Charlie Has A Knack For Spotting Serial Killers In Gas Stations 

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Today Me and Penguinz0 react to Gas 'N Fuel Employee Training Video 4A​ Makin' It Happen and learn that Charlie has a real knack for spotting serial killers specifically in gas stations.
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Apr 3, 2021




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CinnamonToastKen 17 days ago
It was a pleasure recording a video with one of the stars from Hunger games. Never in my life have I thought I would be here today. Thank you.
Matias Juncos
Matias Juncos 3 days ago
Hunger games star
Jarred 333
Jarred 333 4 days ago
Jordanian River
Jordanian River 7 days ago
Hhheeey...he was only and extra ok... For like a second.
Bizhop Ownz
Bizhop Ownz 7 days ago
Not only do they have gas but they have fuel too?!
Down Fall
Down Fall 13 days ago
Make more videos with him
E S 36 minutes ago
I thought this was an edit at first with Ken talking to Pewds,but Charlie edited it in
DrMaxwell and MineCD DP
✝️Fellowship invite
The crossover we never knew we needed or wanted
🕸B L a c k W I d o w A r t🕸
It's alright. Chris would have just put the robbers in the freezer. A true hero.
Liz Hellsing
Liz Hellsing 4 hours ago
That is quite the production for a gas station training video 🤣
Cartoon Hangout
Cartoon Hangout 5 hours ago
So Gas n' Fuel was a mock video?
CJ 10 hours ago
poptarts still have foil wrappers in the box
EragonTheDragon 14 hours ago
You said cinnamon toast ken so fast, the texing recognised it as "Simantos Ken"
Diana Londoño
Diana Londoño 16 hours ago
best collab, and charlie is a savage for making fun of your age, but then i realized were almost the same age which makes sense. we're just kids lol
Marie 20 hours ago
I think I'll put this on my CV. Now no job can possibly refuse me, because now, I AM READY FOR ANYTHING!
재키 Day ago
Okay... I'm a police dispatcher. Even if my cops were in the parking lot they couldn't get there that fast. lmao Hell, if they were standing in the store it wouldn't happen. 🤣 The panic alarm goes to an alarm company full of incompetent people and then they call us. It's a whole process to get the bare minimum in information from them, and despite us heading officers towards the store (because we knew our quest for info would be ages), it still takes ages. lol
재키 Day ago
"Being a hero can have deadly consequences. *smiles with oddly upbeat tone* Take a look!"
재키 Day ago
I worked at a music store from age 16-24. I was an assistant manager at this point and it was the holiday season (back when CD/DVD stores were insanely busy all the time). Due to the holiday rush and all of us being busy, we had one person run out who got Wendy's for everyone and we all took turns rushing back to scarf food and come back out. It was finalllyyyy my turn and I was so flustered and starving that I just took the whole Wendy's burger, in it's wrapper, and tossed that sh*t in the microwave. About 5-10 seconds later I saw and heard the first spark and quickly popped the door open. I was like, "Wowwww... I'm an idiot." That, or I should never go that long without food again, lest I almost kill myself and others.
재키 Day ago
I'm sorry... how is this video from 2003?
Alabama Hot Pocket
The manager looks like Michael Douglas from Falling Down
Brian McDonough
I hope they can find the DragonBalls to bring Bill back.
sdrre1 Day ago
CHARLIE AND KEN??? My beloved....
Mukuro Ikusaba
It's so strange seeing Ken & Charlie interact with each other, but it's so nice as well
Marissa Bones
floresaza253 Day ago
Someone hasn't washed their hair in a couple weeks...
Fire Dude 57
Fire Dude 57 2 days ago
This colab made me hard
Samuel Whittaker
Samuel Whittaker 2 days ago
Notice how the robbers came in after they got rid of the rusty nails, electrified ceiling and death coolers... you say danger, I say defence
Tyler Crites
Tyler Crites 2 days ago
How do you find this cringe...
Dragon Master
Dragon Master 2 days ago
The robber: Alright, give me all the money in the cash register! Me, an intellectual: Will that be all sir?
Ezekiel 25:17
Ezekiel 25:17 2 days ago
Those cops had a portal to the ‘gas and fuel’ station, they must have the greatest donuts in the world!
Dr. Philth
Dr. Philth 3 days ago
Idk about y'all but I feel trained
This guy
This guy 3 days ago
Ken: only bad guys smoke cigarettes! Me: puts cigarette out immediately
nikashae 3 days ago
Okay im 22 and i remember poptarts with the tin foil wrapping 😂😂😂
kentuckymonkeys 3 days ago
Charlie sucks
TheGamer 42
TheGamer 42 3 days ago
I ate sweet tarts ropes while watching this and I threw up at 9:47 - 9:53
CUCCles the SIMP
CUCCles the SIMP 3 days ago
oh eff me, im so sorry for not loving you earlier cinniken
Lawlsomedude 3 days ago
I'm beginning to see why Gas N' Fuel didn't last: - piles of rusty nails in the middle of the aisles - exposed electrical wires hanging from the ceiling - paint thinner being sold right next to a powered microwave - employees talking about babies suffocating - managers who can and will murder if given the chance
taylorkichu 3 days ago
I just realized that I am the same age as Mary and my husband is the same age as Ken.
Jam The Metroid
Jam The Metroid 3 days ago
Ken your getting old brother holy the last time I seen any your videos you didn’t have grey in your hair or beard
Bang Supa
Bang Supa 4 days ago
charlie blink twice if u kidnaped
Lochlan Hughes
Lochlan Hughes 4 days ago
That was some cyberpunk police response time.
Ad Noctem Media
Ad Noctem Media 4 days ago
"And there's a can of paint thinner inside" Actually lost it at that point
Witty 401 son
Witty 401 son 4 days ago
Honest Troll
Honest Troll 4 days ago
It's to use the paint thinner to decaffeinate the coffee
Clovilah 4 days ago
I love this guy so much more than the hairy nutsack that just screams and makes noises on the couch. I would watch SO MANY MORE videos if that creature wasn't always ruining them.
Darth Jedi Ooga
Darth Jedi Ooga 4 days ago
Sam R
Sam R 4 days ago
When Chris closed the freezer door I was fully expecting to see a toddler knocking on the glass from the inside, and just walking away. 😂☠️
Tony N.
Tony N. 4 days ago
2003? thats a budget flip-phone camera quality right there
BlitzzingArts 4 days ago
If I took anything from this video is that I will no longer put paint thinner in the microwave
Hunter Bakko
Hunter Bakko 4 days ago
When Bill got shot 17 times he lived definitely he was like tis but a scratch actually heard he executed the dude like John wick and hunted him down
CTCheeser Gaming
CTCheeser Gaming 4 days ago
This video came out the year I was born
Luke Brideau
Luke Brideau 5 days ago
So in my elementary school there was a pencil put in the microwave and I’m not sure if you know but burning Eraser smells like garbage The reason why the eraser burned is cause that metal piece on the pencil caught the pencil on fire and burnt the eraser but before that someone accidentally put tinfoil in there with pizza they weren’t thinking they knew what happen when you put metal in the microwave but they just forgot lmao ... But then the teacher took away the microwave😔
Zackary Grinder
Zackary Grinder 5 days ago
Wow I'm only two years older then Charlie but I look like ate two of him for lunch......
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor 5 days ago
That's my new catch fraise OH SHELLY
EJT006Cleetus 5 days ago
This video was a banger
D Wo
D Wo 5 days ago
Was that reenactment directed by michael scott?? 😂😂😂
Duke Aguirre
Duke Aguirre 5 days ago
Ken reminds me of a not as funny Rob Riggle.
Clutch UwU
Clutch UwU 5 days ago
By 1972 the term "trolling for MiGs" was documented in use by US Navy pilots in Vietnam.
James Hunt
James Hunt 5 days ago
Still want to be a hero? Nope, plus you can stick, your job where the sun don't shine
T King
T King 5 days ago
That heroic consequences video has Call an ambulance but not for me vibes all over.
J. Lee Tillery
J. Lee Tillery 5 days ago
Police spawning as quickly as Cyberpunk 2077 in that last one.
VK2532 5 days ago
Don't let America know they got oil there, Chris wont be able to handle the army! XD
Lawrence Ebue
Lawrence Ebue 5 days ago
4:27 what? "Nobody does?" -beatsme
nashee anjel
nashee anjel 5 days ago
Training video or amateur porn shoot. Whatever your up for.
MROmegosan 5 days ago
Whaaaat, Ken and Charlie in the same video!?
makayla farley
makayla farley 5 days ago
My first and only job I've had was at a pet store chain (pet supplies plus) and my managers said if we're ever getting robbed give them everything because the company has insurance and the criminal can be caught. I liked my managers mostky except the one time I saw the head managers whole ass and thong when we were cleaning the store after closing. We had no button in my store to call the police I wish we did. Our registers still required floppy disks and that was a year ago.
Curious_ Lobster
Curious_ Lobster 5 days ago
Wendy’s cold drinks training video will always be the best
Harper Chisari
Harper Chisari 6 days ago
Why does Chris look like middle aged out of shape homelander?
Saucy Saucer Media
16:15 Cyberpunk cops be like
I’ve probably fucked Your mom
Best collab
Indy RAWR 6 days ago
This video looks older than 2003!
Nerd - Bookworm
Nerd - Bookworm 6 days ago
I was watching this high and almost puked ice cream up
Swordagrim 6 days ago
Ken and his gay headphones lol
Saulestro 6 days ago
The gas station dude gives me Patrick Bateman vibes
riceylauj 6 days ago
ah yes the classic Paint Thinner in the Microwave. xD I guess I've been lucky I never had to watch any introduction videos for a job. They are always a bit outlandish.
Raw Spaghetti
Raw Spaghetti 6 days ago
Charlie needs to take a shower
Thomas Johnson
Thomas Johnson 6 days ago
That can should have melted her skin
Lachlan Edwards
Lachlan Edwards 6 days ago
I wish Gas N Fuel was a real place
Nisus 6 days ago
Shaine H07
Shaine H07 6 days ago
You need to stop the robbery not cause a homicide
Raquzal 6 days ago
16:13 cyberpunk vips be like
Turg 6 days ago
Somethings wrong I can feel it...
Redemption Goes
Redemption Goes 6 days ago
This video is a perfect example of acting chemistry.
Redemption Goes
Redemption Goes 6 days ago
The whole training video is Chris’s redemption. He probably was a serial killer and planned to killed Kelly for fun, but when he witnessed Bill’s death in an alternate timeline, he knew he had to change.
M Sund
M Sund 6 days ago
M̶o̷n̶S̷t̴e̸R̵ ̸MaN̡gL͡eR̢
Where can I get one of those magic buttons that makes the police *teleport* in to rescue you...?!?!
Wassim csc
Wassim csc 6 days ago
That guy in the thumbnail looks a lot like Tom Scott
Nekropolis Gaming
people come in to rob the gas station, they got a safe for the big bills and you keep your drawer below a certain amount. Then the robber demands you open the safe, not knowing the safe can only be opened at certain time and only by the manager, and shoot the clerk anyway. I quit a job as a night shift clerk at a 24 hour gas station because they wouldn't hire some one to work it with me, like they should, since night shift is the most dangerous. Found out some weeks later that the guy they hired to replace me ended up getting shot and killed for that reason. smh
Jordanian River
Jordanian River 7 days ago
New gas station employee: "I only work here for the truck stop hookers"
Tyler Liversuch
Tyler Liversuch 7 days ago
I work in a departmentment store and the video about robberies and hostage situations tells us to find a suitable weapon and incapacitate or disarm the attacker
Joe Dohn
Joe Dohn 7 days ago
I swear I’m the youngest looking 28 year old I come across. And I hate it :(
Tuxita99 7 days ago
Great video! But. Godamn, Charlie' got some beautiful hands!
SatansSuccubus 66
Hell yeah, 94 babies !
Canadian Goose
Canadian Goose 7 days ago
Pop tarts are still tinfoil
crazy scottish boi
Bill has that 'falling down' energy
K Kondor
K Kondor 7 days ago
Serial killers in gas stations getting coffee
- SaladStalker -
- SaladStalker - 7 days ago
What would you do if you walked into a gas station and just saw a worker play guitar better than Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton combined?
kaiawase 7 days ago
this is the home alone of training videos
KP - NUTz 7 days ago
12:00 if you dont get fired by a gun you get fired by the manager
This is the collab I didn't know I needed.
Hilt Tilt
Hilt Tilt 7 days ago
16:15 CyberPunk Police in a nutshell
• 羲天 •Random Adventurer X
You guys should check out Omega Mart, similar vibe but a bit more subversive.
Hammer Movie
Hammer Movie 7 days ago
Parzival 7 days ago
I used to work at Tim Hortons. If someone robbed the place I'd tell them where all the money is as long as I could keep the tips. Why should I care, it's not my money.
MisfitOger 7 days ago
Someone tries to rob my Dunkins? Boom, 4ft oven brush - side of the head.
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