Celebrities React To Jake Paul VS Ben Askren KNOCKOUT 

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Celebrities React To Jake Paul VS Ben Askren KNOCKOUT
Over the weekend, a "major boxing event" occurred in the form of Triller Fight Club, an event that was headlined by none other than Jake Paul going up against former MMA fighter Ben Askren. The hype for this match was rather high as Jake Paul had a rather impressive win in his previous fight last November when he went up against former NBA player Nate Robinson. And not unlike that fight, Jake Paul won in decisive fashion with a knockout. But there was a lot of reactions both before and after the fight that needs to be discussed. We'll break it down for you. Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel!
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And there you have it, everyone! A look at the reactions to the fight between Jake Paul and Ben Askren. What did you think of both the fight and the Triller Fight Club event? Can you believe how long it took to get to the actual Jake Paul fight? Do you think that this is the "future of boxing"? Are you in the camp of others who think the fight was fixed? Let us know in the comments below, be sure to subscribe and we'll see you next time on the channel!
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Apr 19, 2021




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Comments 98   
John Travolta
John Travolta 13 hours ago
Cant call staged fights or fighting someone just after surgery the future of boxing. Yeah im disliking this vid boxing is dead if this is the future.
S C 14 hours ago
Askren was a complete fat disgrace. What a bum. He gave Logan some street credit when he deserves none. All combat fighters especially mma people should hate Askren for not even training and showing up the way he did.
Jerrett Tippen
Jerrett Tippen 20 hours ago
That’s crazy
Element Gaming
Let him fight francis ngannou
Brandon Strobel
Please please please Connor please just show this guy what a real fighter is 🙏
Jacob King
Jacob King Day ago
Skip to 3:10 if you don't give af about rAiD sHaDoW lEgEnDs 🙄
neBSchneebly 2 days ago
Right its time. Line him up with a real boxer. MMA is a different game to Boxing. Mayweather schooled Connor
Suyash Yewale
Suyash Yewale 2 days ago
Get ready for the fine . Lol.
Where S Waldo
Where S Waldo 3 days ago
Triller Fight Club says it’s coming after fans who pirated ‘Paul vs. Askren,’ offers second chance to pay, Not Since Napster~!!!
GG N Stuff
GG N Stuff 4 days ago
Why the fuck does he call out mma people to box? Call out mma fighters to fight in an mma match. Call out boxers to fight in a boxing match.
Bene Gesserit
Bene Gesserit 4 days ago
Swear this douche pays people to take falls. Also note jake pauls face when he wins. Hes acting like he just went 6 minutes with Apollo Creed and won. This guy makes me sick, McGregor, Usman someone beat this man into a slow wave sleep.
Spencer Delos Santos
I'm not a fan or anything. I barely knew anyone in this fight. But that knock out punch from the Blondie has some weight on it. Just sayin
Lung Yu Yuan
Lung Yu Yuan 5 days ago
Forget about his racist face I’ll take it out with grace
Shinobione 6 days ago
It wasn’t a great fight and Jake hasn’t had a real boxer yet but to say it was rigged is silly even Ben said he was getting paid big before the fight either way.
Mark C
Mark C 6 days ago
2 min long raid shadow legends ad really
Brian Echols
Brian Echols 6 days ago
I agree with that if he wants to prove he is a fighter, then he should actually fight someone who is a boxer. Ben was a wrestler and did not do much striking. I can't wait to see what happens against a boxer.
brandon morgan
brandon morgan 7 days ago
Definitely fixed
Simon A.J.
Simon A.J. 7 days ago
Where's the "celebrities react"? 👎
David Garcia
David Garcia 7 days ago
I want him to fight Mike Tyson, he wouldn’t last more than a minute
Neptune 7 days ago
IF mcgregor even considers a fight against Paul ; 1. Paul wins and becomes more cocky than he already is and he’ll want to continue up the ladder to fight better and better fighters 2.Paul loses and claims he only lost cause Mcgregor is a real pro and has more experience Both situations equal jake getting paid big and even more publicity that (tbh) he doesn’t really deserve
Ben 7 days ago
Connor wont fight Jake. He's not earned it at all yet.
Ben 7 days ago
Might be Jake's third professional fight but none of them were boxers... 🤣🤣🤣✌
Ben 7 days ago
I used to be a Snoop fan untill he sold out his image to become a Butt kissing youtube yes man for money. Total sell out...👉👌🤪
little rabbit27
little rabbit27 7 days ago
2 minute ad?
Loose Lemons
Loose Lemons 7 days ago
what a trash video
chris sibersky
chris sibersky 7 days ago
Why isn't he fighting boxers? 😂
Caden Brock
Caden Brock 7 days ago
Lmao thanks for the reactions
BraveGuide 7 days ago
I wanna see Jake get dropped by McGregor faster than he dropped Askren.
P Clark
P Clark 7 days ago
I’d love to watch manny pacquiao kick the $*!t out of Jake Paul. But I guess that’s the point right; the more people hate him the more views he’ll get because people want to see him lose.
Privileged White Male
I’m quite sure they are all staged
Definitely fixed but I’m glad askren got the good Payday.
Ethen Hunt
Ethen Hunt 8 days ago
Snoop is so unimpressed with rap today he has moved over to boxing commentary
Chuckie Brown
Chuckie Brown 8 days ago
Wait? You actually think it was rigged? Lol wow. How do you have a fight channel and know so little about fighting
Crooked Smith
Crooked Smith 8 days ago
2 minute ad
theSk8Monk 8 days ago
Seljak Magnum
Seljak Magnum 8 days ago
Yep. You're definitely a fighter when you call yourself a fighter. And he's asking for approval from the world because he never got it from his parents? Jesus.
Leo Brad
Leo Brad 8 days ago
You can't call him a boxer until he actually fights boxers right?
Good Living
Good Living 8 days ago
Up next, tiger woods beats lebron james in golf 👍
Shan4pow !
Shan4pow ! 8 days ago
The dude was a wrestler with a hip replacement that came out of retirement.
Almighty Rosè Broly
Raid shadow legends really made me want to stop watching this
Kodi W
Kodi W 8 days ago
Eh, take on a real fighter. Even an armature, I would love to see him take on an amateur trying to get onto the pro scene.
ChiefinTv 8 days ago
Ben askrin is a wrestler... the man even said himself years ago he never had gands and doesnt need them to win a fight, fight someone who can actually box, garuntee he gets knocked by a amateur boxer lol.
Power and Control
“I am a real fighter” lol. Is he delusional?
guy sumpthin
guy sumpthin 8 days ago
Great party !
guy sumpthin
guy sumpthin 8 days ago
Don't bother quoting pete davidson
Leonel Godina Jr
Leonel Godina Jr 8 days ago
Profesional flights??
Alisha 8 days ago
Christina Allen
Christina Allen 8 days ago
King Cobra
King Cobra 8 days ago
Would it be cool if McGregor agreed to get paid to lose to Jake Paul but then destroyed him instead in the actual fight lol
Turts W
Turts W 8 days ago
You have Pete Davidson and Snoop as announcers. How the fuck is this even taken seriously?
C. A. G.
C. A. G. 9 days ago
Calling this a 'major boxing event' is like calling Joke Biden a major intellectual.
Jose Talks
Jose Talks 9 days ago
Fuck that. Have him fight a real fighter. Those fights are terrible and not worth watching.
MB GAMINGUK 9 days ago
What a prick this guy is
Nick Black
Nick Black 9 days ago
Fuck jake paul
Smoke God
Smoke God 9 days ago
Mayweather gone whoop his ass 😂😂😂😂
Lycan247 9 days ago
Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas 9 days ago
00:10 why did he slap his side like that?
ProviderMusic 9 days ago
bro that ad mademe want to die
Nick Bonanno
Nick Bonanno 9 days ago
That’s crazy
NachoRacho 9 days ago
The ad took up a quarter of the video 🙄
larkin morris
larkin morris 9 days ago
Your ad game is on point.....
QuickStoppinq- 9 days ago
Why would he not smile win or lose they both got 500k but if would of win he would of got 1mill
That’s crazy
Dr John Dee
Dr John Dee 9 days ago
I still think askren thrown the fight.
Shawn 9 days ago
I had the same thoughts AT FIRST this the fight was fixed but after careful review and all things considered it wasn't fixed. Bottom line Ben is old af and just doesn't have hands and Jake is young and does period.
Shawn 9 days ago
Shawn Spider
Shawn Spider 9 days ago
It’s incredibly sad that someone like this gets fights, an insane amount of publicity and large sums of money while there are real talented athletes out there who sacrificed their mind and body their WHOLE lives who will never reach this level of success... call me old fashioned but I’d rather see two good fighters in their prime go at it instead of mediocre athletes fighting older men .
Mr.T 10 days ago
A joke “sport” event. He should step into the real MMA match as he would get his ass handed to him.
Jeremy Bettis
Jeremy Bettis 10 days ago
What’s up with his big stupid robot thing
lius sanchez
lius sanchez 10 days ago
I want Jake in the octagon with McGregor bare fist so Jake can learn about real fighting
Nila Man
Nila Man 10 days ago
Look at Ben's body... It's so puffed up like a lays
Michael Bull
Michael Bull 10 days ago
Jake hasn’t fought anyone yet. It’s all a show.
Luis Escobar
Luis Escobar 10 days ago
That’s crazy
Bs put these fucks in the octagon. And mcgregor would destroy him 1st round easily
310SoCal 10 days ago
Jake will always be a Ahole
King Creedo
King Creedo 10 days ago
Dislikes are jake pauls fanboys that never won a fight
Peter Nowosadko
Peter Nowosadko 10 days ago
He took a fall. He wasn't hurt.
Splenda Baby
Splenda Baby 10 days ago
That's crazy
Agent Ham
Agent Ham 10 days ago
I wouldn't pay if I was Dana.
toningomnivor9 10 days ago
that’s crAzy
robijuli236 10 days ago
I mean, a tko isn’t the same as actually getting knocked out cold. I got jumped by 5 ppl & put right tf out & walked away from it, just like I’ve seen ppl I knocked out be able to. Hell I’ve seen ppl get their head stomped & still somehow manage to get up & go on their way after a few mins so it’s not hard to believe someone who just got knocked on their ass from a single punch could shake it off w/o having to get taken out on a stretcher. Don’t get me wrong, I def feel like this was a fixed outcome in some sense, either by picking a guy they knew wasn’t on the same level of physical fitness or motivation/drive as he’s retired & over 10 yrs older than jp. U can tell askren wasn’t taking it the least bit srsly just from how he looked, let alone the fact he admitted he hasn’t even worked out in well over a yr. I’m just saying there’s a lot better ways to reinforce the idea that it’s rigged than how he was acting backstage when he’s had ample time to recoup; it could be a dif story if it was a true ko tho. Also it’s not secret he made good money off this, which is all but certainly the only reason he did it. He gave a figure of around 2 mil in one interview - & apparently he was the only one doing press trying to make as much as he can off it, which props to him bc I’d do the same in his position - & imo that’s more than enough of a good reason to be smiling after the job’s (which, let’s be honest, is what it is) done & that money is his to retire with
Cory Evans
Cory Evans 10 days ago
Match definitely wasn’t fixed but it was rigged for Paul to win. I’m only a mediocre kick boxer and I would beat Ben askren in a striking only match. If Paul wants to be considered a real fighter he should do a real fighters sport. I’m confident that I could KO Jake Paul in under 30 seconds in a kick boxing match just because he can’t kick. Not bc I’m that good.
jaredswords3 10 days ago
Jake is learning boxing and is taking it seriously. I would say he's an okay armature. So far he is growing as a fighter. Natural talent with drive makes a better fighter. I don't think he's ready to go against pro boxers but he is on his way.
Noah Fents
Noah Fents 10 days ago
That’s Crazy
Scott Rosenfeld
Scott Rosenfeld 10 days ago
yah he's a real fighter and worked his way up through the ranks of ufc etc what a joke
Henry Lawsky
Henry Lawsky 10 days ago
So where are the actual celebrity reactions?
Ted Talour
Ted Talour 10 days ago
3:10 to skip to ridiculously long raid ad
EJ O'Neil
EJ O'Neil 10 days ago
He hasn't fought a boxer...lol
- Stiegosaurus -
- Stiegosaurus - 10 days ago
Dude cant even pronounce "novice" lol
Mike 10 days ago
That was a staged fight 100%. Jake is just setting up his big payday.
jbone the kid
jbone the kid 10 days ago
Bro this is the worst video I've seen on US-first
jbone the kid
jbone the kid 10 days ago
Just complete shit
teskio 10 days ago
Guy fought a guy with love handles....get the fuck out of here
Punisher 10 days ago
You idiot
Dreamcatcher 1
Dreamcatcher 1 11 days ago
Pete Davidson Savage
Shyguy_tyler 11 days ago
Jake has beaten a youtuber who never boxed before... an nba player whose never boxed before and a wrestler that has won all his mma fights without striking none of that is impresseive compared to real pro boxers
munkyfelix 11 days ago
It took 3 minuets to get to the point. Your content is shit.
L W 11 days ago
3 professional wins? Sorry bro none of those were professional fights and non of his opponents were pro boxers
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