Cat almost bites off my arm #shorts 

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Apr 13, 2021




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B P 2 minutes ago
respect your animal’s boundaries!!!
BigButter778 47 minutes ago
You are stupid you would not have lost an arm you would just have a big scar
Mr.Akhtar Official
ethan winters in re8 :
AVA GOMEZ 2 hours ago
Johan Kira
Johan Kira 2 hours ago
Lost an arm? wtf *cringing*
Piernas Locas
Piernas Locas 3 hours ago
This cat is an uneducated moron
a famous mouse
a famous mouse 4 hours ago
One way to try and get a cat to be a little comfortable with you is to get them to look into your eyes and when they do, blink slowly and turn away. Do this time after time, might do you something.
Zulaigah Hendricks
Zulaigah Hendricks 4 hours ago
NessePlays 4 hours ago
Did you lose your cat because we have a cat that looks exactly the same as that and I'm talking about the little one that you're touching that the big one
Natalee Star
Natalee Star 4 hours ago
Human: can I touch ur cute baby? Human mom: no Human: ok Human: can I touch ur cute kitten *reachs towards kitten* Cat mom: no Human: *keeps reaching* Cat: stop Human: *keeps reaching* Cat mom: *slap slap* I SAID STOWWWPP BISH, U SAID YESTERDAY U FEED ME FISH, AND I GOT NO FISH, NOW YOU WANNA TOUCH MY BABY, FRICK U BISH *le slap le slap slap sloppy slap*
Spoiler Man
Spoiler Man 4 hours ago
That cat would lose its head.
Karma Bellë
Karma Bellë 5 hours ago
I lol so hard I farted 😸😹😹💣💨💨
Ashish Dewangan
Ashish Dewangan 5 hours ago
Oh alright maybe not
Hannah B
Hannah B 5 hours ago
God what an overbearing smothering woman. Leave them alone, they’re giving clear signals and you insist to bother them just for views. Pathetic.
Angry russian kid
Agree,this video is just cringe
CATS WITH KYLA 6 hours ago
This shit pisses me off. Anyone with a brain sees the cat is obviously upset.... so continue to push her off and you deserve what you get🙄
wannaflyme 6 hours ago
마징가 귀했어 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ♥♥♥♥♥
Naruto Sensei
Naruto Sensei 6 hours ago
James Juliao
James Juliao 6 hours ago
Were havimg chinese tonight ladys and gents
Angga Saputra
Angga Saputra 7 hours ago
Pet the mother first. If she trust you, this won't happen
Janine C
Janine C 7 hours ago
Well, look at how you tried to pet the poor kitten!! That is no way to earn their trust. Don't scare her with your whole hand in her face and then sweep her head fur foward (which is actually backwards because it goes against the grain)!! Put your open hand palm up and let her sniff your fingertips first. Then lightly brush her cheek and work your hand slowly toward the top and brush her fur back/down (i.e., moving the direction it grows). Then, mama and kitten won't see you as a threat.
Red Blood blade
Red Blood blade 7 hours ago
You may have the child BUT KEEP YA HANDS OFF ME
Natto Jelly
Natto Jelly 7 hours ago
I always wonder why people tease their cats and then wonder why they get attacked
MellowJelly 7 hours ago
People have no idea how to interact with timid cats it's so pathetic
lilly loves rain
lilly loves rain 7 hours ago
Me when a drunk stranger touches me
smonster 7723
smonster 7723 8 hours ago
That grey cat looks like my cat
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic 8 hours ago
How would a bite rip your arm?
everythingslayer _
everythingslayer _ 8 hours ago
Maine Coon
alastor mcgee
alastor mcgee 8 hours ago
Who pets a cat like that thoo
alastor mcgee
alastor mcgee 8 hours ago
Fckn idiots
alastor mcgee
alastor mcgee 8 hours ago
Cats do that if they don't trust the owner near the kitten or she wants to be alone thats why you give your hand to the mother and if she stops being aggressive you can pet the kitten
Veg Moto
Veg Moto 8 hours ago
Why? Why do you have to bother animals who don’t want you bothering them? Why?
Carter Rage
Carter Rage 8 hours ago
I would of thrown that cat
SupervisorSwanky 8 hours ago
this could have been prevented with a handful of sardines, it's like people know nothing abt cats....feed them nicely first
Troy Rowin
Troy Rowin 8 hours ago
Mason Pineda
Mason Pineda 8 hours ago
My cat Growls to
Luna Emilia Brevis Ule
Que ternuras me da una ganas de hacerle cariño 😇🥰
Sweet Sage
Sweet Sage 9 hours ago
“PeT dA bAbY“
Q 9 hours ago
Just leave them alone.
Banditgohxrd N
Banditgohxrd N 9 hours ago
Cats are so nice aren’t they
Stray killer queen
Stray killer queen 9 hours ago
I once pat my cat while she gave birth, didn't really show any hostility too me since ever
Christian K
Christian K 9 hours ago
Cats are the worst pets and cat owners are the worst humans 😘
Jpaul Getty productions
First off, it looked like it didn’t even bite you. Second, if it did, you deserved it for stressing it out
Sarah Price
Sarah Price 10 hours ago
🤨 I am wondering why someone would put up a video of themselves being stupid.
The Goose
The Goose 10 hours ago
"I almost lost an arm!" the cat literally was one, hissing at you and earning you to back off, and two, only swatted and jumped away, it didn't even bite you
Charizard 10 hours ago
Kill him/her/it/meow
byEnTaze 10 hours ago
Obama Gaming
Obama Gaming 11 hours ago
pet Dababy
Trish Hang
Trish Hang 11 hours ago
My cat is like that with no baby
Bandit Keith 2019
Bandit Keith 2019 11 hours ago
I can see the people offended already in the comments. Go outside for once I'm your lives
ogCyAn 11 hours ago
I had that same breed of cat. They're hunters. He killed a hawk, several bunnies, a raccoon, and countless rats and mice. When we moved to the country when I was little he chased a herd of deer into the woods and then got chased back out into the field by them after they realized he was just a pest and not capable of harming them.
War Baby
War Baby 11 hours ago
**backs kitten into corner when it doesnt want to get bit** almost gets bit. Probably hit it afterwards
Luddy Aria
Luddy Aria 11 hours ago
BewareOfSasquatch 11 hours ago
Cats are shitty pets
Noah Story
Noah Story 11 hours ago
That cat is a asshole
11 hours ago
Only good cat is a dead one
PLATO LLENO 11 hours ago
Get a hungry pitbull itll solve your cat problem
mrkilzz 11 hours ago
And that’s why I have a dog 🐶
James Creations
James Creations 11 hours ago
giacomomassop 11 hours ago
Just don't know when to say when do you, silly, always trying to make a "moment" human? You'll learn. 🤣🤣🤣
Mayorik Barton
Mayorik Barton 11 hours ago
We all have to be careful that’s why I don’t bother cats I’m sorry
Pusheen The cat Hernandez
OH shhhhhh
rero rarj
rero rarj 12 hours ago
what we have to realize that the cat is a wild animal. but I still love big or small cats. although domestic cats are still wild animals,at least they never kill humans like other pets.
Hamza 12 hours ago
Me and my cat are fighting
Cheese King66
Cheese King66 12 hours ago
Leave the cat alone at the VERY least pet the mom cat first and let her sniff and you, if your cat does that leave her baby alone
Hunty Baby
Hunty Baby 12 hours ago
Consider getting a dog. You are not a cat person.
Waifu 12 hours ago
Ill turn into shane dawson if my cat ever jumped at me like that
DoYen 12 hours ago
Lmao. I would've sprayed Ms Sisee with some water and through his ass in the cage. View and subscribe my channel
Jayce Zeniuk
Jayce Zeniuk 12 hours ago
Never corner a cat. Cats don’t trust you at all
kyle ranger
kyle ranger 12 hours ago
I thought the blue one would attack .dhar mann don't judge a book by it cover
Su Vi
Su Vi 12 hours ago
Sam Piazza
Sam Piazza 12 hours ago
Owner has to ask permission to pet own cat.. F*ck cats
The computer blockster
Loosing you arm from a tiny bite or tiny scratch?
Reggie-Jay 12 hours ago
Imagine you are in a street with your child. A man walks up to you and tries to hug your child.
Jaidaddy 13 hours ago
“nearly lost an arm” the worst you’d get is scratches, bite marks and maybe an infection
carolyn egan
carolyn egan 13 hours ago
It’s called consent and you clearly didn’t have it. Lol
Évan Audet
Évan Audet 13 hours ago
Indeed Seal
Indeed Seal 13 hours ago
How did you nearly loose an arm and also leave and animal alone when it clearly looks like it wants to hurt you
Emily Riley
Emily Riley 13 hours ago
The cats obviously don’t want to be touched... leave them be
heyxclara 13 hours ago
That's probably the reason i don't like cats
Just Vibin
Just Vibin 13 hours ago
Yeah if this happens just don't be scared of the cat since his claws doesn't hurt that much ppl say it hurts since they get scared and pull their hands and that ripps the skin BC of the cat's claw
Soldier9753 13 hours ago
Tip: if your cat is growling at you to not get close, you DONT get close easy enough right?
Kolas 13 hours ago
"Barely touches him" He: _I nearly lost an arm_
Даяна Ким
Даяна Ким 13 hours ago
Infinite Void
Infinite Void 14 hours ago
Bruh leave em alone. Imagine some giant creatures reach out and try to pet your baby. Smh, it has its own life and it doesn’t exist for you to pet it and be entertained by it. If it’s friendly and seeks companionship then fine but don’t try to force it. Especially cats. They’re very selective in who they trust. Most dogs will let most people pet them and not care
mikehunt47 14 hours ago
youre supposed to let a cat warm up to you before you start trying to pet them
Pero 14 hours ago
This is why I don’t fuck with cats
Duck Hunter Gaming
Duck Hunter Gaming 14 hours ago
Remember kids cats aren't truely domesticated unlike dogs.
GP33 14 hours ago
I deal with worse everyday
Twinklez Jones
Twinklez Jones 14 hours ago
If that cat took your arm you earned it. Stop disrespecting others
Raven Zero
Raven Zero 14 hours ago
How did that cat have a baby?
victoria pearce
victoria pearce 14 hours ago
Look at the mom face. She is about to hurt anyone come near her baby. Which is normal behavior!
Elliot Wang
Elliot Wang 14 hours ago
Wth?????? It said no the first time. Jeez this person is so invasive. Do they know what boundaries and respect and consent is? They asked the question and the answer was clearly a no, but they just kept asking and asking like they’d suddenly be like “I change my mind! ☺️ Of COURSE you can pet my baby! My no before had absolutely no meaning!”
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 14 hours ago
All I got to say is treat your pets right and if you don’t it hurts a lot XD. As in a lot a lot
battle tv
battle tv 14 hours ago
So how did she nearly loose an arm ?
Gerald P
Gerald P 15 hours ago
Fuck cats
Gold Jintalan
Gold Jintalan 15 hours ago
When the cat jamped i got really really reallllllyyyy scared😱😱😱
Justin Larrabee
Justin Larrabee 15 hours ago
I have had cats my entire life and never once had this been an issue.
Tayler A
Tayler A 15 hours ago
I woulda knocked that cats teeth down its throat
Natasha A.
Natasha A. 15 hours ago
The approach was wrong, either approach with a finger or with your palm facing up, not down. Stoop down to their level and for goodness sake stop when you hear them growl, give the cats their space and assure them that you will respect it enough to actually listen to them when they tell you or in this case start growling and hissing at you. Some of my guests spook my cat because they don't respect her space, they don't realize that she needs to sniff them first before she can begin approaching them.
Gilberto Martinez
Gilberto Martinez 15 hours ago
The baby cat is cute
I adopted a cat.