Carrie Underwood & John Legend - Hallelujah (Official Music Video) 

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The official music video for Carrie Underwood & John Legend’s, “Hallelujah" from Carrie’s first-ever Christmas album, “My Gift.” Directed by Randee St. Nicholas.
Listen to My Gift now at strm.to/CUMyGift
Written by John Stephens and Toby Gad
My Gift, features a combination of beloved traditional favorites celebrating the spiritual nature of the holiday, as well as original songs. Carrie welcomes a stellar list of musical collaborators, led by GRAMMY Award-winning producer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist Greg Wells and features a world-class orchestra, led by the pre-eminent arranger, composer, and conductor David Campbell.
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Music video by Carrie Underwood, John Legend performing Hallelujah. A Capitol Records Nashville Production; © 2020 UMG Recordings, Inc.


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Nov 20, 2020




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Becky Shinaberry
Becky Shinaberry 8 minutes ago
My ears are happy and my heart blessed!
niczous 37 minutes ago
Paris Hilton.
Shelby Powell
Shelby Powell 48 minutes ago
Carrie I grow up listening to your music you are such a good singer and I love the meanings in your songs you are one of the best singers I hope some day I can see you my family is going through a lot and me but I listen to your music and it makes me feel better hope the best for you and your family love you
Debbie Moore
Debbie Moore Hour ago
Angela Carson
Angela Carson 2 hours ago
Brenda Mitchell
Brenda Mitchell 2 hours ago
Simply amazing
David Couch
David Couch 2 hours ago
Hey wanna spend the new year with GOD😘😘😘😋😋😋😉😉😉
Kathryn Evans
Kathryn Evans 2 hours ago
Theo someca
Theo someca 3 hours ago
Trop beau 💕
Monica Hansle
Monica Hansle 3 hours ago
How angelic, beautiful!!!!
Patricia Rios
Patricia Rios 3 hours ago
i love this! The collaboration of these two song birds are so great!
Mato 3 hours ago
2,4k dislikes omg why?!
JHH 2184
JHH 2184 Hour ago
Trumptards who don’t like JL because he and 80 + million others hate trump.
Kathy Bowman
Kathy Bowman 3 hours ago
This is great!
Tanisha Wells
Tanisha Wells 4 hours ago
This is amazing video great viedo 😭😭😭
PupDog _04
PupDog _04 5 hours ago
Listening this in a cold evening 💕
Sonia Choto
Sonia Choto 5 hours ago
What a beautiful song! Hallelujah means Praise the Lord!
💙SassySag🌸 5 hours ago
Omw i get chills everytime i see Mr John Legend play the piano... The way he sways while playing.. Omg ohk back to Hallelujah 😄😊 it's a beautiful song Amen!! 👏👏🙌🙌🙌
Ashlee W426
Ashlee W426 5 hours ago
Muan Pi
Muan Pi 5 hours ago
Oh my god sooo goooooooood
jacek ladrowski
jacek ladrowski 6 hours ago
You are beautiful. Merry Christmas.
Larry Blair
Larry Blair 6 hours ago
Beautiful song and two very talented performers. The song has all the symbolism of Christmas except the part about the birth of Christ. Will probably be #2 on Christian radio right behind "I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas". Oops . . . sorry, I should have used Xmas. Not a fan.
Naomi Mondragon
Naomi Mondragon 7 hours ago
Ed80 Solo
Ed80 Solo 7 hours ago
Que voz la de John, wow.
makal thompson
makal thompson 7 hours ago
Beautiful loved it.
Pepe Corche
Pepe Corche 7 hours ago
Adi Oppoa1k
Adi Oppoa1k 7 hours ago
bad voice
Kate E
Kate E 8 hours ago
I have listened to this 5 times and it never gets old! You are one of the best singers ever and my favorite concert I have ever been to was the Cry Pretty tour! It was so fun!
Engkimapa Engkimapa
Madia Stanberry
Madia Stanberry 8 hours ago
But John Legend knocks it out vocally. He surpasses her talent by light-years.
killerhealers 8 hours ago
Please don't say I'm the only one, who has this one repeat. The chemistry between the two of them, makes the song so emotional this song is a masterpiece.
Cyril Shey
Cyril Shey 8 hours ago
This song sounds 💯 like Covid19 Cure 🎅🏽🎅🏽🎅🏽
Linda Orr
Linda Orr 8 hours ago
These are two perfection singers You guys did and amazing job on this song together ⭐️💓love the dress Carrie had on stunning ❤️ John is and amazing Person 💖Loved it Loved it !!!! 💕💕 Be safe God Bless ❤️👍❤️
Justin Reid
Justin Reid 9 hours ago
Good song, but there is only one “Hallelujah” and this is not it. Should have given it a different title.
Muse Complexion
Muse Complexion 9 hours ago
Just wow
Tiffany Hocog
Tiffany Hocog 9 hours ago
💗😮 John and Carrie's voices mesh so nicely together
Pauline Banks
Pauline Banks 9 hours ago
I claim this song is as Beautiful and the legands that sing it!! Wonderful job you two. I will support you on this song to the end of time. Everybody has an opinion about things but if their spouses like it and the ones that listen to it like it dont matter if you don't like it. It speaks from the heart and we need LOVE back in this world. We all need to come together and pray for this pandemic to go away not hate. This is a time to gather together not push away and hate each other. Come on y'all let's put PEACE back on our BEAUTIFUL EARTH God us!! Peace and Love!!!
Michelle Green
Michelle Green 10 hours ago
I ❤❤❤❤this song by Carrie Underwood and John Legend
Amy White
Amy White 10 hours ago
See what we can do when we work together. Country and R&B, black and white, male and female. However you look at it but together they are Amazing. Love John and i adore Carrie. What a beautiful song...
Amy White
Amy White 2 hours ago
@Satterson Honestly i for one will be so thankful when the day comes when we can do that. If it were up to me we'd already be there. Sadly this year has showed me that we are not to that point yet. I just hope we get there before we destroy our on race... The Human race. But after a year like this one, this song gives me hope. Hope that we will get there before it's too late...
Satterson 2 hours ago
We need to look beyond all of our superficial markings. See each other for who we truly are, human. Our character is what truly defines us.
Brandon Gonzalez
Brandon Gonzalez 11 hours ago
Her soul matches her physical beauty, I'm not a country person but I've been to a few of her concerts.
FearXscape 12 hours ago
🙏🏼✝️🙏🏼✝️🙏🏼✝️🙏🏼✝️🙏🏼✝️🙏🏼 *Carrie- ABSOLUTELY STUNNING as ALWAYS.. The Legend- Great choice for an AMAZING Duet! I LOVE this! The World NEEDS this right now more than EVER! PHENOMENAL!* 🙏🏼✝️🙏🏼✝️🙏🏼✝️🙏🏼✝️🙏🏼✝️🙏🏼
Nacanieli Goneyali
Nacanieli Goneyali 12 hours ago
Someone listening here is from The Pacific🇫🇯🙏😍
yeytade 12 hours ago
This song is a burst of beauty and joy in my ears. I had to close my eyes and just let their amazing voices weave healing through me, when I listened for the second time. Thank you so much Carrie and John for releasing this magic into the world at this time. ..and this delivery is an absolute masterpiece!💯
Lusi Lakabida
Lusi Lakabida 12 hours ago
Beautiful song ,God bless us
Kimmy Zomi
Kimmy Zomi 12 hours ago
Hallelujah I feel the chills❤️
Laurien Cook
Laurien Cook 14 hours ago
Absolutely beautiful their beautiful voices collaborated together so peacefully and humble
Julie Hand-Burke
Julie Hand-Burke 14 hours ago
John is yucky! Your recent choices are concerning...keep your soul from compromise. Darkness is tempting. The song is not very good either. Bad choice! I will keep you in my prayers. Looks like you need it, you are surrounded. Yikes!
Audrey Schuver
Audrey Schuver 14 hours ago
Carrie where did you get your dress omg its so cute
richjbs 15 hours ago
Both voices complemented each other beautifully. Simply magnificent!
Simone 15 hours ago
When I listened a second time with my eyes closed I shed a tear. I guess 2020 n the losses n tragic events just weighed heavy on me. And hearing this lifted the weight for a moment. ❤️🥺
Emi Salmond
Emi Salmond 16 hours ago
Wow!!! Awesome version
Stephanie Mickle
Stephanie Mickle 16 hours ago
Anddddd I’m a sobbing puddle on the floor. Just WOWWWW
Stephanie Mickle
Stephanie Mickle 16 hours ago
Gosh DANGGGGGGG girl. Those pipes never disappoint. PHEWWWWW 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️😍😍😍😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏🙏✝️✝️✝️✝️
Kris Gordon
Kris Gordon 17 hours ago
John Legend and Carrie Underwood are beautiful and successful people with beautiful voices.
Latrell Castanon
Latrell Castanon 17 hours ago
This is exactly what Christ is about. LOVE your enemies, or did you forget. This is exactly what being a peacemaker is about. The forgiveness, peace and love of Christ bridges every divide. If more people understood that, or actually felt it in their hearts, all of the division would be undone. We don't have to agree on politics to love one another, and this is something we could all stand to learn. The song is beautiful Carrie and John!!!
Hannahlore Lise
Hannahlore Lise 17 hours ago
No longer a Carrie fan. I will not be supporting her or her career from this point on. It is sad, considering how I have been a huge fan of hers since American Idol. But no more. She could have chosen anyone to do this duet with, but considering she chose Legend, it is clear she approves of his social media attacks upon my President, Donald Trump. That may be her right, but it is also my right to no longer support her or her career.
Hannahlore Lise
Hannahlore Lise 52 minutes ago
@Rockfanist You may think it is the end of "speculation", however, I am not interested in hearing John Legend sing "peace on Earth" when he has done nothing but cause turmoil and division for the past four years in his own country. I find it amazing that the very people who call Trump a racist willfully ignore all the good things he did to help minorities, while turning a deaf ear upon the fact that as a Senator, Joe Biden fought desegregation, wrote a crime bill that disproportionately targeted young black men, eulogized a former KKK member, was mentored as a young Senator by John Eastland, who referred to blacks as an inferior race, and said so many racist things, such as not wanting his children to grow up in a racial jungle and learned about roaches (vermin) while little black children played with his hairy legs. Legend's wife claims to be possessed by demons, and both have said horrible, foul-mouthed things about President Trump. In my opinion, no one who professes to be a Christian would align themselves with Legend, yet Carrie chose to do so. I find that very troubling, and I will no longer support her career. It remains to be seen how country music fans feel about her decision to become a singing partner with such a controversial figure. I, for one, believe it speaks volumes about where she stands, and I am walking away.
Rockfanist 14 hours ago
@Hannahlore Lise I agree with most of what you said about Biden/Harris and Legend. I totally disagree with you, and others, about Carrie. You have NO evidence, or pronouncements, from her that she agrees with Legend politically, or that she supports Biden/Harris. None. So why are you making this shit up? She is in the entertainment business, and she was provided this song to potentially include it in her Christmas album. She loved the song, and accepted it. It would be out of character for Carrie NOT to ask the songwriter (Legend) to sing the song with her. So, she did. If you really knew Carrie, you would know she would ask out of gratitude. To her, it would be the Christian thing to do. And that should be the end of all this unfounded speculation. Bye!
Hannahlore Lise
Hannahlore Lise 16 hours ago
@Jasleen Donald Trump said that as President, he will always protect religious liberty. He proclaimed that Americans were proud of their religious heritage, and that prayer changes everything. Trump has often spoke of God. Underwood has proclaimed to be a devout Christian, but by choosing to do a duet with Legend, who has attacked Trump with a vengeance, I believe Underwood has sent a clear message as to where she stands. Joe Biden gave a speech the other day in which he spoke about "the Palmist" instead of the Psalmist. Even most atheist know how to pronounce that word, but not the man Legend, or apparently Underwood, would rather have as the leader of the "free" world. Under Biden/Harris, I doubt if we will be free much longer, especially to worship as Christians.
Jasleen 17 hours ago
Hannahlore Lise she’s a liberal too....
Bonnie Milton
Bonnie Milton 19 hours ago
Wowwwww when there is 1) a global pandemic that has KILLED or made gravely ill, over MILLIONS of people, and ruined the lives of millions more 2) a continually rising number of suicides worldwide 3) sadness such as Chrissy Teigan’s (you know, John’s WIFE) experience with her third baby, which so many other women and their partners experience due to the loss of babies, or those who can’t conceive at all! 4) the soldiers who won’t make it home to their families; sometimes without even meeting their babies or not been there to say goodbye when a loved one has passed away 5) the ever present fear of terrorism striking at any time, anywhere... 6) the fact the racial inequality is still such a huge problem when it’s the year 2020... I could go on, but I think people with a brain will get what I’m saying. For those that don’t, is THIS SONG the biggest problem people are facing in their lives? That must be nice, to live in a dream world like that 🙄 THIS SONG is what they are losing their shit over? A song that speaks of bringing hope and love to each family for Christmas. To unite people after such a hard year. I would HATE to be those people leaving negative comments against both Carrie or John. So John has spoken out about his political views. Aren’t the people who are arguing with his views by “not listening to this song” (I’m sure Carrie & John are heartbroken to know that, by the way 😂) just hypocrites? Because they are also speaking THEIR political views? Morons. This is a song Carrie used for her Christmas album; not a song used for any political campaign. Get over it.
JHH 2184
JHH 2184 18 hours ago
T.C. Obichang
T.C. Obichang 19 hours ago
Thank you Jesus! Hallelujah! 😇
Amber Ross
Amber Ross 21 hour ago
Her voice so heavenly
Tripp Mayhew
Tripp Mayhew 21 hour ago
I DO NOT LIKE john legend and his decision #TRUMP2020 I love CARRIE UNDERWOOD
JHH 2184
JHH 2184 18 hours ago
@Rockfanist Yea, well so has 45... I don’t see y’all all up on arms about that. I guess it’s only an outrage when it’s someone who doesn’t agree with your views though. Bet you are one of those shouting “ keep politics out of sports.” Yet, here you are bringing it up in music. Hypocrites.
Rockfanist 19 hours ago
@JHH 2184 Whether he lost or not, it doesn’t change what John said that offended millions of people.
JHH 2184
JHH 2184 20 hours ago
Nobody cares.... the election is over... trump lost. Get over it.
Ciara Ross
Ciara Ross 22 hours ago
This flooded me with the Holy Spirit 100%of ❤❤❤❤
Amechi Okam
Amechi Okam 22 hours ago
Wow! The legendary John. Always good to hear you sing.
Harleyj59 22 hours ago
WOW! This is absolutely amazing ! Best I have heard John & Carrie sing!! I am a big fan of John Legend-and It’s as if John was pushed out of his comfort zone (or one we don’t hear enough of)!! Carrie Underwood-I have been a fan since American Idol & I have Never heard her sing like that either! ♥️🌺♥️
Marcos Martinez
Marcos Martinez 22 hours ago
I love the drag queen who did her hair.
Rockfanist 19 hours ago
Her hair is lovely. Very feminine. Outstanding!
Teresa Anderson
Teresa Anderson 23 hours ago
I may not like John Legend as a person, even before knowing just how much of a leftist he is, I still like his music, and I really like this song that they did together. Congrats to both of them on this song collaboration.
Teresa Anderson
@Jasleen well I listen to it and you still called me a leftist. Therefore, you are not looking at your own postings. Just saying.
Jasleen 16 hours ago
Teresa Anderson did you read my comment? I said people in the music and film INDUSTRY. Not people that listen to music?
Teresa Anderson
Teresa Anderson 16 hours ago
@Jasleen and I don’t know why you are attacking just me, when there are others that like the song as well. I guess you just don’t like people in general who can appreciate pure talent, whether in music or film.
Teresa Anderson
Teresa Anderson 16 hours ago
@Jasleen I am hardly a leftist. I am not a Democrat. It is sad that YOU think that people who like music are that way. I feel sorry for you. But I forgive you, and your ignorance.
Jasleen 17 hours ago
Teresa Anderson she’s a leftist too...literally everyone in the music and film industry is.
cphawaii 23 hours ago
Got goosebumps....beautiful. Just what we needed at this time. Beautiful.
Horrian Mcintosh
Horrian Mcintosh 23 hours ago
The red horse is about to ride out, our day's of peace is over,
Sarah Conners
Sarah Conners 23 hours ago
What a beautiful song 🎵 😍
Andrea Trigueiro
Andrea Trigueiro 23 hours ago
U guys sang nice song together
Doreen Thornton
I believe that everyone has been home too long. Regardless of what Legends said , I believe in freedom of speech and they sang this song so beautiful. People need to give their heads a shake. No one could ever touch Carrie and her singing and she made a choice. I feel it was the right choice. People need to stop nit- picking. Think about the rotten things you have said. Oops your not a star so no one can hold that over your head. Just listen to it and you will agree that it is beautiful. Great as usual Carrie.
Ari Salazar
Ari Salazar Day ago
Thank you. I needed that 😇👏🙏
Liz Goddard
Liz Goddard Day ago
Carrie has the voice of an angel
Rockfanist Day ago
This is too perfect. She IS in angel! Seriously!
corbangurl Day ago
This song brought me so much joy; it’s ear candy!!! I can’t stop listening. This may the best thing to hit in 2020. My hubby and I are recovering from covid and right now, I can’t stop smiling.
Rockfanist Day ago
I agree with you 100%!
Love this song! Great work! Reminds me of Psalm 16:7
No Worries Beach Bum
What a difference when you hear a song by people that can actually sing. Amazing talent. Extraordinary! I loved it. Time to listen to it again! ❤️
Rockfanist Day ago
It is on repeat for me, too!
Day ago
I am a HUGE fan of you,
Annette Lalor
Love love love this.. Amen..
Spam Kopischke
Andrew Bailee-minshall
What an angel you are, beautiful and talented this transcended me to heavenly Christmases thanks
Cipher Day ago
Cool! Killed it!
LOTUS Day ago
Beautiful 💜
Adam Kidd
Adam Kidd Day ago
Um...fuckin love it!!
Katia Waleria
Hallelujah 😇🙏🏽🎶🤍🎄
Jennifer Brown
With all the negativity that was conveyed after this song was released, this is my first time hearing this song. And all I have to say is that this is pure magic. Goosebumps for days. Truly an epic collaboration. The people with such negative comments are just pure evil and have nothing else to do but be hurtful. Take it to church Carrie and John. You are both truly mesmerizing and heartfelt singers.
Rockfanist Day ago
Some people just cannot enjoy the true artistry of this song and performance. Sad!
Hannelore Mayer
Just beautiful,
Cricket A
Cricket A Day ago
This has just become my favourite Christmas song - their combined voices and message brought me to tears...
Jenn Halen
Jenn Halen Day ago
i’m muslim but tbh this is a banner❤️😊
Leslie Donal
Leslie Donal Day ago
BEAUTIFUL‼‼ perfect arrangement, LOVE IT❗ Carrie and Jon Legend singing together gave me chills..
Rae Dawn
Rae Dawn Day ago
Beautiful Carrie and John...Love it ❤
Artes Pintura Ana Estrela
Rose Suenram
Rose Suenram Day ago
WOW! ... just wow!
Beautiful Program
very unique 💜
Objektiv One
Objektiv One Day ago
Talentless piece of nothing. It's nothing and the music tone is totally annoying.
Bonnie Hammond
Beautiful Song
Claudia Oele
Claudia Oele Day ago
Amazing! ✨
Music Forever
What a nice song if you liked to put a like🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒😀😀😁
realrappromo Day ago
Posted on #allMUSICVIDZ - www.allmusicvidz.com/carrie-underwood-john-legend-hallelujah/
Stephanie Tapia
I just cried and cried. Their voices together are amazing. This year has been tough on many but finally seeing a turn around. Losing so many loved ones this year affected me tremendously. The part where their in the background gah I felt chills. I know my grandma and loved ones are right here with us.. This song is so beautiful. 🥺🥰❤
Chungi Parte
Chungi Parte Day ago
Beautiful voice!! 🥰 Hallelujah ! Praise the Lord!!