Cat tries to sneak in and eat dog’s food, but is caught. 

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May 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
erwin mileva
erwin mileva Hour ago
Dog : not today louis
Milkshake Draws
Milkshake Draws 5 hours ago
That dog sniffed the cat towards him, much power
TAI 212
TAI 212 5 hours ago
Dog: Spit it out damn it.
Fukonme No
Fukonme No 5 hours ago
He like can I just give 1 bite plzzzzz
Peter McGill
Peter McGill 9 hours ago
In all my years of watching US-first I've never seen anything quite like that :-)
Neal X Gaming
Neal X Gaming 9 hours ago
Dog remembered to always SQUISH THAT CAT.
Racquel Welch
Racquel Welch 12 hours ago
Lovely problem solving! 🙂
Racquel Welch
Racquel Welch 12 hours ago
Lovely problem solving!
Charles Dizon
Charles Dizon 13 hours ago
im not fighting back my fault
Charles Dizon
Charles Dizon 13 hours ago
im not fighting back my fault
OB 13 hours ago
This looks like an scene taken from the office
purplepacks 14 hours ago
ttobyg 14 hours ago
haha training a dog to bite a cat and then sit on it, that's so cute and not sociopathic
JK 97
JK 97 20 hours ago
The dog was like "stop eating my food! Your fatass already eat a lot of foods!"
Zero0004 20 hours ago
I've seen dogs eat cat food but never a cat who wants dog food. Cat knew it was in trouble lol
agonizing star butterfly
The dog : turn off the camera,human. I dont want to be filmed will i'm eating
fat_ basturd
fat_ basturd 22 hours ago
I wonder how long it took to train the dog and cat.
Shakes First
Shakes First 23 hours ago
Dogs looking at the camera like, "You could've done something you know".
Food in the bowl and the dog doesn't eat it.
Maverick B
Maverick B Day ago
The dog is like "Why are you just standing there filming this?"
Michael Day ago
Jack D
Jack D Day ago
Squish the cat
Kayla Mann
Kayla Mann Day ago
Love this dog. Finally a dog that stands up to a cat.
Mouse Rat
Mouse Rat Day ago
I'm guessing by the cat's reaction this isn't the first time lol
sims hill
sims hill Day ago
I tell you Cattle Dogs sure know how to get their perpetrators attention 😂
Hail Caesar
Hail Caesar Day ago
The dog be like, You are a very naughty cat and needs spanking 😂
Lanze Manao
Lanze Manao 2 days ago
Squish the caat
Mella Mel
Mella Mel 2 days ago
“Squish that cat, all you got to do is squish that cat” viral vet video
Nolan 2 days ago
dog really trying to protect the cat from the whooping he was about to dish out. Wholesome
stan 'Anime God' Taeyong
Alternative title: dog proves "Squish that cat" theory is legit
Mathin3D 2 days ago
Bad cat!
Royalwolf 7
Royalwolf 7 2 days ago
"I eat you now"
Linda Simons
Linda Simons 2 days ago
Drats, foiled again!
Minsc and Boo
Minsc and Boo 2 days ago
What a loving way to capture a thief.
James Rochester
James Rochester 2 days ago
Now that's one way to deal with a food thief!
Be smart
Be smart 2 days ago
Cats are amazing
sans the animator
"U eat my food" "I eat u instead"
Sacha53Silver91 2 days ago
Adorable !
Rita Dionisi
Rita Dionisi 3 days ago
What an Amazing couple!
hugo maria kwartiandono
wow what a gently Dog....
Delicashilous _
Delicashilous _ 3 days ago
I really laugh in a oversolid way. That was priceless.
A M 3 days ago
Dog be like you ate my treats? now you are my treat
Dont Care
Dont Care 3 days ago
If only police could handle criminals like this
atrelopian678 3 days ago
The cat knew this would happened; cat wanted attention.
Dodo Enthusiast
Dodo Enthusiast 3 days ago
Dog knows how to squish that cat.
PRXJEK JEK 3 days ago
Stupid ass cat taking food from the dog smh
moises rodriguez
moises rodriguez 3 days ago
The dog with that cat under him next to the food is like: "So i can either eat the food or i can eat you but either way I'm eating good tonight."
JLNProps 3 days ago
I had a border collie corgi mix growing up. loved that dog!
do u want a cup of tea
cat: try to eat food dog in the other room: *the audacity*
Sam Sung
Sam Sung 3 days ago
The cat is innocent.
Kaisertreu 3 days ago
Lmao the way he dragged her away and put his legs over her
Adrianne Holyfield
onlyfans lefiercephoenix
The dog was saying. Well. You ate my food. Now I get to eat you.
Rosrychaplet 3 days ago
Hey I love you, you're my best friend, but that's my food.
Don't Cry
Don't Cry 3 days ago
Hilarious especially the cat seems to have had this done to him before.
Rennie Ash
Rennie Ash 3 days ago
Dog : if you eat my food I’ll just have to eat you as well as my food seeing as my food is inside you
Monroe45 3 days ago
Jointík 3 days ago
The dog is like "STOP YOU VIOLATED THE LAW!"
Rupa Mukherjee
Rupa Mukherjee 3 days ago
I like how the dog put his 2 paws on cat so the Universe can stay in perfect order
weasel1822 3 days ago
Anyone else confused as to why the dog’s water had a weird brown tint to it? Was it the lighting or maybe an additive?
An Nguyen
An Nguyen 3 days ago
dog said you're under paw
Oak Citizen
Oak Citizen 3 days ago
Frezee, you are under arrest, sir..😂
mario burca
mario burca 3 days ago
chesh kat
chesh kat 4 days ago
We still friends, but you know you're getting these paws for eating my food.
Reason 4 days ago
Dog knows the secret: SQUISH THAT CAT 🍞
Nate one
Nate one 4 days ago
this is hilarious
John Kurtz
John Kurtz 4 days ago
3rd cat they've had this month
Brian Kliewer
Brian Kliewer 4 days ago
Placing the cat under citizen's arrest.
Ryan Ambsdorf
Ryan Ambsdorf 4 days ago
You're eating my food? Don't forget I could eat you instead.
CbrF4i600 4 days ago
You eat my food, I chew on your back
Cyrus Sheets
Cyrus Sheets 4 days ago
Poor dog would've become the meal if that was my cat haha. Then my cat is built like a tank and has a full set of claws to go with severe food aggression.
Joseph McCoy
Joseph McCoy 4 days ago
Cuz Dogs are the superior animal.
2020Vision 4 days ago
Vishnu 4 days ago
Dog wins in Round 1 by submission
stsfctshn 4 days ago
apprehended at once!
Ptit Max
Ptit Max 4 days ago
A circle of life is about to born ...
Inhale Exhale
Inhale Exhale 4 days ago
Gefahr erkannt Gefahr gebannt
GIsele Dutroc
GIsele Dutroc 4 days ago
It is clear ; dont eat my food man
Truth 5 days ago
I don't trust the dog at all. The poor cat can end up in shreds one day. Feed the fkin cat!!
Chris Godfrey
Chris Godfrey 5 days ago
Dog said, “4 dat u git tha punish. I lernd this wun from da humanz..... TIME OUT”
Angel Rivera
Angel Rivera 5 days ago
Very smart dog.
Alexandria KING
Alexandria KING 5 days ago
I thought he was gonna try to eat the cat lol
soneelita 5 days ago
Cat got arrested by the POLICE DOG.
Tae Young Ahn
Tae Young Ahn 5 days ago
Cat: it’s a fair cop.
Andre Dubose
Andre Dubose 5 days ago
Why you little 🐈 burglar lol gotcha now.
Patty 5 days ago
Squish that cat!
silentchaos1 5 days ago
Squish that cat!
Man Dendon
Man Dendon 5 days ago
I have to bat my cat away from my dogs food because my cats have trained my dogs
Pretty Gunz
Pretty Gunz 5 days ago
Dog: Is that b*tch eating my food mom? Mom: yes Dog: I’ll handle it mom stay out 😌
Lorisha Mastapha
Lorisha Mastapha 5 days ago
He's like hell nah my food
superDEROB 5 days ago
he squished dat cat
Asare Georgina
Asare Georgina 5 days ago
The dog set a trap for the cat
Earthworm Chewer
Earthworm Chewer 5 days ago
Jesus Christ is the Christ
Dominguez Christopher
The cat's like "chill bro I'm testing it for poison"
kathrynvanwaart 5 days ago
More like, it snitched on
luvernie lulu
luvernie lulu 5 days ago
I thought it is 360° camera😐
Ma G
Ma G 5 days ago
Feed your cat man!!
Let Er
Let Er 6 days ago
Smart dog know that cats should not be eating dog food which is toxic to them
TrashCanWaves 6 days ago
Dog “hey get ur cat” lol
joshua wojciechowski
Squish that cat