Cesar Faces a HYPERACTIVE dog (Cesar 911 Shorts) 

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In this Cesar911 Episode, I help a woman whose hyperactive dog is driving her roommates crazy.
Next week, I will be reacting to this video and giving you a breakdown on my thoughts and process of this case!
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Feb 20, 2021




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jeff C.
jeff C. Hour ago
so the whole video is about a puppy need to learn how to sit?
Vicky Dittfield
Vicky Dittfield 2 hours ago
Mows can come live with me... am retired , home bound, Boston lover without any dogs . I have done rescuing- my husband Loves walking dogs in our Safe development! We have a fenced in yard.❣️💖😊
Chuck 8 hours ago
He's the best. Spent 5 minutes with my unruly pup then 15 on me. Dog was perfect when he left. He came back in a month and it was still obeying the rules or I was so to speak. He said it was my wife as well as myself doing the harm to his behavior. I met his old dog Jr at his mothers house. I saw this huge pit coming at me and thought this could be good or bad. The second he stepped onto the sidewalk I heard mom say Jr get back in your yard and he backed up waiting me to pet him, That's when I ask her is this Cesar's dog, she replied was now it's my pup. Great big lovable beast.
rayne818 12 hours ago
My dog is like that
Kinshasa PR.
Kinshasa PR. Day ago
The fact her roommates have to learn to live with a dog they didn't agree to bring in says a lot about how little the owner considers them.
Alyssa Shaffer
Alyssa Shaffer 5 hours ago
Honestly like wtf that would piss me off
wasilaify Day ago
That dog needs to be with someone who can give him a lot more attention and activity.
Shagley87 2 days ago
Woman } Trying to calm dog and open door = Dog ignores woman, runs outside. Cesar } Never met dog before, changes stance clicks fingers and shushes dog = dog returns to house immediately. 👍😂
Scott Grady
Scott Grady 2 days ago
My Boston also was very hyper and destructive as a puppy, but engineering a regiment of walks and a schedule, sort of, allowed her to chill and be so destructive
Евгений Базаров
Cesar, you are best.
Charlie Zelenoff
Charlie Zelenoff 2 days ago
LEYKIS 101 !!!
Magdalena Walton
Magdalena Walton 3 days ago
This is a very active breed and very social. I have 2 Bostons 1 Labrador and 2 cats. I take my Bostons for a 5 mile walks and they still fetch ball or play with each other all evening and have big yard to play on. One bostie alone in the apartment is sad to watch. They must be provided with activity and company. She should get herself a Lab 😉
Senpai Sama
Senpai Sama 3 days ago
u know when they say the dog looks like the owner right? haha
nunya bizness
nunya bizness 3 days ago
We're marathoning Cesar's show, and right now it's the one with Monster Truck (CUTE CUTE CUTE dog), and is it my imagination or is Cesar just getting more and more sexy as he is getting older? 😍🔥🥵
Bip Somma
Bip Somma 4 days ago
This guy is actually magic.
Mike Sahle
Mike Sahle 4 days ago
Thank you for great video. Everyone of the video top, best of all, educational, useful, use able. Till then keep smiling with lol politely & safely with Cesar Milan
Melody Channon
Melody Channon 4 days ago
I have 9 Boston Terriers in my home and I am so glad that you showed this video. People always ask me how I maintain a healthy environment with all my babies and as Cesar states rules boundaries as limitations. You also have to help them to burn off the high energy level that they have as they are very high energy.
John Wick
John Wick 5 days ago
each time i learn something from Cesar
Annette Martinson
My Boston is full of energy. I have a big backyard and after I play fetch with her, she calms down and is content sleep by my side. She is smart and on the command of "treat" she runs to the carpet to sit and wait for her treat. I love my Boston Terrier
Shep Dobermann
Shep Dobermann 7 days ago
I had a non bread dog just like that or worse, because all my jardín was destroyed, it was really frustrating to me and back then I didn’t know what to do so she was sent to the ranch
David Silva
David Silva 8 days ago
Feeling your pain I’m in the same predicament this video gave me hope.
juli victoria
juli victoria 9 days ago
Cesar, you help so many of us. In more ways than you know. May the blessings you give us be returned to you, tenfold ♥️
Martine Richard
Martine Richard 9 days ago
Je bref exercise
Petrius Valiente
Petrius Valiente 9 days ago
Hey man!! you are amazing I've been watching you for such a long time, you are gifted, natural, you have saved so many relationships am just fascinated God bless you and your family hasta later senor
Fukumori star
Fukumori star 9 days ago
Thank you so much Cesar wonderful..
Eshella's World
Eshella's World 9 days ago
Nah thats too much, not everybody has access to this training.. is it really that saddening? I’m genuinely wondering.. no jokes
Savita Kulkarni
Savita Kulkarni 9 days ago
Sir my puppy eating unwanted things pls make me aware !!!
clavis darkheart
clavis darkheart 10 days ago
how I wish I could do this, sadly you'd have to train me lol.
Daniel Ramos
Daniel Ramos 10 days ago
Hola César,tengo un perro adoptivo que es cruza de pitbull y boxer, Pero odia a los gatos y a los perros de la calle cuando lo saco a pasear,los ataca, a pesar que tiene 3 compañeros en casa.... espero tu respuesta, saludos!!
Rose França
Rose França 10 days ago
Sa Ra
Sa Ra 10 days ago
Dommage. Les sous-titres en Français est indisponible 😢 😡
Dmaltos Clips
Dmaltos Clips 10 days ago
I have been watching a lot of your videos ! I love how you handle dogs ! I have a 2 month old pit And she is amazing! Just love watching your vids on how to train dogs !
Enis Dujic
Enis Dujic 10 days ago
Bla bla bla, ... Cesar is only big Show..
lissa barnes
lissa barnes 10 days ago
Needs ALOT more exercise and blow off the energy
have a nice day
have a nice day 11 days ago
Cesar is so cool!!
The Dog Book Company
Awww! I can't let that cute face go out of my house. Thank God Cesar Millan exist! 😍💖🐶
Jausmine Matthews
Jausmine Matthews 11 days ago
My Boston is super hyperactive too.. not this bad but yea lol
Sergio Alcantara
Sergio Alcantara 11 days ago
Can y’all believe that “Cesar 911” was almost canceled because a dog “bit” (more like nibbled nicked) a pig. 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 people literally called 911 trying to get cesar arrested like it was his fault! How crazy is that.
Allan Correa
Allan Correa 12 days ago
Eres un ejemplo para mí Cesar, intento aprender de lo que haces. Es difícil entender al 100 ya que no domino el inlges 😭😢
pedropelaez 12 days ago
What’s the common denominator on almost all of these cases? The dogs need EXERCISE!!!!!!
Ms 12 days ago
You Are Phenomenal!!!!
ADAMAS1080p 12 days ago
I woulda been mad at her dum self
ADAMAS1080p 12 days ago
Erika let him clean out wtf?
Fay Bury
Fay Bury 12 days ago
Please make more videos about training hyperactive dogs!
Sage 12 days ago
The owner always starts crying then the minor key piano music starts
cherie goodwin
cherie goodwin 12 days ago
Should NEVER have taken on a dog...hasn't a clue what a dog needs are.....get off your backsides and excercise the poor dog...
Sharon Eastwood.
Sharon Eastwood. 12 days ago
The problem is that woman not the dog.
tracey geraghty
tracey geraghty 12 days ago
He is one of kind. His understanding and respect of animals is great. He never hurts or hits then. He works with kindness and calmness. Once I heard him say that he wanted to be the best dog trainer in the world and he is.
Susan Long
Susan Long 12 days ago
Why do they have to put up with that dog? It's not fsir
Darren W
Darren W 12 days ago
I've never met a BT that wasn't well behaved. It's almost a shock to see this video. Then again, I've only associated with BT owners who love and care for their dogs.
Angie Garcia
Angie Garcia 13 days ago
Oh geez, tears, really? Give the dog ‘quality ‘ attention. Walks, things to challenge him etc.
Olea Burgess
Olea Burgess 13 days ago
I have to introduce my new cocker spaniel to my aggressive/protective pug. Tips/help?
R 13 days ago
Hey Cesar! I’ve been watching all of your videos and just want to say thank you for sharing so much knowledge to all of us and I’m so grateful for your wisdom. I would truly appreciate it if you could answer a quick question of mine since I am a new dog owner. My 12 week old English Sheepdog puppy has started to bite hard and gets aggressive when he starts playing and it has gotten my family very frustrated to the point where they found a dog trainer that recommended throwing a can of pennies at my puppy when he is jumping on the couch. I refuse to do that but they are all for it. We’re not sure if he is trying to play or if he is showing signs of aggression. He also only gets properly walked only 15 minutes a day which is not enough. How would we be able to calm him down in that excited state of mind? I would truly appreciate it if you responded. Thank you again! God bless!!🙏🏼
gaurav Singh
gaurav Singh 13 days ago
I could understand her feelings....and I do have gone through similar problem...though my father in law took my tyson with him..and now he is happy with the family....
The Pawrents
The Pawrents 13 days ago
Tx Cesar. I was learning from your channel many times. And this is really work to my Dog that always jumping whenever they met me. Now they already calm and i could control them step by step.
Glitch Man
Glitch Man 13 days ago
Lol I thought Cesar was watching the doggo from a different location and the dog comes straight into the scene. that was funny
Như Lê
Như Lê 13 days ago
Wow wow 👍
brenda maillet
brenda maillet 13 days ago
we do not train smurfs & cats
Rubi MDZ
Rubi MDZ 13 days ago
I was really hoping to see the kennel part and the getting off the table , my English bulldog is the same 😓😩
madi adilbekov
madi adilbekov 13 days ago
The stupid One is the human, always! Live you so much Cesar Milan!,!!
Paul Whitehead
Paul Whitehead 13 days ago
Walk the poor thing
Amal Abu-Ghazaleh
Amal Abu-Ghazaleh 13 days ago
Thank you I’ve learned a lot from your tips
Arthur Houston
Arthur Houston 13 days ago
I wish he could help me with my dog
Hrithik G
Hrithik G 13 days ago
More Ceasar more videos like this
Adda H
Adda H 14 days ago
Everyone’s upset that these dogs are being misunderstood and therefore mistreated, don’t get me wrong, I am too, but the owners are also trying to help. Sure, they could have done research and should’ve, but they still called help for people who knew what they were doing.
ky clean
ky clean 14 days ago
what do you do with a dog with brain injury (traumatic brian injury) who has trouble process right and wrong and is distracted in an instant from 1 thing to another.
John LaCroix
John LaCroix 14 days ago
WOW AAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++ again great video I liked it a lot keep up the great work
Mario Zambarov
Mario Zambarov 14 days ago
Dog crates are horrible. Don't put your dog in a prison.
Sandra Sotelo
Sandra Sotelo 14 days ago
Hello I have two small yorkie & they fight so bad !!! I need help
Joan Lynch
Joan Lynch 14 days ago
Dogs know if you love them or not.
Lolo Ledo
Lolo Ledo 14 days ago
This guy is a hoax
LADY HOME 14 days ago
I take him. I love hyper dogs haha fun 🥰😍
paul 14 days ago
I learned it all from cesar I am very confident walking my dogs now great video
Beverly Brown Healey
Thank you. This is a very helpful video.
Mislimisli Misli
Mislimisli Misli 14 days ago
That dog has to walk every day, you have to change your lifestyle, he just have too much pending energy which has to be spent, he will fill better and you will feel better.
Tifani Pitts
Tifani Pitts 14 days ago
How do you submit requests for Cesar to come and help? My boyfriend has a Frenchie that we both can't seem to fully crack. Desperate for some help! Includes resource guarding, random aggressive outbursts with seemingly no cause, and aggression in car. Also can't relax with other dogs- he will excite himself until he is blue trying to hump other dogs.. NEED HELP!!! We love him and just want him to be happy.
s t e p h a n i e
s t e p h a n i e 14 days ago
cesar was watching cesar watch moes
Sashy Pooh
Sashy Pooh 14 days ago
Lol every boston terrier I've ever met has been totally crazy. It's ok though I still love em!
Susan Vernette
Susan Vernette 14 days ago
I have learnt that was great
nicolene steyn
nicolene steyn 14 days ago
Awesome. I wish you could visit south Africa. I have a hyperactive boerboel that barks like crazy at everyone, even at us at times. It's insane. Our lives have become so loud.
Shin 14 days ago
Always the best thing to see: Humans talking human speech with another species and then being confused because the other species doesn't do what the human says.
Chatita 14 days ago
I hear the word friends, room mates, CRATE, apartment ... I don't hear anything about walks, runs with a lively dog, play wit other animals, make the dog PART of their life, i.e. a team! Poor animal. NOT poor people.
Veganwitch 14 days ago
Am i the only one who hates all small breeds? I am fine with small mutts, but all these breeds are 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Ishmello Kat
Ishmello Kat 14 days ago
I know I've got a dog that get so hyper when someone is at the door. All my parents say is "Get back, get back, get back" which only eeos her from running out the door to greet the visitor 50% of time. This is honestly just what I need. Now the real challenge is convincing my parents that this will help them.
FrediCalderon800 _texas
Should I take my dog to the vet she’s hyper she be running around
Damoun Ferry
Damoun Ferry 14 days ago
The fact that she named the dog after Dwight's cousin is sooo spot on lol
Prem Kumar
Prem Kumar 14 days ago
Thanks Cesar.❤
Ιδομενεας 14 days ago
you helped the greece MAN 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻you do a man who helped the greece of dogs he watch videos your,is panagiotis milas HELP greece more,we have proplems with the dogs ,in greece kill dogs...understand,THANK YOU❤❤❤❤❤👍
AKIYIAKELLY 14 days ago
They Say it's Not the Dog it's the Owner.... You have to know you Are the Leader of the pack.
Gabriel Castro
Gabriel Castro 14 days ago
This man's a master.
MrMista08 14 days ago
Oh boohoo, the dog needs to be... WALKED! 🤦‍♂️
Darmo foreelz
Darmo foreelz 14 days ago
Both the dog and the chubster truly NEEDS to go on several daily walks
MrMista08 14 days ago
Bingo! He wants to be walked daily, if flubber can't do it then hire a walker 🤷‍♂️
Gwen C
Gwen C 14 days ago
Cesar is like a Wizard
Felicia Fitzmaurice
Poor dog needs a long walk everyday and some things to do indoors to use his mind.
MrMista08 14 days ago
Bingo! she can hire a walker also 🤷‍♂️
Kyle Hodges
Kyle Hodges 14 days ago
So hard to watch.
JoJoZep ofthejungle
If people don't like my dog then we don't like them.
Suryakant Sinha
Suryakant Sinha 14 days ago
We have to stay positive with our pet's.. thankyou Cesar👍🙏😊
sugar trap
sugar trap 14 days ago
you are the goat‼️🙌
Beth Sullivan
Beth Sullivan 14 days ago
Calm, Confident, Rules, Boundaries and Limitations = Happy 😊 Pack! 💯💯❤❤🐶🐈✝️✝️✝️
Anthony Segura
Anthony Segura 14 days ago
My Boston was like that. But after taking him on walks every day and playing a game of fetch, he’s much calmer.
d1burns 13 days ago
That’s what I thought he needed. Walking and a good game of fetch.
Kalpana R
Kalpana R 13 days ago
I feel this dog's needs the same and love. I am not judging thr owner I just feel that.
MrMista08 14 days ago
Good job 👍
Sam Mystic
Sam Mystic 14 days ago
Holà, ¿Tienes una pagina US-first en espanol, no entiendo el ingles? 💮🌺😉