Cheering for BAD THINGS to Happen *To All The Boys 3* 

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Feb 19, 2021




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maria sajan
maria sajan 38 minutes ago
pls do a lord of the rings series
Yuki 58 minutes ago
I want to see u react&review to The Perks of Being A Wallflower. Let see if u can be stress by it😏
Ciara O'Mahony
Could you do a video of watching Anastasia please don’t ask my lil sis got me addicted search up Anastasia 1997 and it will come up
Magdalena Luegger
the das, pa-pa! had me ROLLING on the ground
Layla 2 hours ago
Oh my God, Dylan! You're almost getting to 1M subs 🥺💜 I remember when you created this second channel and asked us to subscribe, I think you had about 18k when I did! I'm proud of you, even when I'm not interested in these movies, you make the videos intensely funny and I always have a great time when I come here. Keep up, hugs from Brazil 🥰
vintellex 2 hours ago
not me coming back every hour to check the subscribe count
Skirt 2 hours ago
only 3k away from 1 mil
Lily Smith
Lily Smith 2 hours ago
The destroyed the book in this movie!!!
Reese Nase
Reese Nase 4 hours ago
He better watch wandavision though
Suzanna W
Suzanna W 4 hours ago
You should watch Julie and the phantoms
Hi People
Hi People 4 hours ago
I watched Atlantis a couple of days ago and milo is all I see when I look at dylan
jmaul dagoat
jmaul dagoat 4 hours ago
Were 3k away from a million let's go. Remember to subscribe :D.
Thembi Sumbane
Thembi Sumbane 5 hours ago
I really hate Dylan for guessing everything right
Stephanie Diggs
Stephanie Diggs 5 hours ago
She act like they are different and are not going to break up, going to different schools. However, they can barely stay together when they attend the same school🙄
Valentina Ponce
Valentina Ponce 5 hours ago
Hey Dylan I know you don't take requests but next Monday can you do the first episode and the last episode of The Shadowhunters please please please it's a really good show and I want to see you reacted to it I know you don't take requests but can you please do it
LadyBravefalcon 6 hours ago
As someone who had a long distance relationship in college, I'm so sick of this trope in teen movies. Yes it's hard, but it is absolutely not a death sentence for any relationship. And long distance relationships are so much easier now with texting, FaceTime, and social media.
Giobari Kpurubu
Giobari Kpurubu 7 hours ago
Can u react to wolfblood series?
Ariel Whitworth
Ariel Whitworth 7 hours ago
Dylan: who holds their phone like this?!? Me: who doesn't have a phone case?!?!
Sofia’s Editz
Sofia’s Editz 7 hours ago
Sofia’s Editz
Sofia’s Editz 7 hours ago
Sydney Kaczorowski
Sydney Kaczorowski 8 hours ago
My question for Dylan is what are his favorite movies. He likes the death and killing so what does he recommend for us?
maria cardenas
maria cardenas 8 hours ago
he should watch a k-drama
Felicia Lattimore
Felicia Lattimore 8 hours ago
Yes Dylan, please write a book! This is an acceptable suggestion I hope?
Hagar Hussein
Hagar Hussein 8 hours ago
You need to watch some Miley Cyrus stuff...like hannah montana the movie, LOL , So Undercover or her black mirror episode Ashley O
Sarah Cane
Sarah Cane 8 hours ago
Ok but why does Noah Centineo literally sound (and kind of look???) like a younger Bruce Banner in this movie
Bhumisa Sapkota
Bhumisa Sapkota 8 hours ago
You should do a Bridgerton reaction
María Eugenia Hernández Sosa
Dylan you are the best 🤣🤣
ziggy bee
ziggy bee 9 hours ago
Where is our shitty Netflix Legend Series adaptation is my question
Dejanique Grant
Dejanique Grant 9 hours ago
you should watch more chilling adventures of sadrina
isabella ashby
isabella ashby 9 hours ago
isol gomez
isol gomez 9 hours ago
i started watching the movie, got bored, stopped watching, and now in here🙂
isabella ashby
isabella ashby 9 hours ago
back to watching dylan😋😋
Rosy Abi Abdallah
Rosy Abi Abdallah 9 hours ago
Im one of "those people" Thanks Dylan for the laughs
Victoria Garcia
Victoria Garcia 10 hours ago
I wasn't going to watch the 3rd movie, but I did just so I could make sense of Dylan's video. Can't miss Dat
i need Jisoos
i need Jisoos 10 hours ago
Gee gee gee gee baby baby babe gee gee gee baby baby baby - girls generation
ANNADRW 10 hours ago
Hi Dylan! React to Julie and the phantoms 😍😍
Diya 10 hours ago
Dylan just randomly guesses "Oh she's gonna fall in love with New York,then she'll go to NYU"
my sweet psycho
my sweet psycho 11 hours ago
this is probably one of my favorite videos of his. Ugly laughed most of the way through
Geita Lasmane
Geita Lasmane 11 hours ago
Dylan always waning someone to kill a person and me knowing shadowhunters where there is killing demons and killing people.
Branden Ramirez
Branden Ramirez 11 hours ago
Will you react to Norman Rockwell by Lana?
doire aintu
doire aintu 11 hours ago
dylan seeing a man in suit in every movie: HE'S A HITMAN! 🤣
Ari Lira
Ari Lira 11 hours ago
Imagine Dylan reacting to the drama and nonsense scenes on It's Okay To Not Be Okay, the knife scene, the crazy people, I wish he would watch it wall and try to guess the mistery ;-;
Crystal Nova
Crystal Nova 11 hours ago
Instead of writing a heartfelt letter or collaging something together for him she took everything that reminded her of him and threw it in a box and gave it back to him. Ugh.
geeths venky
geeths venky 11 hours ago
''wE'rE JuSt LiKe rOmEo aNd JuLiEt bUt WiThOut tHe CoMpElLiNg eLeMeNtS *awkward hand gestures'' 😂😂😂
doire aintu
doire aintu 11 hours ago
Watch the first episode of teen wolf and last episode 💯🔥
bliss chriss
bliss chriss 11 hours ago
please react to demi lovato 'dancing with the devil' documentary trailer !!:)
Jesse 11 hours ago
You know what would be neet, 2 movies where it's trash like this but in the 2nd, the guy get's a lovetriangle instead and he's the protaginist, that would mean that both have shown how much they like eachother besides the "guy suprises girl or guy makes girl laugh" thing that happens in all movies
Yuki 13 hours ago
Have u watch The Spiderwick Chronicles?
anya emmanuelle
anya emmanuelle 14 hours ago
he’s only, what, 5-10 minutes in and he’s ALREADY managed to predict a majority of the plot. . .your power, dylan !! ( i mean, i’ve been here long enough to know that’s kind of common sense that he’s able to do this but you gotta admit, it’s pretty cool)(someone catch my reference, pls)
lorena bjelic
lorena bjelic 15 hours ago
Dylan everytime someone kisses in the movie: 😳😧😰
Jojo_20 15 hours ago
4K left 🎉🎉🎉🙏
Zeke yeager and Flynn rider tease 🙈
FeaR Maul
FeaR Maul 16 hours ago
You should do the new american pie film
F.N. Schlub
F.N. Schlub 16 hours ago
trinity lashay
trinity lashay 17 hours ago
You should watch Euphoria it’s really good.
Jamie Barraclough
Jamie Barraclough 17 hours ago
I just watched this movie called stalked by my doctor PLEASE do a commentery please
Erin Pijlie
Erin Pijlie 17 hours ago
Sorry, I mostly watch your videos to see you turn every movie into a murder mystery
Ashley Cano
Ashley Cano 17 hours ago
Dylan have u been working out
My Lord
My Lord 18 hours ago
Dylan went off!
CG_Draco 375
CG_Draco 375 18 hours ago
Watch the first episode of teen wolf and last episode 💯🔥
Inès de Casaban
Inès de Casaban 18 hours ago
Thank you for doing this video so I don't have to watch it haha
cecilia hartmeyer
cecilia hartmeyer 19 hours ago
I kinda liked the first movie but the rest is trash.
Alexa 19 hours ago
do commentary for the movie "Flipped" i'd love to hear u roast the corny middle school romance 😌
Lara 19 hours ago
such a daddy lol
Anthea Johnson
Anthea Johnson 20 hours ago
This should've been a lesbian lovestory..tell me I'm wrong
Anthea Johnson
Anthea Johnson 20 hours ago
We're almost at 1Mil?!? WTH?!?
Celeste Thomas
Celeste Thomas 21 hour ago
The lock actually was really sweet it’s her and her sisters initials just letting u know
Jada Hill
Jada Hill 21 hour ago
Can you react for commentary Monday cristofer Robison live action it is sooo good (if y’all can,can you make sure that he sees this)
Penina K
Penina K 21 hour ago
Anyone else watching the subs go up the past few weeks? super excited! Almost at 1M!
Dezzy Vann
Dezzy Vann 21 hour ago
US-firstr Joe Harrison is either dylan aged backwards or his little bro. 🤔🤨😄
Hannah Hernandez
Hannah Hernandez 22 hours ago
Knew you would comment about the way she held her phone lol that scene gave me anxiety 😂
Ashton McCann
Ashton McCann 22 hours ago
1:01 who tf is Kaylee??
kaedex.c 23 hours ago
Tbh,, their relationship is lowkey toxic
Weird Guy 149
Man, where do they find time to make these things?
Katie O'Connor
Can you PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE do a commentary on The Little Mermaid II !!!!
IMPUL53 Day ago
I recommend you watch Hercules either the 2014 one or the disney one
Tofan Purnomo Waisaka
Poor Ross Butler, it's not easy being asian in Hollywood. A white *ss name can only get you thru the casting door. Although it's not as maddening as the racism of Winx Saga.
Sonya Indigo
Sonya Indigo Day ago
Okay but can we talk about how he looks in this shirt???
Jean MAKONI Day ago
This movie is personal for Dylan, he owes us an explanation. But thanks for the laughs😂😂
Brittany B
Brittany B Day ago
All I've got to say is, I will follow you forever because you put the "true" Dumbledore in the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
lastimosa Day ago
i watched on 1.5x as well lmfaooo
Tayli M
Tayli M Day ago
Dylan, you look very nice
lastimosa Day ago
im glad someone else was peeved by the way she held her phone
Morgan Britt
Morgan Britt Day ago
The trouble with their relationship is that although they believe they are ready to be committed to each other, they are not yet committed to themselves as people. Lara needs to find her own path and agency without Peter. And Peter must learn to put her desires and needs over his own. I liked when they split because it could have given them a chance to put other things in perspective. But they broke up only to come back again! All solved with some gesture and then leading to....that.... It’s an unhealthy pattern from “adorkable romantic cuteness” to obstacles jealousy related, to coming back! It just seems a bit excessive....
lol i love your commentary. just waiting till you jump on the bridgerton band wagon, that shit would be hilarious. btw not a recommendation, just a funny thought lol
i watched the movie before i watched this so i wouldn't be lost, but i should have just watched this, Dylan made the movie enjoyable. it was way too long of a movie.
Erin Burgess
Erin Burgess Day ago
Can I have some other book recommendations?
Maylin Day ago
First of all, how dare you! still love you and your content, tho
mlepclaynos tomlinson
i love ur shirt so much oh my
schokigirl Day ago
4:13 Lock: D - M - LJ - K (Dad/Dan - Margot - Lara Jean - Kitty) Dylan: proceeds talking about how the lock represents LJs & Peters realationship :D
Kylie Avila
Kylie Avila Day ago
I know you don't take suggestions but.........500 days of summer is cinematically beautiful in my opinion so if you wanted to pls🙂
lanizz foshizz
he’s so close to 1M!!🥳
Michel Day ago
Dylan not realizing the lock were the initials of the family members is SENDING ME for some reason
lucy boynton
lucy boynton Day ago
God they really did a great job of turning Peter from a loveable, goofy boyfriend to a self-centered, manipulative prick. Also, the lock she attached to her mother's didn't have Lara-Jean & Peter's initials, it had the initials of her & her sisters. Just wanted to clarify cause the idea of her attaching her name & Peter's to her dead mam's wish was just very creepy.
Sasa Netotea
Sasa Netotea Day ago
7:27 i'm dead😂😂😂😂😂😂
Desimalfoypotter 69
trinity s.
trinity s. Day ago
everyone recommended kissing booth 3 so he doesn’t do it 😂
Kristen Day ago
That moment you realize your a state neighbor to Dylan 😂
Jessica Rygal
Can you please react to season 5 of riverdaleeeee
Kaylie Day ago
As a high school senior with a boyfriend going to a school 1,300 miles away, and one who knows life isn't fairy tales, this movie is actually quite relatable. Everyone wants to be that couple that makes it, but the realistic part of you knows how hard that is. While some people are able to do it, that's not everyone. On top of that, part of college is about going off to meet new people and have new experiences. I kinda understood LJ a lot in this film, it's almost like I'm watching myself but I'm unable to give advice. The part of you that's in the moment and in love wants to stay, but the part of you that pulls you back to reality wants to let them go. It's hard when you're actually in the position because even if you know that it would be good for the both of you to separate and grow as individuals, it's hard in that moment because you love each other and truly believe you can do it because of your love. From an outside perspective it's always easy to tell someone what's best for them, but sometimes what's best isn't always what we want. Also, those end shots/that end scene with them in the wedding area... absolutely gorgeous. Especially as compared to the ending scene in the second movie when the entire screen is blue
Jamie Hart
Jamie Hart Day ago
Can u pls do a commentary on justice league dark