Carmelo Anthony Gets Punched By DeAndre Jordan After Kyrie Giving Him Prank! 

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GOAT Of NBA Parodies !
GOAT Of NBA Parodies !
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Apr 30, 2021




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Trill Jay
Trill Jay 4 days ago
He's rich he shouldn't get mad
chef CURRY
chef CURRY 7 days ago
Plot twist Kyrie Irving what's Carmelo Anthony on the nets
Amy Brown
Amy Brown 7 days ago
Thank you US-first for wasting 37 seconds of my life on this video.
Liam Rooney
Liam Rooney 9 days ago
Yo he got socked, I just hope hes gonna be okay.
Dee Harris
Dee Harris 11 days ago
Jamal Lane
Jamal Lane 11 days ago
Next Video : The nets bench drops their gatorades
Sammy F
Sammy F 11 days ago
I like how Dunk Fest channel is owned by China
Basketball Is Life
Basketball Is Life 11 days ago
thats punch to you? hahaha so soft
Krayzie Roach
Krayzie Roach 11 days ago
thats 37 secs i wont get back
Leonard Thomas
Leonard Thomas 11 days ago
They Keep. Trying. To. Make. . Some. Kinda. Big. Deal. About. This. Guy. He. Has. Done. Nothing. No. Ring,. No. MVP,. No. Defensive. Of. The. Year. No. Finals. No. Nothing. But. Some. Kinda. Scripted. Hype. False. Legacy. About. a. Guy. Who. Can. Careless. About. a. Championship. Are. What. You. Got. Too. Say. About. Him. Just. Pay. Him. The. Money 💰. That's. It.
Riccardo Zoccarato
Riccardo Zoccarato 11 days ago
Where is the punch??IDK
Freed by Yeshua
Freed by Yeshua 12 days ago
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619STREETCA 12 days ago
DeAndre is DeAndre!! 🤣
Hardrick Nation
Hardrick Nation 12 days ago
People are complaining how long they had to wait but the video is only 38 seconds😂
Preston Garvey
Preston Garvey 12 days ago
"Bro, when you joining us to help take down Le... I mean Thanos???"
Jesus is the way Repent & sin no more
Get out of satan system and get in God system before its to late people claim they love God and want to heaven but lifestyle heart mind mouth lyrics and soul says satan and hell ⏳
JoondaGoon 12 days ago
Deandre u peasant thall should not touch melo god u worm with braids
Pipeshop Babie J
Pipeshop Babie J 12 days ago
That’s his homie
Mo Solo
Mo Solo 12 days ago
Muslim athletes always show the real side of Islam but yet the media insist that is the truth . That’s why Islam keep spreading . When I watch Muslims pray African-American next to a Mexican next to a white person next to a Chinese person next to every race can imagine you will find them in one line praying. Allah is great
Tito Fella Fuenté
Tito Fella Fuenté 12 days ago
When did he give him the shananana?
Tito Fella Fuenté
Tito Fella Fuenté 12 days ago
@CurChoke CurBum CurMickey CurFRAUD CurOverrated I'm blind I can't see BAN like you
CurChoke CurBum CurMickey CurFRAUD CurOverrated
What dumb as? ShanAnana? Are u blind
Tito Fella Fuenté
Tito Fella Fuenté 12 days ago
Jake Paul look out!
Samueltakesoff 13 days ago
D-J always pushin & punchin people’s head 😂😭
lance ogot
lance ogot 13 days ago
Shahada is swahili??
Premium Games
Premium Games 13 days ago
Melo to the nets confirmed
Kali Krist
Kali Krist 13 days ago
I felt that.
Mats Bartram
Mats Bartram 13 days ago
Kyrie recruiting melo to the nets next year
Solomon Barnes
Solomon Barnes 13 days ago
Something only a close friend can do.
ALONZO PERRIN 13 days ago
Waited until the last second Melo couldn’t even hit him back!
KingCapricorn115 13 days ago
He did not just take his Shahada, you lying fk. Idk why I clicked this 🤦🏾‍♂️
Marchel Sugi
Marchel Sugi 13 days ago
Nice aim, weak execution.
Quentin Mallard
Quentin Mallard 13 days ago
0:34 He wasnt smiling either when he chinned him!!! Deundre meant that!!!
Carlos P. Jr
Carlos P. Jr 13 days ago
I was wondering why I didn’t see this love fest on ESPN!
haha falseflag
haha falseflag 13 days ago
Democrats bout to claim toxic masculinity
harry chua
harry chua 13 days ago
Yeah. He punched like a lady... 😁😁😁
Iam Ceve
Iam Ceve 13 days ago
BIG REDD chronicles
Im reporting this bullshit!
mohammed salmi
mohammed salmi 13 days ago
Just cuz two muslims talked it doesnt mean there giving shahada
Dred Zoe
Dred Zoe 13 days ago
I was about to say...
William Stuart
William Stuart 13 days ago
Forward to 0:36
Paper Plates Clothing Co.
dee jones
dee jones 13 days ago
Legends talking
D.E. SIGNS 13 days ago
Yeah Im reporting this garbage!
Kahlil Poet
Kahlil Poet 13 days ago
Kyrie telling him to come to the Nets we need someone like u coming off the bench
Kobe Afro
Kobe Afro 13 days ago
So now he muslim
Celeb E.
Celeb E. 13 days ago
Garrett Wright
Garrett Wright 13 days ago
What a waste of my time
Gregg Tagatac
Gregg Tagatac 13 days ago
None of these don't know what is Shahada means???
Willis Barrett
Willis Barrett 13 days ago
They really named that man Alize 🤦‍♂️
Dusse Papii
Dusse Papii 13 days ago
“Cmon man you know you the king of ny just come back”
tashaun taylor
tashaun taylor 13 days ago
Did you watch the game tho🤣🤦🏿‍♂️
Darius Alexander
Darius Alexander 13 days ago
So happy rn .. Allah (GOD) is truly great !
reese dboy
reese dboy 13 days ago
Melo with the braids better than melo with the fade
Ali Craft
Ali Craft 13 days ago
What made y’all say shahada? I don’t think Carmelo became a Muslim in the middle of a game .
O Dubb
O Dubb 13 days ago
This content creator is a straight up phuckboy for this one...
Gbone 13 days ago
Waiting on that punch took long enough
Bon Tech
Bon Tech 13 days ago
deandre is suspended next game
Dirtyhands 13 days ago
0:04 the goal advertisement knew what was goin on.
Sammy F
Sammy F 13 days ago
This is the last time I watch garbage from Dunk Fest
pops1 pops1
pops1 pops1 13 days ago
Melo like wth that's kinda disrespectful even dough they play around grown man seeking up especially on the face🤦‍♂️
Nam Pham
Nam Pham 13 days ago
Kyrie and KD wanted Melo last year, but the FO held off. Melo would have a more limited role with the Nets, but positioned better to win. Blazers are never winning in the West
Roderick Franks
Roderick Franks 13 days ago
Lmao melo wants to do the jersey over the mouth thing like bron but not infront of kyrie
Loner Two3
Loner Two3 13 days ago
Carmelo may be a net
OfficialReKLisT 13 days ago
If I didn’t see a comment stating the punch was at the end, I wouldn’t have stayed for the whole 38 seconds....
Rashad Lipscomb
Rashad Lipscomb 13 days ago
Melo going to the nets tf u talkin bout 😂💯
Eddo Mobb
Eddo Mobb 13 days ago
Sxucyy WRLD
Sxucyy WRLD 13 days ago
That weak ass punch 😂😂
Bor Nok
Bor Nok 13 days ago
😲 what a great punch😂 🖕 This channel 🥴
Shermane Guzman
Shermane Guzman 13 days ago
😂😂😂fat. Boy girl💁
Fly Eagles Fly
Fly Eagles Fly 13 days ago
Dannng!!. He ate that punch! I'm suprised he's still standing!
Nathan Gittens
Nathan Gittens 13 days ago
How isnt that an ejection ?
emeka osuagwu
emeka osuagwu 13 days ago
LMAO 🤣🤣🤣 dats messed up
Jaysen Rivera-Lebron
If they are not brothers then.. one can assume perhaps that they were involved in other situations where punches were thrown and love was exchanged Who knows what happened Look into Hollywood parties, festivities, get togethers etc, there are no limits to them Ever heard of No Limit soldiers There you go All I know is that they are close and love each other. This is beautiful. We need more love and peace in our world
LUVOF DAGAME 13 days ago
Dnt play in my face...I will snap
Dawaun Elston
Dawaun Elston 13 days ago
Kyrie out there recruiting
T G 13 days ago
So gay..
7_k 13 days ago
At this point I think kyrie says bismilallah before he shoots
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson 13 days ago
Max and others was trying 2 black ball the great carmelo anthony out the nba
Eriverto Gonsalez
Eriverto Gonsalez 13 days ago
Showing some love to OG melo.
Devon Smith
Devon Smith 13 days ago
DJ always hitting somebody 😅😅
Big Bad Booty Daddy
Wtf does shahada mean?
Michael McClendon
Michael McClendon 13 days ago
Lol ayo youtube bul..sheesh
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones 13 days ago
BROTHER love Dawg ⛹️... How long they been on The U.S.A Olympics Team!!!??? 🤞🤙
Goofy Flan
Goofy Flan 13 days ago
Oh, HELL NO! Gotta find a way to BLOCK YO @ZZ for THAT.
Rick Rijuana Productions
1 Thessalonians 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.
Zakariya Ahmad
Zakariya Ahmad 13 days ago
Did he actually give the shahadah???
Be Careful
Be Careful 13 days ago
Melo to Brooklyn Nets
Timothy Wilson
Timothy Wilson 13 days ago
I thought he really punched him he was playing
kingdaddy Abreu
kingdaddy Abreu 13 days ago
That's call love ,he showing cause Mello caught it off the rebound on him ........RN LOVE
BLANE BAHLZZZ 13 days ago
Such a horrific punch
Gusty 13 days ago
Imagine he actually gave him shahada
court6613 14 days ago
Lame AF!
Danilo Gamay
Danilo Gamay 14 days ago
Tanga lang ng LAKERS mad pinili si DUDLEY🤣🤣🤣
chase zuniga
chase zuniga 14 days ago
I like how you had to watch the whole video before it happened
MS K 14 days ago
Kyrie will convert all these nighas to islam
Wesley Vanhecke
Wesley Vanhecke 14 days ago
Gang rebounding sounds gansta
jack bouchez
jack bouchez 14 days ago
what in the world does this have anything to do with shahada?
Derrick Johnson
Derrick Johnson 14 days ago
Ever wonder what NBA players are saying to each other in those closing moments??? "Yes, Kyrie....I just bought a black S class. Whattttttt Melo....I just gave one away to a nice charity. Fo sho?? Holler at me when you get the Rolls.... Bet it up" (SOMETHING LIKE THAT!!!!)
P. g.13
P. g.13 14 days ago
melo is definitely still my favorite nba player
Pete Carrasquillo
Pete Carrasquillo 14 days ago
Justin Lim
Justin Lim 14 days ago
another nets get destroyed match
Wasted Knowledge
Wasted Knowledge 14 days ago
reminds of deandre and trae young they both got techs for playing🤦🏽‍♂️💀