Cat on the field, a breakdown 

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#dumbcat #uglycat #grosscat
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Apr 6, 2021




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Comments 100   
Dan Flores
Dan Flores 3 hours ago
there is a fight with nick hundley and yasiel puig giants vs dodgers
llYossarian Day ago
Lol, holy shit WTF Jomboy?
Jon Lanier
Jon Lanier Day ago
A black cat at that..... not a good thing.
Joe Cambo
Joe Cambo 2 days ago
Breakdown of Jomboy's cat roast: -Gross -Furry -Full of diseases -Has no loved ones -Spent the last week in a dumpster -Seeing itself in a mirror makes it cry -Gross (again)
Katie A
Katie A 2 days ago
But that cat was so cute 🥺
itsShowtime007 3 days ago
"#RaLlY cAt, RaLly CaT!" *Double play* =(
WisdomVendor1 3 days ago
And by the way biologically, your body's a shitload nastier than that cat. That's plain f****** science
kkct7 3 days ago
Berserker 45
Berserker 45 3 days ago
Cats are the worst.
Win Pagan
Win Pagan 4 days ago
Cats are gods.
BAMA Fan 4 days ago
I like that cat. Don't talk smack
Nowhere man
Nowhere man 4 days ago
Yoo you aint gotta be so rude to the cat jomboy relax cats are better than dogs lmao
Nicholas Zaborowski
Goddam cats are cute
Philip Nordeck
Philip Nordeck 5 days ago
Let's be clear. By dumpster, he means The Colorado Rockies.
Jorge Pineda
Jorge Pineda 5 days ago
I don’t like cats, except for the ones that I know. So maybe like 1 cat
Jasmine Moreno
Jasmine Moreno 5 days ago
That cat was adorable
Alan S
Alan S 6 days ago
So I want to like this because it's funny, but it also feels wrong to like an internet-video featuring cat disdain
Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan 6 days ago
Where is bichette walk off
Alexander Bean
Alexander Bean 7 days ago
I thought Jomboy went a little hard on the cat, but to be fair that is a rough lookin cat
Sam Warren
Sam Warren 7 days ago
i'm wheezing and crying i'm laughing so much why do you hate that cat so much
Tuna On A Stick
Tuna On A Stick 7 days ago
As a dog person, I can vibe with this negative energy
Pedro Pascual
Pedro Pascual 7 days ago
The cat did it’s part and clutched up and they still threw 😭😂🤦🏽‍♂️
r bu
r bu 8 days ago
After this, you know Jomboy is so getting reincarnated as a cat.
Philbert McGee
Philbert McGee 8 days ago
Somehow better than the last cat video
Will Stuart
Will Stuart 9 days ago
That right there is what a DOG GUY sounds like. ... Lol
Vixzz Ø
Vixzz Ø 9 days ago
Jomboy has cat PTSD
Ben Leeper
Ben Leeper 9 days ago
Haven’t laughed this hard at a Jomboy video in awhile
FunInTheSun 9 days ago
Bullet Tooth Tony
Oh Jesus Harold Christ Jomboy PETA disliked and now you got legal issues. Normalizing violence against cats is a hate crime in Colorado. Wish someone woulda told him.
Jovan 9 days ago
Damn he called the Cat a Rat 😠
Love Jomboy but he also went anti-cat HARD. Im conflicted.
ijachacovert 10 days ago
If you let a cat onto your field, you lose. What about a squirrel? Asking for a bunch of red birds.
Jamie Alizaga
Jamie Alizaga 10 days ago
Jomboy hates cat's a breakdown
a a
a a 10 days ago
LMAO the level of rage going through Jomboy commenting about the cat, OMG I'm dying.
Isaac Kershner
Isaac Kershner 10 days ago
your hatred for that cat was hilarious
Matthew Racioppi
Matthew Racioppi 10 days ago
What's your beef with cats bro?
Josue’s Adventures
RALLY CAT RALLY CAT Rally JOmBoY with all the uploads!!!!
Tyler C-137
Tyler C-137 10 days ago
They do this because ratings are so trash.
HokiePitcher22 10 days ago
That cat literally just pulled a Jared Hughes...sprinted across the field then needed 5 minutes of recovery time.
daniel chan
daniel chan 10 days ago
they prob ate the cat
Rotcod 10 days ago
The cat made a bee-line, eh? That's mixing metaphors. Or something like that.
Five dolla frozone
Five dolla frozone 10 days ago
I kinda feel bad for the cats that get on the field during games because they are probably really freaked out by all the noise and things
Mr. Soles
Mr. Soles 10 days ago
Jomboy hates cats? Unsubbed. :)
Gabriel Lima
Gabriel Lima 10 days ago
Stop calling it gross dude........I guarantee all of your dogs are dirtier and more gross than any cat.
Peter Starzynski Tech
Just ask the NY Giants how having a cat run on their field went.
icebreaker 11 days ago
Stop roasting the cat
Larry Wilson
Larry Wilson 11 days ago
No matter the color cats on the field are all bad luck
Edward 11 days ago
Fun Fact: Dodgers are 8-1 since the cat.
3m4n 11 days ago
Seeing ppl torn in the comments bc they love Jomboy but love cats. They dont know HOW TO FEEL!!! xd
KeoniPhoenix 11 days ago
This isn't the first time: us-first.info/player/video/fMmXg5llpph9i3E.html Jomboy needs to get his negative animalist attitude corrected, this might get him demonetized from US-first when the moderation team starts cracking down on this stuff.
Malady Johnson
Malady Johnson 11 days ago
Dogs: loyal, full of compassion, would take a bullet for you, and makes your morning coffee. Cats: dump in a box, licks your butter cube, and ruins your baseball game. Jomboy: nailed it
Marcus Mofield
Marcus Mofield 11 days ago
😂 love your voice over on the cat
jacob bogner
jacob bogner 11 days ago
I bet Vin Scully could tell a great cat story.
J C 11 days ago
0:50 why do you sound like batman
KartKing4ever 11 days ago
Jomboy hates cats, a breakdown
Jay2ThaMuah 11 days ago
Has no loved ones, spent the last few weeks in a dumpster.... Haha
toxickatie 12 days ago
"Let this be a lesson: You let a cat onto the field you lose" *laughs in Yadier Molina*
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson 12 days ago
Yo if this were a dog, then everyone would be running to it’s aid
Brayden Davy
Brayden Davy 12 days ago
So u have cat problems
Nikki Boyce
Nikki Boyce 12 days ago
Like dogs rolling in dead thing and eating shit is so much cleaner.
Kody Caron
Kody Caron 12 days ago
This is like my 20th time watching this. This is art
Cantaloupe 12 days ago
Man forgot a to dip his nachos in cheese a breakdown
Paul Stewart
Paul Stewart 12 days ago
It’s a Maine coon cat!! It’s pretty cool looking...
Todd Smith
Todd Smith 12 days ago
I'm guessing Jomboy is a dog person 😂
cornbread4everyone 12 days ago
DJM 3773
DJM 3773 12 days ago
Cat just got bullied
Quinn Shea
Quinn Shea 12 days ago
My moms friend adopted that cat....
Eric S
Eric S 12 days ago
Dude, that was brilliant
Nolan Martin
Nolan Martin 12 days ago
Good looking cat.
Beautiful Gorgeous
Beautiful Gorgeous 12 days ago
Gloves and ponytail
Like A Fox
Like A Fox 12 days ago
Hahaha I love the hashtags for this video
Hunter Paulauskas
Hunter Paulauskas 12 days ago
When are we gonna get a Padres no hitter Jomboy take
OhNoBruno 12 days ago
Jomboy needs to farm the cat-related breakdowns out to someone else before it creates serious problems with the cat community.
Robert Fan
Robert Fan 12 days ago
Bring the cat back and Rockies win world series. Very nice.
Jawn Hansen
Jawn Hansen 12 days ago
I see the Rockies added a Chinese food stand to the concession level.
Derek Paul
Derek Paul 12 days ago
That cat is fucking disgusting 🤣
Pink Man
Pink Man 12 days ago
Can we talk about the absolute spot on description of the cat by Jomboy.
Wade Coplen
Wade Coplen 12 days ago
"Grross!" Hahahaha
john citizen
john citizen 12 days ago
How did you not notice the back stop throwing the ball into someone s back shoulder
Andrew F
Andrew F 12 days ago
Jomboy gotta give you a dislike for this one buddy.
Judah Kuhn
Judah Kuhn 12 days ago
"You let a cat on the field, you lose" Yadier Molina has entered the chat
Sam Silver
Sam Silver 12 days ago
I like the notion that the cat had been on and off visiting a gigantic, empty stadium for the last year and then suddenly showed up and there were bright lights and a bunch of people and was suddenly like, "what the FUCK??"
Ari 12 days ago
Jomboy roasts a random ass cat for 2 solid minutes, a breakdown
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 12 days ago
Bernard North
Bernard North 13 days ago
Maybe jomboy been to Coors Field?! bro it's a really uhhh not so pleasant area of Denver, ta say the least! Colorado Native here, long time viewer occasional commenter
Bryan Corts
Bryan Corts 13 days ago
Jomboy do yankee home opener snl skit.
Esther Kenn
Esther Kenn 13 days ago
99% fans: Oh the cat was cute! It was fun! Jomboy, can you review it? Jomboy: Gross cat on a field, full of diseases! has no loved ones and spent its last week in dumster. Lol.
Bryan Corts
Bryan Corts 13 days ago
I like rally cat! I think Jomboy got rejected by Catwoman on temptation Island some time ago 🤣
Mellow NES Superstar
Hate on me all anyone wants to but I love cats, and dogs, if they are properly trained and behave. Cat was scared to freaking death..
Winsorvy 13 days ago
Accurate breakdown, cats 🤢
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos 13 days ago
As Keyser Soze would say: Fukng cats!
Zen Jackson
Zen Jackson 13 days ago
That cat was cute
Codie Fitz
Codie Fitz 13 days ago
I fucking love kitties❤️
Gina 13 days ago
Wth with the hashtags??!!
BlissfulWizar7 13 days ago
Arms down run lol
Carl Sagan
Carl Sagan 13 days ago
poor kitty, hopefully someone helped it.
cameronorcj gameplay
I. Want. More. Cat breakdowns. The giants/cowboys one and now this have had me crying 😂
hudson burch
hudson burch 13 days ago
You gonna break down UGA V Vandy?
85slapshot Big man
85slapshot Big man 13 days ago
They should have jomboy commentate an mlb game😂
Nextralife 13 days ago
How to cancel yourself in a single breakdown: a breakdown.