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Thank you Charlie and Dixie for hanging out!!
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Feb 24, 2021




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VIEWS Month ago
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Minya Ye
Minya Ye 19 days ago
noel John
noel John 24 days ago
Carmen Ramirez
Carmen Ramirez 24 days ago
Natalie Benitez
Natalie Benitez 28 days ago
Me to I’m failing all my classes 😂😂
Xanick Month ago
SunStar 2003
SunStar 2003 4 hours ago
Who the hell is that random girl? Is she some sort of delusional case that thinks she’s famous and since this generation is like that they all pretend to go along with it?
Allison Fox
Allison Fox 18 hours ago
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Steliqna Hristova
Can anyone tell where Char say the f word(what minute)
Vivi_Playz Day ago
Sarra. Off
Sarra. Off 2 days ago
22:36 charli was actually so cute ❤️🥺🥺
Poops Shit
Poops Shit 13 hours ago
Aleasha clark
Aleasha clark 5 days ago
Isn’t it a law in California that famous kids can’t work if their failing school. Lol isn’t that a thing or am I crazy lol
Ariana Moran
Ariana Moran 4 days ago
They aren’t even California citizens they moved a year ago so idk how it works for them.
Aleasha clark
Aleasha clark 5 days ago
Thank god they brought security 😂
Gabby Chipner
Gabby Chipner 5 days ago
People with online or even face to face they are both super difficult and but for charli I have 8 hour of school and I'm in 7th grade so that's is nothing compared to what I do and not top I that I have volleyball practice and after school thing but even with people with nothing after it's still difficult but I don't want to through shame I'm just trying to say that what your doing is somewhat compared to what my school does sorry I don't want to mean by that but like just saying I love you Charlie ❤❤
Linda Kelly
Linda Kelly 8 days ago
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Kayla Richard
Kayla Richard 8 days ago
Of course marc and Heidi doesn’t care if charli swears because she makes the family money 🤡
Katie Rac
Katie Rac 5 days ago
dude she’s 16 turning 17 shes old enough
Exility 8 days ago
12:22 is when charli swears
lnconceal 7 days ago
When charli said Fuck I was like OMG
Adriana Stancu
Adriana Stancu 8 days ago
12:22 lol
Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner 8 days ago
12:26 that face charli made was my face when she said the f word LMAO
Poops Shit
Poops Shit 13 hours ago
Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner 8 days ago
12:16 😀😀
karen hobeika
karen hobeika 8 days ago
Natalia Laroque
Natalia Laroque 8 days ago
No ones talking about charli swearing 12:22
ahovyah norghton
ahovyah norghton 9 days ago
Charli went from ♥️🤭😍🌺💮 to this 😠🤬😠😈🖤💀🥀
vanessa palomo
vanessa palomo 9 days ago
Sarah Umeed
Sarah Umeed 8 days ago
Just Lav
Just Lav 9 days ago
Joysoria876 King lion876998
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Dryppio 9 days ago
Im not gonna lie, I really dont like David anymore 😡
Emily Lietz
Emily Lietz 11 days ago
i have 17 clases and im 13 dfghjkjhgfdfghjklkjhgghjkl
cameron free
cameron free 12 days ago
Sammy Rck
Sammy Rck 12 days ago
When will the new podcasts start
Reece Engineering
Reece Engineering 13 days ago
31:03 A glimmer of truth
A D 15 days ago
It’s funny people in this video got exposed one way or another 🤡💀💀💀💀
Mason Booker
Mason Booker 16 days ago
David : “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! Shit swear jar.”
Tala Fayez
Tala Fayez 17 days ago
Oh did you do something to them to
Darryn Jones
Darryn Jones 17 days ago
did anyone else notice davids charli sticker
lilsofty Edits
lilsofty Edits 18 days ago
You should try and interview Billie Eilish
shaquille baptiste
shaquille baptiste 18 days ago
dixie was so jealous when david said that he had charli sticker on his laptop
Yeah I cheat all the time at school just like toby
Jermaine Reyes
Jermaine Reyes 20 days ago
Evxoxl 17 days ago
•mia• 20 days ago
12:23 thank me later editors :)
Evxoxl 18 days ago
Brandon Mercado
Brandon Mercado 21 day ago
Adam Faux
Adam Faux 21 day ago
charli is perfect
DORI Røcks
DORI Røcks 21 day ago
Through 30:48
DORI Røcks
DORI Røcks 21 day ago
30:49 is sooooo funny
Lena 21 day ago
There is so many things wrong with you.
Michelle Spills the tea
laila harvey
laila harvey 21 day ago
OK so I was just listening to 2 chix and I guess that peoples comments are bringing them down so I just wanted to say that these are two BEAUTIFUL AMAZING POSOTIVE girls that are so pretty so funny and so kind and so is David and Jason they are amazing and do not let people bring you down because you are amazing and you have people that support you and I love you!!! Byee❤️❤️😆😆😘😘🥳🥳
Imran Kassam
Imran Kassam 21 day ago
wow david exposed THE SHIT OUT OF TOBY AND "RiSHi"
Imran Kassam
Imran Kassam 21 day ago
jason nash makes me uncomfy. POINT BLANK PERIOD
Imran Kassam
Imran Kassam 21 day ago
so were not gonna talk abt how charli didnt even write her book.....
David Arellano
David Arellano 22 days ago
if you don’t like him just don’t fucking watch
DragonDavvid 23 days ago
He’s an actual horrible person lol
Cristina Valle
Cristina Valle 23 days ago
Famous, and not even talented, what a world we live in 😭
Sir 9 days ago
eh i dont like him but ill give him credit, 3 vids a week for like what 5 years? and his vids are interesting
Jay Styles Variety
Jay Styles Variety 23 days ago
Go to hell fresh XD
Hundred TwentyThree
Now I feel like we know why charli doesn’t post as much and she is sometimes tired 💤 in them bc she has a lot of school
Maddie Schneider
Maddie Schneider 23 days ago
Man I got grounded for a month because i threw a fruit cup at a car driving by
Kane Coggins
Kane Coggins 23 days ago
@Squarespace and@ziprecruiter should drop him.
Dababy 23 days ago
Down bad today, arent we?
Kiara Zelaya
Kiara Zelaya 24 days ago
I love u all and the sisters
Jonathan Ruiz
Jonathan Ruiz 24 days ago
KD iary
KD iary 23 days ago
Well this is true finally people see how sick these people are that rode the wave from breaking liza heart. She was the real talent.
Aysar 23 days ago
Ray Hannemann
Ray Hannemann 24 days ago
Jason didn’t Miss on the jokes during this
AWSUM AL - Info Stores
Imagine fucking up your image in a month time
AWSUM AL - Info Stores
AWKWARD. Jason loved bein around young girls
Sabeekah 24 days ago
Deleting comments I see
AWSUM AL - Info Stores
They’re fake. Jason has no life
Brendan Fogel
Brendan Fogel 24 days ago
They faded asf
look a towel
look a towel 24 days ago
Y'all remember when David went to Logan's party and was making fun of the suicide forest thing in the pod studio and logan addressed it on the pod saying "If you keep this attitude up your time is coming, I was there dude so easy up tiger" lol good times 😂💯
A D 15 days ago
It’s funny cause I’m sure all y’all supported this dude that should be in jail
KD iary
KD iary 23 days ago
Yo he was cancelled hard so he knew it was coming it's so crazy that he did that like wtf he went to a stranger house party and sneak around the house like that its so slimy
Garvit Dhingra
Garvit Dhingra 23 days ago
what video was that
Holly Combs
Holly Combs 24 days ago
If it’s both their podcast why does only David get a desk? Why is Jason in a chair so low it’s practically on the floor. It’s weird.
Adam Faux
Adam Faux 21 day ago
its like howard stern its fine
Amanda Watson
Amanda Watson 25 days ago
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David Zepeda
David Zepeda 8 days ago
@KD iary what was it
KD iary
KD iary 23 days ago
Wtf is this be careful with that link guys
Coulter Castle
Coulter Castle 25 days ago
These comments are so much better than the ones on tik tok
Lucas’s Channel review
How many grown men he surrounds himself with cracked wise about those little girls before the interview? (Ladies, don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about). He’s so gross.
AWSUM AL - Info Stores
Seriously. They need to be cancelled
Charli Damelio
Charli Damelio 25 days ago
KD iary
KD iary 23 days ago
Fake profile
choco boi
choco boi 25 days ago
Valerie Rose
Valerie Rose 25 days ago
Dixie > Charlie
choco boi
choco boi 25 days ago
HYP Abyss
HYP Abyss 25 days ago
I have 7 classes a day
choco boi
choco boi 25 days ago
yanis 360
yanis 360 25 days ago
Mann I dont like these girls they look spoilled asf
Xxsophiexxplays 26 days ago
who is here after what David did?
mylifeisJDM 26 days ago
Hello Fresh has left the chat.
Chuch3_ SwWp
Chuch3_ SwWp 26 days ago
41:43 Bruhhh 😂🤣🤣🤣...
Chuch3_ SwWp
Chuch3_ SwWp 26 days ago
28:38 They Got Each Otherz Bak😂🤣🤣...
Amanda H.
Amanda H. 26 days ago
All these new ppl that don’t even watch David hating on him smh 🤦‍♀️
Sir 9 days ago
been watching for 2 years and im disappointed ngl
AWSUM AL - Info Stores
Shut up fan girl bimb0
noel John
noel John 25 days ago
Kimberly Bautista
Kimberly Bautista 26 days ago
You disgust me .
Idk 1101
Idk 1101 26 days ago
Is that David’s Dad ?
Mike Gordon
Mike Gordon 26 days ago
effexs 26 days ago
Talk to her about deep fake charli she will be creeped
Manuel Martinez
Manuel Martinez 26 days ago
Cashapp me money for vape
Manuel Martinez
Manuel Martinez 26 days ago
Cashapp me alcohol money help
Death 26 days ago
I hate everybody in this vid Except Jason idk him lmao
Death 26 days ago
@vfxprim or maybe just shut up👴🏾
vfxprim 26 days ago
then don’t watch it
YouTube Censorship Victim
“Famous” yeah for moving your hips. Lucky you
WMBS 27 days ago
Is David Dobrik cancelled because of the thing?
Liam 4789
Liam 4789 27 days ago
Charlie looks so not Comfortable
Left Nut
Left Nut 27 days ago
Watch out he’ll, take you to dom 👀
Chris Hernandez
Chris Hernandez 27 days ago
All the people trying to trash David 🤡🤡get a fuckin life 😭😭🤡🤡
MiniRafa 27 days ago
I’m I the only one that watch the whole thing for 1 hour?
Steven Ron
Steven Ron 27 days ago
BRO why the heck is charlie much more superior than I am and we're the same age
Sir 9 days ago
cuz shes a good looking tiktok girl
Sarah 27 days ago
when did everyone start calling Jason 'jay'? im having trouble adjusting lol
ً 27 days ago
Talentless fame
Gaming With ST3F4N
Gaming With ST3F4N 27 days ago
5:06 I swear to you I had a friend named rishi in 2nd grade and he moved to Cali in 2nd grade and we were pretty good friends
Its your girl Samantha
Kusho Nomics
Kusho Nomics 28 days ago
Evelyn Sue
Evelyn Sue 28 days ago
David literally reading what he is supposed to say for the sponsorship on his computer
The Randoms
The Randoms 28 days ago
Lol Charli didn’t mind keeping her meet and greet for a 100 dollars and above.
Jonah Ferrer
Jonah Ferrer 28 days ago
us-first.info/player/video/fKqDhKWVYoV_Zpc.html If you're confused here's what's going on, please like this comment so more people see
Miss Noela
Miss Noela 28 days ago
They’re very unappreciative
Angelo 28 days ago
Im greece the octopus is insane