Can you BELIEVE this was a debate? The 2011 QB Draft Class 

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The 2011 quarterback draft class was one of the most disappointing ever. It's crazy to look back and see what people were saying, like how Blaine Gabbert was a "safer pick" than Cam Newton.
2:10 The Debate for the #1 pick
5:39 The #1 Pick
8:00 The #8 Pick
10:13 the #10 Pick
11:59 The #12 pick
15:22 The Other Rounds
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Mar 31, 2021




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KTO 14 days ago
Get a Current Black Premium Card: www.current.com/Karsten
s b
s b 5 days ago
@Gill Ambrose lol 😂 really?
Gill Ambrose
Gill Ambrose 10 days ago
@Monsuta Man he almost had a felony my guy..... doesn't matter what color skin you have, if you do something wrong it will effect your draft stock. He still got picked #1. And thats the problem with libtards, ignorance of facts, just strolling down the street looking for the next chance to play their social justice card.
Monsuta Man
Monsuta Man 10 days ago
Microcosm of the current Justin Fields hate. Black QBs always go through this; due to the history of Black QBs not being "Bright." This stigma still exist, were young Black men intelligence is questioned with code words such as "Slow to----"
Christian Grimes
Christian Grimes 10 days ago
Please bring back what if’s
Gill Ambrose
Gill Ambrose 11 days ago
@Chrismo *crickets* the drunk incel troll has been exposed!
akvalues 48 minutes ago
Racism. Period!
Blaze Zavage
Blaze Zavage 9 hours ago
This could be a what if video
brown1e monster
brown1e monster 16 hours ago
Kinda seeing repeats I'm this draft
Koldonn Day ago
I'd take Blaine.
904TallerTim 2 days ago
Damn I didn't know Tyros Taylor got a huge contract like that
Thewimpygamer Roblox
Dude you cant get mad at me but trevor lawrence is going to go nowhere
Tom Walker
Tom Walker 2 days ago
What is the outro music
Cale of Caledonia
Man he was a beast though. I honestly hope he can see some success again. Not sure why I wasn’t subscribed I am now
Alexander Boulton
Jake Locker was good
T Nguyen
T Nguyen 2 days ago
I’m a Saints fan and was at that game where Tyrod threw that absolute dime on 4th down. Respect! Saints barely won that game due to the Browns kicker missing multiple extra points and field goals.
nmarkert01 3 days ago
Tyrod got the Doug Flutie syndrome. Funny enough with both their success starting in Buffalo and eventually leading the a stop with the Chargers.
Luke Gramith
Luke Gramith 3 days ago
Blaine Gabbert won the superbowl right? 😉 And people are saying 5 qbs are going to be drafted in the first round fml
Damian Whindleton
Reverse their skin color there is no debate about who is better before the draft
Ok but can we talk about the guy on the sports illustrated cover (on the left) that looks like a cross between Tom Holland and Big Ben
hollywood fats
hollywood fats 3 days ago
i never grasped the appeal of tyrod taylor
P Gantt
P Gantt 3 days ago
The more things change the more they stay the same...If things go wrong with black quarterbacks "he has deficiencies" If things go wrong with white quarterbacks"the organization not giving him what he needs to succeed"...Boy they dont hide the propping up of some cultures AT ALL.
David Duong
David Duong 3 days ago
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Mercedes Will
Mercedes Will 3 days ago
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Mason Lane
Mason Lane 3 days ago
I dont remember this being a comparison at all. Cam was the obvious number one pick in the draft.
IronBear 3 days ago
Say what you want, Gabberts got a ring and Cam Don't XD
megamuffin15 3 days ago
I felt like Jake Locker could have been alright if he could have stayed healthy.
Kevin N
Kevin N 4 days ago
No debate. They are both shitty QBs.
James Gurksnis
James Gurksnis 4 days ago
While 2011 and 1999’s quarterback classes were a bust (save for McNabb), 2004 and of course 1983 were the best.
clark loeffler
clark loeffler 4 days ago
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Jerome Aquino
Jerome Aquino 4 days ago
Blaine has more super bowls than Cam so... 🤷🏽
Connor Hwang
Connor Hwang 4 days ago
yeah but who won a ring first
Moggerator 4 days ago
How is it a debate? Von Miller should’ve been the number one pic.
GR1M RACER 4 days ago
I completely forgot McNabb played on the Vikings
Agangu 4 days ago
use the *Morsecode63* on !G he got my account back with less time taken.
0531jos 4 days ago
8:27 new laugh just dropped
Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas 4 days ago
For all the shit ponder gets and hype Bridgewater gets, they are pretty much the same guy lol. Weak arm, meh athleticism
Tony Weber
Tony Weber 4 days ago
Newton: No SB wins Gabbert: 1 SB win. Checkmate. Gabbert is wayyyyyy better than Newton
Really upset Jake Locker didn't work out i had so many rare rookie cards of his that could of been worth a bunch but turned out to be barely worth anything lol
Grayson Frazier
Grayson Frazier 4 days ago
Do something on earl Campbell
John Morales
John Morales 4 days ago
I'm a jaguars fan, I am going to leave it at that and leave this video
Red C1515
Red C1515 5 days ago
Gabbert couldn't understand a NFL playbook, plain and simple
Daniel Nelson Highlights
Fun Fact the guys taken after Jake Locker and Blaine Gabbert were Tyron Smith who has turned into a 7x pro bowler for the Cowboys and JJ Watt who is a 3x NFL DPOY with the Texans and now the Cardinals.
Big Skrimpin
Big Skrimpin 5 days ago
Blaine would have dove for it
Jerry Tam
Jerry Tam 5 days ago
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Isaac Allen
Isaac Allen 5 days ago
I’ve always wanted to see a healthy Taylor on a good team
George Ferminky
George Ferminky 5 days ago
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cholhwa 5 days ago
10 years later, will this repeat?
Kirk Rutherford
Kirk Rutherford 5 days ago
And yet here we are in 2021, and all the experts are saying the same shit about all the QBs coming up. Potentially 4 QBs in the 2021 first round and chances are only 1 will pan out. NO ONE LEARNS
babathetrucka 5 days ago
As a bears fan ny ....be very afraid of the qb flying up draft boards. You better take fields and never look back
Cap Baby
Cap Baby 5 days ago
Which one has a Super Bowl ring tho?
Rainbow Child
Rainbow Child 5 days ago
Blaine Gabbert is the better quarterback at this point.
GameChange 5 days ago
Im Pondering why the vikings selected him
Cody Houghton
Cody Houghton 6 days ago
I have never seen a QB more scared in the pocket than Blane Gabbert with the Jags
Blvck206 6 days ago
Montlake Jake!!!
Jaydeeyo54 6 days ago
That throw was money
munene mathenge
munene mathenge 6 days ago
Hahaha, as a Saints fan I remember that game really well. Tyrod Taylor was great, the kicker missed 4 of 5. Saints should have lost.
Cyrus Brooks
Cyrus Brooks 6 days ago
Blaine gabbert got a ring tho
Amit Bhatt
Amit Bhatt 6 days ago
It looks same with Fields & Mac/Wilson comparison both of them are risen to pedestal whereas Fields is being criticized for smallest of things
david martignetti
Tyrod Taylor was an average-at-best starter. Let's not get carried away.
Mack 7 days ago
Dear kto I know you won’t see this but your my fav youtuber
yoboi nicossman
yoboi nicossman 7 days ago
Someone has to do a "What if Andrew Luck was drafted in 2011?" video again Colin Korzemba took it down
larsgundy 7 days ago
I'm sure it's not always racism, but the Cam Newton hate has always just seemed like racism to me.
Tyrod wins CLE a Super Bowl given another year...
William Weber
William Weber 7 days ago
Gabbert is a super bowl champion cam is not enough said said no one ever lol. Now cam is on my team....
Gglucs 7 days ago
We're seeing the same thing right now with Mac Jones being overhyped and Fields overshadowed
Sean Snipes
Sean Snipes 7 days ago
Tom Brady was picked in the 6th round Nice try tho 😂🤣
8Kaz 7 days ago
He’s a Browns fan, I’m a Browns fan. He’s a US-firstr, I just became a subscriber.
RELL1ON2TOP 7 days ago
16:58 don’t forget he’s team doctor stabbed him with a fuckin needle
RustCole01 7 days ago
Awww man, my brother would roll his eyes if he saw me watching a video that brought up Blaine Gabbert. I have complained about the fact that Chase Daniel basically has every QB record in Mizzou history and led them to top 10 rankings multiple times, yet he has been a permanent clipboard QB in the NFL. But for some insane reason , Gabbert took over at QB after Daniels left and managed to put together a pretty good season and somehow managed to be treated like the next Dan Marino. Still blows my mind that Chase Daniel has never been given a serious chance to start and Gabbert was constantly afforded the opportunity to fail as a starter. Even as a backup Gabbert has been enthusiastically plugged in. I remember when Kaepernick was generously tossing picks on his way out of the NFL and wouldn't u know it.... Gabbert got the nod. Guys like him and Jay Cutler and even Philip Rivers just also seem to automatically get the starting job where ever they play and guarantee a team a sub .500 season, rather than giving an untested newbie a chance.
dru123456789 7 days ago
I hope Mac Jones isn’t Christian Ponder and 49ers take Justin Fields/Cam Newton.
Evan Gamble
Evan Gamble 7 days ago
I love this channel.
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi 7 days ago
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SSJ Andrew
SSJ Andrew 7 days ago
Somebody showing love to Tyrod Taylor I love to see it!!!!
BIG DA 7 days ago
Mac jones stock going up suddenly reminded me of gabbert where out of nowhere he went from a 2nd or 3rd round QB to top 3 pick in like a week from nothing but a interview and a workout
D P 7 days ago
When we drafted Gabbert I was so PISSED OFF! Hopefully Lawrence isnt a repeat. Yeah Gabbert didnt get the hype, because he was awful and scared to take a hit. Adrian Peterson was so damn good.
Cal The Animal
Cal The Animal 7 days ago
Thanks kyo for helping me like the game of football
Savage Guinea Pig
Gabbert reminds me of what herberts floor could have been
wiley2431 8 days ago
What an ending
Mirre Khan
Mirre Khan 8 days ago
So many people were so racist towards cam back in the draft
Antonio Diet
Antonio Diet 8 days ago
Tyrod always tutoring amazing quarterbacks. Allen, Mayfield and Hebert. All going to be great QBs
Trey Lehman
Trey Lehman 8 days ago
Cam just has 0 arm strength. Even on that first throw where he’s “balling out” he threw the ball less than 40 yards and made it look like a Hail Mary. Not to mention he under threw it by a lot. Luckily Steve Smith was just wide open
TheNumberQuelve 8 days ago
Shoot, I knew Jake Locker hadn't done much since his first couple seasons, but I didn't know he ACTUALLY RETIRED just five years into his career. Really sounds like being drafted so early was the worst thing that could've happened to him. Hope he's at least happy whatever he's doing on the other side now. Edit: Donovan McNabb played for the Vikings??? How did I not know that?
Joseph Blow
Joseph Blow 8 days ago
Gabbert is 4-0 in the playoffs and has a Super Bowl ring. What has Newton ever done?
Carl Hears
Carl Hears 8 days ago
Funny how Tyrod is the backup for Tua
A Alagao
A Alagao 8 days ago
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Humble Origin
Humble Origin 8 days ago
why tf the bears didnt grab Tyrod over Dalton
Ubermentsh 8 days ago
Blaine Gabbert is going to take over the reins for Tom Brady. How do you like them apples? ✌️🤑👍
Do Lo
Do Lo 8 days ago
Isn't it ironic Blaine Gabbert is now the backup to Tom Brady, who's previous team was New England, quarterbacked now by then non other, Cam Newton?
CATO 8 days ago
Sounds like Zach Wilson vs Trevor. Trevor is going to be really really good.
Jori 8 days ago
I mean, Gabbert's a SB champ. Can ya say that about any others?
Dakota Martinez
Dakota Martinez 8 days ago
Having Blaine gabbert as a starter for your favorite team was the most depressing time of my life.
Pat R
Pat R 8 days ago
Cam has regressed to unbelievable measures
Imagine Wagons Official
You know you messed up when your cut by the raiders
Edgar Sanchez
Edgar Sanchez 8 days ago
You should do, What if the bears made the Double Doink.
free headd
free headd 8 days ago
Jesus loves you
Mark McK
Mark McK 8 days ago
Some People Are Just So Casual. Like Thank You For Making This Video. We All Know Who It Is. BLAINE (This Is A Joke Btw If Anyone’s Mad)
Daniel Gamalski
Daniel Gamalski 8 days ago
Most under rated 6th round qb the draft has seen? Are you just trying to get brady more rings?
Hayden Cook
Hayden Cook 8 days ago
It would be hilarious if it were a one off...but this happens almost every year and the part that is hilarious is that the majority of you laughing about this are the same people that think the 5 QBs from this years draft are all going to be stars. Statistically speaking, one will be good, a couple will start a few years, the others will bounce around and be out by 30 if not sooner, and there will probably be one guy we've never heard of get picked up in a late pick and come in kill it.
capricornmagic63 8 days ago
Just goes to show that Mel KIper and his mates are full of shit and all they do is blow hot air, and yet hey get air time. Year after year. The one piece of evidence that proves the so called experts don't know anything more than what fans can see with their own eyes? Tom Brady.
Only Football
Only Football 8 days ago
He has a ring tho. Soo.. See ya later
Kevin Stein
Kevin Stein 9 days ago
I can think of another 6th round QB that definitely was a "better pick" than Tyrod Taylor was- not that he wasn't a great pick but I'll be damned if anyone ever is going to surpass Tom Brady in the "best 6th round pick" category.
petar petrovic
petar petrovic 9 days ago
\Cam is super bowl winer just league stole him cuz white boy PEYTON go to retirment....SHAME....
Kyle Shanks
Kyle Shanks 9 days ago
Andy dalton is the best Qb from this draft lmaoo
ace Evans
ace Evans 9 days ago
Great video dude keep up the work!
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