Can Jerry Seinfeld Walk His Overly Excited Dog? Part 2 | Cesar911 Shorts 

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Continuing this episode of Cesar911, Cesar teaches legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his wife, Jessica, how to walk their dogs and deal with their pent up energy!
Walking your dog should feel like a boat in the water.
Remember dogs are looking to us for direction, protection, and love.
Dog's don't care about money, fame, or power. What is important is your energy!
Have you seen this episode? Let me know what you think!
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Mar 31, 2021




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Stevany Polnaja
Stevany Polnaja 16 hours ago
Cesar does his magic again
Jerry: "what's the deal with people owning small dogs?" *seinfeld theme playing*
Piyusha Saraf
Piyusha Saraf 2 days ago
If Ceaser visits india the first thing he will do is 🤦People are literally doing everything opposite . The dog is ahead and is pulling the owner. They can't control their own dogs
Earl Stevens
Earl Stevens 3 days ago
Ive used the shh technique on my savage violent nephews.
Marilyn Giannuzzi
This is so hard to believe that is so simple!🤔
Evelin Velez
Evelin Velez 3 days ago
Im your biggest fan 1st cesar
jaye jaye
jaye jaye 4 days ago
Get a Border Collie. They teach you.
Pilbo Mags
Pilbo Mags 4 days ago
To break it down easier for these elitists, Cesar had to say "it's just like when you're riding a horse"...Bam! , the princess knew exactly what he meant. For you and I that meant nothing .
Sarah Sophia
Sarah Sophia 4 days ago
lmao .. rich people problems
Betsy Ross
Betsy Ross 4 days ago
See, if Jessica just let's Foxy sleep on a fancy pillow right next to Jerry every night, perfect!
Susan Jimenez
Susan Jimenez 4 days ago
Hilarious how Caesar train their humans
Renee Miles
Renee Miles 4 days ago
This is brilliant and helpful. Thank you
Tracy Wheeler
Tracy Wheeler 4 days ago
Cesar you are Amazing & a true Dog Whisperer. I learn so much from you. What's the most hilarious part of this video is Seeing Jerry Seinfeld Speech less, I think He is truly in Awe of You too Ceasar !!
rasta k8
rasta k8 5 days ago
What if theres a stranger who gets in the house i think the dog still needs to warn them by barking
Linda Von
Linda Von 5 days ago
First of all, we all know rich New Yorkers don’t walk their dogs 😂
Anastasia B
Anastasia B 5 days ago
I have a dachshund who acts JUST like Jose this was so helpful and comforting that even jerry seinfeld struggles with the stubbornness of dachshunds haha
Rc Basher Boi
Rc Basher Boi 5 days ago
These pretzels are making me thirsty!
xiomana xoxoxo
xiomana xoxoxo 5 days ago
Jerry cant help but be funny and Cesar is just a genius .
Justice Empire
Justice Empire 5 days ago
I almost think that Cesar is a Dog God.
flower pot
flower pot 6 days ago
your dogs are beautiful!!!
Kerri Lake
Kerri Lake 6 days ago
I love Cesar Milan. Even his dog accessories/products were great. I'm not sure if they're still made, as I'm living outside the US currently, but I loved his stuff. I wish he would make an episode for my youngest 6mo old puppy's current issues. My Tupac Jr. is a German Shepherd/Indio dog (Nicaraguan street breed) mix and because he was born inside with no safe patio area to learn to potty outside, he will only potty inside. We trained him up to the point of he knows the when he has finished eating and feels the urge to potty, he will communicate with us that he want to go outside, but the moment we let him out he will get sidetracked and preoccupied with playtime or overcome with the urge to find bones, or eat others animals poop. It's disgusting and overwhelming for us. Here in Nicaragua dogs are rarely inside animals and the majority run wild in the streets which results in others dogs finding and leaving behind the nastiest trash, such as baby diapers, etc. Also the land here in our neighborhood is densely populated with very little grassy areas that are free of other aggressive dog occupants or passersby, so leash walking him is another situation that could in danger he & I both. Ugh! It's just mess and tricky situation that we're in with our little guy. Also we don't believe in using force/violence to control or intimidate him, so we're kind of just stuck. 🐶💩🤷🏼‍♀️
Terezie Nečasová
"Thats how you become a leader"
Iyanu Adekanmbi
Iyanu Adekanmbi 6 days ago
The way their mouths are open at 6:18 👁️👄👁️ 😂😂
SMUG 6 days ago
SHUT UP!! Shut up Farfel, stop it! I don't know what to do. I mean what if I take it to the pound then the guy shows up? Bad dog! Bad dog! You go outside! Outside!! What do you want from me? Tell me! Money, you want money? I'll give you money, how much?
Diane L.
Diane L. 6 days ago
Comedians with Dogs Getting Schooled.
Ivan S.
Ivan S. 6 days ago
Seinfelds daughter Jessica is very cool
Sally Eats
Sally Eats 7 days ago
Imagine how José and Foxy would react if Kramer barges in Seinfeld’s apartment 🤣 Caesar to the rescue!
Paul Gardner
Paul Gardner 7 days ago
Jerry should see if the "cshhh!" works with hecklers too.
Mircea Balea
Mircea Balea 7 days ago
Cesar, you are an inspiration
Efrain Rivera Junior
“Dogs are the leaders of the planet. If you see two life forms, one of them's making a poop, the other one's carrying it for him, who would you assume is in charge.” - Jerry Seinfeld
s1nc1ty58 7 days ago
Calm confident energy. I need to work on this with my beagle. Thank You Cesar! Good luck Seinfeld family.
Bee Bro
Bee Bro 8 days ago
I have an extremely hyper excited Saint Bernard and she jumps/barks at people and it’s so incredibly stressful.. Going to try this
Leslie Sylvan
Leslie Sylvan 8 days ago
Jerry never spent much time watching Caesar vids, prior to their meeting. Yep, yep, woof . .
Barbara Schmidt
Barbara Schmidt 8 days ago
I know this was about the training of Jerry and his wife, but those were the cutest outfits the babies had on.
T-REV's Taste Tube
Please let Jerry know we need new seasons of Seinfeld I miss it and I've already watched the whole series like 5 times
Karen Marciano
Karen Marciano 8 days ago
Jerry u r Hysterical even when u r not working !!
Pippi Langstrumpf
Jerry is really impressed.....................
Donna Wackerbauer
Thank you for all that you do. I love you to bits!
Antonio Alarcón
Antonio Alarcón 8 days ago
Funny that my middle name is José and my dog's name is Jerry
devon k
devon k 8 days ago
I want my dog to bark when someone comes. You never know who's on the other side.
DZ Troll Police
DZ Troll Police 8 days ago
Is Jerry constipated he walks like he is in the park or he has horrible foot pain
Nonya Biznes
Nonya Biznes 9 days ago
Use a harness.
carlito matti
carlito matti 9 days ago
Cesar please go to the White House and help our President out with the First Dog Major
kaypee1972 9 days ago
Always felt like Seinfeld is above all and everything. Now he has become like a simple, approachable guy next door.
Paul McArthur
Paul McArthur 9 days ago
The funny thing is Foxy and Jose are watching each other get trained. They will learn from when the other gets trained... just like Jerry and his wife. :P
mariah k
mariah k 9 days ago
are we not gonna discuss milan's EYELASHES
Jordan Delfin
Jordan Delfin 9 days ago
Jerry sounds like he doesn't want to be there lmao
super doggie
super doggie 9 days ago
is this old video?
Kiki Rose
Kiki Rose 9 days ago
I have to try this with my dogs. The dog walking part plus the door barking issue. Mine drive me crazy. I need Cesar Milan to come to my home. Lol
FredoFreedom 9 days ago
Seinfeld was cool, all great people.
chevalier de balibari
The thing about dogs is that they want to actually be with homo sapiens. The fact that Foxy runs away from Jerry is revealing. I would run away from Jerry...even though his comic comic "schtick" is to be smug, he appears to be like that in real life, e.g. "...loves being a Seinfeld" when talking about José. I wonder if Cesar has been called upon to treat Trumposis and Trumpoids?
City Tonight Productions
Jerry walks a fine line between comedy and being condescending
Topaz 10 days ago
The bigger story here is Seinfeld's cool hat 🤠
Soupling 10 days ago
this worked on my doogo
Belinda Kaysac
Belinda Kaysac 10 days ago
Jose.. what a stupid name for a dog!
Hali McEachern
Hali McEachern 10 days ago
This is amazing
PastaOfMyDomain 10 days ago
Jerry's wearing the rat hat.
Junior Nash
Junior Nash 10 days ago
You're definitely a talented individual with animals
xothenaa parraga
xothenaa parraga 10 days ago
you’re the MAN CESAR🧿🤍
Barbara Schild
Barbara Schild 10 days ago
this pink jacket
tenzin yonten
tenzin yonten 10 days ago
Monica Mathers
Monica Mathers 10 days ago
Cesar is a genius ❤️
Maria G
Maria G 11 days ago
His wife Jessica is holding the leash properly. A 6’ leather lead is best.
Suzanne Berger
Suzanne Berger 11 days ago
They are definitely not dog people and not good at "hearing and observing"! Dogs know that both are not leaders! They are novice dog owners and obviously don't walk their dogs at all or properly. He keeps thinking this is a Comedy series, not funny. JS has got no intuition or feel it understanding of how dogs react. They are not human. I trust our Caesar will calm the dogs, JS and wife get it and dogs are happy and calm.
Copywriter Gena
Copywriter Gena 11 days ago
Are you sure that dog doesn't belong to Kramer?
Jacqueline Nelson
Jacqueline Nelson 11 days ago
Cesar I knew you could do it! 😉🥰
J Patterson
J Patterson 11 days ago
Krister Hegsund
Krister Hegsund 11 days ago
Jerry have Barbie-plastic-feet. Not surprised.
Fabian Lawstudies
Fabian Lawstudies 11 days ago
Cool lesson!
Rainy Daze
Rainy Daze 11 days ago
Dang I wanted to see what happened with the doorbell after working with the aggressive one! Hope he got over it and is calm when someone's at the door
Lil G
Lil G 11 days ago
Cesar is a king among men and dogs. 👑♥️ 🐶
e13c7r0nic 11 days ago
Y'know. There are those days when all that wasted time on the internet actually pays off. This is one of those times.
jgk381 11 days ago
When he gets too excited just say No Way Jose
Julia L
Julia L 11 days ago
Arg.. what about the doorbell! did it work..? No updates on that :( The training part with Cesar was amazing, but I was wondering if they were able to do the homework for that.
Reighost 11 days ago
I feel so sorry for Foxy, three years trapped in fear of someone she was *living* with. Poor thing, i'm glad Cesar could help.
alí cia
alí cia 10 days ago
It seems like something traumatic happened to her
Luis Rojas Vázquez
Conclution: I 'm going to name my next ugly tiny rescue dog JERRY.
Jackson Willbert
Jackson Willbert 11 days ago
This video reminds me of the Seinfeld joke about how if aliens are watching us, they would assume that dogs run the planet because humans pick up their poop
Mikentosh 11 days ago
Get a cool cat!
tereasa morissa
tereasa morissa 11 days ago
that sweater is sweet yo. cesar got mad flavor
ML Louise
ML Louise 11 days ago
This was hilarious and so great that Jerry and his lovely wife were so humble and down to earth...no pride, just wanted to help the dog and Jerry share space and be a family pack. Loved it.
VICK. TORIA 11 days ago
Man!!! In one visit you got them dogs under control! Cesar the 🐐
Stars at Night Sparkle
Gosh Jerry's home is soulless 😐
Richard Chobak
Richard Chobak 12 days ago
No one cares
jbholmes99 12 days ago
I took my misbehaving dog for a tour of the pound. He shaped up tout suite.
My Neighbor Totohoe
this shows if you can train dogs without physical abuse, you can do the same with kids
Jacquie Pitfield
Jacquie Pitfield 12 days ago
Those jumpers are stopping the dachshunds walking properly 😳 Always the owners seldom the dog's. People seem to think dachshunds are little furbabies and treat them so differently to bigger dog's. Dachshund owner here with several in the home. Well done Ceasar helping to educate 👏
Erum Ella
Erum Ella 12 days ago
The wiggly potato firstly develop because chair cosmetically peck mid a young run. calculating, acidic patch
edmari440 12 days ago
My dad made that noise to discipline us too.
Heather Elsley
Heather Elsley 12 days ago
You can do anything Jerry
miaeba 12 days ago
I'm confused on why they have dogs. They have zero skills with animals. As the owner of a bulldog I appreciate these are for teaching him how to keep his dogs from barking in the face of everybody personally I don't like walking and getting barked out either
Juliana Biondi
Juliana Biondi 12 days ago
You’re the best!!!
Heather L
Heather L 12 days ago
Little sweaters.
diana brown
diana brown 12 days ago
I dont care what you say, Cesar is a gem....and it is the people who need to be fixed. BTW Doxies are very cool.
David Pumpkini
David Pumpkini 12 days ago
i really like feeding my dogs. They are so excited when i feed them. Then playtime until they yawn.
Butterfly 12 days ago
I love how Caesar isn't intimidated by Jerry
Julie Beriault
Julie Beriault 12 days ago
I would like to know what that sound means to dogs, too! 🐕
Cat Magic
Cat Magic 12 days ago
That was beautiful. 🐶 What a genius he is! Come and fix my sister. She makes all her dogs SO neurotic.🐕 Only problem here? TOO MANY ADS! 💜🐶💕
Avery Joycelyn Barakuda Block
I had no patience with how clueless these people are (were!) in the beginning when the Master first enters the home. SO irritated, I made a not- so- favorable comment and took a break. Upon watching the walk in the park I saw how Jerry wasn't acting out and was truly engaged in doing his best. This and the ensuing work at home with the doorbell - just seeing these humans get it was very moving.I felt terrible about my earlier comment (which, of course, I quickly erased) . If someone doesn'comprehend something, he needs help, not criticism. This is a really big deal for me right here and now, because I see that this is how I operate with my very self🤺. Without elaborating on my personal saga here I do wish to say that I feel very grateful to have come upon this channel and witness the rewards that are generated by the playout of affections, patience and skill that prove to be the winning hallmark of this channel. Thank you ever so much. 🌿🌱
Smee 13 days ago
Haa Seinfeld lovely family in 2021💗❤️💗❤️
Jimmy Dacash
Jimmy Dacash 13 days ago
There's a guy exactly like cesar milan his channel is KIWI DOG WHISPERER it's a must see