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It's time for the next Jeffree Star Cosmetics collection!!!! 3 years ago we launched the iconic Blood Sugar palette and I wanted to celebrate it by creating an anniversary collection with new items and give you a whole RED experience! The 'Cavity' Skin Frost Palette is the perfect counterpart to the palette and we also have a MINI!!! After years of requests, she's here! Watch the FULL reveal to see everything swatched and up close!
THE ENTIRE COLLECTION launches FEB. 26TH @ 10AM PST / 1PM EST on our website and ALL retailers!!!!
🦷 Cavity Skin Frost™ Palette - 4 shades ($38.00)
💉 Mini Blood Sugar™ Palette - 9 matte/frost shades ($28.00)
❣️ Blood Sugar™ Anniversary Edition Palette - ($52.00)
🍫 Blood Sugar Mini Liquid Lipstick Vault (25 shades) - $160
♥️ Fashion & Accessories -
Blood Sugar Soft Touch Star Mirror - ($25)
Blood Sugar Dye Hoodie ($45)
Blood Sugar Dye Joggers ($55)
Mini Blood Sugar™ Palette & Blood Sugar™ Anniversary Ed. Palette ($70.00)
Cavity Palette, Mini Blood Sugar™ Palette & Blood Sugar™ Anniversary Ed. Palette ($100)
Cavity Palette, Mini Blood Sugar™ Palette & Blood Sugar™ Anniversary Ed. Palette, Mini Liquid Lipsticks Vault & Star Mirror ($250)
WANT MORE? 🐶 Watch the OG Blood Sugar Reveal ▷ bit.ly/3s820rq
💄 SHOP the Velour Liquid Lipstick Collection: bit.ly/3gdAIuQ
*SHOP: www.jeffreestarcosmetics.com
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+FOLLOW ME ON IG: jeffreestar
+ SNAPCHAT: jeffreestar
+ TWITTER: @jeffreestar
WATCH MORE VIDEOS...................❤️
💜 Swatching EVERY Liquid Lipstick I’ve EVER Made ▷ us-first.info/player/video/iMuYjGp8Znicm4E.html

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Feb 20, 2021




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Comments 100   
Sapphire Phoenix
Sapphire Phoenix 5 minutes ago
The merch looks like I just committed a murder and forgot to change out of the evidence clothing lol
Riri Caca
Riri Caca 38 minutes ago
Tina burner is that you?
Abigail Coffee
Abigail Coffee 55 minutes ago
So..... Why does he still have 16million subscribers-
Sarah Vigil
Sarah Vigil 59 minutes ago
I love you Jeffree, when I got my blood sugar pallete I felt very special. It’s the only pallete I use & it’s the only Jeffree star product I own because I can rarely afford to buy makeup, let alone your makeup. I love your brand and I’m all here for it sis💘 I’ve hit pan on glucose, cherry soda and donor & I put sweetener on EVERYTHING 💖 keep doing what you do
Seren Fernandes
ew......wtf why put ur face on it
Alex Tagalos
Alex Tagalos Hour ago
We need a designer palette 😍😍
Mipanzuzuzu Hour ago
How is Jeffree still an influencer after what he did to James?😤😭
Amber Toscano
Amber Toscano 2 hours ago
We need a glitter palette!
Brianna Feerick
Brianna Feerick 2 hours ago
Did he skip the swatch on the top right one?
Isabella Yankosky
Isabella Yankosky 2 hours ago
waiting for jeffree’s 420 pallet 🙄
Paulina Poznań
Paulina Poznań 2 hours ago
I like Jeffree
Mister Wolfe
Mister Wolfe 2 hours ago
Why are people still supporting him after all he's done that was wrong? I believe in forgiveness, but that doesn't mean you go on still buying their brands.
Vianney Estrada
Vianney Estrada 3 hours ago
omg the orange one caught my attention in half a second!! love it!!!
Lunna Dragon
Lunna Dragon 3 hours ago
Girl we need a palette for every color of the rainbow 😂, we got red, green, blue, purple. We just need pink, yellow, and orange to complete. If he comes out with the whole damn rainbow of palettes I will never need to use another brand again 😂
Shanon Lee
Shanon Lee 3 hours ago
Items Ordered: Item Quantity Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Anniversary Bundle Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Anniversary Bundle 2 $500.00 Subtotal $500.00 Shipping $0.00 Sales Tax $33.13 Order Total $533.13 SO HAPPY!!!!! CANNOT WAIT FOR IT TO ARRIVE!
Taylor 3 hours ago
He can wear any color he's so beautiful love you so much
Julie Waite
Julie Waite 3 hours ago
Will this be a permanent collection or limited time?
Anna Woods
Anna Woods 4 hours ago
jeffrey should make a palette that has people favorite shades from each palette
amanda lewis
amanda lewis 4 hours ago
I love u jeffree star am a huge would love to meet u
Victor Saldana
Victor Saldana 4 hours ago
What this is a half assed juvie place knock off looking bullshit. I am legit giving away a bunch of your makeup to my son's like gf. See I think what's happening here is your head got to big and the talent went out the damn window
Lili Gl
Lili Gl 4 hours ago
most of the swatches from the palette had a cut between when jeffree star startes applying the shade on his palm and when we actly see the swatch smh
Roxy c
Roxy c 4 hours ago
Do you sell candy joint on its own?
CyCy. O
CyCy. O 4 hours ago
You didn’t swatch the brown shade!
Shelby Beasley
Shelby Beasley 5 hours ago
I feel like I'd like the lipstick vault a lot since I really only like red lipstick. 😊
Money Mira XP
Money Mira XP 5 hours ago
Whenever Jeffree finally gets "Cancelled" (y'all been trying to cancel him for years) I feel like people are still going to buy his palettes. He has the best makeup ideas, color stories and shade range/diversity. I'm tired of influencers and celebs half ass-ing shades and quality because they know their fans will buy anything. Jeffree is ALOT of things but he can make a well thought out creative high quality product and that's one of the only things I truly respect about him.
Ana Pal
Ana Pal 5 hours ago
The only reason I’ll pay for this its because I’m a dentist Oh no, forget about it, it’s not what I was expecting
Alexis Alexis
Alexis Alexis 6 hours ago
Is this limited edition?
R4IN MAN 6 hours ago
is this a man or a woman? A trans-man or a trans-woman?
Megasons3 Plays
Megasons3 Plays 4 hours ago
it's another species all together
MikaPoe 6 hours ago
I love firestarter
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 6 hours ago
what (us-first.info/player/video/a9WGqYRrio5mZZs.html) to c ome.
Tink Ie
Tink Ie 6 hours ago
better start saving ,
Rachel Ruffner
Rachel Ruffner 7 hours ago
I just want a goth palette, but I do love the makeup.
Sky Collins
Sky Collins 7 hours ago
Okay but hear me out... a cool toned highlighter palette and call it ✨Minty Fresh✨
Sara A
Sara A 7 hours ago
Love ALL the lipstick shades
Jocelyn Grace Mago
Jocelyn Grace Mago 7 hours ago
i wish i could have one
Animation Queen
Animation Queen 7 hours ago
bro your face is so scary.... 😭😂
youparejo 7 hours ago
My boy lookin like a praying Mantis on the thumbnail
Sara A
Sara A 7 hours ago
Im not used to seeing you without nails. Bring back the iconic nails you always have on 😁😁😁The ruby red eyeshadow should be the new lipstick shade.stunning
Sickle VVV
Sickle VVV 8 hours ago
What's with all the fake enthusiasm??
Sickle VVV
Sickle VVV 8 hours ago
He's beginning to look old. Time destroys beauty.
Jxdis 8 hours ago
Uh didn’t I block him💀
Nicole Holder
Nicole Holder 9 hours ago
make a blueberry pal ......glittery blue specks
R Ashis Singh
R Ashis Singh 9 hours ago
Where is jawbreaker collection
Ania kobylińska follow me on insta XDDD
The mirror, literally Polish flag 🇵🇱 so cute 🥰
Candice miller
Candice miller 9 hours ago
It's nice for a collector. I just can't justify buying a pallete I already own though. I will buy the highlighter and the vault. The highlighter is gorgeous. It will work for most soon tones.
Candice miller
Candice miller 10 hours ago
I'm sure I'm the only one but I absolutely love yellow eyeshadow. It's very hard to find a good yellow though. They're often chalky/patchy/disappears. Jeffree PLEASE make a yellow themed palette. If anyone can pull it off.... It's you.
Buzz Bee
Buzz Bee 10 hours ago
Annabelle Dsouza
Annabelle Dsouza 10 hours ago
As a designer, I'm always excited to see new packaging concepts from Jeffree because they're always creative and custom and unique from other makeup. But this packaging for the mini looks a little.... Basic? It literally looks like these cheap palettes that I buy off amazon 😐 I'm kind of disappointed
Mariana Cruz
Mariana Cruz 11 hours ago
All i saw was Jeffree without nails tbh
Dovydas Stančaitis
Dovydas Stančaitis 11 hours ago
"Goooood morning to everyone except the guy that used to do my hair." Yea, right. I guess, good morning to him too
sand hanitizer
sand hanitizer 12 hours ago
It’s funny how people go crazy over a predator “making” useless throw away products.
sand hanitizer
sand hanitizer 12 hours ago
Pointless hyper sexualised consumism.
NinjaCupcakes 12 hours ago
We love a Flop anniversary lmao
Ful Dark
Ful Dark 13 hours ago
Is she a gay? She look like the guy who sell make up inside the mall..
carmiline 9 hours ago
he is a male
Dave Miller
Dave Miller 13 hours ago
RacingWithSTARS 13 hours ago
rename prink to halogen :)
rachdeeful 13 hours ago
Cant believe I used to subscribe to this monster of a person
Luis Fierros
Luis Fierros 13 hours ago
What in the cheek filler is going on
TCarabuena 11 hours ago
right i saw that too 👀
Nikkoda Belle La'vie
Cherry soda ftw
ᴡʜᴀᴛ 14 hours ago
It's like putting chili sauce on your face
Mrs. Aguilar
Mrs. Aguilar 14 hours ago
They are soooooo gorgeous . Good bye Kylie for sure.
NinjaCupcakes 14 hours ago
I hope you guys realize there’s so many make up that are better than this, SPECIALLY coming from this problematic and rac**t person .
Farsana Imthiyas
Farsana Imthiyas 15 hours ago
Please help me my home confiscation problem I need 25 thousand dollars please help me
Stoudy2 16 hours ago
Cherry Soda is my favourite it's a beautiful red!
sexual taco
sexual taco 16 hours ago
You're so boring. Please buy a new personality and friends
Like This Video
Like This Video 16 hours ago
Hi Friend, Great Video .! full support. Have Great Day!
Just Passing Thru.
Just Passing Thru. 16 hours ago
To be fair Sir Jeffree yr not fun anymore, thee only time u show yr mug here is to Sell yr Stuff . Next......
Ruxie Mae Alibo
Ruxie Mae Alibo 16 hours ago
When jeffree showed the cavity palette i had goosebumps
Adriana Ríos
Adriana Ríos 17 hours ago
What a money grab, bringing back your most successful palette won't save you from your downfall, your brand will never sell as it used to
Jenavive Dumas
Jenavive Dumas 17 hours ago
I need a blood theist but mental health edition
Dantelle Joubert
Dantelle Joubert 17 hours ago
Imagine if we ever got a Jeffree Star × Louis Vuitton palette!
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 17 hours ago
Eventually he will be like shane .. nothing
Maggie Babcock
Maggie Babcock 17 hours ago
HeartsideMakeup 17 hours ago
I’m sad no mystery boxes this Valentine’s :(
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 17 hours ago
Can someone be kind enough to send money to my sisters cashapp?
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 17 hours ago
Can someone be kind enough to send money to my sisters cashapp?
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 17 hours ago
Can someone be kind enough to send money to my sisters cashapp?
Cate Bartley
Cate Bartley 18 hours ago
Think pinnnnnk!!!!!!
Cat lady Vyanney
Cat lady Vyanney 18 hours ago
Uninterested at this point ...
PRIME Kaso 18 hours ago
big nutz
big nutz 18 hours ago
Coffee at the Beach
Coffee at the Beach 18 hours ago
While I still love all the makeup nothing will make me buy any of it anymore after the Jay thing. Jay is a VILE human. No one speaks like that and doesn't mean it. My brain did not erase itself just because you're dazzling us with new makeup. Sorry not sorry doll.
Dave Miller
Dave Miller 2 hours ago
Honestly 100%. Dont care how good his wigs are. Throw the pair away.
Fotini 18 hours ago
This is what you have to do to be rich in money!!!! No thanks
Faroek Samuel
Faroek Samuel 18 hours ago
Is thiss a guy wtf man
Mia Rants
Mia Rants 18 hours ago
I’m a self taught mua and I learned mostly from playing with makeup on my own and watching jeffree’s videos and I want to collab with him to make a makeup palette and I also really wanna make lashes. So this is day 1 of trying to get his attention so we can collab. It probably won’t happen but here’s to trying!
Brooke Shea
Brooke Shea 19 hours ago
Boringgggggggggg.... 😑 You know whos pallet I would buy... Trishas✌️ with peace and love 😘
Britney Hunter
Britney Hunter 19 hours ago
CONGRATULATIONS JEFF!!!! Alarm is set u all .. (fingers are crossed i get my order before my birthday on march 9 and before i take my trip to (9-18) bike week at Daytona Flordia) im always at work , and all my co workers know i gotta step off the floor for a min to place my order cause they all know im a die hard jeffree star makeup fannatic ...lol Loving the look of the new site ... Im jumping the gun on this one I think and getting the vault , it will be my first vault and i totally agree with u jeff with it being urs and everyones fav , wish there was a purple shade in the lip vault ... Im so excited for tomrrow !!!!! Always thinking about u jeff and the work gang on launch day ..
I’moverit Sendoutpositivity
I love the collection jeffree 💯 💖 and the packaging is everything 🥰
Mandie Froetschel
Mandie Froetschel 19 hours ago
Review Kara Beauty???
I loved the palette and its oled colors
Gina Bobina
Gina Bobina 20 hours ago
Looking forward to the lip vault 16 new colours!
Gina Bobina
Gina Bobina Hour ago
Gina Bobina
Gina Bobina 8 hours ago
One of my kids and two grandkids want this but of course sold out. So now it is checking site 4 times daily until I can get them. Cackling...
Paige McKenzie
Paige McKenzie 20 hours ago
Jeffree makes me want makeup (and I’ve never felt the need to put any on) because he just makes it so beautiful and aesthetic and artistic!! Everything is always so iconic ❤️
Qway SLAY La’Shaye
I need like an ALL PINK PALETTE , an ALL ORANGE 🍊 PALETTE, an ALL YELLOW PALETTE ....helll even an ALL BLACK Palette LMAO!!
Crystal Johnson
Crystal Johnson 20 hours ago
Can you please do a gold/peach palette
Meyana omg
Meyana omg 20 hours ago
Dress dressy do a Among Us video
Kim Suds
Kim Suds 20 hours ago
Omg jeffree.... Just checked the website and the new blood sugar drop is almost sold out of everything, and it wasn't supposed to drop until tomorrow. Plz let us know when you restock
Ary A
Ary A 21 hour ago
Who the fuck needs all those red lipgloss. That's ridiculous!
sean 22 hours ago
only 1.5m views in a week LOL
TCarabuena 11 hours ago
he peaked during the shane collab and now they are both plunging together 🥰
Tina Hall
Tina Hall 21 hour ago
How much you get just today? 🤣
Taylor Dorsey
Taylor Dorsey 22 hours ago
The foundation today is a little dry I say change it up but I’m obsessed with the new color😭😍 Gorgeous as always, love you jeffree
redheadmama 2000
redheadmama 2000 22 hours ago
I loving this whole collection!! I want them all.
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