CHILD YOU VS TEEN YOU || Funniest Relatable Moments by 123 GO! GOLD 

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How do you like life more, as a high schooler or as a kid?
Let’s explore the comparisons between high school you vs child you. We bet you could relate to more than one of the scenarios mentioned in this video! So tell us in the comments!
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Apr 23, 2021




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[ moon light toca life!]
I watch this 90 x
Magarett Yumi Quido
Magarett Yumi Quido 51 minute ago
Richmond Gonda
Don 't be hay be happy
Abdullah Imran
Lily is pretty and lovely
Himanshi Yadav
Himanshi Yadav 2 hours ago
Love you all a lot😊 stay home stay safe😋
Yazhini Tamizhini
Yazhini Tamizhini 2 hours ago
I love you lily .I like you ,and vicky so so much your expression is very super and cute🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍
Dayna Stempher
Dayna Stempher 2 hours ago
i like your vids
Janiyah Young
Janiyah Young 5 hours ago
Pink s not my color.
Fe Ancheta
Fe Ancheta 5 hours ago
What about boys this time
Jose Justice
Jose Justice 5 hours ago
Yea the child is happy and teen 🤢
Adrian Drizzle
Adrian Drizzle 5 hours ago
I just love it
Adrian Drizzle
Adrian Drizzle 5 hours ago
Neil Ramsey
Neil Ramsey 6 hours ago
Aven Dance Covers
Aven Dance Covers 6 hours ago
I miss hanna
jonet langford
jonet langford 6 hours ago
No I don't think so maybe that's Sandy is killing me Sandy talking Angela and Friends
Fathul Harrisc
Fathul Harrisc 7 hours ago
Im child
Alexander Bono Pé
Alexander Bono Pé 7 hours ago
I don’t care
Carley Carver
Carley Carver 8 hours ago
Omg so funny 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
selene ridley
selene ridley 9 hours ago
The child is so happy😃
deb munroe
deb munroe 9 hours ago
1+1=2 3+3=6 5+5=10 1+2=3
kkayannc 10 hours ago
I'm loving it so much
Adrian Drizzle
Adrian Drizzle 5 hours ago
tony anaya
tony anaya 11 hours ago
shanell gadsden
shanell gadsden 11 hours ago
the girl with the red dress is so cute btw im a boy nit a girl sheesh
Fadimagbe Sesay
Fadimagbe Sesay 13 hours ago
That’s so cute❤️😍❤️
Gary Power
Gary Power 6 hours ago
Fun fact)pictures are fun
Beatrice Ocena
Beatrice Ocena 9 hours ago
Clarissa Loaiza
Clarissa Loaiza 13 hours ago
Albertina Paulo
Albertina Paulo 16 hours ago
Wowowow nice
Fatima N
Fatima N 16 hours ago
Popa D Meh crazy
Popa D Meh crazy 17 hours ago
Was da secret what’s the secret what’s the secret tell me tellllllllllllllllllllllll mwah
c0nspiracy Gam1ng
c0nspiracy Gam1ng 18 hours ago
No way that’s chalk from the teacher 😂
[ moon light toca life!]
I like the kid
Sherly Sandjaya
Sherly Sandjaya 20 hours ago
It's so cute
Sherly Sandjaya
Sherly Sandjaya 20 hours ago
I like the sweet girl
Sherly Sandjaya
Sherly Sandjaya 20 hours ago
Yeah her locker is cute
Iemand Ieander
Iemand Ieander 13 hours ago
I love her locker too
Megan Visuals
Megan Visuals 20 hours ago
Bindu Rathi
Bindu Rathi 23 hours ago
Hey Kevin are you married with lily
Giltos Global
Giltos Global Hour ago
gankhuu galbadrakh
1x5 easy answer 5
gankhuu galbadrakh
Im so lucky cuz im child
gankhuu galbadrakh
Im childhood
Bettina Michael
Pastel Daisies
4:16 Pure sadness…
paul quibol
paul quibol Day ago
afiq syahmi
afiq syahmi Day ago
tiberrrr olivia
AlissonVictoria Perez
Ponlo en español
mmwanja Day ago
l,m just a kid
Shruthi Reddy
I am a big fan of vicky
Shruthi Reddy
I love this channel
Ganesan Aiya
Ganesan Aiya Day ago
Hi Lily 💕
Sarah mejia luna
i don't think children have lockers when they are at school
Rishi Scaro
Rishi Scaro Day ago
Wow 🤩
alena walid
alena walid Day ago
I've watched this like 6 to 10 times but I still wach it and like it
Sana Adnan
Sana Adnan Day ago
Yes ßsssssssssss
Sana Adnan
Sana Adnan Day ago
deb munroe
deb munroe Day ago
i like your videos
jolly red giant
Me thinking about bees: I been better thinking bout bees bees
Cloudy gacha
Cloudy gacha Day ago
She’s cuter
Iemand Ieander
Iemand Ieander 13 hours ago
Who is cut
Froggyz Z
Froggyz Z Day ago
adi carlos
adi carlos Day ago
Tysha Fraser
Tysha Fraser Day ago
The fact of that being on their way into that
Xeron Day ago
Jennifer Jarrell
Fog is not the
ome prakash
ome prakash Day ago
...... ghjjjxjkajjsb
ome prakash
ome prakash Day ago
Probably a little
Aida Aliyeva
Aida Aliyeva Day ago
Love it😍😍😍😍😍
Vishnu Sharma
Yessssss I am kid and I have better life of teen life woooooooohooooooooooo I am so lucky yayyyyyy
Thanuja Gunarathna
I am just 8 years old but why big people acting like little kids
Jyothi Maram
Jyothi Maram Day ago
Thank you
steve ryan
steve ryan Day ago
I love this channel❤️❤️
REN X ZERZ 22 hours ago
Ohara Khattak
nagur s
nagur s Day ago
Sweet baby girl
Amabelle Ocampo
Roshan Lal
Roshan Lal Day ago
I’m going to 3th Grade
Roshan Lal
Roshan Lal Day ago
Wow that is cool
prameela sree
I love you lily
D Wijerathna
D Wijerathna Day ago
I am child
Pammela Andrea Casanova
I like lilys locker because is Amazing❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Allyson Lopez
Allyson Lopez 2 days ago
OMG i also have to wake up at 7:00 tomorrow for school
Kirsty Mckergow
Kirsty Mckergow 2 days ago
Hi fam
Ganotan Diosdado
Ganotan Diosdado 2 days ago
I'm 29years old
Ganotan Diosdado
Ganotan Diosdado 2 days ago
My CRUSH is lily
NM - 01PG 931192 Edenrose PS
Bruh why dose that girl have gums on her locker inside
Ali ngoh nebalasca Tadeo
sweet baby girl
eirhean Calindas
eirhean Calindas 22 hours ago
tamim rock
tamim rock 2 days ago
Not child lily is child emma
dais0228 2 days ago
Zela Sizemore
Zela Sizemore 2 days ago
Aaaaa crazy hair
Gamer girl L
Gamer girl L 2 days ago
Uhhh... that’s totally Normal...
Ty Toys
Ty Toys 2 days ago
I love jenifer
Ty Toys
Ty Toys 2 days ago
So cool
Mario Rod
Mario Rod 2 days ago
I've been watching since 1:2am
Kelly Cabrera
Kelly Cabrera 2 days ago
This brings good mermerios
Amy Su
Amy Su 2 days ago
nada jasim
nada jasim 2 days ago
Amber Banks
Amber Banks 2 days ago
You got me laughing 🥱😐
Mohammed Omer Ahmed
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 2 days ago
The. Child. Is so me
Poppy Harper
Poppy Harper 2 days ago
Kamrun Nipa
Kamrun Nipa 2 days ago
Excuse me that looks very embarrassing For a random person to kiss your eye Why did the person go for the eye ball come on now
Isata Barrie
Isata Barrie 2 days ago
i love this can you do more
Katy Perry - Electric