ago
nah what i meant was that its easy for me since i grew up around it and was comparing it to Chinese. You learning Spanish is impressive and i have to improve my Spanish as well because i can’t speak it that well. Thanks for watching bro!
Theresa Stevens
Theresa Stevens 11 hours ago
I am proud of you!! You taught yourself is in itself AMAZING.
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 10 hours ago
thank you!
Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising 13 hours ago
He is destined for such greatness!! Thus king has a very broad future ahead for himself 👑
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 13 hours ago
Aljen God
Aljen God 14 hours ago
Rip Moses Sadge
Big Kahuna Burger
Big Kahuna Burger 16 hours ago
You can help improve US-China relations.
Tamia Rachelle
Tamia Rachelle 17 hours ago
I love it! My 13yo loves the culture and the language. I’m going to help her teach herself like you did! 😍😍
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 13 hours ago
That’s a great age to start !
Lightah Litt
Lightah Litt 18 hours ago
Though teaching your self is pretty impressive.
Lightah Litt
Lightah Litt 18 hours ago
No one really cares if you can speak mandarin
jay 351
jay 351 19 hours ago
you fine and educated yessirrr
Emily Garcia
Emily Garcia 19 hours ago
How did I know you were Puerto Rican before you said anything about your background and this is the first video I’ve ever seen of yours 😂 fellow 1/2 Puerto Rican here 😂
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 13 hours ago
Lmao I’m guessing your boricua senses were tingling? Most people say I actually don’t look Puerto Rican
Amber Mobley
Amber Mobley 20 hours ago
What did you use to teach yourself?
Chi Doz
Chi Doz 21 hour ago
The Bruh alone made me subscribe 🤣
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 13 hours ago
Lmao ayee
Marisa Beltran
Marisa Beltran 22 hours ago
So he didn't hear what they said about him... And he still made us watch it.
China _world back up Channel
i’m half asian n shidd i can only understand English i’m jealous
VicenteSonido 23 hours ago
Wow!!! Good job kiddo. I enjoy this so’ much. The effects lol!!!
Aji Kurnia
Aji Kurnia Day ago
That's Chinese for you.
ERA ARE Day ago
I am a polyglot( I speak 5 different languages).
Shauntoya Ellison
They do this shit all the time , that’s why I don’t go to them they be racist too smh
That One Girl
I wanna learn mando so badly ;-; I’m bilingual and I’ve been wanting to learn a new language
Frankie Light
go for it!
I gotta learn Mandarin so I can get me some of those fish tacos.
Jr Hynes
Jr Hynes Day ago
🙏🏾🙏🏾 That's what I'm talking about King.. Love how you showed love to the G too R.I.P LAOSHU50500🖤
bambi white
bambi white Day ago
He looks like Trey Songz
Greg Mett
Greg Mett Day ago
if a guy dont get when a girl got a crush on him.
ProgressiveG Day ago
I want to learn it to
This is not what I thought it was.
I thought we would hear them talking about then they you would later start to speak in their language.
That is his native tongue
Asha Self
Asha Self Day ago
Doing more for asian black relations than anyone else commenting on the rift between us these days😎👍🏾 I wish more black people would follow your example kiddo, keep up the good work!❤️
Asha Self
Asha Self 14 hours ago
@Frankie Light With your polyglot skills you could be an ambassador. It would be a plus.
Frankie Light
I do this for you queen !!!!!❤️❤️
R Sr
R Sr Day ago
It's funny your woman didn't feel no type of way for that chick flirting with you
Day ago
I’m so envious. I really wanna learn other language but for some reason my brain can’t handle it.
viviana kye
viviana kye Day ago
This was my first time watching your video and I absolutely love it! Being previously deployed overseas i can vouch how crucial it is to learn other languages and become immersed in other cultures. I subbed.
Kevin Antonio
6:16 she valid
Lejla Mademoiselle
❤🌏🌎🌍❤ This is beautiful! 👑💪🏽
Sidney Ly
Sidney Ly Day ago
A black dude in a chinese restaurant eating vietnamese and Mexican food listening to country.
Jaydin Wade
Jaydin Wade Day ago
I love Chinese ppl and Asians so much they’re so nice and caring🥺 plz #stopasianhate
Marissa Abston
Welllllp let me hop back on to duolingo 😆
Marissa Abston
Moral of the story: stop talking shit about people & you won't be embarrassed 💅🏾😉
Sheril Cassamo
Damn, the fact that you taught yourself is amazing. My mother tongue is actually portuguese so I taught myself English and I'm currently having mandarin classes. This week I got my results from the HSK 2 proficiency test and I'm so thankful I passed it. I was thinking of doing the HSK3 but it's really hard yo, so the fact that you taught yourself mandarin is just...amazing.
Sheril Cassamo
Sheril Cassamo 10 hours ago
@Frankie Light you should. It will be easy for you and it will open a lot of doors.
Frankie Light
Wow that’s awesome you are seeking certifications in mandarin! I wanted to get some too .. still thinking about it..
Ken Mcclain
Ken Mcclain Day ago
Shawdy was flirting 😂😂 hit em and err thang
Giggles1202 Day ago
I have to try that restaurant. She was really nice. Next time I'm downtown I'll remember
Alex Patterson
Don't be throwing shade at Lao(i forgot the rest of his name) lol. He was speaking Chinese probably before you were born young buck.
Frankie Light
@Alex Patterson always brother, no offense taken 💪🏾🙏🏽
Alex Patterson
@Frankie Light Oh wow!! I'm speechless..Idk how I didn't hear that! My apologies brother! Dang may he Rest In Paradise 🙏🏿😢😢 Keep doing what you do brother, thank you for your videos! Brooklyn all day 🙌🏿
Frankie Light
Hey Alex , it wasn’t shade I was paying reverence. I’m not sure if you’ve heard the terrible news but laoshu passed away almost 2 months ago now.
6:40 - the slap on the shoulder is priceless
AKA loser
AKA loser 2 days ago
It's the real real deal if this man taught himself TF LOL, huge respects tho fr
Xandrea Rosenberger
Damn boy those Chinese girls are all over you😂 they love it
Tracy Hock
Tracy Hock 2 days ago
Learning Chinese now. How long did it take u to learn?
Solanisrevenge 2 days ago
You should try learning xitsonga
miri marina
miri marina 2 days ago
I am teaching myself Korean, but you speaking Mandarin with a lil Cantonese is super inspiring. And awesome. And highkey hot. You're really cute.
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 2 days ago
lol thank you
Esther Jean-Joseph
Omg I went there two years ago. That’s the same guy that recommended me to some of their popular bubble teas🧋
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 2 days ago
haha he's a friendly guy
Zee ❤️
Zee ❤️ 2 days ago
#alm is crazy
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 2 days ago
Just so the video can reach a wider audience queen. 🙏🏽
Mar Mac
Mar Mac 2 days ago
Bro the way you biting that fish taco, really making me hungry. IJS
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 2 days ago
Life of Destiny
Life of Destiny 2 days ago
This was cute lol
Life of Destiny
Life of Destiny 2 days ago
@Frankie Light 🥰 thank you. You’re handsome yourself ❤️
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 2 days ago
you're cuter
Gina Lane
Gina Lane 2 days ago
The surprise in speaking another language is to get them if they make an unruly comment about u. Just speaking it to them no fun.
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 2 days ago
lol nahh.... maybe in the future but thats not what my page is about.
Kiki 2 days ago
Christian Chavez
Christian Chavez 2 days ago
I love these videos
cooper jasett
cooper jasett 2 days ago
Wow 🔥🔥
Shy Shy
Shy Shy 2 days ago
When that nail shop lady realized you could speak it she got so excited and her whole demeanor changed (the one doing the females nails) this is so interesting
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 2 days ago
yes! many more interactions like this coming soon so please stay tuned.
Shaleece Carter
Shaleece Carter 2 days ago
Dope content you fine btw😍🔥 so dreamy
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 2 days ago
Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for the support Queen.
Emily Moore
Emily Moore 2 days ago
Now this is why i wanna learn chinese so when im getting my nails done, i can tell if their gossiping bout me or my friends lol. Bc i swear they gossip bout me lol.
Jack Tripper
Jack Tripper 2 days ago
Grey hoodie look like she like her meat dark anyway
FOF .Productions
FOF .Productions 2 days ago
Wait u had pho at a Chinese restaurant?! I thought it was Vietnamese? Ohhh I took Japanese and ASL in college...I wanna start relearning it. I was always afraid to speak to people in their native language. Gonna have to get over that.
Cecily 2 days ago
“you wasnt suppose to pass this table”😂😂😂idk why that cracked me up
Lando Wilson
Lando Wilson 2 days ago
It was meant to be !
Connie Jenkins
Connie Jenkins 2 days ago
That was awesome, thank you for sharing
#1 A
#1 A 3 days ago
They low key mad that this young educated black man can speak Their language and probably several others... I see you 👀 King!!! 🙌🏽
Shaune Sterling
Shaune Sterling 3 days ago
Dope bro! This video is definitely inspiring. I'm currently studying Spanish and Japanese so you got me hyped with this video lol. It's good that you love in NY because there are so many Asians who speak mandarin. Hope you make more videos like this, and stay safe bro.
TheDent InRm'sChin
Didn't like the "urban" term but this cute or whatever.
Karolyn Mannion
Karolyn Mannion 3 days ago
The Actualized Man
That waitress was lowkey flirting, glad he brought his wife lmfao
tyler gray
tyler gray 3 days ago
Don't judge a book by its cover. I was in training to teach English to Chinese nationals and quit the second day. I started reading paragraphs aloud their mouths dropped and they told the trainer in their native language that they could not believe this black woman spoke so well.... I was DONE
mousdusm94 3 days ago
lynn Bartholomew
lynn Bartholomew 3 days ago
I accidentally found this and thought I would give it a try. I found myself captivated and watched everything (including the ads). With there being so much Asian hate lately, you are truly shining a light. Much success in all your journeys.
David Pulliam
David Pulliam 3 days ago
You should collaborate with loashu
Kiarri Patton
Kiarri Patton 3 days ago
Peep they're In NYC at Pho spot eating fish taco speaking mando and canto while country music's in the background. Merica
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 3 days ago
TrapRemix 3 days ago
That is so cool
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 3 days ago
Thanks for viewing man hope you stick around!
JayRanch 3 days ago
Bruh....she liiiiiiiiiked you .....😏
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 3 days ago
Bunnii Bunni
Bunnii Bunni 3 days ago
I’ve been waiting for this video my whole life 🤣🤣🤣🤚🏽
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 3 days ago
lmfao well you're welcome! many more to come.
Dori Bell
Dori Bell 3 days ago
This was a beautiful 😍 video I can't wait to learn 😍 ❤
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 3 days ago
I can teach you 😍 stick around.
USMC MSgt 3 days ago
Amazing and I'm Filipino and I can't even speak Tagalog
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 3 days ago
you should learn brother
L Squad Creations
First time seeing your video. Awesome job
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 3 days ago
Thanks and i hope it wont be your last
Dark Matter
Dark Matter 3 days ago
This was stupid. It’s cool you can speak Chinese. I’ll send your trophy 🏆 later in the mail. Click bait is for bitches.
Ajde Cao Music
Ajde Cao Music 3 days ago
James Troost
James Troost 3 days ago
Wait a minute wait a minute I've been off US-first for about 8 months what happened to Moses??
**Nay_TheGoddess **
Now I’m going to learn as many languages as I can
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 3 days ago
thats what i want to hear
kyle kyle
kyle kyle 3 days ago
Why did 4.1k ppl dislike thats a shame yall should be proud of this guy.
Brandy Johnson
Brandy Johnson 3 days ago
Thanks for that. Great example.
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 3 days ago
Glad it was helpful!
Naturallyziny TV
Naturallyziny TV 3 days ago
Her question is legit "who do you speak with." I'm learning Korean and it's difficult to speak it cos no one to speak with so I'm teaching my kids now so I can converse with them and get more fluent.
Naturallyziny TV
Naturallyziny TV 2 days ago
@J Falu thanks
Naturallyziny TV
Naturallyziny TV 2 days ago
@Frankie Light oh yes i'm on hello talk. I love it.
J Falu
J Falu 2 days ago
Love it...
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 3 days ago
online chat room and apps, HelloTalk is a great app for starters
A Wyze World
A Wyze World 3 days ago
This hard
Princess Grace Victoria
You’re so handsome and so talented wow great luck to your future 🤍✨
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 3 days ago
thank you love
Nate G
Nate G 3 days ago
bruh please cool it with the 2014 editing 😂
Frankie Light
Frankie Light 3 days ago