Camera Trap Catches Rare Animal! 

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In this episode, Coyote and Mario are on location in Costa Rica to see what Costa Rican mammals they can get on camera! What creatures do you think they'll be able to catch using a Camtraptions camera trap?! Get ready to find out what rare animal they were able to film when their camera trap catches a RARE ANIMAL!
Do YOU want to win an autographed print of the animal found in the video?! Simply write in the comments below and tell us what animal YOU think the crew should try and get a camera trap picture of next and why! We will choose one comment by next Wednesday, May 5th, to win the print. Make sure to have your notifications turned on so that you will be notified when we reply to your comment.
Big thanks to Camtraptions for providing us with the equipment in this episode! Camtraptions is a company dedicated to developing remote and camera trap systems, which allow wildlife photographers and filmmakers around the world to leverage new technologies and achieve a fresh perspective in their work. Check out their website for more information: www.camtraptions.com
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The Brave Wilderness hosts and crew are professionally trained but receive assistance from animal experts and safety personnel when in potentially life-threatening situations. Permissions were obtained by the crew to film in all locations associated with this series. No animals were injured, killed, or removed from their natural habitat in the filming of this program and instances where animals are brought to the scene are clearly acknowledged in the video. Professional advice should always be sought before entering any dangerous environment, or before encountering any species of animal. Every precaution is taken to handle animals with care and in the least stressful way possible; expert opinions are often solicited when handling animals that may potentially inflict harm to any cast and crew.

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May 1, 2021




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This video is amazing and is very cool and you have so much energy and I love this channel I would be a honor do have a picture signed by you of the ocelot and the are very playful in your other video lol
Chip 3 hours ago
When will you get a look at big foot?
M 4 hours ago
Do both ocelots have berries...
Bruuh Boi
Bruuh Boi 6 hours ago
I love🥰 ainmils and snakes
Zanderrowan 13 hours ago
Use a pin
jayaraman narasimhan
hi my name is pranamya I love animals I think about them everytime I live in India
Anissa Lovell
Anissa Lovell 19 hours ago
Try to get a picture of a jaguar next time.
Gilbert Grech
9:45 i would just go to google and type aselot print it out then boom
Surv King
Surv King Day ago
Revolver Ocelot
Scorpion WR 2
Is that a trail camera?
it's alphi again
it's alphi again 2 days ago
I love watching this chanel
Eric Richard
Eric Richard 2 days ago
I liked and subscribed
tenpotato 2 days ago
Dhole! "It's a different kind of dog". Native to East and South East Asia. They are endangered dogs and quite rare. It would be awesome if you caught it on the camera trap and made a episode about them!
SKY_GX 2 days ago
I've been watching this channel for a while
Dominique Lavalle
FFWD thru the waste of time to 8:18 They found only an ocelot. Thank me later.
Sashi Sharma
Sashi Sharma 2 days ago
Hey! I'm probably your biggest fan! I've watched you ever since I was a kid :) you're my biggest role model. Although you won't notice me have a good day 😁
Dominique Lavalle
Seriously?? You spend that much time on YT?? I have never heard of this dude, it popped up today.. A google search told me he was "an American US-firstr". He's an amateur. I can't stand him. This is the 2nd & last video I FFWD thru ,just because he annoyed me at how DISRESPECTFUL he was with that old elephant. I don't think this guy will make it. I'm pretty sure Steve Irwin's fate awaits him but much worse.
Alexis Faith Magsisi
My favorite part was when coyote said there's his ocelot berries its suppose to be bird
Dominique Lavalle
there were no coyotes in this video! an ocelot is a feline.
Ben Middlebro
Ben Middlebro 3 days ago
are ocelots rare?
Dominique Lavalle
no LOL! he's such an amateur, even his clothes are all wrong
Occult ToS
Occult ToS 3 days ago
The frog and the rat seem like an odd couple living in that hole together *🐸🐀*
Occult ToS
Occult ToS 3 days ago
Came here for Chupacabra
ella ruz
ella ruz 3 days ago
new rare animal rusty spotted cat smallest cat in the world
Maddie 4 days ago
OMG what if that was the same ocelot from 2016
Loser Loser
Loser Loser 4 days ago
“It’s not a jaguar...” Me: just think of an ocelot of a waaaaay smaller jaguar. Both have spots, both cars, ect
在家 Ricxrdo
在家 Ricxrdo 4 days ago
Family friendly 😂😂😂
Kurt Theobald
Kurt Theobald 4 days ago
i cant read so please give it to me
Mark Sioson
Mark Sioson 4 days ago
Ur camera is 2x week to electric types
Brandon Flomenhoft
I think you should get a 🐅 🐯 🐅 🐯 🐅 🐯 🐅 🐯 tiger because they're cool
Robloxgod29 5 days ago
Can you try and catch a jaguar? :)
Sara M
Sara M 5 days ago
Me and my son love watching all your videos! He said he would love to see a video about a sloth or some bats! Thank you for the good content!
Blue Sweater
Blue Sweater 5 days ago
Hey Coyote!!! I think I’m related to you as an animal but I’m related to a dog but what animal am I?
Theresa Miller
Theresa Miller 5 days ago
plz do a video in western washinton about the hobo spider
Jonathan Tranquillo
u would keep this as a pet dont lie
Nohlinn 5 days ago
Euphoria A
Euphoria A 5 days ago
I think you should try get a picture of a Tasmanian devil Why because they are so interesting and cool and I think it would be a amazing experience for the team and the coyote pack😋
Hodiya Bookshop
Hodiya Bookshop 5 days ago
Vindira age 12 "can they make a video of catching a luisiana black bear because they are super rare"
Samantha Fuller
Samantha Fuller 5 days ago
That was awesome! I so want to go to Costa Rica now!!
Mandy McKee-Fisher
An eyelash viper because they are beautiful and mysterious!
Sean Sawyer
Sean Sawyer 6 days ago
Loren E
Loren E 6 days ago
If they manage to get a vaquita on camera then I'ma lose my mind
Ashwardh 6 days ago
Problem is, that is marine creature, so no chance
Jeffrey Simms
Jeffrey Simms 6 days ago
“Lion! Because they are awesome!” Says my 7 year old son!
Terra Plays RBLX
Terra Plays RBLX 6 days ago
Flower Girl
Flower Girl 6 days ago
Armando Acosta
Armando Acosta 6 days ago
Ocelot berries😂 haaaaaaaa
Jenndragon2 6 days ago
Get more Ocelot pictures! Those turned out fantastic
Cat lover
Cat lover 6 days ago
I think I know exactly what coyote is looking for but I'm not gonna spoil it
M Fernando
M Fernando 6 days ago
Juan sanches
Juan sanches 6 days ago
giv away a coyote pluh
The Crazy Simms Brothers
Did You Watch The Saw Franchise ?
The Crazy Simms Brothers
if u did watch the Saw Franchise Are u excited to Watch Spiral: from the book of Saw
Leo K
Leo K 6 days ago
You should take a pic of a couger
M Sixx
M Sixx 6 days ago
We need a beluga & panda vlog!!
Спас Янков
Smoky jungle frog living in a ocelot burrow wow
Regen Snake
Regen Snake 6 days ago
I'd love to see some sea creatures taken photos of such as sea horse, sea turtle, eels
Howdy 7 days ago
That ocelot looking like they're posing for a magazine
Marie Osadchy
Marie Osadchy 7 days ago
Quinn age 7 says you should try to find a wolf because they really cool
Jeff Holcomb
Jeff Holcomb 7 days ago
Audrey, age 8: "I think you should get a picture of a Barred owl because I want to know what they mean by who-cooks-for-you?"
Timothy Turtura
Timothy Turtura 7 days ago
I got a racon but my fisher refused to get in focus lol great job
manmeet699 7 days ago
If you are in North America go for an eagle Africa - Hyena or African Wild Dog Asia - Panda or Red Panda
manmeet699 7 days ago
Definitely put a camera trap up for a jaguar if you are staying in Costa Rica
Ginger 7 days ago
There were two of them, the first one doesn’t look to be a male.
among us is really good
Sparkle Stars
Sparkle Stars 7 days ago
Hi I’m from London I’m your BIGGEST fan I’m phyenix
Sparkle Stars
Sparkle Stars 7 days ago
When did this video come out ?
Dude Walan
Dude Walan 7 days ago
Try to get a ant eater
Brittanny Gomez
Brittanny Gomez 7 days ago
Coyote Peterson when can your daughter come along
Mini Naruto Uzumaki
I live in Costa Rica YAY
Fruit Facts
Fruit Facts 7 days ago
Ngl those were very good pictures of that ocelot
MEMES LORD 7 days ago
You should try and catch q clouded leopard, they say they are extinct but there has been evidence that they have been around
Jennifer Rucker
Jennifer Rucker 7 days ago
You should do a panda because they are my fav animal
Champion Jordan
Champion Jordan 7 days ago
How do you win
Megat Ahmad Raif Mohammad Effendi
''ocelot berries'' *disgusting furry noises*
ScreamXSurvival 4 days ago
Ahmad Feroz Ali
Ahmad Feroz Ali 7 days ago
I would like the brave wilderness to catch a tapir on the camera, how sick would that be!
Michael Tam
Michael Tam 7 days ago
I think the dhole would be a cool photo because it is super rare and like many other animals it is one the break of extinction and is super rare on this planet and it would be nice if you would bring awareness to the creature.
Park Mikkel
Park Mikkel 7 days ago
I dare you guys to use this camera trap to catch footage of Bird of Paradise! These birds stand out from others as they perform a dance to attract their females and are quite good at keeping their habitat clean and tidy.
Joseph Playz
Joseph Playz 7 days ago
I love Coyote Peterson' s content because iam a wild life lover and Coyote is real brave
Master Lol
Master Lol 7 days ago
I’m scared of dangerous animals or bugs when he dead, he got bitten by like 100 bugs and animals
امیرحسین دلارامی
Gia Le
Gia Le 7 days ago
What your name
Zeena Khalid
Zeena Khalid 7 days ago
Do you have your episodes on Netflix???
Theta Ringer
Theta Ringer 7 days ago
I love ocelots!! Like if you do too!! There my favorite animal!! I never saw one in real life. But the video that is on brave Wilderness called Ocelot attack is the first time I ever saw a Ocelot!!
domonsterx 8 days ago
You should try and get some grey wolves on the camera trap I think it would be an amazing photo if you could actually do it.
CHOUU BRUCE LEE 8 days ago
Cayote panget ka
The new camera guy is pretty quiet and im left wondering what happened to mark?I haven’t watched a BW video in a long time do to the short videos and reruns and he sold out to animal planet to keep the good videos off US-first
frezo 1213
frezo 1213 8 days ago
Small-Spotted Genet 👀
Bryson Downing
Bryson Downing 8 days ago
Coyote Peterson can you find the blue sea dragon ❔
Gargola308 8 days ago
Steve Irwin would be proud of you bro.. I dont doubt that you were a fan of him growing up... I was... 👍 and still am.. Good work...
Qu999 8 days ago
Thank you for teaching me to be brave because during math session I met this orange bug with wings and I named it buggy and I used my pencil to direct it! And I think it was a ladybug but orange idk
Josh B
Josh B 8 days ago
My 4yo daughter wants to see you guys get a Cheetah picture.
maddy 8 days ago
i saw ur intro was changed so i stRted crying
Olivia 8 days ago
Mincraft anyone?? Lol
Olivia 2 days ago
@ScreamXSurvival there is an egg in Minecraft called the ocelot. I am not your bro......
ScreamXSurvival 4 days ago
Bro what?
Josuè Parra
Josuè Parra 8 days ago
king vulture
Naitlyn Nooth
Naitlyn Nooth 8 days ago
i think it would be cool if the camera caught a snake because it would be a lot safer if it was a venomous snake.
The Poopy Fruitys
Yo pls get bit by the devils coach horse beetle
Crazy Cheap Lady
Crazy Cheap Lady 8 days ago
I would love to see you try to get a picture of tapir because I love the shape of their nose.
Спас Янков
Malayan or American?
Tiffany Welch
Tiffany Welch 8 days ago
Sophia age 5: get a picture of a baby cheetah or Jaguar.
Soul Boy
Soul Boy 8 days ago
Thats really awesome to see these animals in there natural spot.
Sarah Singleton-Wolfe
I think you should come to Southern Oklahoma and see if you can catch a Sasquatch on Camera! Because that would be the most amazing find ever & truly trail blazing!!!
Bryanna Ellis
Bryanna Ellis 8 days ago
It would be cool if you guys could try to get a camera trap photo of a Margay because it seems like they might not be as well-known as Ocelots. I don't think many people I know have heard about them. It might be more difficult to get a photo of them than it would be to photograph an Ocelot, though. They spend a lot of time in trees, so it would probably be very difficult to find one if the camera is on the ground. It would still be pretty cool, though.
Victor Zirkelbach
My son would like to see a camera trap of a gorilla because he would like to see what they would be doing at that moment on camera and if they act like humans.
Kayla Bell
Kayla Bell 8 days ago
I WANT A photo i am from Australia
Paula Davis
Paula Davis 8 days ago
It would be awesome if you guys could capture a sloth on the camera. I love what you guys at Brave Wilderness I think it’s the coolest. I’ve been watching your channel sine early 2017 or 2016. Honestly it would be awesome to have a signed copy of the ocelot photograph.
Ocelot ATTACK!