Checking out the Electric Hummer SUV! Is it any good? 

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We flew to Detroit to get a first look at the new ALL-ELECTRIC HUMMER SUV! Reserve your GMC Hummer EV SUV: www.gmc.com/electric/hummer-ev/suvs
Big thanks to GMC for giving us the first look at the new Hummer SUV EV!
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Apr 5, 2021




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Gaming With Connor
Gaming With Connor 50 minutes ago
I'm not switching to all f***ing electric cars. Tesla, GMC, Kia etc can all go screw them selfs.
Kuluma Reang
Kuluma Reang 4 hours ago
Y m i watching dis i can't even afford its wheel
Zack C
Zack C 10 hours ago
11:12 did you mean -40c?
Cesar Cano
Cesar Cano 10 hours ago
The Dad Of Lincoln Says I Like The Cinematic 2Secs Later Cinematic View
Tarrell 22 hours ago
Woohoo, 3 wipers like the FJ!!
William Edward
3:42 it's not a Frunk, it's a Fred
marvin bacani
marvin bacani 2 days ago
Is it still with Nikola company that they're working with? If still this probably not gonna happen 😅
Siddharth Verma
Siddharth Verma 2 days ago
It's Awesome Machine..
Benjamin Kim
Benjamin Kim 3 days ago
American flag on the Hummer. But I live in Canada. I don’t think I need an American flag on a car while driving a car in Canada
Benjamin Kim
Benjamin Kim 3 days ago
Thumbnail: shows the car Video: covers it up
N3D.studio 3 days ago
This is the second video where they say the windshield is too wide for two wipers. No. The H2 has two wipers and it looks about the same width/height. The blades are 16" on the H2. On the EV they look smaller like 10-12" each. So covers the same area. We don't have flying cars in 2021? Actually we do. And GM has that eVtol thing they're in development on.
vengesai malvin
vengesai malvin 3 days ago
it is cool bro love the car it is cool
Akash Engti
Akash Engti 3 days ago
My fav😍😟😟🥺😔
Timothy Laws
Timothy Laws 4 days ago
how cool is that!!
Noah Goyette
Noah Goyette 4 days ago
The electric FJ Cruiser I've been hoping for
Idris Said
Idris Said 4 days ago
Too much talk, very little action on the road. That's what it is for, not for a museum.
Ac -hu
Ac -hu 4 days ago
Ellada eente engine evide
D Rizzle
D Rizzle 4 days ago
Can someone make a more practical hydrogen fuel cell version so we don't litter our existence with charging stations and can re-fuel in an acceptable amount of time?
no professional drives a e car. e cars are for kids.
cyberpunk 2077 car lets gooooooooooo
Vivaan The Artist
This suv look like land rover defender ❤
Big Gravy
Big Gravy 5 days ago
Try TOWING something with it & see how much it reduces your range then you’ll be wishing for a Duramax or Powerstroke diesel again.
Halil Ganiev
Halil Ganiev 5 days ago
Hummer is more expensive than the Cybertruck. And also, CTs get free autopilot, whereas you have to pay a subscription fee for Hummer's cruise control.
Paul Salmon
Paul Salmon 5 days ago
Of course I like it. It's a GMC...
Rob J
Rob J 5 days ago
Seems all the US auto makers are leaving Detroit. I guess it will continue to decay. I see the generations of skilled workers in the Detroit area going to waste; once that kind of skill is in a worker's bloodline it doesn't go away for a long time. I've seen areas of the country where certain types of manufacturing took place for generations, such as textiles, and with all those who have adopted the ability to be trained in manufacturing they offer a lot to a potential industry. Shouldn't there be a sincere effort to return to Detroit?
Rob J
Rob J 5 days ago
Ahem...charging time, please? This has been the stumbling block of every EV. And, there has to be a massive charging infrastructure in this country (every country that wants to use EVs), a substantial initial expense. Will the charging ports on the EVs standardize across the industry? A year ago I bought a Honda hybrid and I think it's a very well made car. Until infrastructure and charging times become comparable to filling the gas tank, I'm not going to go out and buy an EV. I saw how EV's were a liability in Texas this winter when so much of the state had no electricity for several days, and I'm wondering how much the EV sales are going to be negatively affected by this sobering reminder. I'm really not a Negative Nellie, but these are some points I have to consider when making a major investment; I need a vehicle that's going to fit my needs - ALL my transportation needs, immediately and without weather conditions being such a huge factor. Yep, I could sit in my car and keep warm if there was a collapse of the power grid just like some in Texas had to do.
Ronny Jt
Ronny Jt 5 days ago
Price in Indian currency
Cedrick Michael Inganji
Someone said its a hoax Now I believe it is not Can you destroy it we see what's inside
Sashers Funny Stuff
That headlight charge indicator kinda copied Rivian
eddyツ 6 days ago
Cybertruck is better
Cole Czerniewski
Cole Czerniewski 6 days ago
GMC should do a bigger version (XL)
Nick Jones
Nick Jones 6 days ago
gm is joint venture with lg chem to make a plant in Ohio for all electric cars that will create 1,100 new jobs in the Ohio based factory
D 7 days ago
Looks like Ford Bronco
Phil Kousoubris
Phil Kousoubris 7 days ago
Had a first model year 2007 FJ- 3 wipers too, and the HEV SUV styling reminds me a LOT of the FJ. So I signed up for one!
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 7 days ago
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TheNiteinjail 7 days ago
I'd take one Cyber truck over two of those
역시 명품 입니다.
Kenzie Hou
Kenzie Hou 7 days ago
The hummer ev is my dream car
rakhwinder singh
rakhwinder singh 7 days ago
Awesome car!
BigTex 8 days ago
Great video. However, I’m tired of everyone doing static videos of the Hummer EV. We want to see it in action!
Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar 8 days ago
Pece Rusty
Pece Rusty 8 days ago
Social climber
דניאל אלון
Dear followers!! Don't let the beautiful pictures confuse you . Anyone who buys a new car from GENERAL Motors the chance you threw your money into the trash is very large. In this company there is no customer service, the company's management does not care at all, if you have a problem or a malfunction, you can only pray to God there is a chance that the help will come faster. GM is a very dangerous company, be careful and keep your money safe.!!!👎👎👎👎👎😬👎😬👎👎Share so more people don't get screwed.GM is a big bluff
Michael Sherrill
Michael Sherrill 8 days ago
They didn't use the hooks on back to lift. They used the hooks on top which are all just for looks and plastic on all the old models
CosmotiC-Kim 8 days ago
GM winning this game shiii.. super..
Lee Speyrer
Lee Speyrer 9 days ago
this should have been called a blazer by chevrolet
BROOKLYN LADY 9 days ago
What are the specs compared to H2, is it as big or bigger?
Samir Harris
Samir Harris 9 days ago
Great review 👍
Jasmin Herrera
Jasmin Herrera 9 days ago
Boy how expensive it will be if anything stops working or breaks...
Dosyyo Mulya
Dosyyo Mulya 9 days ago
martyhowie75 9 days ago
doobeone 9 days ago
they also killed the electric car.
Aviral Singh
Aviral Singh 9 days ago
6:34 lmao
matthew chang
matthew chang 9 days ago
Looks like fj cruiser mixed into a ford bronco
Jason Playz
Jason Playz 10 days ago
What if this hummer is actually better than the cyber truck
Michael O'Keefe
Michael O'Keefe 10 days ago
Looks nice.
GADGET RUNOVER 10 days ago
why im getting a feel that scorpio is inspired from this
Эльхан Дамин
How much is it? 🇰🇬
TeenInvestor 10 days ago
How many passengers can the Hummer EV SUV hold? Minimum and maximum. Also, can the Hummer EV SUV fit in a normal-sized garage? Does it need a taller, wider, or longer garage space? Also, does this need a lot of maintenance like the Wrangler? Can a 5-foot 7-inch man drive it? Is it suitable for new drivers? Can you leave the hummer outside? Thanks!
Randy Colbath
Randy Colbath 10 days ago
I think its a great looking vehicle..dont know if i can justify the price.I would need to test drive it and see how great it is...but love the look and the inside..
TwinArtifact263k 10 days ago
It doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen before Whoever is reading this I hope you have a lovely day or night
Shael k
Shael k 10 days ago
The hummer was doing a Great job..keep it up.
Nhabib Habib
Nhabib Habib 10 days ago
Congratulations nice car but it is not every body . l wash l could got one. The price is so high.
Teleblack 10 days ago
I will take one thank you very much
Deathy Voki
Deathy Voki 10 days ago
Why is nobody talking about the fact his appendix was ripped out?
DTM4 REAL 10 days ago
can the doors be taken off?
Brianna Nelson
Brianna Nelson 10 days ago
Beast 11 days ago
I hope it has autopilot and if it does then cross your fingers that the cameras will be better then the Tesla’s.
MidLifeChrisis 11 days ago
5:08 the roof is scratched to s*** and it’s not even a real car yet 😪
Lil Shag 347
Lil Shag 347 11 days ago
It has removable t tops like an old iroc camaro or trans am
Anoyel Fernandez
Anoyel Fernandez 11 days ago
Well I love Goodyear tyres 🤩🤩🤩❤️❤️❤️❤️
E 11 days ago
No 3rd row option with that price? 🤨
Zvrst 12 days ago
Can wait to buy it and swap a motor into it
Everardo Gutierrez
Everardo Gutierrez 12 days ago
We need electric work trucks.
Dennis Porter
Dennis Porter 12 days ago
I think it's awesome looking.. The power is great too..I probably couldn't afford it unless I won a lottery..
The Bullock Family
The Bullock Family 12 days ago
It’s nice they’re reusing the battery packs to get 100% of their life but what happens after that? You still eventually have to dispose of them 🤷‍♂️
YaalaBoy 12 days ago
dababy will turn into it bc its also a convertible beep beep
j x
j x 12 days ago
I am going to buy this car for short trips to Starbucks.
oen hauw
oen hauw 12 days ago
Definitely fantastic electric suv , i hope i can afford it :)
Tommy Olsen
Tommy Olsen 12 days ago
Love it 🔥
Arachnid 12 days ago
Cybertruck SUV anybody??
arvi5100 arvi5100
arvi5100 arvi5100 12 days ago
wait cool car but does it have autopilot??????????????????????????????????????????
Harper Buntin
Harper Buntin 12 days ago
Gerundion Angel
Gerundion Angel 12 days ago
For the future have beltin generator
Turf Surf
Turf Surf 12 days ago
Electricity mileage on this truck must be horrible too😂. The reason they got rid of the heads up display is because if the windshield is cracked it’s gonna cost so much more to replace because the heads up display and most customers don’t wanna pay extra for the upgrade.
Maggs Heimskringla
Maggs Heimskringla 12 days ago
i kept skipping until they actually showed the truck. 1:24. Their faces were too close to the camera and too frequent.
Brian Joslyn
Brian Joslyn 12 days ago
I've never liked the Hummer. I don't like the Rivian. Give me the Cybertruck - when I'm ready. This actually wouldn't be a convertible as it does not automatically open/close or have latches to unfold/fold. There actually are flying cars. I don't believe they've begun sales yet, still. Tesla does tests with the batteries too. They also take care of batteries that have lived their life. If you've had to many EVs then why have you not shown them? You've only been mentioning, and showing, your Tesla's for about the past few(ish) years.
Gaurav Pareek
Gaurav Pareek 12 days ago
I wanna head bob while driving it on roads in India! 😁
mrk107 12 days ago
It looks like something from the Brady Bunch era.
Noel Silva
Noel Silva 12 days ago
I’m loving the new hummer suv. It sweet looking. It looks like a little bit like the old one but more modern style. And the power sweet.
Mohammed Ines
Mohammed Ines 13 days ago
C. 13 days ago
RIP hummer
Hanamanth Kabadi
Hanamanth Kabadi 13 days ago
Mike Terry
Mike Terry 13 days ago
Dan you need to do a review of the 2021 Model S....looks like they cheapened it to be more like model 3.
Raghav Laxmikanth
Raghav Laxmikanth 13 days ago
Why is there a Wire always tagged to it. Something is not right. They should fully charge and call the press/Journos.
Chad Stillmunkes
Chad Stillmunkes 13 days ago
Can the trucks use a snow plow?
Raffi Wei
Raffi Wei 13 days ago
okay, now cut it plz
Cheese Inc.
Cheese Inc. 13 days ago
This is a really BIG SUV with no 3rd row seats. That's a shame. Giving this a 3rd row will make it look like a limousine. Lol.
Teymur Kazakov
Teymur Kazakov 13 days ago