Celebrities Who Got Flour Bombed 

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Celebrities Who Got Flour Bombed
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Mar 13, 2021




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Comments 99   
MB 5 hours ago
Nobody should get assaulted, and that is assault. It could be poison. Not cool.
Marriam Aijaz
Marriam Aijaz 9 hours ago
That’s just plain rude
LiLiTh lawluit
LiLiTh lawluit 12 hours ago
The world has gone to shit adults acting like children.. why bother doing this probably to make themselves feel better cuz there own life is shit... This is something 2 yr old would do to get attention..
Smile More
Smile More 19 hours ago
Sounds truly heinous. Like omg.
melanie's cookies
melanie's cookies 23 hours ago
Bruh imagine if someone threw acid or some shit instead of flour.
Katie Robertson
Its also really annoying ro gwt out because you cant wash it otherwise it will turn to paste.
Birdie Greenwell
that looks really fun
Birdie Greenwell
“a heinous crime” bruh... you must be really sheltered
Lo La
Lo La Day ago
... in Switzerland people do it when it’s someone’s birthday
I'm a raccoon
Why would you even do that what the hell
What would happen if?
It’s just flour; not a toxic substance
Onii chan
Onii chan Day ago
A heinous crime loool chill
Animatizando Day ago
Imagine going out of your way just to throw flour at someone. What a shitty life
s_lizz Day ago
Can someone tell me how these people are just carrying around a sack of flour and no one notices??? Wtf lmaooo
Masoma Makes
Masoma Makes Day ago
Awww poor millionaire (n billionaire) they have to change there outfit worth more than I make in a year into a different outfit worth more than I make in a year
Eduardo Vazquez
Why is this relevant to share?
Lil jdhc
Lil jdhc Day ago
Can someone PLEASE do this to 6ix9ine?!
Bernie at the bus stop Andrews
Here’s a tidbit: use powdered sugar. Same principle, but stickier
Josh S.
Josh S. Day ago
Lindsay thought it was coke and snorted herself clean
Gina T
Gina T Day ago
I’d be so scared until I realized it was flour. There are sick people out there who would throw some toxic or acid like crap on a person without a second thought about it
Thumper Day ago
The person that flour bombed Kim Kardashian was trying to tell her "try white again"
Sabia S
Sabia S Day ago
A-list celebrities and a French presidential candidate lol.
Cherish Stacy
Lol haters do anything but mind their business. Then they go home like "worth it!" N brag like it's something to be proud of. No ur just a annoying heartless soul who can't respect others no matter who they are as a person but instead you must let the hate in ur heart shine.
Oliver Caudle
Lmao of someone ever floor bombed me I would just laugh with them
Isla Phillips
I feel so bad for these celebs. They all looked so beautiful/handsome and they was literally ruined by some lowlife who is jealous of em. Damn. 😔
Rossandra Ortiz Torres
Damn that's bogus. I could see paint bombing someone for wearing animal fur or animals skins but just bombing them with flower for no reason like wtf.
Hi -I'ma Loser
Hi -I'ma Loser 2 days ago
*5 secs later after Kim K got flour bombed* *Random Women: Wheres security!? ×2 *Kim K: *Says nothing*
Joia Music
Joia Music 2 days ago
I'd be mad but at least it's not a real bomb
Anjealous Anaconda
This is pretty scary though, wasn’t this when they were also throwing anthrax at people?
Garrett Navarro
Garrett Navarro 2 days ago
I never knew this existed but my life is much better knowing it does this is awesome!!!!
Shad owz
Shad owz 2 days ago
Imagine if it was acid, this shit scary
Mirell Morshed
Mirell Morshed 2 days ago
they prolly didn’t realize it was flour and may have gotten scarex
Chandis Raygor
Chandis Raygor 2 days ago
Who fucking even likes the kardashians
Shagiberry Queen
Shagiberry Queen 2 days ago
Well in Jamaica being flour boomed means it’s your birthday 😂
Bridget Palmieri
Bridget Palmieri 2 days ago
"its just a prank, bro"
Vanessa Long
Vanessa Long 2 days ago
It's funny and it looks like most celebrities are smiling, probably gets them some attention
WintersAlwaysHere UK
Lol I wanna go this 🤣
Sic Semper Tyrannis
That's awesome
MRed* 2 days ago
Please ! He is not and never were France president ! He is just one of those stupid political men who saying shameful stuff !
oikawedoya 2 days ago
anyone remember that one victorious episode...
Elizabeth 2 days ago
Okay but this is super funny lmao
B G 2 days ago
I think it's hilarious
Ralph !noa
Ralph !noa 2 days ago
What would really suck is if they use water right after
Graffiti Nefertiti
Lmao wow
Taeri Hak
Taeri Hak 2 days ago
Impressive how disrespectful people are
missSDW 2 days ago
Imagine how scary though. There’s some sick ppl who would add more than just flower to these bags
Jennifer M
Jennifer M 2 days ago
What's wrong with them!
Aria Montemayor
Aria Montemayor 2 days ago
They're lucky they just got flour, not eggs. 🙈
Brooklyn_518 2 days ago
"a heinous crime" 😂 righhhhht. I'm sorry I think Adam was flower bombed for wearing that hideous sweater, dude did him a favor IMO.
Sjors de Wit
Sjors de Wit 2 days ago
But why tho?
Katerina Petrova
Katerina Petrova 2 days ago
The last one just kept getting it thrown at him lmaoooo
John Perdue
John Perdue 2 days ago
Jimmy Kimmel sucks
Helena Brennan
Helena Brennan 2 days ago
My friend would laugh at me if I got four bombed 💀✋
I C H I 2 days ago
Look up 'heinous' my man...😆😆😆
horses4555 2 days ago
Who does something like this? It’s so rude.
Paper Cut
Paper Cut 2 days ago
If that was me I’d be like “POUR IT ON ME!” With my arms out. Then people will either find it really funny and keep doing it or the haters will think it makes me happy and no hatter wants to see the person they hate happy so they stop which still makes me happy
sav _
sav _ 2 days ago
These people really just carrying around some flour...
Ya Mutha
Ya Mutha 2 days ago
Doesn't say much for the quality of their f****** security
samantha ferrell
samantha ferrell 2 days ago
My first thought would be Anthrax not powder.
sexy_caramel_ 21
sexy_caramel_ 21 2 days ago
I low-key would be ok with this it look fun
Trina 3 days ago
“A HEINOUS CRIME!” it’s just flour dude calm down 🤣🤣🤣
XxGAMER LUKA xX 3 days ago
In the Philippines When it's your B-Day get ready for a flour bomb and a rotten egg nuke
Naheemah Wilson
Naheemah Wilson 3 days ago
TBH I would like to get floured bombed, seems fun
Joel A. Ramos
Joel A. Ramos 3 days ago
Security reaction time is slow af 🤦‍♂️
Erika Lynn
Erika Lynn 3 days ago
phillip Havens
phillip Havens 3 days ago
Kim K:more plastic than human
Allcaps YT
Allcaps YT 3 days ago
I mean. It frickin hilarious.😂😂😂
no killua
no killua 3 days ago
Even if you don't like them that's still really disrepectful
Brittany Hogan
Brittany Hogan 3 days ago
Lindsay and her iconic”oh my god”
Ashley Seider
Ashley Seider 3 days ago
Lmfao I would laugh it off and tell my people to go get more flour and chocolate syrup and have a good fight. I’m not serious like these boneheads. Who gives a shit it’s just flour. Get over yourselves.
The one and only Chanelle
I feel bad for Adam 🙁
Sydthe_ squid
Sydthe_ squid 3 days ago
Not Adam 😭😭
Iamnotdestiny 3 days ago
Imagine if it was acid
nekohvn 3 days ago
honestly... pretty effective
우유렌 3 days ago
You must seriously be hella boring with no friends and no real hobbies if you have time to go out of your way, buy flour and stalk a celebrity. Its just pathetic actually.
VADKESHWARI 3 days ago
This is not cool man
RupDeeZy Gaming
RupDeeZy Gaming 3 days ago
These people react like they're being shot at.
RupDeeZy Gaming
RupDeeZy Gaming 3 days ago
A heinous crime? Dude should look up rape...
Michael Turnipseed
Kim is famous for nothing if her great father hadn't passed away should be nothing today
Michael Turnipseed
Kim is so fake she needed that
Tee LowKee
Tee LowKee 3 days ago
Hilarious!! These flours bombers need a reward.
Luka Jóse
Luka Jóse 3 days ago
Think about poor Cersei!
ᴊᴜɪᴄʏ ᴊɪʙᴏᴏᴛʏ ᴀɴᴅ sᴘʀɪᴛᴇ
I can't believe people are actually justifying this act as something right?! Would you like a sack of flour to be dumped on you especially when you're in the spotlight? This is hella disrespectful and immature. Treat celebrities like humans wth.
Clara Frost
Clara Frost 3 days ago
Why would people do that that's so mean
Leonardo 3 days ago
Adam lavine
Shannon 3 days ago
Heinous crime? Calm down buddy. People are seriously sheltered if they consider that to be a heinous crime.
Auggie B
Auggie B 3 days ago
That could be really dangerous for people with celiacs. For us breathing in flour can be really dangerous and cause a reaction that will last weeks
Art_Time_With_ Taty
This is so wrong why do people feel that it’s necessary to do this to people
Mariganya Parker
Mariganya Parker 3 days ago
In the Philippines my friend if it's your birthday we Filipino classmate will do that with an egg
Lily-joy Heal
Lily-joy Heal 3 days ago
Bruh if that isn't the most disrespectful shit
Rithika Carol
Rithika Carol 3 days ago
This isn’t even funny. It’s so disrespectful and annoying to watch.
Gabriela Jimenez
Gabriela Jimenez 3 days ago
Him: A heinous crime Teens in mexican high schools: Happy Birthday prank ✌🤪
Sabrina Heredia
Sabrina Heredia 3 days ago
Ok but this is what us mexicans do at bdays haha
John Wright
John Wright 3 days ago
If I was a celebrity and that shit happened to me, I would just laugh and give them props. I don’t care about what I look like, and I still wouldn’t even if I was a celebrity.
Karaokewaala 3 days ago
Bruh "Maroon 5" is a band not a single Artist tf.
lexi 3 days ago
Flour bombing is usually a statement against celebs who wear fur
kennisha 3 days ago
lmfao who cares
Lemonade WithSnacks
So much for security. Se how Kim's security guy reacts in such an uncommitted manner. If those were actual weapons...🤐🤐🤐🤐
Virginia Santoyo
Virginia Santoyo 4 days ago
This was funny I’ve never heard of this haha