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The girls struggle to get Abby's military-inspired group dance ready for the competition. The moms and Abby are suspicious of the validity of Mackenzie's sudden foot injury in Season 3, Episode 11, "Camouflaged Maneuvers."
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"Dance Moms" follows Abby Lee Miller and the nation's favorite tween dancers as they take on Hollywood while new auditions, new competitions, and new studios raise the stakes.
The road has not been easy for “Dance Mom’s” star Abby Lee Miller. After completing her prison sentence last year, the famed dance instructor was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. But if anything, Abby has proven she is a fighter and is not ready to hang up the dance shoes. The new season of Dance Moms follows Abby as she rebuilds her dance company while battling the after-effects of cancer that has left her confined to a wheelchair. Abby is ready to get back to her life and do what she loves most…teaching students to dance! With the goal of putting her life, health and dance studio back together, Abby returns to where it all began - the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh.


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Apr 3, 2021




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Comments 100   
Dance Moms
Dance Moms 21 day ago
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MiAshEl 17 days ago
@ash the loner strange.?
Ms Yare Teacher
Ms Yare Teacher 17 days ago
@Lucy Becker aaA.why
bethanythejoke ‘
bethanythejoke ‘ 17 days ago
Fix the tittle😩🤚🏼
Bluexberry 17 days ago
@ash the loner be they private the video then un private it
Anvitha Mani
Anvitha Mani 17 days ago
@ash the loner they might have privated it 3 days ago and made the comment and made it public today
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith 3 hours ago
But why is no one talking about how maddie and Mackenzie had to live through melissas 3 marriges
ViviAnne Osterbind
ViviAnne Osterbind 7 hours ago
what r the things called that brooke does where she literally does like a cart wheels that's tilted and like a bridge?
Deriah Bridges
Deriah Bridges 7 hours ago
abby's date being serious: abby: bhahahahahahgdb3iuru
Halima Mumad
Halima Mumad 8 hours ago
i got real exied when thy said mn idk why
ViviAnne Osterbind
ViviAnne Osterbind 10 hours ago
Guys, I hate christy! She is the worst!
Rachel H.
Rachel H. 6 hours ago
i kinda like her
ViviAnne Osterbind
ViviAnne Osterbind 7 hours ago
shes soooooooooo bad guys
ky0ru 12 hours ago
imagine walking into a salon with a camera crew
Layla Tejeda
Layla Tejeda 14 hours ago
mane the fact that jill started taking head shots kills meeee
Kayla Kirby
Kayla Kirby 16 hours ago
Bruh Jill really made headshots into family photos and then into her headshots
Nevaeh Boynton
Nevaeh Boynton 18 hours ago
1:08:37 omg they keep sahing she is faking becahse she kept doing cartwheels bht she wasnt even letting ber hurt foot touch the ground🙄😑
{Aesthetic Dark}
Was your foot really broking or u just didn’t want to do the dance
Wendy Levy
Wendy Levy Day ago
"were not supposed to tell abby anything shes a blabbermouth" "I just cry sometimes it's no big deal" "I just wanna stay home and eat chips" Kenzie's quotes Like if u think they r funny Dislike if u don't Comment if u have others!
Amber L
Amber L Day ago
Poor Kendall always has that same look on her face. She's a good little dancer, but the face....
Randall Castel
It was kinda obvious Brooke didn’t want to dance. That’s because her dance teach never thought to boost her up or even care to run her dances.
I Day ago
Anybody know what Louiee’s instagram is cause he’s a stud
Randall Castel
I’m pretty sure production set that up.
Airi Dela Cruz
Airi Dela Cruz 2 days ago
How many likes i have is how many people hate jill and kenall lol
xxsapphirexx _
xxsapphirexx _ 2 days ago
This episode has so much laughter and joy in it I wish all episodes were like this🥺
Peppaiya Pig
Peppaiya Pig 2 days ago
Im sorry- That guy seems so sweet and like a genuinely good person. Abby seemed to enjoy the dinner though, so thats new 😂
Little cringe nugget
I cringed throughout the whole dinner date I just couldn't watch it
Cathy Austin
Cathy Austin 2 days ago
Instead of being cutthroat why not work hard and become talented. Practice makes perfect. It's up to each one to excel
PaigeLeah 3 days ago
I find it hilariously ironic that Nia’s self correction is that she turned the wrong way at one point, and then when they turned around to leave the room she turned the opposite direction of all of the other girls 😂
Auvrielle editz
Auvrielle editz 3 days ago
Mackenzie gets last on the pyramid, Melissa: 😕 Maddie gets 3rd on the pyramid, Melissa: 😧
Viabat 3 days ago
I feel like the end towards of the line didn't know what they did wrong lol
Viabat 3 days ago
I think that the ALDC is great at hip-hop-
Maybe Charles シ
Is nobody gonna talk abt how cute the guy Abby went out with was? He kinda looked like RDJ mixed with a puppy. And he was **WAY** out of Abby’s league but you do you I guess I wouldn’t even go near her, much less choose her if we were the last 2 people on the earth.
Tiktok.only. 3 days ago
I said it once and I’ll say it again. Holly is a queen👑
Emma Turnbull
Emma Turnbull 3 days ago
I’m happy about this
izzyinnit :}
izzyinnit :} 3 days ago
Genesys Gonzalez
Genesys Gonzalez 3 days ago
NOBODY: ME: aww Holly didn't go for the bouquet either married/or not looking for someone
Leen Basher
Leen Basher 3 days ago
Brook is 14 yrs old, it’s time for her to be independent. HELLO MAM- she is 14.
Brilee G
Brilee G 3 days ago
I’m sorry but that dance was one of the worst they’ve done in not sure if it was just the choreography though-
Mackenzie Bravespeed
Jayala stewards
Jayala stewards 2 days ago
That's what I'm saying she was really wheezing she said: 😂😂😂🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐭🐭🐭🐭
Mikayla Zimmerman
You should always have fun dancing and I know that because I have been dancing since I was 4...there should not be a period this women is mean
MEASKS MEASKS 4 days ago
i like kendell but i just never thought she was even close to Maddie. she’s ok, but she’s not amazing. Lilliana and Elianna from season 8, they are amazing
Phantom King
Phantom King 4 days ago
Did y’all see when Abby turned purple from laughter 😆
Erika Richardson
Erika Richardson 4 days ago
I love dance moms. The drama is a big NO.
Imjustjoy 4 days ago
soo Melissa said she cant dance but she could walk and when Mackenzie did that cartwheel her foot wasnt on the ground
Kendra_ does_Gacha
Queen holly 👑
Betty Higgins
Betty Higgins 4 days ago
I love dance moms
Lilac Aesthetics
Lilac Aesthetics 5 days ago
If Abby was at a wedding she would be correcting them on their slow dance😭
Yellow 5 days ago
"I teach these girls ALMOST everything" 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Sienna Savage
Sienna Savage 5 days ago
but how did no one realize she was cartwheeling on one foot-- like her foot was hurt and she wasn't using it what more does she want.
happyhyperfriday 5 days ago
1:19:01 omg Maddie was trying to hold back her tearsssss
Omg shaynas gaming
Kendall walking in the room takes off boot and looks inside
Brianna Hernandez
How Abby laughter 🤣🤣🤣
Orange ツ
Orange ツ 6 days ago
Abby : *THIS IS 2013* Me : *But its 2021-*
Chloe Demcher
Chloe Demcher 6 days ago
Caylee Anne Matala
Kenzie hurt her foot even tho she did a cartwheel. she landed in her foot that was not hurt. And she had a extra bone in her foot because she works like 10 hours a day. watch dance moms uncovered
It’s queen Halai
Me when the teacher says next person who laughs is getting sent to the principal 27:21
Annabelle Anderson
Louie: I think I’m on the verge of figuring women out Abby:WHEEEEEEEEESSSEEEEESSFTRSVJTDGHNBAHAHAHHHHRRRRR
sebastian stan stan
Tippity Tappity Taylor
I’m literally living on these dance mom vids😂
Elis Victoria
Elis Victoria 7 days ago
Kenzie didn’t really injure her foot. She actually has an extra bone in her foot which caused it to feel sore.
Moriah M
Moriah M 7 days ago
Mackenzie’s foot thing is honestly so sketchy. First off I’m pretty sure an ace bandage wrap won’t do anything for a sprain. A boot, splint, or brace would actually do something. And that doctors note... looked like a post it. Lol idk it’s all weird to me
Heaven S
Heaven S 8 days ago
Abby on the date is so cringe 😂😂
Vi Lew
Vi Lew 8 days ago
M I a ?? Mia?
Dawn Hicks
Dawn Hicks 8 days ago
Kenzie's foot looks swollen! I have had a sprained ankle before and it has never been that swollen.
Bella castaneda
Bella castaneda 8 days ago
chloe i feel bad for her
Holly McDivitt
Holly McDivitt 8 days ago
10 adds-
Antonia Smith
Antonia Smith 8 days ago
Cheryl Ruby
Cheryl Ruby 8 days ago
little did i know this dance building is in pittsburg pa and i live there :)
Supriya Agarwal
Supriya Agarwal 8 days ago
Ok as toxic as this show was.....the message of THIS dance was super real and important
Dxstinii 9 days ago
there not my friends there my customers
Dailybuzzz 9 days ago
trys on wedding dress: "i feel like 1 million bucks" me: "it probably cost that much too."
Maddie DeWolfe
Maddie DeWolfe 9 days ago
everytime Abby laughed I started to die😜😂😂😂😂😂
Ivorella Rackley
Ivorella Rackley 9 days ago
They should've done a Dance Moms x Say Yes To The Dress crossover for Melissa haha Dance Moms wouldn't have gotten such good footage unless they put them in a room like this, but I would've loved Monte and Lori to help her out 🥰 (The girl w the black hair helping Melissa was so sweet and seemed to know her dresses, but Monte being so sassy is all I need)
Shelby Cole
Shelby Cole 9 days ago
my coaches are so nice and i moved up 2 levels this year
Kairsten O'Shea
Kairsten O'Shea 9 days ago
i love dance moms it's so funny
theafterqlow 9 days ago
“i like a man who is honest” and then right after said she has a long distance relationship going on? yikes
Ella Carter
Ella Carter 9 days ago
I love the happy music over Abby screaming- ✨beautiful✨
Allyson Chavez
Allyson Chavez 9 days ago
"I knew these kids would crack under pressure".... they didn't "crack"... It seemed like they didn't really care.
Horse Round with Me
Brooke always looks bored lol 😐
Joseph Parker
Joseph Parker 10 days ago
She said she was on plenty of dates but none were successful because she's still single.
Abigail Lee
Abigail Lee 10 days ago
Abby:I have been on plenty of dates before! And here you are
Marisa Gonzalez
Marisa Gonzalez 10 days ago
I clicked faster than Abby could say, "SAVE YOUR TEARS FOR THE PILLOW! 🤬"
why is she bringing in the military for if this is DANCE MOMS NOT MILITTARY MOMS
emma 10 days ago
abby’s date needs to become a comedian 😂
natalie miguel
natalie miguel 10 days ago
My fav dance moms members first Holly next Christi next Kelly Then Nia Paige Chloe brook and Kenzie 😀
Nicole Belford
Nicole Belford 10 days ago
Funniest thing I have heard in a long time. "You're entitled to your wrong opinion." -Dr. Holly. Hahahah! Savage!
Keira Schild
Keira Schild 10 days ago
I agree that Kenzie did hurt her self
Stephanie Ramos
Stephanie Ramos 10 days ago
Anyone notice everytime kendall dances she looks like a deer in headlights? That's like her only facial expression threw out the whole show.
Allie Mroczkowski
Allie Mroczkowski 11 days ago
Abby: I want these kids to be proud of themselves and speak up for themselves Abby 5 minutes ago: YOU ARE NOTHING 2ND YOU ARE ALL TRASH GET OUT I HATE YOU ALL BLAAAAA
Soccer vids 101
Soccer vids 101 11 days ago
I love dance moms I have seen at the least every video in dance moms I am ubsessed with it hé hé and my name is maddie he he
Charlotte Dobrinski
Christy: I don’t wanna know about abby’s love life because the images the come to mind are horrifying Me: *imaging an Abby rule 34*
Mac Albright
Mac Albright 11 days ago
ohhh i luv the dance and the wedding dress
Alicia Daves
Alicia Daves 11 days ago
Reilly Kunkle
Reilly Kunkle 11 days ago
Kenzie bottom of pyramid 🤷🏼‍♀️ Maddie second row 😒👎🏼
Alicia Daves
Alicia Daves 11 days ago
I mean Maddie so used to being at the top so maybe idk
laurel 11 days ago
i feel so bad for kenzie, she just had an extra bone in her foot that can get irritated but everyone was overreacting about it/not understanding that those sort of conditions can change day to day.
Lisa Quidore
Lisa Quidore 11 days ago
tbh Jill was right when she said its not a secret and its not a lie abt getting Kendall to the top. But on the other hand Melissa is having privates with Kenzie and Maddie and tryna keep it a secret. Idk why the moms got mad at Jill cause they'd do the SAME thing to get their kids to the top.
Charlotte 11 days ago
Abby’s date was beyond sweet
Aminata Jalloh
Aminata Jalloh 11 days ago
shut the **** up Christy it has nothing to do with you so just sit the and sulk noisy you got what you wanted kenzie is crying
Cecilia Doyle
Cecilia Doyle 11 days ago
14:46 what. they're like 12-year-old girls. I literally laughed out loud when I watched this bit.😂
Caitlin Sneed
Caitlin Sneed 11 days ago
am i the only one bothered by brooke eating an apple w her braces😂
PrettyRock 12 days ago
1:19:03 Melissa needs to stop using that excuse already. Maddie has won before in the same situation. And that girl could have won here solo in a short amount of time too. They are not the only dance studio to do that.
PrettyRock 12 days ago
Abby's teaching methods are questionable.
Allison Brewer
Allison Brewer 12 days ago
Did anyone else see Asia at 12:22 in the back on the stairs.?
Molly Yarber
Molly Yarber 12 days ago
why does melissa make excuses to why maddie got second.... like it's just a dance competition
Morgan and Raelyn
Morgan and Raelyn 12 days ago
I feel sad for Chloe
Jewel's world
Jewel's world 12 days ago
In my opinion Kenzie was the best at the hip hop dance in rehearsal
MaryAnn Long
MaryAnn Long 12 days ago
I'm just going to mention the fact that Brook is soooo pretty🤗