Carrie Underwood - How Great Thou Art (Official Performance Video) 

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Carrie Underwood’s performance of “How Great Thou Art” as part of “My Savior: Live From The Ryman.”
“How Great Thou Art” is featured on Carrie Underwood’s album of gospel hymns, titled “My Savior” available everywhere now.
Listen to “My Savior” now at strm.to/CUMySavior​​.
“My Savior” consists of covers of traditional gospel hymns and is a spiritual companion to Carrie’s first-ever Christmas album “My Gift.” “My Savior” is co-produced by Carrie and GRAMMY® Award winner David Garcia, with whom she co-produced her critically-acclaimed 2018 Platinum album "Cry Pretty".
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Apr 5, 2021




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Feao Ioramo
Feao Ioramo Hour ago
So beautiful ❤️ nice song n her voice is so beautiful ❤️ God bless 🙏
Judy 2 hours ago
VERY POWERFUL, only carrie underwood ,outstanding 🐾❤🐾❤🐾❤🐾❤🐾❤🐾❤☘🐾❤🐾❤🇺🇸
Traci D
Traci D 2 hours ago
My gosh she is such an extraordinary singer. And God is so great!
fvgonzales 3 hours ago
What a blessing you are Carry, Such a beautiful song, You bring it to an amazing level!!! I love praying God!!and Yes His is Great !!! ❤️🙌🏼
Empress Tarot by Gabby Turner
I've always loved Elvis's rendition the most but dang... this might be a tie now. :)
Vickie Deerberg
Vickie Deerberg 4 hours ago
nicole kemrer
nicole kemrer 4 hours ago
You can tell this song is coming from her heart and soul. The power and love behind her voice is just amazing. So moving.
HRHDMKYT 5 hours ago
Such amazing singing!
Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood 5 hours ago
Thanks for the support 💯
connie chayter
connie chayter 6 hours ago
Patricia Mckee
Patricia Mckee 6 hours ago
Nivek Kiadii
Nivek Kiadii 7 hours ago
She is just blessed 🙏🏽❤️
Jessica Jackson
Jessica Jackson 7 hours ago
Chills every time:)
Yassaman A
Yassaman A 8 hours ago
Very perfect,wooow🥰🥰❤❤❤❤❤
douglas idly
douglas idly 9 hours ago
it's only her to belt those last notes that way, perfection.
Magnus Trucker
Magnus Trucker 10 hours ago
Fun fact: Elvis thought this was a spirituel song, but his Swedish piano player Per-Erik Hallin said it was an old swedish song and Elvis didn´t believe him but Elvis ate the humble pie and thanks him for correct him.
Bryan Lb
Bryan Lb 10 hours ago
So absolutely amazing to watch last night on the tv. You sure wouldn't get this from the Oscars or golden globes or other crappy awards shows. And it is just as great with herself alone.
Bryan Lb
Bryan Lb 3 hours ago
@Carrier Underwood Not sure what you mean by special true music fan but I am a fan of yours but more importantly, of true country music. My taste goes back to the days of Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, etc. You are one of the more modern ones that carry on with songs with true meanings to them. Sometimes I wonder who makes the decision as to what is country or any other genre. Country has changed so much it is hard to follow at times.
Carrier Underwood
Carrier Underwood 10 hours ago
Hello are you one of my special true music fan.
Daniel Waun
Daniel Waun 10 hours ago
The voice of an angel. God bless you, Carrie. Praise the Lord!
Carrier Underwood
Carrier Underwood 10 hours ago
Hello are you one of my special true music fan.
Marie Cruz
Marie Cruz 10 hours ago
Marie Cruz
Marie Cruz 11 hours ago
herbert icaro
herbert icaro 11 hours ago
Bravo 🙌
Steve Whewell
Steve Whewell 12 hours ago
Thank you from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Really needed this today.
leslie lilly
leslie lilly 13 hours ago
Take me home Lord Jesus!!! I cry everytime I hear this or we are singing it during worship at Church. Carrie´s performance is beautifully done and I would highly encourge everyone to listen to Alan Jackson sing it on his Precious Memories CD.
lawmtea chhakchhuak
lawmtea chhakchhuak 13 hours ago
Praise the Lord ! Such an awesome performance ...thank you
Jason1Pa 13 hours ago
If your not crying you have no soul
Castle sky
Castle sky 14 hours ago
You have become so beautiful over the years. God bless.
Michael Bell
Michael Bell 14 hours ago
One of my favorite songs ever, and she delivered.
Naoh Trevor
Naoh Trevor 16 hours ago
Jesus Is Lord
Naoh Trevor
Naoh Trevor 16 hours ago
Bernice Chambers
Bernice Chambers 16 hours ago
So Awesome!!!
joel vasquez villanueva
Vanlalpeki Varte
Vanlalpeki Varte 17 hours ago
Wow.I can feel that God is with me.
Louise Rawle
Louise Rawle 17 hours ago
Winston Vanspall
Winston Vanspall 18 hours ago
The truth stands out; clear as crystal: GOD is GREAT !!! No doubts about that. And as for Carrie !!! What words to describe your singing, your range of voice, too good !!! You have sung this beautiful hymn in the best form I've heard so far. Keep it up Carrie !!!
Jessica’s make up helps !!! Pinter
Wow sitting behind your screen and calling a perfect stranger an idiot that’s so kind and if there are people there there’s not very many people there I’m seeing a lot of empty seats but either way thank you for calling me an idiot
Caro papa
Caro papa 18 hours ago
That was so beautiful
Jerri Dorr
Jerri Dorr 19 hours ago
Bryan Ferrer
Bryan Ferrer 20 hours ago
idol galing mo naman
Linda H
Linda H 20 hours ago
From a 19th century Swiss poet to Ukrainian missionaries to a singing cowboy, this is the improbable story of one of the world’s best-known hymns. If you’ve heard two hymns in your life, chances are you’ve heard “How Great Thou Art.” In terms of popularity, it’s generally considered second only to “Amazing Grace”. Covered by everyone from Elvis to Carrie Underwood, the beloved hymn didn’t start its life as a song. It began as a poem, a Swedish poem at that. In 1885, Carl Boberg, a Swedish editor and future politician, was walking home in the bayside town of Mönsterås, located on Sweden’s south-eastern coast. A thunderhead appeared on the horizon. Lightning flashed. Thunderclaps shook the air, sending Boberg running for shelter. When the storm began to relent, he rushed home. He opened his windows to let in the fresh bay air, and the vision of tranquility that greeted him stirred something deep in his soul. The sky had cleared. Thrushes sang, and in the distance, the resonant knell of church bells sounded. With the juxtaposition between the roaring thunderstorm and such bucolic calm as background, Boberg sat down and wrote “O Store Gud”-the poem that, through a winding series of events would become “How Great Thou Art.” After being published in a local newspaper, an unknown Swede put “O Store Gud” to the tune of a Swedish folk song, whose name has also been lost to history. In the late 1800s several versions were published, but it wasn’t until the early 1900s that “O Store Gud,” which translates literally to “O Mighty God,” hopped the Swedish border. In the first decade of the 20th century the song was translated into German. A handful of years later a Russian version appeared. The first English language version wouldn’t be penned until 1925. But this English iteration, translated by the Swedish-American E. Gustav Johnson, is a far cry from the song we know today. It took another quarter century, a British missionary, and a new translation before the song developed into its now recognizable form. In the early 1930s, Stuart K. Hine, an English missionary, first heard the Russian version of “O Store Gud” while in the Ukraine. For years he and his wife sang the song with locals before he finally sat down and translated it into English. Translation is of course more art than science, and Hine took some liberties, most particularly with the title, which in 1949 he rechristened “How Great Thou Art
Jam Antkowiak
Jam Antkowiak 22 hours ago
Soothes my soul!
Stmary Ericka
Stmary Ericka 23 hours ago
Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus🙏❤😇
Niz 23 hours ago
Amen!!! Haleluya!!!!
junior subero
junior subero 23 hours ago
junior subero
junior subero 9 hours ago
@Carrier Underwood Yes , I like but I don't speak English so much jajaja😅
Carrier Underwood
Carrier Underwood 10 hours ago
@junior subero thanks for being my fan would you like to have more conversation with me?
junior subero
junior subero 10 hours ago
@Carrier Underwood I love you so much, DIOS TE BENDIGA , cantas hermoso
Carrier Underwood
Carrier Underwood 10 hours ago
Hello are you one of my special true music fan.
Elena Schatz
Elena Schatz 23 hours ago
Elena Schatz
Elena Schatz 23 hours ago
Simply beautiful
Just An Ordinary Girl
Power house Carrie
D_montaq Day ago
Lois Jane Wallace
Wow!! Amazing voice!
Carrie Underwood
Hello dear How long have you been my fan??
Mariposa Day ago
How Great Thou Art. Hallelujah and Amen. Thank You beautiful Carrie for blessing us with this beautiful rendition. Powerful voice. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
TAR5US Day ago
How does she look the same as she did when she did this same show 10 years ago?
Kalvin Harris
An angel among us. Thank you Carrie
nicole medford
Michael Bell
Michael Bell Day ago
I can wish you would sing my song called Baby The Wedding Song.
lotsa_ Interests
So awesome to see the few celebrities that use their God given talent to praise the Lord, publicly, proudly. " Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven." ...Jesus Christ
betty cogswell
All I can say is,,,,WOW.!!!!!
Camilla Wolfe
Hallelujah!!!bGlory Be To God!!
Ms Skip
Ms Skip Day ago
{Zephyr plays}
OMG your performance on the ACMs where AMAZING
Carrie is the truth hearing her on the cma with cece winin all I can say is that girl can sing no matter what race she is carrie is a machine with that voice
Jessica’s make up helps !!! Pinter
Ridiculous having to sing to an empty room open our Flippin country back up
JHH 2184
JHH 2184 Day ago
There were people there idiot.
Greta, The Other One
Hallelujah! Jesus loves all the little children!
Smc Engineering
Dia duit Carrie God be with you I am listening in from Ireland up in the mountains in county Down kilkinamurry with faith everything becomes possible I am a mechanic and a friend of mine cautioned me on falling I had sometime to think it over and thought this 'there are those who fall and get back up and there are some who for whatever reason are unable to get back up but there was one who fell three times and still got back up and had a great burden to carry and then went on to do something for us all ' I will leave it up to the people to see who he was Great singing carrie if your ever in Ireland you are very welcome to call in for a cup of tea and a chat and maybe a song or two Slan go foil mo chairde -stephen
Donna Mcduff
Donna Mcduff Day ago
Rise up children!
GuessWho Martin
Carrie,,, We love you.. Keep up the good work.. You are not only very beautiful, but you have been blessed with a beautiful voice. You are like the female version of Elvis. Very good looking and gifted with a beautiful golden voice. I don't know you, but I assume you also have a very beautiful heart. You're a beautiful person inside as well.
Carrie Underwood
Thanks for the support 💯
Peter-John de Kock
This song legit makes my Dad cry :-). Awesome version, thank you.
Carrie Underwood
Thanks for the support 💯
Romanos Junior
george ehlers
God is so good for me i love him in the name of Jesus Christ Amen
Elsie Schmaltz
Celtic's are beautiful woman singers too.
Steven Sushi
Steven Sushi Day ago
4:49 CHILLS TO THE ABSOLUTE CORE!!! 🙏🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇺🇸
05tconley 3 hours ago
Absolutely 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Carrie Underwood
Thanks for the support 🙏💯
ash Day ago
oh my god finally she made a MV for this. my favorite song of all ❤️.
C Delaney
C Delaney Day ago
Wow my favorite hymn I sang this outside to the stars the day Jesus saved me I was 16 ❤️✝️❤️
Praise the lord!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🥺❤️✨
Hosea Sumang
Hosea Sumang Day ago
madika madiktea
Rob Day ago
Cece is on another level
R. Anderson
R. Anderson Day ago
We just absolutely love it 💯% when Carrie does this song & stays with the Christian songs. Classy Carrie praising our Heavenly Father with her God-given talents.
Lou Santos
Lou Santos Day ago
I could listen to you sing all day
Carrie Underwood
Thanks for the support 💯
rachele lg
rachele lg Day ago
how can she do it? absolutely STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERFECT!!!!!!!!!
Kaike Lopes
Kaike Lopes Day ago
Joan Frances
Joan Frances Day ago
She's singing to no one else but God looking up. Beautiful!
Carrier Underwood
Carrier Underwood 10 hours ago
Hello are you one of my special true music fan
Julie Anton
Julie Anton Day ago
Keeping ministering in hymns...such an anointed vessel.
FearXscape 2 days ago
Carrie performed amazingly with Vince Gill Years ago. Has ALWAYS been a Fav. I will say, THIS is now added to my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE as well. Talk about WOW!!! I FEEL the presence of the Lord! Thank you for sharing your beautiful, gifted voice with all of us! PHENOMENAL! #CarrieUnderwood #jesuschrist #SpreadTheGospel
Carrie Underwood
@FearXscape How long have you been my fan??
FearXscape Day ago
@Carrie Underwood too bad it isn't the Official Carrie Underwood responding. Thanks for pretending- SOOO not nice... I'm going to be praying for you.
Carrie Underwood
Thanks for the support 💯
Marc Bouley
Marc Bouley 2 days ago
WOW,only her and elvis can sing that...
Lindsay Leininger
Amen and amen Carrie Underwood amen sister carrie Underwood
Shelly Allen
Shelly Allen 2 days ago
🇺🇸 strokes music 🎶🎶🎼🇺🇸🤑 Trump
Hadley Belcher
Hadley Belcher 2 days ago
My father used to sing this song. He had a strong tenor voice. I miss him.
Hadley Belcher
Hadley Belcher 5 hours ago
@Carrier Underwood To be honest, I was surfing US-first and saw the vid.
Carrier Underwood
Carrier Underwood 10 hours ago
Hello are you one of my special true music fan.
dates dkhar
dates dkhar 2 days ago
May God bless you and your family carrie
Debbie Winn
Debbie Winn 2 days ago
Oh my gosh Carrie, every time I hear you sing this it brings tears and sends goose bumps! I am so glad you are a firm believer in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for sharing your immeasurable talent with those of us lucky enough to have met you so long ago on Idol.
His Majesty King Timothy Daniel Leyba
Woo hoo! 😊😊😊💗💗💗
Kay Hinton
Kay Hinton 2 days ago
julia johnson
julia johnson 2 days ago
God I love you too and thank I love it looks good to the house 🏘️🏘️ please and I will meet you there at my house and I love you too far away is that ok okc to the store for a walk with me lorb
ML T 2 days ago
Holds the mic 6 feet from her face and still comes through like a #@$&#$@ powerhouse. ☄️
Carrier Underwood
Carrier Underwood 9 hours ago
@ML T okay cool do you like to chat with me or hangouts or text me?
ML T 9 hours ago
@Carrier Underwood lol Okay, this just got weird, but I'll play along for a minute. I've been a supporter ever since I heard the real Carrie Underwood sing "Alone" on American Idol. 😉
Carrier Underwood
Carrier Underwood 10 hours ago
@ML T how long have you been my fan?
ML T 10 hours ago
@Carrier Underwood Hey, "Carrie". Not sure I understand your message.
Carrier Underwood
Carrier Underwood 10 hours ago
Hello are you one of my special true music
julia johnson
julia johnson 2 days ago
Beautiful beautiful country country music
Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee 2 days ago
Carrie, I had been hoping you'd redo this song from the live version. I'm working on my funeral playlist for when my time comes. You are my favorite artist and that is one of my favorite songs. I told my son to alter the live version to remove the audience, now I can use this version. Thank you.
Seyi Megba
Seyi Megba 2 days ago
She sound wonderful
Justin 2 days ago
my favorite song ever is cold
Raine Ann
Raine Ann 2 days ago
Very beautiful
Barb Haines
Barb Haines 2 days ago
Wow. Amazing.
Ronni Merwede
Ronni Merwede 2 days ago
This gives me chills, and I cry every time I watch her sing this
Lisi M
Lisi M 2 days ago
I love your voice beautiful 🤩 god bless you you’re too sweet and precious angel carrie Underwood
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