Casey Bishop Rocks Out With Paramore's "Decode" & A Brandon Boyd Duet - American Idol 2021 

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Rock is BACK and it’s better than ever with Casey Bishop! Performing Paramore’s “Decode” for her Top 24 solo song, Casey brings all of the energy, power and talent that’s needed to put on a killer performance! Moving onto duets, Casey is paired with the incredible Brandon Boyd for an Incubus cover of “Wish You Were Here,” where they delivered powerful, yet smooth vocals for all of us to enjoy!

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American Idol 2021
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Apr 5, 2021




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Comments 100   
Roy Johnson
Roy Johnson 7 hours ago
WINNER. Even brandon boyd knows it
Ryan Dunham
Ryan Dunham 9 hours ago
Beat performance of the night🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
Joe A
Joe A 9 hours ago
Make that stage your
Matthew Whelan
Matthew Whelan 12 hours ago
Would be wise to include this song on Brandon's new album with her on it. She can belt it. Did y'all see how long she held that last note on "decode"? I like how she doesn't try to add to the performance with flashiness or dancing but just is herself.
Pidong Foods
Pidong Foods 12 hours ago
Incubus Brandon boydd 🤘🤘
Pidong Foods
Pidong Foods 12 hours ago
Look like Alanis morisette .
C. Douglas Lyon
C. Douglas Lyon 16 hours ago
The winner!!!!!!!
Sofia Ferraz
Sofia Ferraz 18 hours ago
i looooove this song and i'm soooo rooting for casey even though i'm more into jazz and rnb
Jxl Bsnr
Jxl Bsnr 21 hour ago
Waaaaaaaa Brandon Boyd!!!!! My highschool cruuuuush! Incubus is one of my favorite bands of all time. Love their songs. So it’s nice to see Brandon agaaaain. Omg. I’m such a fan.
Jesse Herkimer
I don't think America realizes what they have with this one
danzigqeen Day ago
Aww, I love this baby girl 🖤
TD Sports Cards
She gave me the Morrisette vibes
hmpz36911 Day ago
Too bad ABC around Philadelphia area has a weak transmitter. Only channel we can not get it! So no Idol or votting from millions around here who dropped cable/satellite ~
Elena Johnson
"Zombie" please!!!!!!
Stacy Thomas
Stacy Thomas Day ago
I don't know who has better hair lol. Casey is definitely emanating Janis Joplin vibes!
Amanda Hutchinson
Omg!! My husband and I love incubus and Brandon Boyd!! You still got it Brandon!! Along with a gray streak!! Lol LOVE IT!!
Marc Rue
Marc Rue Day ago
To hear this song in this version is so refreshing. I’m used to hearing the original, and this girl just made it better.
Frae MUSIC 2 days ago
They match pretty well together! I like it
Vanessa Marie
Vanessa Marie 2 days ago
She’s so badass!
Doc Kos
Doc Kos 2 days ago
Outstanding talent. What next - a song from PearlJam, Kurt Cobain, LinkinPark, 311, Norah Jones?
t w
t w 2 days ago
Finally someone bringing this genre to American Idol
Faith Imafidon
Faith Imafidon 3 days ago
I haven't watched Idol in years, but I have fallen down the Idol rabbit hole today. I AM BLOWN AWAY BY THIS SEASON. Casey Bishop is UNREAL. Just damn! That is TALENT!!!!!! Shout out to Brandon Boyd, what a great mentor she got. Getting all the 90s rock feels.
Nurhiya Asaha
Nurhiya Asaha 3 days ago
She's just an amazing performer.
MamaNSavage18 3 days ago
I need a FULL cover of decode 🥺🥺🥺
Irene C.
Irene C. 4 days ago
Brandon Boyd! 💕
Adil Rehman Khan
Adil Rehman Khan 4 days ago
Bruh who tf mixed this, you can’t hear shit with the instruments
Tammy Lynne
Tammy Lynne 4 days ago
She is good but fighting her true calling. She does these song alright, however get her sing5the blues man!!! P.S. take off the damn muzzles!!!!!!
Brandon Ks
Brandon Ks 4 days ago
This was sooooo gooddddddddd
Wanda Sanders
Wanda Sanders 4 days ago
I wish she would sing some Pearl Jam
dhtm3577 5 days ago
I was disappointed when it wasn’t Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here!! I still loved it!!!!
Michelle ramirez-mills
I am the fire by Halestorm. Will showcase your huge voice. 🥰🤘
Kymberly Payne
Kymberly Payne 5 days ago
Luke Rock ant Dead bruh. You think we all listen to your country music? you aren't even country .
Rolin McQuade
Rolin McQuade 5 days ago
LMao old man Lionel " WO, WO, WO, its alright" LMFAO
drunkenviking 5 days ago
The guy doing the incubus cover seems out of tune. He sure looks like the original singer tough
Gaby A. Ramirez
Gaby A. Ramirez 5 days ago
Fucking amazing. Katy's comment and Lionel's reaction too 😂
Michael Jones
Michael Jones 5 days ago
Michael Jones
Michael Jones 5 days ago
Michael Jones
Michael Jones 5 days ago
First Name Last Name
Dude, he reminds me of Chester Bennington. True legend.
Alif Irham
Alif Irham 5 days ago
i seeing that katy was a huge incubus fan
Alan O
Alan O 5 days ago
Love seeing the young generation having an appreciation for music made before they were born! And performing with Brandon Boyd...what a F'n dream!
Martu Gentile
Martu Gentile 6 days ago
WOW...that paramore song is so hard and she did it perfect🤟
Melissa G
Melissa G 6 days ago
OMG 😍😍😍😍😍 PERFECTION. She’s amazing and singing with Brandon Boyd?! What a dream.
mssmartepants 6 days ago
Yaasss she sounded great
Michelle T
Michelle T 6 days ago
I think she should sing Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana. She would kill it.
Luc L
Luc L 6 days ago
They replace the lead guitar in Decode with a goddamn pop asf piano... the guitar was so damn quiet especially in the chorus, they turned it into a fucking pop song... what a joke
joshua Lopez
joshua Lopez 6 days ago
Lmao him holding up lyrics to his own lyrics
Sin Jon
Sin Jon 6 days ago
This girl’s song choices are on point
Jake Debnam_24
Jake Debnam_24 6 days ago
She’s got my vote to be the next American Idol! ✌️🤘🤙
Sr. Marne Kara
Sr. Marne Kara 6 days ago
Gwen Stefani-esque.
Brittany Beggs
Brittany Beggs 6 days ago
Every part of me wants to see her tackle a Flyleaf song
slipknight1 6 days ago
Definitely Rock is back on AI!!!🤘
Lala Ameur
Lala Ameur 6 days ago
She's so woowww !!
Eunice Jung
Eunice Jung 6 days ago
She sang a Paramore song and had a duet with Incubus. This kid is so lucky. I'm freaking jealous. Haha.
Tess Allon
Tess Allon 6 days ago
Killing it 🤙🏿🙌🙌
CRJ 6 days ago
Speechless! She’s so great! The band is fkn sick!!!
Kelly McCarthy
Kelly McCarthy 7 days ago
They should do a duet of an Evanescence song! #BackToLife
perish VS
perish VS 7 days ago
Ah Brandon’s voice has gotten better than I last heard, I was worried about his voice and he seems to have recovered from whatever it was. Great duet
Neil Good
Neil Good 7 days ago
I absolutely love she smiles all the way through the songs she is so comfortable on stage she is going to win A I
Frankie Favero
Frankie Favero 7 days ago
Casey had got an amazing powerhouse voice and a natural sensitivity towards rock music (my favourite). However, she needs to work on both her DICTION and how she ENUNCIATES certain words. As I saw her perform with Brandon, a true pro who enunciates every word beautifully, and his speech is so clear you can understand everything he says, what was missing in Casey's performance became super evident! I hope she reads this :)
Tatiana C
Tatiana C 7 days ago
How could anyone hit thumbs down!? This girl is BEYOND INCREDIBLE
David Colberg
David Colberg 7 days ago
Johnette Napolitano. That's what I hear! Amazing
Bøh Mand
Bøh Mand 7 days ago
god dang some power on those high notes WOW
Mary Reed
Mary Reed 7 days ago
Man, that girl has an incredible voice. That duet was crazy!
Erik Baeza
Erik Baeza 7 days ago
Katie needs to go.
Michaela Neudorf
Michaela Neudorf 7 days ago
I need to be able to download Her asap
Abigail Rutledge Shin
I'm so ready for her. She's got the look and the voice and the whole package I hope she brings rock back
James Commire
James Commire 7 days ago
This kid is absolutely phenomenal. Incredible talent
bboyg1 7 days ago
Great vocals but I'm not really all forthe pointless yelling
Babs Phillips
Babs Phillips 7 days ago
Boring song, so-so performance.
Moral 7 days ago
bruhhhhhhh what u smokin
Mario Bandido
Mario Bandido 7 days ago
jason mccarrick
jason mccarrick 7 days ago
trying to bring rock back huh !
Amy Lewis
Amy Lewis 7 days ago
Please do some Halestorm!!!!!
Comm3 Group C
Comm3 Group C 7 days ago
She's a natural rock girl.
Disguised Thing
Disguised Thing 7 days ago
Solo was okay. Nothing special. Duet tho was one of the best!
John Bobbitt
John Bobbitt 7 days ago
I’m team Bishop, all the way.
AM88 7 days ago
Omg does anyone love this more than Soundgarden? She sounded great in BGS but the music was off to me so it fell flat for me. But these 2 are AAAAMAZING
Moon Flower
Moon Flower 7 days ago
How lucky is she to sing with Brandon Boyd an Incubus song!? Her vocals are amazing in genera not sure this song was great for her though.
Jensen Kansas
Jensen Kansas 7 days ago
First girl kinda ate the words at the start, but the grit is there and her vocal cry is eargasmic
Surely Iam Love
Surely Iam Love 7 days ago
Mariana Proctor
Mariana Proctor 7 days ago
Sounds dropped😒😑
T Web
T Web 7 days ago
She just made me realize how much I love and miss rock music. I think she could totally bring it back!
jk envy
jk envy 7 days ago
One of d Best decode cover
Zeke Gonzalez-Ansaldi
She’s the next Hayley Williams
bubby66cd 7 days ago
I love how these kids are throwing it back with such good emo rock songs
Jose Vazquez
Jose Vazquez 7 days ago
She's kinda looked like Avalon Young mixed with Tristan McIntosh from the last Fox season.
Elevated Emotions
Dude voice is like non other ⭐
Jimmy Yoder
Jimmy Yoder 8 days ago
The vocals in decode were insanely insane. So good!
Jacob Will
Jacob Will 8 days ago
She sounded better than Brandon haha. Love Casey
Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 8 days ago
I'd love to hear her do a performance of Haunted by Taylor Swift
Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 8 days ago
She's TOO good
Sally Gearhart
Sally Gearhart 8 days ago
It's the best singers I've ever heard. Soo many greats. I love it!
Paulette Schiowitz
My top 2 are Casey and chayce. Mets shouldn’t even be there. He can’t sing. A. Wray was all over the place with her pitch tonight., etc. Simon would never have pushed some through.
Theresa Hallare-Palec
Go head baby!!!! Rock it out!!!
Francisco Neto
Francisco Neto 8 days ago
Shes going to win. No way she is leaving this competition.
abby davila
abby davila 8 days ago
people don’t appreciate her enough because she sings rock but if she sang a pop song she would absolutely kill it!! love her💗
Hannah Veloz
Hannah Veloz 8 days ago
Love her
Javier Laguna
Javier Laguna 8 days ago
OMG! 😍
knee knee knee
knee knee knee 8 days ago
why haven't they uploaded anything in 5 days, is the competition still happening?
Zoe 8 days ago
Because it’s only on Sunday’s and Monday’s
musicnvrsleeps 8 days ago
haven't heard this song in ages!!