Can We Make This FROZEN Truck Run During A Polar Vortex!? 

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Today we see if an abandoned 1964 Ford will run again in the middle of a polar vortex!
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Feb 18, 2021




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Comments 100   
TC 2 hours ago
Sponsoring Teng Tools, with a Craftsman jacket on...the American way! LOL!
Paul Sperbeck
Paul Sperbeck 3 hours ago
The frame on the fender looks like a support for a portable welder/generator.
C4ctus_69 ._.
C4ctus_69 ._. 12 hours ago
The best part of the video 18:40
Matt Schmidt
Matt Schmidt 22 hours ago
Did he say "Angus WHacker"?
Zen4real fight man
why the hell do you have summer Tires who buys summer Tires by all season
Michael Lowe
Michael Lowe Day ago
A cheap sled makes a good creeper for snow.
FlatBroke_ 92
Lmao 😂 I’m from south Texas and didn’t get why my people were complaining about the cold 🥶 😂😂😂😂 you guys are welcome here like around june or July Great video
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Day ago
Red Green is the show of all shows
Michael Lowe
Michael Lowe Day ago
Angus cranks would be a good band name.
TurboBass Day ago
All that and y'all don't have a shovel.
Matt McGuire
Matt McGuire Day ago
my dream truck. that was a good buy
Donald Williams
Donald Williams 2 days ago
I'll be dipped , got out of the hole with out airing up the tires ?
Owen Vasek
Owen Vasek 2 days ago
you guys are the best youtubers ever
James Goolsby
James Goolsby 3 days ago
That could actually be a 292 or 312 out of a car. On the trucks, the thermostat housing outlet pointed straight, instead of going off to the left, and the exhaust on the driver's side would cross over to the passenger side
The Game Guy
The Game Guy 3 days ago
U should revive the car in the background around 2 mins in looks like msc
Ian P
Ian P 3 days ago
Great vid and nice too see a fresh face! But no Mook!? facebook.com/groups/319826995788227/?ref=share
RoketEngineer 4 days ago
"we didn't mean to send it but you can keep it." Lol my dudes.
Dylan Morse
Dylan Morse 4 days ago
Any one in the Seattle area I’ve got one of these that were parting out if your interested
velixzeen 4 days ago
Nice work and a nice truck. Way to go boys!
Nowplease Readthis
It may have been 1 degree but it was one big fat degree. The kind of degree that you can mentally wrap yourself up in all toasty like and bask in the joules.
sosco22 4 days ago
You keep telling us what your plan is: just do it.
MrWeedpatch 4 days ago
I want that truck..........
MrWeedpatch 4 days ago
Wow....you guys are tuff.....
Jeffery Thayer
Jeffery Thayer 4 days ago
Had the '65, w/352c.i., briefly, 4spd., " new process ". Good trucks.
Patrick Brannon Sr.
The exhaust manifolds have been changed . The crossover pipe is gone .
Queen City Classics
iv got 292 in a 1962 unibody. people go crazy over how the left exhaust crosses over the front of the engine into the right manifold. It dose a very good job of heating up the fuel line but I love it, Its defiantly gets attention at shows
Carl Morita
Carl Morita 5 days ago
The concerned stretch individually grab because machine postmeiotically skip modulo a alleged war. null, drunk shampoo
Richard Cranium
Richard Cranium 5 days ago
Tang Tools, i seen everything but a hammer! LOL 17:00, all good; Tang worx good. Brave Bastards go get a truck rescue with a pair of plyers! My Grandpa said; "a good mechanic can work with no tools!" No Mook? Pitty.
Richard Cranium
Richard Cranium 5 days ago
36;37 i say, good deal! nice chrome step bumper to boot! what a peach. Put Y block on a shelf and run 302 with C6 for dependability, and orig engine goes with buyer,,if ever.
Mitchell Farms
Mitchell Farms 5 days ago
I love those old Y blocks. Got a 272 in my 1955 F600.
Kelly Wildey
Kelly Wildey 5 days ago
Try Saskatchewan Canada 🇨🇦 winters. Much worse that what you get down there 😂
Ryley P
Ryley P 5 days ago
What’s the deal with the 67 bug?
NoahKnowHow 5 days ago
Craftsman jacket and not a Teng tools jacket? C'mon Teng, hook this guy up with some merch!
c50 gaming
c50 gaming 6 days ago
This cold stuff is exactly why I’ll never live up north. I’m down here in Florida and I can’t handle the winter we had. We had our coldest winter in a long time and it got down to the 30s.... I couldn’t handle the 30s let alone single digits.
John Arntz
John Arntz 6 days ago
Its a Ford. Of course t will start.
Jeff Killey
Jeff Killey 6 days ago
you guys keep learning. ur not up to my ability yet! And im still at the high end of the low end of understanding
Jeff Killey
Jeff Killey 6 days ago
Good job or whatever! But when you spin the engine to check if it seized I recommend you check that in the running direction. Its not good for the lifters and oil pressure to turn the motor backwards!
fromatic2 6 days ago
Robz89 6 days ago
Ford= fix or repair daily
Hiltsy Homestead
Hiltsy Homestead 6 days ago
Ya, that cold we had can suck it. I'm in webster city IA and didn't even go outside lol
Jacob Benton
Jacob Benton 6 days ago
You should do a revival on the vw looking car over to the side of the truck. You could pretty easily sell it if you got it running because people love those old cars. Also a good opportunity to expand viewer base with classic euro cars.
trevor reece
trevor reece 7 days ago
I never understand why people with a winch trailer or dump trailers don't wire in a charging system connection. All you need is a disconnect and it's a good idea to add some isolator switches for extra safety. $100 project to eliminate a headache.
Working Hands
Working Hands 7 days ago
That is a genuine J.C. Whitney seat cover. I had Black ones in my '65 Buick in the late 90's. Nice!
James Breault
James Breault 7 days ago
We arent used to artic cold
ap 7b Ghostbusters
The coldest up here was -0
Marshall Curtis
Marshall Curtis 7 days ago
2:13...Dude, that SINGLE-chamber master cylinder has got to go! If you have ever had your m/c leak on you on the freeway, you would understand. If it weren't for DUAL-cylinder m/c's, I don't think I'd be here now to tell you this.
shaun phillips
shaun phillips 7 days ago
GO WATCH VISE GRIP GARAGE these guys suck ASS!!!!
Scott Cupp
Scott Cupp 7 days ago
That's a really nice old truck!
Wroth 8 days ago
As a Texan we were complaining because there were many people without power and we were on a boil water alert. We're not used to cold weather haha, that being said I was not born here, but it was indeed very cold, I believe at one point it got down to -12 or a little colder even. God bless and this was an awesome video! Subscribed.
Robin Gray
Robin Gray 8 days ago
The very defenition of a cool truck..... Best yet guys !!!!
M Sharp
M Sharp 8 days ago
This wasn't even a revival, this was a battery swap and tune up. Also, I didn't know aftermarket power windows existed so that's super cool
Jeffry Blackmon
Jeffry Blackmon 8 days ago
I note a problem with your tools- no screwdrivers.
Alexander Nazarkewich
I cant keep my eyes off that little rabbit though
Hunter Graham
Hunter Graham 8 days ago
Hey man, seventh day Adventist here keep up the good work, keep saving those old rigs from the yard!
Pete Dudley
Pete Dudley 8 days ago
That is EXACTLY how I pour outta those plastic fuel jugs!!
Trevor Lieblong
Trevor Lieblong 8 days ago
I was born in Flint, Mi,,,,went to first grade in Austin, Tx,,,2nd grade Flint,then to Corpus Christi,Tx till till 8th, ,,,2nd half of ninth in Flint,,then back to Corpus,,,,,not supposed to snow on the beach here!! Seriously,,,,,There's quite a few reasons not going back to Flint,,,that subzero is no bueno! LOL,,,,,the golf club didn't work cause of the karma! HAHAHA Enjoy the heck outta your channel !!! Great stuff!!! Was President of Auto Mechanics in high school then a career after the Navy as an Aircraft Mechanic,,,,Hats off to ya!! Great Job! :-)
while pulling the starter you should pulling plugs and blast into holes making rings happy 😊
turn it over by hand
Kilolocks 8 days ago
Right after your Ford advertisement joke I got a GMC ad! Lol
shayne Lowther
shayne Lowther 8 days ago
Go get the Golf
Our Off Grid Alaskan Life
Thats a good deal for sure!!!
JediTim 8 days ago
Sir Loin of Beef
Sir Loin of Beef 8 days ago
Global warming? Lol. Oh.. Sorry. Climate change.
Jacque Jecker
Jacque Jecker 8 days ago
You are correct that our infrastructure is just not set up to handle this kind of cold. Officially, what caused the power outages was that, first, the windmills started freezing and the solar panels don't work (those two furnish 25% of our power) when covered with snow and ice so that put more load on the generating stations which were already stressed by the increase in power demand. They started doing rolling blackouts which blacked out the Permian Basin which is where most of the natural gas comes from so many of the gas fired generating stations shut down. This exposed a basic problem in energy management. So we have all learned a lesson in preparedness.
Adam Becker
Adam Becker 8 days ago
I need help identifying a ford... I know it's a 67-69 f350
The Viewer
The Viewer 8 days ago
Went to a barn at the north pole imo
jess dontcare
jess dontcare 8 days ago
at round i was 19 or so i needed some wheels..found a 69 3/4 390 4 speed furd f something - red for a whole hundard & 1/2 out of newspaper ** you yougins proly have no memory of pre electo tronic classifieds. I handed the man the money and with a twist of the key drove it home and dailyed it for the rest of the year..&:the red interor accent dome lighting was no extra charge
Marc Perrett
Marc Perrett 8 days ago
$500 is steeeep pricing for a truck that hasnt ran in 9 years ,i just know that guy was smiling😊😊😁
James Campbell
James Campbell 8 days ago
Looks like you should have brought some snow tires with you.
Daniel Flaten
Daniel Flaten 8 days ago
And btw, my middle name is Angus!! Yeah the Scottish rock!
Frank RangerFrank
Rangoon red, custom cab, last year y-block...cool truck guys!
Manningi 8 days ago
Need more episodes!!! Lol
Winters Battle of Bands
Oops. That's what you get for doing a 30 second starter crank in sub freezing weather.
Darryl Hannah
Darryl Hannah 8 days ago
How is this a frozen truck its -1 degree come to Canada and feel the real cold of -25 to -45
Darryl Hannah
Darryl Hannah 8 days ago
I fired up a 87 crx last week in the -25C weather got it going for first time in years
THOMAS Alley 8 days ago
It helps if you hit the gas before starting the truck
Rock Hill Farm Downeast, Maine
Needs a shot of ether to wake it up. Any good Yankee knows that....lol.
XxChicagoGuyXx 9 days ago
Why don't they put gas in the carburetor
RLL 9 days ago
Chevy, Ford, Dodge...love all the oldies too!
Thank you, Thing 21:45
Chris Pekas
Chris Pekas 9 days ago
PLEASE revive that little VW rabbit in the background!!!! It could be a good learning experience too. UwU
Steven Noblin
Steven Noblin 9 days ago
Put a load of firewood in the back of the bed and you will take that truck just about anywhere. Yeah, I use to do that back in the day! Don't fill it up just a quarter in the back
White Trash Bandit270
It's like..get this thing running so I can have some heat..lol
Dan E. Boyd
Dan E. Boyd 9 days ago
Man that's a nice solid old truck! Sucks that someone cut the grill for whatever reason - spare tire carrier? Those wheels are nice, and are the older version without trim rings. I'd say that Ford used those from the mid 1970s until perhaps the mid 1980s when they painted the wheels argent/gray and added the trim rings, and went to the chrome center caps. The ones which take the trim rings have an indentation/groove around where the 'spokes' meet the rim, which accepts the trim ring. The old ones don't have that groove, and came in white, and when used on certain Free Wheeling models, they were painted yellow! I have a later wagon wheel (missing its trim ring) for a spare for my 1977 F150, and I have a set of Ford slotted mags with those same black centers waiting to go on.
Down2Earth Paranormal
doughnut i ment lol oops
Down2Earth Paranormal
doghut matereal man cool
Down2Earth Paranormal
oo no snow agle damn
Down2Earth Paranormal
people think were nuts living here
Down2Earth Paranormal
come to hibbing some of the coldest winters on earth
Down2Earth Paranormal
or timing
Down2Earth Paranormal
probably starter bad
Down2Earth Paranormal
ya never mind wide i herd just spaced
Down2Earth Paranormal
is it small block or big
Down2Earth Paranormal
real name is erek
Down2Earth Paranormal
nice i can remember alost everything that happened in highscool i graduated barly but i did some things id rather forget but ow well right my name changed cause im thinkin on starting my own you tube
P Dinardo
P Dinardo 9 days ago
The valve train, is not sounding too good.
captainnewbee 9 days ago
i dragged ER UP ON THE SNOW thats when i
Darryl G. Evans
Darryl G. Evans 9 days ago
beast in hiding.
How is this an Iowa truck? Has almost no rot in it.
amazing orreo
amazing orreo 9 days ago
just throw in a idi starter problems solved