Celebrating Jenna & Julien's Engagement by Giving My Partner Acrylics! | Sarah Schauer 

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Thank you so much for watching, both Emily and I's pronouns are she/they, in case you're wondering! Jenna and/or Julien, if you ever see this, congratulations! We're both so happy for you, hopefully you enjoyed this.
“Giving My Boyfriend Acrylic Nails”
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Apr 30, 2021




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Comments 100   
Sarah Schauer
Sarah Schauer 12 days ago
Okay y’all, turns out Jenna is from New York so we got that right! Also Emily and I’s pronouns are both she/they, so it’s dealers choice! Thank you so much for the lovely comments, I hope your Friday is going swimmingly ❤️
Rayne Michelle
Rayne Michelle 8 days ago
Those are my pronouns too.
Ellie Robertson
Ellie Robertson 9 days ago
You two are so cute together 🥺 also you look STUNNING in the makeup look for the ad read 😍
Ava Parkhurst
Ava Parkhurst 9 days ago
As a fellow rochester gal, I take great pride in the fact that Jenna and I come from the same upstate stock
Chandon Sikes
Chandon Sikes 11 days ago
I think it would be so funny if you made a video like this but of one of Jennifer Coolidges characters, like Paulette or Sherri from best in show.
Elijah Barbosa
Elijah Barbosa 11 days ago
Zara Wiseman
Zara Wiseman Hour ago
maureen 9 hours ago
they just remind me of my partner and i sm, chaotic gay non binary energy
Nameless Nobody
That VPN ad was perfect
Hagan Day ago
You should make uncensored videos on a patreon where you say exactly what you think.
Poppy Day ago
i laughed SO hard when you both burped and kissed made my day
Sarah Partridge
Sarah Partridge 2 days ago
I watched this while zooted. The whole car section made me lose it 😆
Aubree_Edits 3 days ago
I love how me and Sarah have the same car. The avenger is for the gays
80% Disgusted
80% Disgusted 3 days ago
off topic but I love your Lockwood mask!!!
Bethan Louise Beauty
*Synchronised burping*... *gasp* I love you. *smooch*
Melinda Hamby
Melinda Hamby 4 days ago
The chaos of this video is the most beautiful thing I've ever witnessed. ❤️
miri 4 days ago
Never thought it’d freaking happen! I’m so happy for them honestly.
Liz Lemon
Liz Lemon 5 days ago
Kind of love that Emily finds the taco bell fire sauce like wayyy too hot to consume, but *insists* on having some in every single bite.
Amy Jasinski
Amy Jasinski 5 days ago
grayson rawlings
grayson rawlings 5 days ago
my favorite thing about sarahs channel is that the background grid is not actually straight ;)
grayson rawlings
grayson rawlings 5 days ago
Its me, im the background
Anna Rose
Anna Rose 5 days ago
we have jenna and julien at home
Anna Rose
Anna Rose 5 days ago
we have jenna and julien at home
Alyson Martin
Alyson Martin 5 days ago
You two are genuinely glowing next to each other. It's so cute.
Carmen 6 days ago
I feel like Sarah’s partner was like mean to her in the car scene weird vibes
odd hybrid
odd hybrid 6 days ago
Sarah: it's crazy how new yorkers will see someone get hit by a train and just ignore it and say they have to go to work People from new jersey : 👀 can't be me
ᏰᏒᎥᏖᏖ 6 days ago
Seiko Shinohara
Seiko Shinohara 6 days ago
How can you say that they don't eat meat when they're literally eating meat? Fast food meat is still meat even if you "feel" like it isn't. That sucks.
Phoebe Rose
Phoebe Rose 6 days ago
I feel like the divorce balloons smushed into the corner of the room is the kind of thing an English teacher would spend like 5 periods of class talking about ~symbolic~
Claire 6 days ago
Could we have a whole video as Jennifer Coolidge tho?
Asher Whitmire
Asher Whitmire 6 days ago
I miss dopey so much 😔
Kara marie
Kara marie 6 days ago
This couple will save my life in the end of the day
Kara marie
Kara marie 6 days ago
I am so obsessed with you guys
Sammy7101 6 days ago
I usually like vids at the end, but the way that ad was executed.. bravo
Devin Mongan
Devin Mongan 6 days ago
loving the binghamton sweatshirt while being gay and eating taco bell. my gf and I go to bing and we do the same thing. sorry, friend (she asked me not to call her my gf in public)
cactdye !
cactdye ! 7 days ago
they’re both so cute. also, i was eating taco bell while watching this so group mukbangg
Dino Dragon
Dino Dragon 7 days ago
Wait but isnt Jenna from new york haha
fluffy3049 7 days ago
I just kept laughing at Sarah saying Jenna is from Boston. She's from upper New York but moved to Boston for college. She had the right spirit though, lol. ❤️
harper 7 days ago
17:09 is that... is that brendon fucking urie?
Central Elegance
Central Elegance 7 days ago
Fun fact. Soprano is high for girls. Alto is low for girls. Tener is high for boys. Base is low for boys.
sidereus063 7 days ago
"Gold star gay" is out. "Purple heart heterosexual" is in.
Ransom 7 days ago
You ignorant fool. Jenna IS from New York. Rochester New York. COLLEGE in Boston. What a simpleton
Gonzo 7 days ago
Emily is just Divine.
Gilda Meriggi
Gilda Meriggi 7 days ago
this is the funniest video ever im cryingggg sarah has a different kind of energy with emily ahaha
Max Ohlendorf
Max Ohlendorf 7 days ago
7:35 The back window scared me WAY more than i'd like to admit
Vhalhallah Covarrubias
You look like Jennifer Tilly in bride of chucky and honestly it’s a look
kat 7 days ago
Take a shot every time they say the back up plan is a mascara mustache
Sallie Cherry
Sallie Cherry 7 days ago
Uhhh i absolutely love the "This must be the place" decoration above her bed tf i want one
Sad Bby
Sad Bby 7 days ago
I died laughing at the burp followed by the kiss. And what makes it even funnier is that that was total improv XDDD
Flaccid pancake
Flaccid pancake 7 days ago
oh my God, i thought Emily was an actual guy and i got worried that sara went back in the closet
Lizzzard Breath
Lizzzard Breath 8 days ago
If you have brunette dry shampoo spray it can help take the shine and yellow out of the wig. Small bursts half a foot away then brush through.
Tatiana G
Tatiana G 8 days ago
nah this looks more like joe exotic and carol-
Tatiana G
Tatiana G 8 days ago
the insane chaotic energy shows this is true love. :') the screeching, weird noises and yelling, ah, love it
Not_A_Serial_Killer uwu
i keep thinking your intro is a nike commercial lol
nickboggsmusic 8 days ago
Jenna and Julien have been my favorite US-first couple forever, but y’all are quickly climbing to the top of that prestigious ladder.
Kaitlin McComb
Kaitlin McComb 8 days ago
I don't need anybody to be happy, but I want what they have. And while Jenna and Julien apply, I'm not referring to them. You guys are so cute.
Hannah Sears
Hannah Sears 8 days ago
"I look like someone who tries to buy groceries with newports "
Rayne Michelle
Rayne Michelle 8 days ago
Aw, thinking fire sauce is hot.
Rachel Ray
Rachel Ray 8 days ago
Was literally screaming tenor at the screen while y’all were in the car lmaoooo
Shannon Nicole
Shannon Nicole 8 days ago
came to tell you that Jenna is from Rochester, NY 🙃
Sailor Sam
Sailor Sam 8 days ago
I screamed so loud when I heard the news and my neighbors (who are ALWAYS LOUD AF when we never are) screamed “shut the fuck up” I yelled back “HEEELLLLL YEEAAHHHH” DUDER. I used to always get an invisible long neck hair as well. Now I need to check for it.
Brit Kocyla
Brit Kocyla 8 days ago
Vampirezozo 8 days ago
I just wanna be yalls friend lmao
Xander A. Nics
Xander A. Nics 8 days ago
0:58 i caught that lol
Jordyn Grove
Jordyn Grove 8 days ago
no that’s slim shady
- Blotches -
- Blotches - 8 days ago
Petition for more Emily content, this dynamic is everything
Tara Weixel
Tara Weixel 8 days ago
Can we take a moment to give our infinite blessings to Sarah’s freckles during the Express VPN ad?!?!?!!!
Skylar Pye
Skylar Pye 8 days ago
Please make more videos together I haven't laughed this hard in a long time "I actually opened this salon with my fathers money" "oh ya?"
Skylar Pye
Skylar Pye 8 days ago
8:19 "im sorry :/"
abbey olden
abbey olden 8 days ago
I told a cis guy im gay and he said go then u must like Taco Bell bc I said I don't support chikafila
Anja AB
Anja AB 8 days ago
arnwl 8 days ago
You two are soul mates
arnwl 8 days ago
The effort you put into making your ads entertaining is unparalleled! They better be giving you extra for this!
ReverendJasmine 9 days ago
this was cute luv youse guyz
shay 9 days ago
Idling is bad for environment :(
Katie Kat Meow
Katie Kat Meow 9 days ago
21:57 KITTY
stuff and junk
stuff and junk 9 days ago
Why is no one talking about sarah's awesome shirt in the beginning of the video
Katie Kat Meow
Katie Kat Meow 9 days ago
3:15 scariest jump scare of my life
Dana Morton
Dana Morton 9 days ago
You might never see this but just wanted to say your intro audio is always too loud for me! Would really love if the intro music was quieter (the rest of your audio is always much quieter). Not trying to complain, just lookin out for the headphone users :)
Savannah Swan
Savannah Swan 9 days ago
Thank you for continuing J&J CONTENT!!!
Joey Garay
Joey Garay 9 days ago
You guys are so fucking cute I cant
Kass 9 days ago
I literally split laughed when y’all burped then kissed 😂
Probably Kiri
Probably Kiri 9 days ago
Jennifer Coolidge is that you lmao 17:02
Blackkat 9 days ago
You better turn that wig into a fanny pack NOW
Rachel larsen
Rachel larsen 9 days ago
Sarah and Emily are the straightest names imagine meeting them off their names the first time and these two absolute lesbians show up
Al Bright
Al Bright 9 days ago
I love them together too cute and also I feel Sarah when Emily is putting that beard on lmao
Kwint Nijland
Kwint Nijland 9 days ago
I love how 5% of the video, was wat the video was actually about... And then... The rest is just... Preparation I guess
Noel Leeah
Noel Leeah 9 days ago
This made me so happy to watch! You both remind me so much of my girlfriend and I and how we interact ♥️
Drew Richardson
Drew Richardson 9 days ago
You two are soooo cute ❤️❤️❤️
Jordan M.
Jordan M. 9 days ago
I hope Jenna sees this and scream laughs.
Mel Bryant
Mel Bryant 9 days ago
can we talk about how brendan urie is also in that pic from the bowling alley??!??!?!?!!!?! wat
Berry Martin
Berry Martin 9 days ago
Get Taco Bell for dinner pulls over to eat. Watched this video. And quite literally it’s tacos with Emily and Sarah ❤️
AJ N 9 days ago
the car footage is the most chaotic thing i’ve ever seen
Randomperson 9 days ago
Me with facial blindness literally thinking this was Jenna and julien’s video
Alicia Roelens
Alicia Roelens 9 days ago
Pee Pums
Pee Pums 9 days ago
this is beautiful
Kelsey Christopher
I have been influenced to get taco bell 🔔 daRn 🥴😂
Pia Sarah
Pia Sarah 9 days ago
I love this content so much🙈💖
Tina Esnaashari
Tina Esnaashari 9 days ago
you're both so attractive so funny god damnet this was wonderful ok 🐥💕✨
Maya 9 days ago
this video is for the she/theys only
Hy Gearring
Hy Gearring 9 days ago
Also I’d watch videos of both of you getting Taco Bell and shopping every week!
Lindsey Huffman
Lindsey Huffman 9 days ago
Emily singing that Adele song is all of us
Sophie 9 days ago
Oh wow I feel so connected I have a 2013 Dodge Avenger. A fellow sister on the struggle bus!
kigo 9 days ago
seeing y’all go 🥵 over taco bell fire sauce was just really sad to witness and honestly disappointing 🤨🤣🤣
rachelreine 9 days ago
I’m obsessed with your love
S. W.
S. W. 9 days ago
the second emily put the glasses on they became him???
an announcement 🙂