Cat vs Dog/ How Animals See People 

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Life with pets is full of funny moments and pleasant surprises. Sometimes incidents happen. Have you ever think how animals see people? What do animals think about us?
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Apr 26, 2021




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Rosannie Red
Rosannie Red 2 days ago
@Lolbit 7
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Boy Be 2 days ago
nichol Jones
nichol Jones 6 days ago
@Zavier Nash HoggCan you say something but holes don’t say something nice OK you smell like roses
Marzena Skupien
Marzena Skupien 6 days ago
Samantha Dickson
Samantha Dickson 7 days ago
Sumaita Akter
Sumaita Akter 4 hours ago
I never knew woo hoo says SHUT UP
Rachel White
Rachel White Day ago
my dog eats the gravy dogfood and she just lickes of the gravy and spits it in her crate.
Janne Williams
Timiliya chakraborty
Dog person
Garry Brady
Garry Brady 3 days ago
Qaeydm of Glvh
Beatrice hi
Beatrice hi 4 days ago
I like Dogs there are the best pets they lestin
Merary Mejia
Merary Mejia 4 days ago
btw cute doggy its very cute
Merary Mejia
Merary Mejia 4 days ago
dogo's win
Your Casualty
Your Casualty 4 days ago
Roxy Herbst
Roxy Herbst 4 days ago
Meryl Naidu
Meryl Naidu 5 days ago
Your dog is soooooooo cute actually my dog looks the same and even the cat
Brian Lamb
Brian Lamb 5 days ago
. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇻🇺🇪🇭🇪🇭🇻🇺🇺🇬🇸🇭🇰🇷🇰🇷🇵🇳🇵🇦🇵🇷
LOL 5 days ago
Kv Manoj
Kv Manoj 6 days ago
Dog da
Su Su Htike
Su Su Htike 6 days ago
soo cute animals but i love dog🐶
Reagan Rountree
Reagan Rountree 6 days ago
Sazzad Morshed
Sazzad Morshed 6 days ago
You cat person or dog person 👇
Sana Fathima
Sana Fathima 6 days ago
Malayali undoooo
Margaret Offenbach
DOGS ALL the way
Don Garmon
Don Garmon 7 days ago
Brandon And stlla
Frosty 8 days ago
I’m a cat because IM WEARING MY SUIT
Heramb Kalyan
Heramb Kalyan 8 days ago
Khursheda Begum
Khursheda Begum 8 days ago
🐕 Dog
Keisha Council
Keisha Council 8 days ago
eneida monje
eneida monje 8 days ago
I think dog win 😁
Superkids 8 days ago
The maker is definitely a dog person
Luis Cuellar
Luis Cuellar 8 days ago
Cat and dog but I wll say catCAT
Zaza Roblox channel G
I am allergic to cats
Zaza Roblox channel G
90munira 9 days ago
I love dogs
Kaelah Ross
Kaelah Ross 9 days ago
these amimals are weird
Josh Stevens
Josh Stevens 9 days ago
I’m. Hyyyyyyyyyyggyghg
Faycal Bachir Belmehdi
Ritisha . Sudeepa. Rupak. Lola. locky.
I have two dogs
nahla mf
nahla mf 9 days ago
Ivy Cole
Ivy Cole 9 days ago
Cat Cat Cat
Xyrelle Ken Colina
m venkatesh
m venkatesh 10 days ago
I love puppies
Zieljan Malimban
Zieljan Malimban 10 days ago
Amy a turtel persen
Irene Ariola
Irene Ariola 10 days ago
CloudKit 10 days ago
I’ll steal that cat for my brother 🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟
charles indeche
charles indeche 10 days ago
pinkey Gacha playz
pinkey Gacha playz 10 days ago
to be honest im a cat one i love cats everytime i go around a cat i go like "KITTY!!."
mini pink crewmate
mini pink crewmate 10 days ago
When are Kate and Ashley coming back.
Erin Mcmahon
Erin Mcmahon 10 days ago
I s, a cat
Jodi Jennings
Jodi Jennings 11 days ago
Markese Cunningham
Markese Cunningham 11 days ago
Nick Miller
Nick Miller 11 days ago
I’m a cat person
Diana Morga-Cruz
Diana Morga-Cruz 11 days ago
Cody Thomas
Cody Thomas 11 days ago
Stoyan Zlatev
Stoyan Zlatev 11 days ago
So cute ❣️ animals 😍 right 😂
Loida Banaria
Loida Banaria 11 days ago
Merlyn Luceña
Merlyn Luceña 11 days ago
bad cat
Romula Delacruz
Romula Delacruz 12 days ago
So a boat to dog
Romula Delacruz
Romula Delacruz 12 days ago
It was chucky dog
Romula Delacruz
Romula Delacruz 12 days ago
My dog died
Romula Delacruz
Romula Delacruz 12 days ago
Let's video sack do you know i love dog
Doggy 12 days ago
The cat and dog are so CUTE
Loida Banaria
Loida Banaria 11 days ago
Violet ash horse foxy
Blanca Cortes
Blanca Cortes 12 days ago
Cats 🥳🤗☺️
Xhoi Nikaj
Xhoi Nikaj 12 days ago
Vartikaraj raj
Vartikaraj raj 12 days ago
Vedanshi Singh
Vedanshi Singh 12 days ago
3 days ago!
Musa Shah
Musa Shah 12 days ago
A cat person
Aleezay Inam
Aleezay Inam 13 days ago
I love both but I have a cat
Aleezay Inam
Aleezay Inam 13 days ago
Nice, good and beautiful
faith ogoma
faith ogoma 13 days ago
I like dogs😜😜🐾🐾❤️. I hate cats☹️😭.
CROSSY ROAD 13 days ago
Mat Townsend
Mat Townsend 13 days ago
llc cas
Carla G. Jamili
Carla G. Jamili 13 days ago
Im 3 days late hayzzzzzzz
Nikki Ouimet
Nikki Ouimet 13 days ago
Definitely a cat person
Aabood_ Rewna
Aabood_ Rewna 13 days ago
unicorn 13 days ago
Im a unicorn person
Khayann Jackson
Khayann Jackson 13 days ago
I am both
Khayann Jackson
Khayann Jackson 13 days ago
Dogs is a man best friend
Erik Pöljö
Erik Pöljö 13 days ago
I love cats
Erik Pöljö
Erik Pöljö 13 days ago
Cats 😻
Erik Pöljö
Erik Pöljö 13 days ago
The person Who make this video is a dog person 😑😒
Dayshawn Richards
Dayshawn Richards 13 days ago
I love dogs because I’m allergic to cats
Narasimha Murthy S
Narasimha Murthy S 14 days ago
I love dogs
miss brilliant
miss brilliant 14 days ago
Dog person i love dog
Maria Concepcion Cabreros
A+woohoo A+
Inaaya ali
Inaaya ali 14 days ago
This boring
john homston
john homston 14 days ago
Ooooo the hate for cats here there showing everything thing bad about cats
Sergio A Flores
Sergio A Flores 14 days ago
Amy Magical Time
Amy Magical Time 14 days ago
Ha ha ha !
Team Thamus
Team Thamus 14 days ago
ihav a 2 dogs ilove dogs
Jaydalin Bouback
Jaydalin Bouback 14 days ago
im a cat and dog presin
Sandra Anijetu
Sandra Anijetu 14 days ago
Hhhgdt TN high go for a walk in the urgent care ieoerjrrow
Maria G sanz
Maria G sanz 14 days ago
I'm a Dog person
Sorelle Robles
Sorelle Robles 14 days ago
I love cats and dogs so much
Ilce Mendoza
Ilce Mendoza 14 days ago
My cat wen i eat she want of my food
sparkle wortham
sparkle wortham 14 days ago
Yeah I have a dog you can you know because you don't even care but I got
Allison Nelson
Allison Nelson 14 days ago
Kholiwe Nonjiko
Kholiwe Nonjiko 14 days ago
dog🐕. 🐈 cat. Agcoblie. Lethu. Lkohu. 🐕 dog
Mahira Muneer k
Mahira Muneer k 14 days ago
I am a cat person
Hareendra Nagaraju Siyyadri
Kgj,ttkg,dbnik tgnibj
Ram Jasti
Ram Jasti 14 days ago